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UK Satanists Criminalize Christianity

April 20, 2010


(left, David Neuberger)

UK Court rules Christian religious beliefs unworthy of respect.

by Richard Evans


Last week, the highest court of appeals in Great Britain ruled that a veteran hospital nurse can't wear her crucifix necklace on the ward and keep her job. English nurses have been wearing crucifix necklaces in hospitals for centuries, but the court ruling appeared to overrule the post-WWII European Convention on Human Rights, which has guaranteed right to exercise religious conscience for 60 years.

How can it be? According to the statement of Lord Judge David Neuberger, the Convention only applies to religious beliefs 'worthy of respect in a democratic society and are not incompatible with human dignity'.

The evident judicial slam against Christianity prompted former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey and influential Anglicans to call for Lord Neuberger and the members of the Court of Appeals to be recused from future cases on religious rights for clearly showing prejudice against Christians.

Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips, a Jew, writes, "This attack on Christianity is not merely something that seems straight out of Alice In Wonderland. It is not merely a threat to freedom of speech and religious expression. It is a fundamental onslaught on the national identity and bedrock values of this country -- and as such will destroy those freedoms which Christianity itself first created....the political class and intelligentsia take an axe to its moral precepts on issues such as euthanasia, sex outside marriage and abortion".

Christian society never supported medical termination of life, and the British government has been introducing it into the British health 'care' system. It turns out that just last year Lord Neuberger and five other high court judges ruled in favor of 'Assisted Suicide'.

And last December Lord Neuberger, who is a Jew, ruled against a Christian civil marriages registrar who refused to conduct a gay marriage:

"London - Appeal court judges in a UK court on Wednesday, December 16, 2009, ruled that Lillian Ladle, a Nigerian-born British registrar who refused to conduct civil union ceremonies between gays because it was contrary to her Christian faith broke the law."

One has to wonder what religious belief the judges would hold as compatible with human dignity?  Freemasonry?

"Would-be judges will no longer have to declare if they are Freemasons, the Government said yesterday." (Article dated Nov 6, 2009


Lord Judge Neuberger is spoken of as the second most powerful judge in Britain, appointed to Queen's Privy Council since 1988. Nobody in the UK gets to high position in the Judiciary without one or another high Masonic associations.

Lord Neuberger is a life peer, Knight of the Realm, Privy Council, and Master of the Rolls. He is nearing retirement so he's free to be the 'go to guy' to make provocative rulings and make statements of thinly veiled contempt for Christian values and tradition in English society. He and his cohorts in the Judiciary have routinely used the ruse of upholding the freedom of religion of England's huge Muslim immigrant population, citing the same European Convention of Human Rights now denied to Christians in UK employment.

Rulings against Christianity aren't about religious freedom or human rights. Christian society placed the decision to end innocent human life outside the jurisdiction of bureaucrats and cost accountants.

Outward signs and symbols of Christian identity must be suppressed so that nurses, policemen, civil servants and citizens may not know their number should they be ordered to act in ways contrary to their convictions. If court decisions banning mere symbols of faith stand, I predict the next round of cases will be for verbal expression of Christian values.

Criminalization is underway in the European Union and UK, and has already begun in the USA. A 2009 declassified Homeland Security white paper includes "Christian identity groups" as "potential" terrorists. This document, "Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment" targets as suspects "identity groups" or "lone wolves"(individuals) who profess to be Christian and dare to question any form of taxation, abortion, or speak in defense of States rights vs Federal authority.

Edith Miller wrote in 1933, "It is fashionable to be tolerant -- but mostly tolerant of evil -- and this new code has reached the proportions of demanding intolerance of good. The wall of resistance to evil has thus been broken down and no longer affords protection to those who, persecuted by evil doers, stand in need of it."

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Comments for "UK Satanists Criminalize Christianity "

Mark said (April 20, 2010):

If one wanted to chop down a tree, one would not cut off one of its branches but instead remove it at its base. What is happening here in the UK is the systematic obliteration of British culture, tradition and in the future, history.

It was Christianity that built and made the UK into what it was and the NWO/Freemasons/Talmudic Ashkenazi Jews/Bankers/Satanists have been planning this for a very long time as you know.

The situation is ridiculous but alas it's reality. As Richard Evans says, Islam not only has preference over all, but it's also growing incredibly fast and is being used as the tool to destroy Christianity. Once Christianity's been destroyed in the UK and the West, the NWO will turn its attention on Islam, creating anger in western societies, no doubt by creating yet more 9/11's and 7/7's with which to dupe the public into a false sense of reality and allow hatred of Islam to grow and grow until attacks on the Middle East (Iran) are fully supported by the people. Yet more order being created out of chaos, especially by those who created the chaos in the first place.

The question remains Henry; what can be done to stop this blatantly obvious scenario from not happening? You simply don't know what it's like in the UK, but our younger generations are more ignorant than you can imagine, many having grown up in a NuLabour's indoctrinating state schools.

The attack on Christianity is just one of the attacks upon our society. It is crumbling fast and no one even wants to help repair it, as they're too busy fulfilling their own materialistic and selfish lives, completely absorbed in celebrity culture, fame and fortune.

No one in the UK will even bat an eyelid over this ruling. Our media has continually attacked Christianity from all sides and our government actively encourages it. The situation has gotten so grim in the UK that people are blissfully unaware, in their continued support for the attack on Christianity, how their liberties are being destroyed daily. No one care. No one bothers. They will eventually but then I fear it will be too late as the control by the state will be so great that there will simply be nothing anyone will ever be able to do to reverse the total control, their masters have over them and all of society.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at