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"Diversity" is Defeat

May 31, 2012


 Jews can have a country where they are the majority and set the cultural standard. So can Indians, Arabs, Africans, Japanese and Chinese. But Europeans cannot.  Europeans have a sense of political and economic entitlement, and represent the last potential resistance to Illuminati control.

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

(revised from Oct 26, 2010)

You'd be forgiven if you thought  Gurvinder Singh Chal, 35, (above) belonged to the Punjabi Police Force. 

In fact, he's a recent recruit to the Winnipeg Police Service.

He wears the turban "for cultural and religious reasons" and, with the blessing of Chief Keith McCaskill,
it'll be part of his standard uniform. It's a "symbol of Diversity." 

The former Seven-Eleven clerk has been in the country for just three years but his traditions trump the 136-year-old Winnipeg Police Service.

Apparently the WPS has no identity, no culture worth preserving. Its uniform is up for grabs. It will prostrate itself to the next person to step off a plane, according to some screwball notion of political correctness.

The move isn't uncommon in Canada, with Sikh officers in cities such as Ottawa and Vancouver wearing turbans. 

I hope the Filipinos, Somalis and aboriginals who make up Winnipeg's rich cultural mosaic are working on their head dresses.


If I were younger, went to India and joined the Punjab police, I'm sure they'd let me wear a Jewish skullcap or Mountie hat.

tims.jpegTo help me remember my Canadian homeland, I'd expect a Tim Horton's logo on my uniform. 

And I expect that if 20 million people of European Christian extraction moved to the Punjab, they'd put us at the front of the line and ensure we got good jobs in the interests of "Diversity."

I'm sure Punjabis value "Diversity" as much as we do.

[This is where I insert my Disclaimer: I like racial minorities. I like their appearance and their cooking. They have strong family values -- now more important than ever. I was married to a Filipina for two years. I am not a racist in the negative sense of believing in racial superiority. I'm all for people being treated fairly. That means hiring on the basis of qualifications and ability, not quotas for color and gender.]


I marvel at the stupidity of the fast-shrinking European majority and the perfidy of the traitors who pass as their "leaders."

I am all for having racial minorities but it should be obvious that "Diversity" is a ruse. Europeans are being guilt-tripped out of their national birthright. They're fast becoming the next minority in Europe and North America and,  I'm not sure they'll be treated with the same "tolerance."

Apparently Jews can have a country where they are the majority and set the cultural standard. So can Indians, Arabs, Africans, Japanese and Chinese. But Europeans cannot.

Europeans have a sense of political and economic entitlement, and represent the last potential resistance to Illuminati control. They have vestiges of Christianity, the thing the Illuminati hate more than anything.

According to Christianity, man has a Divine soul; they obey God and thereby become more Godly. The Illuminati see people as animals trained to obey them.

Many "minorities" and "women" are beholden to the Illuminati who put them in power. They are their shills.  


Were "Multiculturalism" or "Diversity" ever major election issues? No. They were never debated. They entered the world in the form of "political correctness.' To question them exposed you to charges of bad taste and racism. 

Multiculturalism and Diversity are social engineering programs introduced by the Illuminati (Masonic Jewish) central bankers.  They are designed to change the European and Christian character of Europe and North America. They prevent us from maintaining and celebrating our cultural identity and traditions. Take school prayer for example. The Canadian Jewish Congress was instrumental in having that removed.

Similarly, feminism was an excuse to undermine marriage, heterosexuality and males in general. The school prom, virginity and even courtship went the way of the dodo. Marriage and birthrates plummeted.

Dunce_Cap.jpg(Left, traditional European Christian head cover)

Europeans have been sweet talked out of their national birthright. Our politicians work for the corporations or unions which are all controlled by the central bankers. They're not our leaders. They're our managers at best. Police Chief McCaskill and all the other clarions of "Diversity" are of the same ilk.

So I'd like to suggest the Dunce's Cap for the future European minority.  It's for people who don't appreciate their blessings and don't protect them.  People who don't have the smarts to perpetuate themselves, their values and traditions, and as a consequence become extinct.

And if you're feeling resentful, don't blame the minorities.  Let's blame ourselves and our so-called leaders -- the politicians, pastors, academics and pundits who sold us out to the Illuminati bankers and their satanic  New World Order.

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Comments for ""Diversity" is Defeat"

Akis said (June 3, 2012):

Indians, Arabs, Africans, Chinese and Japanese can have a country where they are the majority and set the cultural standard. But Whites can't. Have you wondered why?

Because the dominant culture in White countries is social and political liberalism. Social and political liberals are open to new ideas for progress and behavior, and abhor tradition.

Social and political liberals are usually Feminist women and Metrosexual men. Metrosexual men are men who lack spine and are naturally submissive to women. According to Feminists and Metrosexuals, Whites have historical, political and economic entitlement so they have to be lowered artificially so that universal equality can be achieved.

The way the lowering of White society is being accomplished is through Political Correctness and Multiculturalism. Political Correctness deprives the White Heterosexual Male from assertive power whereas Multiculturalism destroys the nuclear family.

Feminists and metrosexuals have succeeded in re-engineering a new type of White male - the Wuss - and have successfully reduced birth rates. Birth rates have been lowered because Western women hold the Feminist core belief in their minds that "men oppress women" and this makes them perpetually angry, unreasonably demanding and therefore undateable.

Some people blame Zionists for this but that is because those people are reflexive Jew accusers. Social and political liberalism is mostly a White female phenomenon. Social and political liberalism is a natural byproduct of the feminine psyche. Israel is a victim of it too.

B said (June 2, 2012):

Its an insult. First it was the acceptance of the "ceremonial dagger" worn concealed which if we do it is considered a crime, and now not only is the RCMP but also the Winnipeg "police" tossing Canada's heritage so some ethnic group can gain superiority over hundreds of years of established decorum.

Please explain to me which religion does not require of its faithful certain sacrifices? Canada had standards, and it is only reasonable "if" these groups are interested in assimilation into Canadian society that they will either conform or chalk it up to a religious sacrifice that they cannot be a part of this or that group due to CLOTHING !!!

When they wear the uniform of Canadian Police they will earn the right to expect respect from me. This is a fucking insult. Every person pulled over by a foreign entity claiming to represent a Canadian police officer should DEMAND
a supervisor be on the scene before any questions or identifications are displayed, making it clear that you do not acknowledge the uniform it its present display. Canada's police have clearly lost all self respect, so it should be no wonder if we don't respect them either.

Adam said (June 2, 2012):

Henry, I'm becoming less skeptical of the information that is
published on your site with each subsequent visit. The article
"Diversity is Defeat " refers to the end result of socially engineered acceptance by a native population that, the culture and traditions of immigrant minorities are to have equal standing with or even preferred to that of the native culture and traditions.

The whole object of this thrust is the diminishing, fudging and
eventual removal of national identity where the population is a
homogeneous mass without allegiance to former national traditions culture or roots and therefore facilitate the transition to allegiance to a one world government.

Your other article on "The Truth about Diversity" is excellent.

Robert said (June 1, 2012):

Another great article, but to be clear, The USA was not a Christian Nation at least non of the Founding Fathers were Christian. Not so sure but probably the same for Canada. And Christians are called sheep on purpose and for a reason. The reason; so they would sit around calmly wait and pray for Jesus' return instead of actually being like him like he said! Jesus if the stories are true was an activist out there kicking ass and taking names,nothing like the Christian sheeple of today!

Unfortunately religion as it is today in bassackwardland is leading people away from their spirituality and who they truly are, and it is just being used to divide!

I would say public indoctrination(education) system is far worse because the state is telling the fresh minds soon to be mush whats up instead of parents and creating conditions that Diversity could be used against the people....but then again most of the parents have already been through that system so they are already retarded so not much hope they could do anything even if they wanted too!

Don't get me wrong it would be great if the big J showed up and took out all the trash....but I aint holding my that leaves WHO to do the dirty work? and you that's WHO!

The Your-a-peon way is to steal from the people their birth right...its called Colonialism, they had to see if it worked at home first!



Whatever the founding fathers were (Masons) the vast majority of Americans considered themselves Christians and still do.


Luis said (June 1, 2012):

Hi ,Henry-great article on diversity & really Political correctness agenda , which this is a part of !! Goes back decades now—Big step was when under PM Mulroney the turban was introduced to replace the Stetson for Sihks in RCMP !!!!

Unfortunately the humanity is too far gone on the path of destruction of nationality / identity in the west , due the social engineering of the elite . Modern slavery is the next step. Good work Henry !!

Kurt said (June 1, 2012):

For Trish: It’s not that evil ‘whites’ stole the resources from natives’ lands; rather the more capable white cultures were manipulated by a clever and deceitful elite that were white when it suited them and who transformed themselves into a persecuted ‘minority’ when challenged.

Trish said (June 1, 2012):

(excerpt) My main point is that whites have a similar if not more horrific history of slaughtering each other (and others) compared to other racial groups. As a result, they have no fair claim in "taking control" of other groups that may choose to do the same. Whites have never been a beacon of hope or a shining example of what a "civilized people" should look like. I do believe all races have this potential but whites no more so than others.

White people have no inherent right to claim Canada as their main base of White Christian culture and norms. Even when majority white nations are left to their own devices (e.g. Sweden, Denmark, etc) it appears that religious beliefs and customs fade into irrelevance. It is only when other groups show pride in their own beliefs and customs that the majority group becomes distressed. This is silly.

Yes, they are the majority racial group in North America at this time but they should have never gotten comfortable with the thought this this land was ever really theirs to begin with.
I find it difficult to get mad at someone for taking from me what I took from someone else.

Matt said (June 1, 2012):

We as a society face two problems not related to ethnic identification. First, the pill. The ability to prevent having children, has led to very low birth rates in all European peoples, as well as in Japan. This includes Jewish people in the US.

Japanese and Russians, not to mention Spanish and Italians, could well vanish as distinct peoples within the next 50 years. Once a population starts collapsing due to low birth rates, as an example Japan, it may not be economically possible to reverse the process. There are ever more elderly to be provided for by the young.
The second problem is class warfare. As the super wealthy oligarchy sucks all the oxygen - cash- out of the economy, the young no longer can afford to have children.

A slowly declining population, or a slowly growing population, can be accommodated economically. A goal would be for every woman to have two children. If every woman has one child, the population collapses. If every woman has three children, the world overpopulates. In addition, it is necessary to stop the regressive taxation of the middle classes, and return to progressive taxation of the wealthy.

Neither of these goals may be achievable as the Illuminati are too powerful, not to mention just plain evil.

Doug said (June 1, 2012):

I raised the multiculturalism issue when I ran federally. I explained that a loss of culture was connected to a loss of values. People looked at me like I had two heads. They never considered Multiculturalism, it just sounded good, like Sustainable Development. These terms sound good, they are not to be questioned.

John said (June 1, 2012):

BINGO! Henry. The sabbatean cabal fears Europeans (Whites) more than anybody, or should I say fears ONLY Whites. The war is and has been against European Whites. With Europeans confused, stupified and defeated the rest of the world is no problem at all. You hit the nail on the head with that aricle. That's the key to understanding the whole picture. I hope it opens a lot of people's eyes.

W said (October 27, 2010):

ear Henry,
Regarding your excellent article on "diversity", here is a quote by Rudolf Steiner.

"Europe wants to dig the grave of its own civilization, and it wants to call over, this Europe, something non-European, so that above the filled-in grave of the old civilization, and also above the filled-in grave of Goetheanism, something totally different should be established".

(from "The Materialist Word-View of the 19th Century", p.23).

By Goetheanism, he basically means everything in the western spiritual tradition - to be wiped out.

In another lecture he said that if European humanity does not become spiritual, it will die out.

This is what is taking place, and it is being deliberately brought about by certain evil forces that want to destroy the West, and all Christian civilization, and the European races. Political correctness is one of the main tools they use.
It is a creation of the Father of Lies. The European races and western civilization are currently facing the greatest challenge they have ever faced in all of history.

Gordon said (October 27, 2010):

A voice in the wilderness is Henry Makow. Canada isn't a nation, it's a coast to coast strip mall and our "leaders" are just the accountants and security guards hired to make it run as profitably as possible while quietly ousting anyone making a disturbance. There are laws against individual suicide, but the collective version is not only legal, it's inevitable in the Western vote-whoring democracies.

The comment by "Rod" about the Vatican is worth noting, he's so right. Our shepherd has abandoned his flock and treacherously taken up with the invading wolves. If the ostensible head of Christendom won't fight the good fight then we'll find someone who will.

Martin said (October 27, 2010):

The turban is a religious symbol, and as such should be a private matter for your own place of worship. The same should apply to the forms of dress women are forced to wear in modern society. No woman in civilized society should have to walk ten paces behind a man. No woman should be forced to spend her life looking through a letter box.

If those people wish to live like this, then they should do it in their own country where their governments should be ignored by civilized governments. Further to this. Woe betide Canada if a Burka wearing woman should join the Police. Imagine one size fits all, and detection through letterbox.

We had her in my country this multiculturalism with the influx of Polish workers. What should have been civilized society acceptance of those workers showed the true Irish sentiment. We had arrive here a hard working people who would be abused by the business, farming, and building communities. Those same Irish who have for years emigrated abroad for work would meet those Polish who sought honest work, and would abuse them abysmally.

We now have a new form of migrant here it seems they arrived overnight, and to my thinking , this is a planned influx. It seems as if we woke up one morning and we had a whole raft of people. Most seem to be of African descent, but they are from many nations with no links to Ireland other than the UK connection. Which would have me believe it is a planned affair by guess who?
For those who would doubt my thinking on this same curse of multiculturalism which little better than the dilution of indigenous stock. On a recent opening of school season when national flags of children were flown. I counted 32 national flags, and this in a provincial rural town.

Or the African "Prince" who was elected to a county town as mayor at the behest of a political hack from the national government. This same prince was later recognized by a returned emigrant as a subway driver from London.
Right Henry, good luck with multiculturalism.

Elliot said (October 27, 2010):

Thanks for your latest "diversity" revelation from which you're only one of a handful of Canadians who sees the big picture and actually writes about it.

I've posted your article on my own small blog.

You've may have previously read the following words seen here that are attributed to Theodore Roosevelt in 1907, but we could easily transpose "American" for Canadian, and the words would mean the same for us.

Mohammed said (October 27, 2010):

cultural diversity is a good thing, so is freedom of religion-please make it clear to the readers- that just because these Illuminati bankers have subverted & distorted diversity & tolerance of religious/cultural differences, that does
not mean that these things in themselves are bad or signify the downfall of the west etc or whatever paranoid notion people some people are likely to get frm this.

another comment talks "If you come in Holland nowadays in the smallest village you will find a mosque, churches are disappearing" whose fault is it that you dont practice your religion as you ought to?

due to these very same Illuminati Zionist/Satanist bankers & their cronies, the
mineral wealth & natural resurces of non-European countries' has been(& is still
being) looted so that their countries/lands are prosperous. do you blame the immigrants for wanting a better life and lloking for greener pastures?

i know that there should be a certain level of integration/assimilation but that does not mean these immigrants should not be able to practice their religion freely.

i hope im not seeming biased as that is not my aim.

Ryan said (October 27, 2010):

I have to say I totally disagree with your article. Europeans have destroyed or helped destroy almost every non-European culture due to their greed for wealth and power and this has been since the early history. What you sow you will reap. Correct me if I am wrong but North America belonged to the Native Indians not the Europeans who took it from them.


Your comment reflects the kind of self hate taught to Europeans in university today. The Illuminati (Masonic Jewish) bankers not "Europeans" are responsible for Western imperialism. See The Imperialism of Jewish Capital

I believe indigenous people conquered and slaughtered each other before the arrival of the White man. It's unrealistic to even suggest they should be left in control of two or more continents.


Peter said (October 27, 2010):

As always a very good article Henry

How right you are!

If any politician in Europe says what you write here he will be marked immediately as an ultra right nationalist
and a racist

If you come in Holland nowadays in the smallest village you will find a mosque, churches are disappearing.

In Denmark they(the politicians) just gave the green light to build 2 of northern europe's biggest and largest mosques in the middle of Copenhagen without asking the people!! NO REFERENDUM on this issue. But the funny thing is, that there are no protests. THEY GET WHAT THEY DISERVE.

Rod said (October 27, 2010):

wanted to comment on this topic by adding that in Europe, the Vatican, is probably the principle proponent of the 'multi-culti' society. So, is the Vatican, Illuminati or masonic? Worse. They run the whole show. Pope Benedict XVI ,in fact, as his predecessor, is constantly reminding Catholics that immigrants must be accepted and integrated into the society. A full-fledged approval of this unsustainable and diabolical trend. Just yesterday, Caritas, the Vatican slave-running, pro-immigrant charitable organization, released its immigration statistics for Italy in 2010 (I live in Rome) and the figures were astonishing: 5 million immigrants!! That's the legals alone!! A figure that comprises nearly 7% of the Italian population. To put the numbers into perspective, in 1992, the year in which I returned to Italy, the figure stood at about 850,000 immigrants out of the total population. That's a 400 plus increase in just 18 years! At the current rate, it's a social timebomb waiting to explode in a short span of time. And the politicians and business elite, heavily Masonic-controlled, are fully aware of the consequences of such policies. What is the unstated goal? A race war to bring about total authoritarian control and a renewed Aryan dominance of the entire world. The people in power today are just reincarnated nazis. That's all! Their intent is to get white Europeans to evoke their 'Vril' power as Hitler and the nazis attempted to prior to WWII. Essentially, the immigrants in the West today are just 'useful idiots' to be disposed of at hour X. Anti-immigrant sentiment is growing rapidly in Europe and that resentment will eventually give rise to an inner self-preservation mechanism that will manifest itself as extreme martial energy, Vril. No, I wouldn't want to be a non-European person in the near future. By the way, were you aware that recently the chief Vatican exorcist in an interview to the Italian press stated that ' satan is in the Vatican'. This is no BS.

Jerry said (October 27, 2010):

Yesterday, I came across a news item regarding an immigrant from Ghana, Africa becoming the mayor of the city of Piran in my parents homeland of Slovenia. Needless to say I was quite awestruck by the report and thought how strange this is and felt it wrong and yet I could not articulate exactly why I was feeling this way though of course I had my suspicions. Reading your essay however, and it resounded loudly, some of it anyway, about everything I was feeling and accordingly I would like to say thank you very, very much for what you wrote today. I will not soon forget it. What a strange world we are living in. I don't know where this comes from this desire to move to another world, continent, culture, language and so on in the pursuit of what economic prosperity? To leave ones own family, homeland, culture and so on- there has to be something more to this for sure.

Stone said (October 27, 2010):

What is hard for me to understand is that all the politicians that speak of and praise diversity/multiculturalism in my community, the teachers at my children's school, the managers at the company where I work, and the union leaders that gave us the Martin Luther King and I Am A Man presentations and other nonstop diversity speeches are all Caucasian! They are not Jewish, yet they look down on other white people and give out the vibe of somehow or someway they are better than other fellow white people. Yet they don't have anything obvious going for themselves, except the job title next to their names.
What's going on with that?



They are Illuminati lackeys, traitors who think they will benefit at the expense of their neighbors.


Marcos said (October 26, 2010):

It is important to note that David Bay, from , has pointed to the occult signatures in the 9-11 attack and many other events, from day one. He was the frontrunner in this field, no doubt about it.

Jay said (October 26, 2010):

Diversity is an Illuminati creation for an eventual race war.The seething anger by Canadian and American citizens is reaching a boiling point.More so in these tough economic times.Not many have the stomach anymore for being attacked as racist or homophobic for not agreeing with every aspect of "diversity".

Dan said (October 26, 2010):

I couldn't stop laughing reading "I expect that if I were 35 again and joined the Punjab police, they'd let me wear a Jewish skullcap or Mountie hat." I couldn't help seeing a image of a Swedish cop wearing a horned Viking helmet, or an Irish cop in leprechaun hat.

Multicultural diversity is some elite foo-pah's fantasy, like the aristocrats dressing up footmen in cute little costumes.

The same business plan that's pushing this childish Alice in Wonderland tea party costume ball is erasing all cultures as we speak. There can be no diversity without respect for regional cultures. It's our differences that make cultural exchange valuable. Globalism has no respect for traditional cultures.

In this decade, Punjabi, Indian and African farmers are being ruined by international food conglomerates insisting they use Monsanto genetically modified seed. The 'seeds' for the third world farming crisis were laid by the Green movements meddling in the ancient farming tradition of these counties. As they fail year to year they become dislocated human traffic. The farmland is being bought up for nothing by the millions of acres world wide by the usual banking cabals.

Omar said (October 26, 2010):

Culture is a beautiful and dynamic phenomenon.

It is malleable, but evolved out of the specific nuances of social, geographic, and economic circumstances over the years.

The social and cultural context of the West; that is, the particular mores and values which developed and nurtured Western civilization
are something to be admired. When my parents legally immigrated to the United States, they understood "Western culture", and the values
it harbored, were essential to a life where work, intelligence were rewarded in a meritorious system. It was antithethitcal to the cultural values they came from (Indian subcontinant) where maniacal suspicion, pessimism, and
selfishness prevented individual and societal progress.

The real problem isn't diversity. The real problem is not appreciating Western civilization.


Thanks Omar,

Diversity is a ruse. It is "not appreciating Western civilization." It acknowledges everything but the Christian European heritage of the West.
It is social engineering.


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