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Cabalist Banksters Are Cuckolding Men

November 7, 2011

Cuckold - "A man whose wife has been unfaithful."

Men have looked on passively 

as Rockefeller-sponsored feminism stole their women.

"We have castrated society through fear and intimidation. Its manhood exists only in combination with a feminine outward appearance. Being so neutered, the populace has become docile and easily ruled. As all geldings, their thoughts are not involved with the concerns of the future and their posterity, but only with the present and with the next meal."

--Harold Rosenthal   

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

There has been a spate of media lately about high achieving women in their late thirties who can't find suitable marriage partners.

They don't realize that they aren't supposed to.   Rockefeller social engineers want them to have careers instead of marriage and families.

(After the banksters finish destroying heterosexuality, the State will take over procreation altogether.)

Do these women really think the Rockefellers who funded Mengele's gruesome experiments at Auschwitz, and accepted the dental gold of gassed inmates, really care about women?

They are re-engineering society by convincing women to postpone marriage and family until it is too late. This article by Kay Hymnowitz describes some of the programs used to "empower" girls to supplant men.  Of course, the main programming takes place on TV, music videos and  movies where the push for girls to seek careers and promiscuity  has reached a fever pitch.

Only a society that has been subverted by a malevolent alien power would attack marriage and monogamy, the only stable foundation for family.


Kate Bolick, 39, is one of many "bright" women who were programmed to miss the boat.

She cuckolded the men in her life by giving her loyalty to career. At the same time, these men allowed the banksters to steal Kate's loyalty. In the end, both sexes have been cuckolded.  

Now Bolick tells her story in All The Single Girls, a 12,000 word article in the latest Atlantic.

Why did Kate miss the boat? Well let's see:

"When Kate Bolick was in Grade 3, her mother sent her to school in tiny T-shirts that proclaimed the Gospel according to Gloria Steinem: "A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle" and "A woman's place is in the House -- and the Senate."

When she was 28, she blew off a great man because she "wasn't ready to settle down."

Guess what? Now the good men are all taken.

"Now that she's ready to settle down, there's no one worth settling down with."

Nature doesn't give rain checks.

Women everywhere are being deliberately empowered at the expense of men in order to cuckold both sexes.

Women used to empower men by trusting them and accepting their leadership. This was the basis of marriage. Women want men who are more powerful than they are. They want to be cherished, protected and provided for. Men derive meaning and purpose from doing this. 

Instead, women are trained to supplant men and then complain there are no good men left.


Women in the US earned 60 per cent of Bachelor's and Master's degrees last year.

Women also held 51.4 per cent of all managerial and professional jobs. Women hold the majority of jobs in general. Men accounted for nearly 75 per cent of jobs lost in the recession.

The banksters did same number on Black Americans.

There are twice as many Black women who have university degrees as men. Guess what. Seventy per cent of Black women have no husbands.

When men were in the majority, feminists called for equality.

Where are the calls for equality now? There aren't any because "equality" was never the real issue. It was a pretext for something quite sinister.


Society has been colonized by an alien financial cartel that subscribes to a satanic dogma. Most of our political, cultural and economic leaders are colonial administrators,  i.e. opportunists, dupes and traitors.

If a man loves a woman, he will not let her be tempted by another man. This applies to the Illuminati banksters too. It's time men fought for the women they want to marry and mother their children.

It's time men rejected the paralysis of political correctness and
fought feminism wherever it rears its ugly head. It's time we demanded that the discrimination against men in the workplace or in the media stop.

It's time we stopped being cuckolds.  


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Comments for "Cabalist Banksters Are Cuckolding Men"

Helen said (November 9, 2011):

It was not long ago that discrimination against women was ok.

Now, the shoe is on the other foot (but there is still discrimination against women caused by men in western countries and worldwide) and as usual, the men can't take it.

My brother is crying and whining about how, because he's white,
straight and male, he is being discriminated against but I recall
his sick jokes that disparaged women. It was ok even for his
little sister to work for 4 times less the money in jobs that required more education than tradesmen had.

An apprentice with a grade 8 education, who didn't even know how to hold a hammer, was paid double what I was paid even though I had 2 years of university education. Is it any wonder that feminism reared its ugly head.

That's right, I believe feminism had an ugly head and I do not want to be known among feminists, but at the same time, women deserve better treatment.

You men deserve what you get unless you begin acting fairly
towards women.

Paul said (November 9, 2011):

God, in His mercy and grace toward me, allowed me to grow up among farmer's wives. These women despised feminism and would laugh uproariously at the mention of it. They did so because they lived in a real world. They would literally chase their husbands out of the kitchen and say, "Go work in the fields." They knew that if their husband helped them in the house, they would be asked to help their husband in the field. They wanted to be in dresses because that also stopped them from wading through yards of muck with heavy buckets of something. They wanted to be women so much. And a good farmer (and the most successful farmers) allowed their wives to stay in the house, garden and among the small animals. All of this I saw and my life was saved.

Jo said (November 8, 2011):

love it when you point these things out because it's really hard for me to watch my friends go through these problems all because they've been duped by feminism.

I get so frustrated watching my friends wait for "the perfect time to have kids." While I can understand wanting to be financially sound, they just don't seem to get that their biological clocks are going to stop at some point whether or not they are ready for it.

While the technology for IVF has improved the odds of having kids for some families, it is very expensive and so is adoption. I have one girlfriend, in particular, that I know wants kids and I find myself being "that person" ----> you know the person who's always asking "so, do you have any exciting news to share?"

To be fair, not all men are as Kathleen [below] describes them. A lot of the"good men" are the ones that wouldn't get a second look because they don't drive "right" nice cars,live in a McMansion and look like they could be on the cover of GQ.

I'm related to a couple of guys like that and they are resigned to being single because they just don't have "looks" and "money" and it's really sad listening to them lament their desire for a companion, but character doesn't count for much these days.

Class means a lot to the female that's been taught to social-climb. We can sit and say we are classless here in the West, but the reality is a lot different. Class matters.

Christine said (November 8, 2011):

Regarding the feminists as destroying both men and women: remember that TV show "The Avengers?" in the 1960s? They had a rather sly parody of feminism that I've never forgotten.

The Avengers, 2 government agents, investigate a series of murders of wealthy men. Their murderers turn out to be a bunch of attractive feminists who have consciousness-raising sessions/exercise classes while chanting "Ruination to all men!" (Is that not the slogan of the feminist movement?)

Their leader is a demented female puppet. Who turns out to be controlled by a man.

Is that not what this is about?

Robert (related subject) said (November 8, 2011):

Director Apologizes for"Gay Slur" ("Rehearsals are for Fags")

There's not one out there who won't back down. Okay, the Academy would not want disrespect shown toward a particular group-yeah, right! As long as it's some freaky, twisted minority! Gotta handle THEM with kid gloves-orders from the TOP. You can brutally trash the values of the majority, THAT'S fine. Offend and belittle me every day, that's hilarious, I've got it coming (for some reason!) Let him start on certain groups, catholics, Germans, males, as long as they're straight. It's fine to make males look like pitiful WORMS, as long as they're hetero. But now he's gotta go groveling to this tiny minority. IIIINNNNCREDIBLE!

Kathleen said (November 8, 2011):

These days men are just as ‘programmed’ as women! Men, in general, want a woman who has a high income so that he can either a) become a house-husband or b) increase their group wealth. This comes with a price tag ie he misses the peace of mind of coming home to a loving family where he is cherished with a loving meal, a warm and welcoming home and where the children have been put to bed and all the days chores emanating from that role/day have been completed.

Added to that mix is that they nearly all want the perfect wife, she mustn’t put a few pounds on, she has to reflect all the images we see in the press of women who are 45 plus and have had surgery to make them younger – how can one fight that? So the men ruin their marriages by chasing women who fit their view of what a woman should be and sure enough they find themselves in the divorce courts.

Families are then broken and children are sad, usually doing badly at school due to the breakup. This then puts the children into further slavery because now their mother has to find enough money to clothe them all because the finances from her ex is now passed to the ‘new’ wife.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at