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Does the Bionic Woman Menstruate?

July 13, 2013


By Henry Makow Ph.D.

(from Oct 2007)

The answer is no. After a car hit Jaime Sommers, surgeons replaced her uterus with nanomachines called anthrocytes attached to stainless steel testicles. Ever since she has been kicking male butt.

NBC's resurrection of this 1970's TV series about a mutant is timely since Sommers' ordeal is a metaphor for what the Rockefeller Foundation did to her unwary sisters.

As result, women are increasingly confused, lost and desperate. Nature designed them to sacrifice for husband and children and to be cherished in return. But elite social engineers taught them that devotion to their loved ones is "oppression." Instead, they would have to compete with men and have careers. The elite's ultimate goal is to eliminate the nuclear family as a means of controlling humanity, also the purpose of the "war of terror."


People imitate what they see. The mass media is full of mutant female role models and young women have succumbed to this mind control.

"MTV has turned young women into 90-pound whores," a male friend in his late twenties tells me. "Ten years ago, girls demanded you date them. Now at dances strangers are rubbing their breasts against you and acting like animals. They laugh if you mention dating and marriage."

A Greek reader wrote: "Women here are either professional prostitutes or 'amateur prostitutes.' True feminine women are a rare gem. Most girls begin their sexual life at 14 or earlier, and have children only after 30. They complain about men but flee in terror from a decent man or make his life miserable."

Phillip, a British man living in Denmark writes: "Something is very rotten in the State Of Denmark. They have one of the highest divorce rates in Europe. The lowest marriage count. It's all a little like the film `Invasion Of The Body Snatchers`. As if some alien entity has removed all the people and replaced them."

He describes Danish women as "scruffy men. They all have short `manly` haircuts. Almost all wear small `goggly` spectacles. They dress ...`blue collar masculine`. From Top to Toe, almost without exception. And they have the attitudes to match, born out of years of social engineering in what must be the most comprehensive `programming` module on earth, namely, the Danish Education System."

A Black reader in Washington DC is amazed: "It looks like Denmark is the projects/ghetto for Europe (Chuck D's lyric is perfect "What is a project but another word for experiment?"). Phillip is living through the same thing I see in the black communities that surround Washington DC. It is downright eerie. I swear all you have to do is replace the names of the people because the behavior is exactly the same. Androgyny and gender bending, violence, single parenthood and lonely women in their 30-40s."


The Illuminati bankers who control the mass media and education system are programming women not to marry and have children.

Sexual attraction is a function of fertility. After age 35, it is a steep and slippery slope for most, no matter what the media says. Women "of a certain age" have a harder time finding mates. "Independent" women are liable to be alone for more than half their lives.

A Toronto woman wrote to me: "Arrested development and too late" applies to me. And many like me. I see them every day in the bus and subway. Sad, lonely and unfulfilled. I might be a little bit better off because I love to read. Even those women who have had successful careers teaching for instance, and can afford everything they need materially, are restless and unhappy. Even suicidal. There's truth in that song "You're nobody until somebody loves you." Life doesn't seem worthwhile. Some of us get religion and that helps to some extent."

My Danish correspondent writes that on weekend nights: "One is immediately confronted by `manlike` predatory `females` mostly in their late 30's or early 40's, but some older. They occupy the clubs and bars. They are lonely, sad creatures; many with extreme psychological problems caused by the identity crisis that stalks this sad little land. Few are remotely feminine, almost none would be described as attractive. They have bad attitudes, they dress badly and they are an indictment on this society."

These women got the religion of the New World Order: Feminism. They are the modern-day Communist cadre, man-hating mutants, the new face of tyranny:  This phenomenon is widespread but particularly bad in Denmark:

"Not a business or public institution is free of them. It is all but impossible to deal with a man these days. And a pretty woman is `persona non grata`. The `Sisters` are everywhere, and definitely doing it for themselves. Danish men have been relegated to the `minor leagues` in most careers. Schools, Town halls, Hospitals, the Public Sector, Private Sector, you name it, the `women` are everywhere.

Women are in command here. In politics, they are forcing through the NWO agenda without I fear knowing what it is they are doing. In education, androgyny is the name of the game as boys become more `girly` and girls become less so."


In an email, Humberto reflects the desperation of men: "Henry, I no longer want to impregnate any woman. I do not want to have any daughters. I do not want to breed any future internet porn meat. I do not want to breed any whores on the planet."

Don't give up! There are still good women out there. But men have to be men and that means taking charge.

The biggest mistake men make is seeing a woman (sex and romance) as an end in itself. Sex and romance are a chimera. No one is perfect and worthy of adulation. Sex without love is merely a physical function like eating.

A woman is a means to an end: home, family, companionship, practical support, emotional intimacy and security.   Children are loved unconditionally but adults earn love by collaboration over time. Guys have got to demand more than sex so women can rediscover themselves.


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Comments for "Does the Bionic Woman Menstruate?"

Maya said (November 17, 2007):

I just read an article you wrote 'does the bitonic woman mensturate?" and I have to admit it was not only funny but true.
I am a mother of four children, I also homeschool and I stay at home. I have had many issues with women, who would really degrade me for what I do, some even can't understand how someone like me could be with a man.
I recently had the displeasure of being insulted by "a friend". She is into this whole feminist thing and is married but her poor husband is like her slave or something worst, no disrespect, but her bitch.
She would get angry because when my husband would come home I'd serve him his dinner. In my mind it was the least I could do for a man who provide for me and our children, a man who sacrificed for me, a meal was a piece of cake.
She went from a pretty young girl to a bitter dyke of sorts over night. I think deep down she hates everything I am. Feminine, a mother, a wife.
My family is from Puerto Rico, I was raised with a different mindset. Being strong in my home never met over power the male.
I wanted you to know I really liked the article, it's nice to know that there are people out there who are still trying to fight for us, the forgotten breed.
I only wish I knew what else I could do to make this known.

Guy in Uk said (October 28, 2007):

What petty minded arrogance to portray housewifery as imprisonment - I suggest Susan read Orlando Figes new 700 page book on the Stalinist persecution era ('The Whisperers') - the Communists hated the family (the Bolshevik was expected to be loyal to the Party and the Party only) and as a result of their vile persecution, millions were genuinely imprisoned in horrendous circumstances and millions more died - what a wretched, lazy mental attitude to portray the domestic maternal system of most centuries and most cultures in these ludicrously inflated terms.

But it's all emotion, no thought - a bit of masculine logic is required here.

Tony said (October 28, 2007):

I tell all my friends about your site. One thing I noticed is how many intelligent people are often very skeptical of your many different articles without first doing some material research or run an exercise in their head of what you are telling them. NO ONE wants to admit they have been brainwashed by what they perceived to be reality. I want to pose one single question to any sane male out there either in the west or east: Who in their right mind wouldn't want a loving, caring, responsible, loyal and trustworthy woman to be a wife and mother of their children? What many people cannot face is the fact that if given a choice as a child, would one preferred the modern standard for a mother or would they prefer what I just described above? I am sure we know the answer deep down. Would Clark Kent grow up to become Superman if it weren't for the loving care he received from his adoptive parents? Same for Peter Parker as in Spiderman. Fiction that captivates the audience tends to reflect our innermost feelings, Superman or Spiderman is no different.

Harvey said (October 28, 2007):

Henry, Although I agree with you about the de-feminization being pushed forward by the dark lords, we must stop and look as to why these seeds have fallen on such fertile ground.
Have you noticed the sorry condition of the average western -capalist male. (No matter where in the world they are from.) Ego-testicle, self absorbed little boys. Most refuse to grow up and become MEN in the truest sense of the word. A little boy is cute as a child, but a little boy in a mans body is a brat. Just maybe,fewer women would be drawn to feminizm if there where more Gentle-Men. Men unafraid to stand up for what is right no matter the cost. Not those unafraid to stand up for the cost no matter what is right. Also those men unafraid to 'appear weak' by showing compassion for those in need, or to comfort a child,or even to wash some laundry and windows. Men who are willing to LOVE, knowing full well it will cause them pain. Men strong enough to say 'I am sorry, I was wrong will you forgive me.Men who lead by serving and making others look good.

This is no small order to be sure. But there was one man who filled the bill and showed us how. He held little children and blessed them. He comforted greiving widows. He stood up for justice when a woman was caught in adultery. With great force and bravery he threw the crooked money changers out who where robbing the people. And greatest of all LOVE lead him to die for people who hurt him.

Do you think a woman would walk side by side with a man like this?

I am a father of five my oldest,my daughter is in the US Airforce. Four boys are still at home soon to be launched to there own adventures. My wife is an R.N. working on her Bachelors degree. I am a welder.

NO it is not easy. Yes many times I have had to eat the humble pie and say I was wrong. But the example that was layed down for me compels me to each day get back up, even when I want to quit, and reach for that bar again.

If there could be a revolution of men willing to reach for that bar everyday we would see the seeds of so many evil plants wither and die because they had no ground to grow in. And not just feminizm, but, pornography, gambling abuses, child abuse, domestic violence, crime, welfare rolls the list goes on and on.

In the midst of examining the evils going on around us let us remember " The Kingdom of God is within you"

From a German Conservative said (October 27, 2007):

"Women [like Susan below] who like to have more than one male partner in a lifetime, as well as their sisters who like to kiss other sisters on the mouth along with their white sisters who like/accept to marry a black man, are recorded throughout history, especially in Christian and Muslim societies... but ALL these cases were rather rare, whether in Europe, in the Arab lands, or elsewhere.

On the other hand, it has always been a rule not to talk about these things, such a taboo made them off the norm and was at the base of what makes them taste so spicy for so many men and women. Remove this taboo and change their status from "rare" to "common" and it's a sharpened knife, if I may say, turned into a toy (plastic) weapon for children to play with.

The traditional family, though not perfect (only God is), is a wonderful nest and it has never been threatened by these rare and spicy cases. Now the family is REALLY threatened by evil, invisible networks who want to wipe out the nest common to all peoples and wipe out AS WELL everything rare and spicy by making the sin the rule of the world.

Yes, it's a question of spirit and faith, but it's also a question of percentage... Twenty micrograms of bee venom would do a person good, administer few more grams and it's DEATH."

Erik said (October 25, 2007):

All this nonsense in the news about the Wizard Professor in Harry Potter being gay has me laughing. Not only is Rowling turning american kids on to the Occult world, she is also trying to make being a homosexual fashionable. I know you have some interesting theories on the rise of the potter books. Rowling is clearly a part of a larger agenda, why else would they publish such rubish? Who really cares if Dumbldore has sex with a unicorn or another wizard? He is a fictional character created by the Tavistock institute to destabilize christian ideals and morality.

Ivan said (October 25, 2007):

'As result, women are increasingly confused, lost and desperate.' So are we Henry, so are we. For the longest time I thought there was a problem with me. I wondered why it was so difficult to get, keep, and maintain a steady girlfriend, and why the ones I did get involved with were so spoiled, superficial and abusive. I now know why.

Stephen in UK said (October 25, 2007):

Hello there Henry. Wow, what an excellent article indeed! The title of your article 'Does The Bionic Woman Menstruate?' says it ALL really! In the UK as across ALL of the European Union (EU), women are becoming 'defeminized' by Right Wing Feminism, and how interesting that 'Feminism' sounds like a belief system is promoting and developing the incredible beauty of Women but NO, it is about castrating the Divine Feminine Principle (DFP) and creating the Sexless New World Order (New World Disorder). In HIGH FREEMASONRY OF THE SCOTTISH RITE, there is the Masonic Doctrine of creating the 'Divine Androgyne' from merging the Divine Masculine Principle (DMP) and the very different but equally important Divine Feminine Principle (DFP), into a Fascist and Totalitarian, microchipped, CCTV surveillance controlled sexless 'robot' ready to be a good Mind Slave for the NWO of the ILLUMINATI. Ever notice females working in supermarkets, fast food restaurants, book shops, warehouses and the construction industry? They ALL are wearing trousers, man type shoes and have short Lesbian 'type' butch haircuts. It is sick and disturbing to watch how society is becoming sexually destroyed by the NWO and ONLY apathy, fear, laziness, ignorance and Mass Mind Control seem to reign supreme. In a 'nutshell', defeminizing Women means destroying both masculine identities and feminine identities as Men will then have NO real females, sexual females perhaps in 15 to 20 years to identify with, as ALL normal and healthy heterosexual men will naturally do.

Rino said (October 25, 2007):

The FAMILY is the MOST IMPORTANT check on government power and the family creates a sphere of life that is OFF LIMITS to the government and therefore the family and government sooner or later would be in confrontation with one another and the government sees the family as the MAINL RIVAL to it's power and the family member that is most rival to government power is THE FATHER. When the father is removed from the family, the government fills the void, it becomes the 'father', the protector, the provider through welfare. So by government policy the Father is made redundant and any children are used as the source of power by the state. Keep up those great articles Henry because 'You can lead a woman to knowledge but you can't make her think!'.

Susan said (October 25, 2007):

Some of the drivel that you write is like watching a car crash. You know you shouldn't be reading it but it's so bad you have to look anyway.

Oh boo hoo, some men don't like the way their women are going. It's not an international conspiracy. It's called evolution. And let me tell you a secret. It's not because women have become "butch" or "mind controlled" it is because men are unable to step up to the plate.

I'm 44, single, a career journalist. Unfulfilled? Hell no. I have a life that I love. I can go where I want, do what I want, when I want it. I don't have to put up with some loser man dragging me down and wanting me to cook his dinner and clean his home. That's what I employ a maid for. Lonely? Never. I have friends to socialise with, and kids I teach, I talk to people from all over the world, from gangsters to nobility. Each day is exciting and rewarding instead of being filled with the drudgery of peeling potatoes or ironing clothes.

A look around my workplace shows me that none of the women in my section are married. Two have children. One of those is in a stable relationship. The other chose to be a single mother, and is perfectly happy. The rest of them socialise among themselves - I didn't notice any of them rubbing their breasts up against anybody at the last party, maybe they're just a classier type of woman than those your friends meet.

Currently I find that it takes three men at least to fulfill my emotional and sexual needs. Not one of them measure up on their own, and I enjoy the variety. You might think me a whore, but I believe that it is more than natural for a woman to seek out multiple partners to increase the chances of her mating with the strongest male.
And therein lies the fault of your way of looking at life.

You would force women into social and economic situations where they have little choice but to hitch up to the man who might take an interest in them. That is not how nature works. You would have them socially, morally and economically tied to a single man who by and large is probably unable to be an alpha male. Majority of the married women I know are miserable, their husbands unable to control the finances, lack ambition, are not fulfilling the women's needs in the relationship. No wonder divorce is so rampant. Men do not measure up to our expectations of them and forcing us into a situation where there is no alternative but to marry a loser is just crazy.
Try to drag your mind into the present day, and then look around for a man you deem worthy of marrying a woman. They are very very far and few between.

This ideal family life you hanker after is an illusion. It might have been ideal for the man, but for the woman who had any sort of spirit or mind, it was a prison. For many women it was worse than that as they suffered (and continue in some countries that support your ideals to have to suffer) abuse at the hands of the very person charged with protecting them.

Fact is that women are naturally driven to seek out the best, strongest, most capable mate that they can. There are very few of those around. So tell your loser friends to step up or shut up. The very fact that they whine about their inability to attract any woman of character puts them in the role of delta males, and very few women are going to want to mate with them, for life or even just the night.

Of course the alternative open for them is to find a woman from an economically poor country and marry her. Gosh, wouldn't that just make her a legal whore?

Angry Mutant said (October 24, 2007):

I've read your latest, the bionic woman. I had to laugh, I want to know, do you make up these
replies to your inane droning?? The only way for this world to become balanced is for men and
women to be equal in everything. That's right Henry, everything. That means that men have
to be responsible for raising baby, doing housechores, and being supportive of their wives. Let's face it, men can't live up to the responsibility. They'd rather go off and start a war, where they can maim and murder in the name of some god, instead of being a 'true' man, and allowing his wife equal access to family, work, and play.

PS: There are now monthly cycle pills that women can take so that they no longer have to
suffer through menstruation. I find that absolutely wonderful. Why be fertile if you are not planning on having any children??? It certainly makes it easier for women in business and the work place.

Don't sob to hard Henry, this all must come to pass.

Kaj from Denmark said (October 24, 2007):

Here in Aarhus, when one is at the Townhall, one feels that it is run by a Gay/Lesbian complex. A hierarchy of sneaky snoops, with the synergy of social lechers.

The forlorn development projects, political frills, that these glib political creep promote are really a symptom of the devious cultural/political dialectics that that long since "took them on a modern, estranging ride". The elderly people today are strangers at home and the theological whores of the State Church are abject Zionistic bumlickers, running sleazy coffee and cake clubs, garnished with Medieval theology.

Whoredom is become a national character because everything inconvenient can be explained away by the glib, deceptive media, that are whores of global capital.

Christine said (October 24, 2007):

REALLY Henry, did you have to be so crude with the title of this one? As usual, you are right about what feminism has done to women. As I said earlier, I have met hundreds of young women this year from all over the globe. And most of them dress like men and want careers. They cannot cook, clean, or sew. They are so selfish, spoiled, and narcissistic that I pity any man who has the misfortune to date, much less marry, them. If you talk to them about marriage and children, you might as well speak Urdu. It's weird. And disturbing.

Martin-- ex SJ, ex MD said (October 24, 2007):

Henry--Boy does that article talk to me!
I look around me and see everything is backwards, upside down, and inside out. Reminds me of what I first read in a book by Eliphas Levi--"Demon est Deus inversus!" and what Isaiah said would happen when we fail to live by His laws: "Children will be their tyrants and women will rule over them."--so the kids tell the moms what to do and the moms tell the husbands what to do. God, I am glad I never had kids!

Thought you might find the following of interest in case you had not seen it: "Suffering Patriarchy"

Caroline said (October 24, 2007):

Henry, I have been a fan of your website only for a few months now, as I have only recently heard of you, but I must say you are such a breath of fresh air! Your work and research is incredible! Forever a Reader, Caroline

Annette said (October 24, 2007):

Don't go by what some men tell you [about Denmark], because men who whine like that are the type who glue themselves to a woman like a child, and do not have the masculine traits such as confidence in himself, which is what Danish women expect.

As to the looks of Danish women and their behavior and attitudes, I'll suggest you take a trip there and judge for yourself.

The reason Danish women divorce their husbands is, that some husbands are very busy bedhopping at any chance they get.

The way I see it is, that many things that should be private and between two people, is splattered all over in magazines and in the media.
Certain things in Denmark are just too public.

Geoff said (October 24, 2007):

Mr. Makow, this is getting ridiculous. Please make a list for me with
occupations that you approve for women.

Does it include nurses who have taken care of you in a hospital? Or do
you want all-male nurses with wives who stay home in purdah?

Does it include restaurant cooks who bake apple pies, or is that
strictly a man's occupation, too, while women stay home and bake their
pies at home for the male bakers of the family?

And how about women who are forced to take jobs because of death or
medical disability of a husband? Or how about women who aren't "butch,"
just homely and lacking in attraction. Might as well kill themselves,
as in Makow's world these women will have no male shoulder to lean on,
no provider, no means of sustaining themselves or even feeding

How about women with beautiful voices or musical talents. Will Makow
allow them to be "employed" professionally? Hell no. Keep 'em at home
doing laundry.

Makow, you must be a lucky guy, having your own personal slave to bring
you your slippers.

Come on, pal, make some sense, OK?



None are so blind as those who refuse to see. I don't care what jobs women have, as long as they get them fair and square and they don't involve violence, danger, combat and hard physical labor. I am addressing the brainwashing that makes them reject marriage and family and seek fulfillment instead from "career."

Shaun said (October 24, 2007):

I remember when snoop-doggy-dog was being interviewed. The lady who was interviewing him asked him why he calls women bitches and hoes in his songs and would he talk to his mother like that (or something of that nature)? And he replied "If women acted like my mama I wouldn't have to call them bitches and hoes". People don't realize that we have been and are being programmed, and mind controlled daily. Whether it's television, radio, music, internet, magazines, newspapers, etc.

I've read a lot of your articles Henry Makow and believe your hitting the nail right on the head. But most of the damage has already been done and will obviously continue to be done. Only a small percentage it seems are awake, it's pretty unlikely that the rest will follow suit. Maybe the hundreth monkey syndrome is losing the battle to the media, monkey see, monkey do.

I think I need to go outside of America to try to find a REAL woman. But then with all the new so-called laws kicking in, and the fact that it's hard making any real money these days, that may be a struggle in itself.

Blue from Australia said (October 24, 2007):

I am a woman..a feminine non feminist woman and a who has been trashed by men her whole life
My earliest memories are of men raping me as an eight year old..using me as a sex toy as an 11year old..pregnancy and childbirth at 14, alone and unaided..dumped and used.......alcohol and submission was my only protection from 'men'.

Not one man..not one single man I have ever met in my entire life, until I met my friend and house-mate, has treated me humanly, let alone with any decency, respect, or as anything less than porn meat as you so aptly described.

I was that porn meat, quite literally 'dead to self' owing to dissociation and numb disbelief, and was literally not figurativly, made so by men who have no honor, who saw nothing beyond their groins, and so I became exactly what 'men' wanted me to be...what men *made* me to be....empty...dead...pliable..fodder...fantasy supplier...soulless.
You need only go see Max Hardcore's porn site for a glimpse of what i was turned into....though in my case and was without the publicity or payment.

I really dont see how blaming (us non feminist) women for the result of mens greed, lust and animal behaviour is going to help anyone...and you do blame us when you do not make the distinction between women who choose to be like or compete with men and us women who only wanted ever to be women and were gutted body mind and soul for it...not to mention those of us, like me..who never had a chance to even choose what we wanted to be..and were turned into walking vaginas and sex slaves from such young ages.

I want to write to you... ' dont blame me for what men have done' but I already know that men will stand accountable eventually.

I want to say that I agree, should stand up..and should begin to take charge...but take that charge of and over those of your own gender first. BE accountable.
Stop blaming the women. Stop saying its us who are the problem.

The only peace in life I have found is to close the door on all men outside of a very few select friendships.....having woken from the horror of the abuses perpetrated on me and from my own alochol induced numb haze and abuse perpetuation, to finally have claimed my body as my own to give or to keep in privacy for the first time in my life, I am already decided that I am never giving it to anyone..ever ever this life or any other.

I know I am not alone in this decision...several thousand women similarly 'loved' by 'men' on this planet are making it every single day.

In lui of finding any man of substance and worth, any I could genuinely respect, one who respected in turn and one to whome I could give my heart let alone my body to in spiritual and complete trust...I have given it instead to God.
Men be damned.
Before you jump to conclusion, know that my anger is just, as much as my sadness is profound...the way I see it though is pretty men made our bed, as much as your live with it. We have to.

I am done grieving for mankind....and only made sad by what is happening to womanhood and woman kind...knowing all to well that the effect you see now, was proceeded by causes far back in the past that can never be undone.

Thankfully my son has an excellent role model of manhood in his life....and if it werent for my housemate and his care protection and respect..for his friendship and his honorable nature, I'd be dead.

You cannot gut the souls of the women and the Mothers...bleed us dry...and expect us to be the loving and giving beings we once were...let alone willing to offer to men, the ancient care and spiritual trust and wisdom that you now, in oversight and all too late, find you long for.

I cant tell you how my heart breaks to write that...but it is none the less..true...and I needed to write it.


' be kind to your women...for you sit in the palm of their hands at both ends of your life'


I am not blaming women nor absolving men. I am blaming the elite social engineers who are deliberately sabotaging both sexes using the mass media.

Yours is a poignant letter. Thank you


Anthony said (October 24, 2007):

I have been reading your various articles for many years now and again I find some
VERY insightful truths.

I think your commentary on the male female dynamic to be most interesting, and I believe
your advocacy for that dynamic in these ridiculous days is totally refreshing.

I imagine you would get a lot of angry mail, but I am sure there are a lot of people out there who see the truth in what you are saying.

I particularly thought the following statement of yours was poignant:
"A woman is a means to an end: home, family, companionship, life skills, emotional intimacy and security. Maybe children are loved unconditionally but adults earn love by mutual support over time.

Guys have got to demand more than sex so women can rediscover themselves."

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at