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Women: "Eight Reasons to Have One-Night Stands"

June 30, 2012

guilt.jpg(left. "Guilt is a waste of energy")

"Once I get naked with someone, I become more vulnerable."

Woman teaches fellow airheads to overcome  natural sexual inhibitions.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

This is the title of an article in today's Huffington Post, one of the main engines of Liberal (i.e. Illuminati) public enlightenment.

didon.jpegJill Di Donato, left, who teaches English at a fashion college in NYC
opines  "that sex really doesn't always have to be about a meaningful and intimate connection; sometimes it's about doing what feels good in the moment... "

Ms. DiDonato compiled eight reasons to have "the occasional one-night stand." (Presumably men don't need more than one.)
Huffpost arranged them as a slideshow. My comments are in square brackets. This is an example of how satanism makes evil seem good and vice-versa. 

1. Healthy sex is a [hedonistic] mindset

"Whenever you have sex, do it for reasons that make you feel good. That could mean...doing it with a stranger you just met and won't ever (hopefully) see again. If what you're after is a fun, commitment-free experience where the goal is pleasure alone, there's no reason not to seek that out."

[What is the difference between a one-night--stand and masturbation? As Woody Allen said, "at least you're with someone you love."]

2. Guilt is a waste of energy

" A little sexual adventure doesn't mean anything about you morally. If you're feeling like you did something "wrong," ask yourself, "Am I really uncomfortable with last night, or have I been programmed to think about it this way?"

[Natural feelings of revulsion, or conscience, are "programming." Listening to a loser on the Internet is not.]

slut.jpeg(left. Slutwalk Demo. Sluts demand respect, something you normally have to earn.) 

3. Anonymous sex is pure

" Erica Jong wrote, "The "zipless f*** is absolutely pure. It is free of ulterior motives. There is no power game. The man is not 'taking' and the woman is not 'giving.' No one is trying to prove anything or get anything.'"

[Certainly a different spin on 'purity.' What's the definition of "innocence," a gang-bang?]

4. "I know in my experience at least, once I get naked with someone, I become more vulnerable. My "casual sex" attitude usually goes out the window, but I'll spend months in denial of my true feelings, and at the end of it all the "no muss; no fuss" ends up a mess. One nighters are a good way for those of us who have a hard time separating the physical from the emotional to experience a purely sexual encounter -- without ANY expectation of it turning into something more.

[Learn to inure yourself by repeated punishment. Regular visits to football locker room recommended.]

5. They get the job done without wasting your time

"It can remind you that you've still got it and allow you to get your sexual needs met while saving you from dating people who aren't right for you because you long for physical closeness."

[The fastest way to get the "job done" is to get married. And you won't find a permanent mate if you don't consecrate yourself to that.
The old adage about 'who will buy the cow if you give away the milk' is true. Smart men don't marry promiscuous women because they are jaded, bitter and disloyal.] 

6, One night stands are perfect revenge sex

"Your significant other cheated on you. Your BFF hooked up with your ex. You found out the entire time you were in your last relationship, he or she had a secret obsession with his or her hot co-worker... For a moment, you can get caught up in pleasure and forget about the people who've wronged you."

[Too stupid for comment.]

7. Life doesn't always have to have a plot. 

"And as a single woman you have the luxury of playing around with an alter ego. Sometimes everyone needs a break from the routine of day-to-day life. A one-night stand employing a fantasy persona is a break from being the fabulous woman you are and be another fabulous woman."

[OK Batwoman!]

8. The more you know yourself, the better the sex you will have.

 " If you feel any hesitancy or are not 100% positive it's the right thing to do right now, don't. Do it if you know you're going to be safe, know you'll be able to focus on the moment, and know you want it."

[Is this a disclaimer? Are there now only seven reasons to have one-night stands? ]


The Illuminati have indoctrinated women with a toxic ideology.

Women are naturally all about loving and being loved.

One night-stands go against their fundamental nature. Or as one Commenter said:
"Nothing increases a woman's self-worth like charity prostitution."

Essentially, sex is the act of procreation. It is designed to be part of  marriage and raising children. It was not designed to become an end in itself. That is a perversion of nature. It is satanist. 

Women were designed to be wives and mothers. They were designed to cultivate the feminine qualities that make them attractive to men. Women who deny their natural role become biologically redundant.

Their physical beauty is a function of sexual fertility. If they squander their years of peak fertility, they will spend the rest of their lives having one-night stands with women like themselves.

Liberalism and feminism both originate in Illuminism, as does Communism.

Illuminism is Cabalism, a satanic cult. The long-term goal is to destroy marriage and family in order to re-engineer people to be servants of the Illuminati bankers.

Women have been betrayed by their society, which has been wholly subverted by this cult.    

Finally, a "health educator" raised these issues:

 "Regardless of whether you use a condom, there are TRILLIONS of bacteria/viruses that are SPECIFIC to each individual that you are exposing yourself too. You can catch herpes, HPV, hepatitis and more than a few other things just from SKIN contact, no condom about it. 55% of sexually active adults have herpes, upwards of 70% have HPV. Have at it darling."

In conclusion, sex is a physical function. It is satisfying in the same way as a good meal.  But it is meaningful only in the context of an exclusive long-term intimate partnership.

Anonymous sex dehumanizes us by negating our emotional and spiritual nature and needs. This is why the Illuminati bankers reduce all relationships to sex or money.

The Illuminati bankers want us to define ourselves as purely physical creatures with physical needs, without souls or connection to the Creator.

Why? They want to be God. This is the ultimate meaning of the New World Order. 


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Comments for "Women: "Eight Reasons to Have One-Night Stands""

Randy said (July 2, 2012):

I completely agree with your article and comments. However, you are not getting to the root of the problem. The family and relationships have been and are under attack - intensified by the Communist Manifesto, Bertrand Russell (elites), et. al. We are all victims of culture creation imposed on us by the RIIA (Royal Institute Of International Affairs - CFR) and depopulation. The Alan Watt lectures are heavy into this.

Rick said (July 1, 2012):

As a product of the "baby boomers" generation, I can re-assure you that men, after a "one night stand", very popular in the 60's---70's and 80's, feel that emptiness as well. There is no satisfaction, emotionally or spiritually. There is no sense of accomplishment just a meaningless encounter.

Unfortunately, many men as well as women, have not changed a bit, on the contrary, they have polished their skills and have gone up on their experiment.

For many years, my last ex, while I was at work, she was having a relationship with another married woman and subsequently, moved to another town and to this day, are keeping their strictly sexual experiment alive. It's NOTHING but an animalistic way to satisfy their sick physical desires.

Maureen said (July 1, 2012):

Bottom line you are right...women were created to love and nurture...and to be loved.

I think it is all crap when women try to say that is doesn't hurt them to have one night stands. I should know..I have been there....of course when I was much younger....

I thought that would get me what it was I was really longing for. Instead of receiving love, It only leaves one empty, and a lower self esteem and more lonely than before. Feeling insignificant is about the worst feeling anyone can have....and anonymous sex is that to the 10th power!

I think this is just women voluntarily lowering their expectations on quality of life.....and the way they make themselves feel batter about doing so. If we claim to like the way something is.....then we trick ourselves into thinking we are in control of it......and I think that fear is at the base of it all.

Patricia said (July 1, 2012):

Apparently her father is also a homosexual which may explain some of JD's dysfunctional thinking. List of her articles:

Justin said (July 1, 2012):

One is spiritually joined to every person they have sex with, like it, or not.

Only God can break that bond, those “chains”. That ‘vulnerable’ and ‘empty’ feeling is real: one has now become both.

The stupidity of promiscuity is monumental. One has willingly embraced Evil.

Good luck with that.

Stephen said (July 1, 2012):

One thing and one of the most important things that nearly
everybody misses when dealing with fornication is that the fornicators each will share not only their bodies, but their karmas.

This is why so many older people that have been living this lifestyle have so many emotional and health issues. Just look at these people, they appear 10 or 20 years older than their non-fornicating counterparts.

J said (July 1, 2012):

Your article "Women: "Eight Reasons to Have One-Night Stands", is excellent! It's a sad way to live your life. I know because I have been there when I was 40 years younger (1971). I believed that I could find love that way, but the fact is no real man likes/loves women like that. I learned the hard way.

A said (June 30, 2012):

I grew up with Madonna, Mtv, among other bad influences, "Girl power," they say, "self-destruction," I say now.

We were encouraged to dress slutty, and it seems that was supposed to be the way to win a man, to have a tight, hot little package and be the best in bed!

Well that never worked, and the good men in my life, wanted kids which I could not give them.

I've had my share of sex and sometimes even one night stands when I was young, but deep down I really just wanted to have a relationship with a man where he loved me and I loved him...

I was even married once, only to find out he was bisexual, (I was his cover) and even he, wanted kids!

I was brought up with some religion, which I have been going back to, although I'm the product of a broken home, with broken people, I'm broken too I guess...

One of my good friends in high school got herself a "boob job," and went on to become a world class stripper making $400,000 a year; I made $6.50 an hour at a sign making shop.

I tried to talk her out of it but why would she listen to me? Shortly after that she had married a man for his money, he lost it all and 10 years later she had kids and a huge mortgage...She became a closet escort, and then went missing, they found her body years later in a ditch.
She had tried to talk me into stripping back in the day, but I had body issues, (thank God!) and also I had told her, I just don't like strange men enough to give them "all of me," like that. Now she is dead and I am single, again, but not dead!

I read recently that once you get your sexual appetite under control, you can rule your world! I agree with that. Sex used to rule over me, and it sure ruled over my dead friend. But now that I have it under control, I can use my head in regards to meeting and dating men, which is very important and has saved me numerous times.

Thank you for writing about this.
The f**king you get, just isn't worth the f**king you get with anonymous sex! There is always a price to pay.

Sasha said (June 30, 2012):

Good article Henry.

That woman is full of it.

What a bunch of destructive bull.

Her advice read like an issue of Cosmo magazine which I used to peruse in the 70's.

I never did like Cosmo and their sex articles (always felt tainted and wrong to me) were pure crap that turned a generation of women into sluts.

The woman who wrote the article in Huffington post is a moron.

Al Thompson said (June 30, 2012):

Fornication is so dangerous. Most people want to be loved and they think that having sex outside of marriage is an act of love. In my opinion, it is not anything of the sort. The problem is that fornication physically feels good but at the same time completely destroys the mind and the soul. Fornication is an act of hatred, but it seems to feel good when doing it. It is a false love. That is the danger, and that's why society is so dysfunctional. The natural process of making babies and sex between husbands and wives becomes completely distorted. One part of a person thinks he or she is being loved, when in fact the opposite is true; they are receiving hatred. This is why it is satanic. The evil is hidden by the seemingly good feeling from the sex. If you look carefully at the photo of this girl, you'll see that she looks very depressed. And that's the whole point of promoting sexual dysfunction, the satanist is a freak who did it all to him or herself.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at