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Does Bob Dylan Worship Satan?

January 31, 2011


More evidence that society is being inducted into a satanic cult, and doesn't even know it.

by David Richards

In an interview on Sixty Minutes that can be seen here, Bob Dylan is asked why he keeps touring at his old age.
It goes back to the destiny thing, I made a bargain with it a long time ago, and I'm holding up my end.

What was your bargain?
To get where I am now.
Should I ask who you made the bargain with?
With the chief commander.
On this earth?
On this earth and in the world we can't see.

Many fans have argued that Dylan was talking about God. But who makes a pact with God to get ahead in this world?
Devil worship is common in the music industry. The Rolling Stones wrote a song called 'Sympathy For The Devil.' One of Madonna's hits is a love ballad to Satan. 'Beautiful Stranger' describes the excitement of enjoying a casual sexual encounter. The man in question is 'The Devil in Disguise.' She sings:

To know you is to love you

You're everywhere I go

And everybody knows

To love you is to be part of you

I recently saw a popular music variety show on the BBC. The chief guest was Robert Plant, formerly of Led Zeppelin. He sang a song called 'Satan, your kingdom must come down,' in a quite sickly and creepy way.
The author of the website 'Vigilant Citizen' has a mastery of occult symbology and exposes its role in music and films. In his analysis of Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' video, he highlights a scene where Gaga starts to resemble a reptilian monster, her skin becoming hard and translucent, and there is a strong emphasis on her spine. He compares this to the Devil taking on a reptilian form in old Christian paintings. The resemblance is striking.
In Jay-Z's 'Run This Town' Vigilant notes the use of a lit torch by pop star Rihanna. He writes:
"Anybody vaguely familiar with occultism can easily associate the symbol of the lit torch held high to Lucifer a.k.a. the Light Bearer. Most occult orders secretly acknowledge Lucifer as being the savior of humanity, the fallen angel who liberated men from the oppression of the biblical God (Jehovah, Yahweh). These orders (the main one being Freemasonry) have been working for centuries towards the overthrow of the rule of organized religions to usher in a new age or a "New Order"."
Jay Z is the world's biggest rap star. He is an example of famous musicians who have been initiated into the occult and have sold their souls for fame and fortune. They work as social engineers for those who rule.  
His record label is called  'Rocafella Records'.
Jay Z also has a clothing brand called 'Rocawear' that is sold in some of the biggest retailers in the US, some of the clothes feature obvious Illuminati symbology.

Theodore Adorno, a guiding light of the Frankfurt school (a Marxist Jewish banker organization that has helped re-shape Western Civilization), wrote that music is always political:

'If we listen to Beethoven and do not hear anything of the revolutionary bourgeoisie-not the echo of its slogans, but rather the need to realize them, we understand Beethoven no better than does one who cannot follow the purely musical content of the pieces."

Using the hook of melody and beat, music indoctrinates us into our master's mindset. Right now, they want us to be deviant. Our sources of communal resistance: race, religion, nation and family (gender) are being attacked in preparation for a world government.

Music is especially suited to this task, as it is historically linked with ritual, dance, sex, trance states and uncensored violence. Nietzsche called it the 'Dionysian mirror of the world.'


We identify ourselves through music. So what type of music would be desirable and healthy?

artist_18698.jpgOne model I propose to follow is a group from Mongolia called Altan Urag (left.) Since the early 90's, Mongolia has been through turbulent social changes as it transforms into a western style "democracy." The country has a rich cultural heritage based around its distinctive nomadic culture that is being washed away by a new consumer society.

Altan Urag are very important culturally in Mongolia, and often appear on television. They dress in traditional Mongol clothing and play folk rock music, a modernized version of traditional Mongol music that is very popular with young people.

The band members spent years studying traditional Mongol instruments and vocal techniques to make sounds inspired by the vast steppes, deserts and mountainous areas.

Their original compositions deal with the problems and hopes of modern Mongol life, Mongol shamanism, myths, and history.

The effect is to urge Mongols to draw on the collective reserves of a tough and resourceful people and to think creatively and optimistically about the future.

I have always tended to believe well-intentioned music is weak, like happy-clappy Christian rock music. But Altan Urag's music remains imaginative and hard despite its good intentions.

The song 'Requiem' criticizes modern man for no longer recognizing sin. 'Temuujin' recounts the childhood of Genghis Khan, who is still a primal source of Mongol identity. 'Duujin Daajin', provides a voice to the thousands of abandoned children who live in the sewers in the capital Ulaanbaatar. Written from a child's perspective, a few translated lyrics read:

Government dear, please listen to us,
The bureaucrats sitting in tall buildings,
Without playgrounds and places to play,
Without places to play and live,
Without food or clothes to wear,
Roaming from one sewer pip to another,
From the state we are in,
How we gonna inherit our country?

The song does not articulate the desire to satisfy predatory impulses or to experience cheap thrills, or wallow in self-pity. Rather it is the burning desire to help others and grow strong together.

Isn't that a better soundtrack to our lives?


David Richards is a 23-year-old Brit who teaches English in China.

From a Reader: "Dylan the Freemason"

dylanstage.jpgHenry, I think it's good that you put out that article on Dylan/music.I've been a fan of Dylan's since I was a kid in the 70s.Thru his whole conversion etc.Personally I stopped listening to him a couple years ago.I heard Masonic references in certain songs.It's tough because he's such a good songwriter.For instance,from Time out of mind. 'Standing in the doorway':
'I'll eat when I'm hungry, drink when I'm dry
 And live my life on the square'
Plus the symbol he uses now.The all seeing eye.Seems a bit obvious?

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Comments for "Does Bob Dylan Worship Satan?"

John said (February 2, 2011):

It seems quite possible that Dylan's mysterious "motorcycle accident" on July 29, 1966, was in fact a "changing of the guard"---almost to the day, this is the period when the Beatles and Stones camps were infiltrated (and massively influenced) by satanists like Kenneth Anger and John Paul Getty . How much the band members actually knew, and their depth of involvement, is debatable, but the result speaks for itself: Aleister Crowley is staring at us from the cover of the summer of "love" anthem Sgt. Pepper, and the Stones released works like "sympathy for the devil" , "their satanic majesty's request", and "goat head's soup". Jagger has said things like "yeah, there were really strange people about in those days", but it was all clearly an illuminati coup. Dylan's "accident" meant it was time for lucifer to shine his spotlight elsewhere……keeping sane in the Netherlands, thanks in large part to your work.

Michael said (February 1, 2011):

You referenced a live performance of Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down that Robert performed on BBC last year. This album, and the backing musicians in particular (North Mississippi Allstars) are more of a bluegrass-southern-gospel team, and Robert has distanced himself from the days of his affiliations with fellow Led Zeppelin bandmate Jimmy Page and his foray into the occult (Page owns a castle that used to belong to Mr. Crowley of the O.T.O.). Mr. Plant tragically lost a son at age five to a lung infection in 1977, and the band suffered many tragedies soon after. Mr. Plant is a spiritualist now, and here are the lyrics to Satan Your kingdom Must Come Down, and these are clearly anti-Satan:

Lyrics of Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down by Robert Plant
Satan, your kingdom must come down
Satan, your kingdom must come down
I heard the voice of Jesus say
Satan, your kingdom must come down

Gonna pray until they tear your kingdom down
Gonna pray until they tear your kingdom down
I heard the voice of Jesus say
Satan, your kingdom must come down

Gonna shout until they tear your kingdom down
Gonna shout until they tear your kingdom down
I heard the voice of Jesus say
Satan, your kingdom must come down

If you could post this for all your readers, it would be greatly appreciated, as Robert Plant has come to understand that Satan is NOT his friend!!

Bill said (February 1, 2011):

There's no doubt that the entertainment industry is being used to brainwash, dumb-down and demoralize young people. Do I think Bob Dylan worships the devil? No. What you have here is a man that is well schooled in the mythology of the blues. His "deal with the devil" is no more than an homage to legendary bluesman Robert Johnson. From Wikipedia:

"According to legend, as a young man living on a plantation in rural Mississippi, Robert Johnson was branded with a burning desire to become a great blues musician. He was "instructed" to take his guitar to a crossroad near Dockery Plantation at midnight. There he was met by a large black man (the Devil) who took the guitar and tuned it. The "Devil" played a few songs and then returned the guitar to Johnson, giving him mastery of the instrument. This was, in effect, a deal with the Devil mirroring the legend of Faust. In exchange for his soul, Robert Johnson was able to create the blues for which he became famous."

Bob Dylan is a scholar, a complicated man, and a master of the arts. His talents and wide knowledge of music and literature enable him to write about all kinds of ideas and experiences, and to see them from every angle. There may be a few references to the devil, but he has also written a number of songs praising God and Jesus. His conversion to born again Christianity is well documented and he even recorded two religious themed albums.

Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera might have a masonic agenda, or be tools for those who have the very worst intentions for humanity. But, to oversimplify the life and work of Bob Dylan and label him as a "devil worshipper", or to speak of him in the same breath as today's spiritually/intellectually bankrupt pop musician whose entire purpose is to keep young people distracted from the fine ideas of the mind, to me, is shoddy journalism.

Michael said (February 1, 2011):

I had the opportunity to meet Bob Dylan in the early '80's at a bible school his then girlfriend I were attending. She was influential in his conversion to Christ, was genuine, and the subject of the song, "Angel".

Bob's lyric skill
in the albums following like "Slow Train Coming", "Saved" I believe reflect something real spiritually that had taken place. He and the late Keith Green, a true believer and icon of uniqueness among Christian musicians became
friends. Bob, according to Keith's widow, Melody Green had said that Keith's album, "Songs for the Shepherd" was his favorite album of all time. Bob was in the same studio when Kieth recorded the song, "Pledge My Head to Heaven"-( I
believe was the title) and played harmonica on the piece. I have wondered and wished Bob was more open. He seems to always want his lyrics and music to talk for him. Where he is at spiritually now, I am not sure. At times it has been
news in Christian circles as to what was going on with him.

I do know this, once a person genuinely meets and experiences Jesus Christ, nothing and no one else will satisfy them. One knows he has met his Creator and the true lover of
his soul,and Jesus, the true and only Good Shepherd will lovingly pursue any
of His sheep that have gone astray and not easily let them be lost.

Len said (February 1, 2011):

Good article, Henry. The people who have researched this area thoroughly have concluded beyond a shadow of a doubt: both the music and so-called entertainment industry is riddled with luciferians and those who (by both philosophy and occultic practices and vows) worship satan, the 'god' of this world. [who is a 'god' very temporarily here on limited lease, ... and it's about up]

Various forms and perversions of "Rock Music" is a major form of seduction and communication of satanic-thoughts and ideas. ... these people are not just immoral, .. they are amoral. - without any real morality to speak of at all.

Here are two outstanding documentaries:

Dan said (February 1, 2011):

The purpose of the popular music industry:

John Todd was an early Illuminati defector. I first heard of all this through a bootlegged casette tape in 1979. In those days this information was passed along on bootleg tapes of lectures. A person in turn would make copies and pass them on. In this case there were two degrees of separation between me and John Todd. My roommate had the tape, which his sister had made at church in the boondocks where Todd had spoken. There was nothing in the mainstream about the Illuminati or NWO at that time, they still kept it secret until 1980.

Todd vanished in '79, For decades he was missing, then in 2007 reports circulated he'd been in prison for rape since 1988, and died of colon Cancer in New Mexico in 2007. What really happened was, they kidnapped him and reprogrammed him so they could discredit him.

Now you'll see articles saying he was a charlatan - but the fact remains it was Todd who first spilled the beans on the Illuminati.
Unfortunately, back then it just made a lot of us more intrigued with the occult.

The purpose of the pop music industry is to download spells into people that covens don't have access to, to spell bind en masse.. The same is done through all media - 'news' and commercials included. 911 makes a lot more sense as televised mass mind control working.

"Christian Rock" was no exception. Todd claimed to have funded Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel to launch the Christian rock industry with $8 million bucks of Illuminati money. The same demonic spell casting was done - Todd said "Christian Rock" was a "Satanic invention to entrap Christian youth in the same demonic spells as everybody else".

Todd said with demonic music the spell is in the music - the lyrics don't matter. Rock videos are 'not our friends'. It's programming.

A person may be better served by reading books. C.S. Lewis', 'The Screwtape Letters' is a good start for those who want to "de-creep".

Sandeep said (February 1, 2011):

I was actually looking at this topic two days ago because I had the need to look at an article I read some time ago about the Church of Satan. In this article, the writer makes a good reference to Rock music. Under the subtitle ''The Church of Satan and Rock Music'', we find some interesting facts:

''As mentioned, Anton LaVey wrote The Satanic Bible in 1969. In the song, Hotel California, lead singer Don Henley sings the statement... "we haven’t had that spirit here since nineteen sixty nine." It is believed by many that this statement is a reference to LaVey's Satanic Bible. Remember, LaVey's photo is on the album cover!''

''One of the top songs of the 70's was "Hotel California" by the Eagles. Most people have no idea the song refers to the Church of Satan, which happens to be located in a converted HOTEL on CALIFORNIA street! On the inside of the album cover, looking down on the festivities, is Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan and author of the Satanic Bible! People say, the Eagles aren't serious, they're just selling records. That's what you think! The Eagles manager, Larry Salter, admitted in the Waco Tribune-Herald, (Feb. 28, 1982) that the Eagles were involved with the Church of Satan! Not surprisingly, one of the Eagle's songs is titled "Have A Good Day in Hell."

''David Bowie in Rolling Stone magazine (Feb. 12, 1976), stunned the music world, when he stated:
"Rock has always been THE DEVIL'S MUSIC . . . I believe rock and roll is dangerous... I feel we're only heralding SOMETHING EVEN DARKER THAN OURSELVES." (Rolling Stone, Feb. 12, 1976)''

Under the subtitle ''Marilyn Manson and the Church of Satan'', we find furthermore:

''Marilyn Manson is a self-made freak, and a recruiter for the Church of Satan. In fact, Manson holds the title of "reverend," given to him by Anton LaVey (founder of the First Church of Satan and author of The Satanic Bible). Manson began worshipping LaVey from the time he was a teenager.''

''My mom used to tell me when I was a kid, ‘If you curse at nighttime, the devil’s going to come to you when you’re sleeping.’ I used to get excited because I really wanted it to happen . . . I wanted it. I wanted it more than anything . . .(Rolling Stone, January, 23, 1997 p.52)''

''He later changed his name to "Marilyn Manson" (to impersonate the adulterous, Marilyn Monroe, and glorifying the mass-murderer, Charles Manson, who brutally killed 7 people, claiming to have butchered countless others during the infamous Helter Skelter Murders).''

"I think every time people listen to this new album maybe God will be destroyed in their heads. . ." (huH, Oct. 1996, p.37)''

''I don’t know if anyone has really understood what we’re trying to do. This isn’t just about shock value . . . that’s just there to lure the people in. Once we’ve got ‘em we can give ‘em our MESSAGE. (Hit Parader, Oct. 1996, p.28)''

If this is not a tail-tale sign of a satanic cult, then what is?


Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at