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Why the Illuminati Expose the Conspiracy

June 3, 2016

(left, obvious lies about 9-11 create cognitive dissonance) 

They want your soul.

That's why they're so sloppy. Anyone can see that no planes hit the Pentagon 
or crashed at Shanksville. They want us to compromise ourselves by accepting 
these lies and not seeking justice for the victims. Thus we become 
moral accomplices in their crimes. 

Updated from Jan 19, 2012
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The Illuminati don't just want your children, your spouse, your property, and your freedom.

Your birthright isn't sufficient for these Satanists. They want the ultimate prize. They want your soul.

They tell us about the conspiracy because they want us to be compromised. Just as lower-ranked Freemasons or ordinary Jews or Americans or Europeans are compromised by their support for war. They want us all to become demons.

They are deliberately clumsy because they want our complicity. They don't want us to say, "Gee, we didn't know."

They have a wager with God. They can win us over to Lucifer. But they have to give us free will, the ability to make a choice.     

That's the reason they reveal the conspiracy to us. For example, the Rockefellers sponsored the John Birch Society. Their publication, The New American is still one of the best sources of information about the elite conspiracy. This controlled opposition has other functions. They are able to steer the blame and make sure no real resistance ever develops.

This is why many websites like mine function with little difficulty. They want everyone to know. Some other websites may actually receive support from the Illuminati.

Ralph Epperson, author of The Unseen Hand (1985) has been teaching about the New World Order since the 1980's. He told me that he had never encountered any push-back from the Illuminati.


In the movie, The Devil's Advocate, based on the novel by Andrew Niederman and produced by Arnon Milchan and Arnold Kopelson, the devil (Al Pacino) tells Kevin Lomax, the ambitious lawyer played by Keanu Reeves:
"I only set the stage, free will, you pull your own strings!"

He shows Kevin that he cannot blame anyone but himself. Kevin was driven by his own egotism and venality. He abandoned his wife in her hour of greatest need, and she committed suicide. He got many  guilty people acquitted because he "never loses."    

Then the devil provides us with the Luciferian manifesto: Essentially it is the belief that man is defined by his carnal appetites and desires (greed, power, lust) rather than by his soul and spiritual ideals (truth, justice, beauty.) Man serves Lucifer by giving in to these temptations, by being an accomplice in his own destruction.  The Illuminati always has promoted indulging our base instincts calling this "sexual liberation" and "open marriage." This undermines family. Their psychology always has been against "repression" (i.e. self-discipline.) This view that man is God, and his wishes are the measure of all things, is called "Secular Humanism" aka "Luciferianism"

John Milton (the devil): Who are you carrying all those bricks for anyway? God? Is that it? God? Well I tell you let me give you a little inside information about God. God likes to watch. He's a prankster. Think about it. He gives man instincts. He gives you this extraordinary gift, and then what does He do, I swear for His own amusement, his own private, cosmic gag reel, He sets the rules in opposition. It's the goof of all time. Look, but don't touch. Touch, but don't taste. Taste, don't swallow. Ahaha. And while you're jumpin' from one foot to the next, what is he doing? He's laughin' His sick, fuckin' ass off! He's a tight-ass! He's a SADIST! He's an absentee landlord! Worship that? NEVER!

Kevin Lomax: "Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven", is that it?

John Milton: Why not? I'm here on the ground with my nose in it since the whole thing began. I've nurtured every sensation man's been inspired to have. I cared about what he wanted and I never judged him. Why? Because I never rejected him. In spite of all his imperfections, I'm a fan of man! I'm a humanist. Maybe the last humanist. Who, in their right mind Kevin, could possibly deny the twentieth century was entirely mine."

The devil reveals that he is Kevin's father and demands Kevin have sex with his seductive half-sister in order to breed a successor. Rather than succumb to this temptation, Kevin kills himself.

Just saying "No" should have been enough. We will not be accomplices in our own destruction. We will not forfeit our soul.


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Comments for "Why the Illuminati Expose the Conspiracy"

Chris said (June 5, 2016):

Reading your post 'Why the Illuminati Expose the Conspiracy' reminded me of an article I read many years ago on Vigilant Citizen - a site I assume you and most of your readers would have come across - about the film The Cabin in The Woods. It emphasizes the importance the elite place upon the manipulation of our free will in order to force us humans to in some way agree or submit to our bondage and violation.


The Cabin in the Woods is a widely successful horror film that also obtained great critical acclaim. While many appreciated the movie for its wit, humor and originality, the movie’s storyline is nevertheless serious and very real: It depicts the elite’s use of occult rituals on the unsuspecting masses...

... If after being warned, victims go on by their own free will, then the puppeteers are liberated from karmic responsibility. During the movie, one technicians says:

“They have to make the choice of their own free will. Otherwise, the system doesn’t work. Its like The Harbinger…this creepy old fuck who is practically wearing a sign saying ‘You Will Die’. Why do we put him there? The System. They have to choose to ignore him. They have to choose what happens in the cellar. Yeah, we rig the system as much as we need to but, in the end, if they don’t transgress, they can’t be punished.”

Although every aspect of their environment is tightly controlled and manipulated by the puppet masters, the victims are still made to choose their fate by their own free will.

Chet said (June 4, 2016):

Thank you for such an excellent article

The better you succeed in mastering your bad side, or overcoming it (not possible totally), the clearer you will see. You will see that the things of this life are illusory goods. I'm on in years, but I see the beauties of yesterday as so many pathetic souls reliving the past. Look forward and understand that we each must play a part--and cowardice is the result if you put any stock in worldly things. Do the best you can, but realize in the end we must all die anyway.

This is for all the marbles, but where there is life there is hope.

And trust God: we are promised in Corinthians that we are never tested beyond our strength.

I liked just about all the comments. That is hopeful in itself.

James Perloff said (June 4, 2016):

While I am not a Muslim, there is a passage in the Koran that seems fitting here, Chapter 14, verse 22:

And Satan will say when the matter is decided: "It was Allah Who gave you a promise of Truth: I too promised, but I failed in my promise to you. I had no authority over you except to call you but ye listened to me: then reproach not me, but reproach your own souls. I cannot listen to your cries, nor can ye listen to mine. I reject your former act in associating me with Allah. For wrong-doers there must be a grievous penalty."

Dan A said (June 3, 2016):

The evidence is quite abundant that 9/11 was clearly an inside job. Yet there are those still who believe what my government told them about 9/11. I find that quite sad.

'The Devil's Advocate' was a great film. I thought Al Pacino especially did a great job playing the devil in that film. It also was very well written that film.

The Illuminati may want my soul, but they can't have it.

JB said (January 21, 2012):

If they want the soul of the average person - how much more valuable a prize is the soul of one who crusaded for truth? In order to catch those ones the traps would have to be more refined than the mundane lies put out by the mainstream. If I were them, I would bait the truth seeker with his food - truth. And then when hooked - use that to get them to deny a more sacred truth. Is it possible then that its no accident that the great hope for truth in America, Ron Paul, was pointedly asked about and then unequivocally denied the truth of 911 on national television? Yet most of RPs core base are 911 truth
advocates and remain supportive of RP despite this.

Has RP spit on the graves of the victims of 911 by this denial? Not
only the 3000 but the million+ killed by the resulting aggressions?

Actually the human race is also victim because 911 became the keystone of the legal and political system which is a black shadow over humanity. Complicity in the crime courses a full 100% through the entire political media and corporate establishment. And RP hopes to reform this demon infested system while leaving them in the halls of power and never mentioning their crime. Worse yet, his supporters seem
to think this is a reasonable hope.

Some will argue that he can't go public with 911 truth because then he would have no chance to become president. But in this argument they fail to see, or choose not to see, that a nation so invested in lies does not merit being saved from itself - this would be like fighting for the acquittal of a drunk driver that showed no contrition for having run over a crowd of people.

I am not out to bash 911 truth/RP supporters. I think they represent the best of humanity - but I also think that their integrity is being made a mockery of and that most have yet to wake up and smell the coffee.

Guy said (January 21, 2012):

This may in a way be the most important piece you have put up here; it certainly addresses a problem that has long been nagging me subconsciously, ie, given the nature of the Illuminati, or whatever one wishes to call the genuine Conspiracy, why does it permit so much revelation? Although having said that, there are still question marks over such as the late, great Philip Jones. But then they are quite capable, presumably, of behaving on occasion as one would expect they would to keep the game going and the fear flourishing.

There is now no excuse for not knowing the basis of the Illuminati paradigm, even if one does not know all the details. All people have to do in this Internet Age is decide they will look for the Truth and the Truth only and they can’t miss it, even if they don’t get the whole picture. Yet still people cleave by the million to the BBC version of reality (that organisation is the most seriously evil and pernicious decanter of Mind Control in the British Isles, and has been since at least the 1950s.)
This is the Dawning of the Age of Stupidity.
May God be with us all, although we largely choose to exclude Him.

Joe said (January 20, 2012):

Having struggled with the notion of good and evil for close to 80 years, I can imagine many people would greatly cherish a satisfying answer to this seemingly unanswerable question: Why would a perfect Creator God allow evil to exist in a universe that has a potential for making every sentient creature in it a king; without the need for evil?

The Devil, as Al Pacino depicted him is, of course, absolutely correct in his argument concerning God's apparent "absentee landlord" status. He (the Devil) also has figured out mankind's psyche to the enth degree. We are all slaves to our own world view on the one hand and on the other hand we are so ignorant of the fact that we have been manipulated by forces unseen into believing our own world views are uniquely correct.

David said (January 20, 2012):

I often tell people I see evil all around and they think I’m paranoid. I tell them that what passes for civilization is actually just a sophisticated barbarian regime. Satan always tempts us to think we can do better, live better, than God provides us in His nature. When temptation fails, and we say NO to Satan, he strives to instill fear with intimidating tactics. Temptation, chaos, confusion, doubt and fear are Satan’s only tools, and when we pick them up to use, we use them against our own well-being. These tools divide us against ourselves, make us un-whole, unwholesome, unholy, separated from the love of God as well as the love of neighbors and even ourselves. These tools make us unhappy, unhealthy, and unholy, lead us to despair, destruction, and death in a dysfunctional world. Just say NO!

Dan A said (January 20, 2012):

From the movie, 'The Devil's Advocate:

Kevin Lomax: Is this a test?
Pam: Isn't everything?

Maybe everything is a test. Perhaps, God puts those humans suffering in this world right now, to see if others help those who do suffer.

Personally, I believe I have to release my soul, in order for another to have it. I keep an eye on my desires, and I make sure I don't in a way sell my soul, in order to satisfy any desire I may have.

Hamid said (January 20, 2012):

You have a very interesting web site. First of all I am not a Luciferian.

The question of "Satan"has been hunting the humanity from it's beginning. I agree with John Milton, that he just sets the stage. Humans have to decide to take the bite or not. I belive Satan has been created for the same exact reason. It is his job. Man kind has been given the greatest and most difficult task of all i.e. "free will”. This is the whole propose of creation, to choose between"good" and "bad". Sadly, the so called Illuminati , or whoever they are, have chosen the worst possible road, not just for themselves, but for the humanity as a whole, as you have been pointing out through your web site.

I am not sure who and which web site is part of them. In a way it is good things are getting out. Again, we have to chose, if we are allowed to. But the damage done to us by them is so vast that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to make the right choice.

Tom said (January 20, 2012):

Thanks for your article about why the illuminati expose themselves. Fear vs Love. Simple as that. I hadn't quite 100% seen how vital it is to be more fearful of losing one's soul than one's life.

One more level of maturity for me to try to impart to my sons. I'll do my best.

Andre said (January 20, 2012):

Henry, why the expose. To make us complicit. Michael Hoffman calls it 'The revelation of the method", the highest form of mind control they can exert on us now.


They indeed do not mind your website. Actually, you are playing some of their cards. Comes with the territory you are operating in.
Just the other year some of my friends were so utterly enthusiastic about Jesse Ventura unveiling conspiracies on tv. I said, well, apparently they think the time is right to let the old news out. Ventura is off-course well-schooled in dialectics (organize your own opposition), given his wrestling background of good and bad guys. Useful idiot that he is.

As I frequently say these days: "This is not a country, this is an experiment."

Richard said (January 20, 2012):

Complicity with evil is the leading factor in the decline of the West, followed by complacency. This very topic came out at a men's Kairos meeting I attended this evening. An elder fellow said the same conclusion as yours - too many people never learned how to say 'No'. The wise old man observed the gradual falling apart of families in America throughout the 20th century. Boys grow up without a father to teach them manhood are incapable of passing it on to their sons.

Ken said (January 20, 2012):

Satan wants solid victories. He can't use truth, God already owns all that. All that's left is lies with which to build something. Fooling ignorant human beings who might not know's not satisfactory. A hollow triumph, at best. What has been proved by accomplishing that? Ignorant people can be deceived easily? Not that impressive.

However, if souls that are not ignorant can be persuaded...well, that's another story entirely. And one of the most effective and complete techniques to use is a smear campaign. It's easy. Humans can know comparatively little about God and the mysteries of His working with the infinite variables in the Universe--and they most often choose to understand little about themselves. There's lots of room in which to manufacture doubts. Faith and trust are permanent prerequisites for happy relationships, with God as much as anyone else. Destroy that, and keep it destroyed, and the game is won.

This is the key to why the life and death of Jesus on earth won the war with Lucifer--and why His cross and blood is so malevolently hated by demons and their human colleagues. Our God came and showed us who He really is, without all the thrones, power, glory, angelic retinues. Just Him, and what He's really like, inside. God revealed, exposed the lie (John 12:30-32). We can trust Him. We can have faith in Him. His motive is love for His creatures, not megalomania.

Lucifer hanged himself, right there outside the walls of Jerusalem. The universe no longer wonders about the accusations and claims he makes. He lost his campaign for off-earth support. The noose is still tightening, he's scorching the ground, he's desperate, "he hath but a short time" (Revelation 12:10-12).

Knowledgeable, freely chosen human complicity, on a world-wide scale, is his last vicious stab at God and His reality, before his inevitable annihilation.

Cliff Shack said (January 19, 2012):

We have already sold our souls for the conveniences of the modern world. You expect gas at the filling station pump. Have you any idea how many people have been murdered to afford you that service. Our Passive complicity makes the illuminated world possible. Our souls have long been sold to they who provide us with our modern conveniences.

Nay. We didn't sell our souls...we handed them over with a smile and we would gladly do it again. Just don't send us back to pre-modern times. It's time to stop belly-aching and shaking our fists at our gracious providers. Hail Shabbatai Tzvi! Hail Jacob Frank. Hail Rothschild! Hail Rockefeller! Hail Satan!

Satan worries about us. He's entitled to our devotion. You gotta serve somebody. Lord knows, we don't serve God. We're big talkers when it comes to God. We ignore the words of the sages who hold the key to liberation from any and all enslavers. We get what we deserve...tyranny and enslavement. We reap what we sow.

Martin said (January 19, 2012):

Henry, To the Devil one does not just say NO! one rather says : "IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST BEGONE SATAN"!!!

Andrew said (January 19, 2012):

Excellent article Henry! Lucifer knows how the ultimate game is played; We are guilty by our own complicity.

For example when its revealed that the products that Nike, Gap, Apple, etc sell are made in slave work shops in third world countries, and we continue to buy their products, we share a portion of that guilt or negative karma (as some like to call it). And unfortunately that imbalance will be balanced either in this life or the hereafter.

Apathy is not an excuse on the Day of Judgement!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at