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April 21, 2012



"Unless you hear for yourself the Jeff
I lived with, you probably wouldn't believe how different he is from his on-air persona.

Eight weeks after pledging to love, honor, and cherish Megan for the rest of their lives, Jeff took Megan up on her threat to divorce him over ethical differences. But he still wanted the perks that come with marriage to continue.


Megan:  If you want to truly understand this argument we had, please read just Part One of my story before listening.

By Megan


I still can listen to Jeff's radio program, and think, wow, what a nice guy, I wish I could MARRY him!  I, unfortunately was never married to that wonderful man on the radio.  He was that way only from 7pm - 10pm  Monday through Friday.

Immediately before and after the show, the "real" Jeff would be back.

I want to release this, because unless you hear for yourself the Jeff I lived with, you probably wouldn't believe how different he is from his on-air persona.

Unfortunately I was never able to catch his truly monstrous rants at me on tape, I only caught this discussion by accident.

So, this is an argument that occurred on Friday, February 11, 2011, my sixth week into living with Jeff.

Although, he had informed me, quite to my shock, that he did NOT want to be LEGALLY married to me back in week one - he never actually took any steps to dissolve the marriage. (I have since learned that this is a pattern in
his marriages, he tells his wives he wants to divorce them on paper only, while remaining together as a married couple.)

The reason this fight was caught on tape is because I always keep a digital audio recorder in my purse.  I had come into the habit of using it for "audio journaling." Basically, I used to be a big journalizer, keeping a written diary of sorts, and one day found it easier to do it all verbally, and had taken to keeping essentially a spoken-word version of a diary/journal.

Since he that day was most definitely officially "throwing me out", I slept in the downstairs bedroom rather than upstairs with him.  I took out my recorder, and started talking about the day.  In the middle of my journalling, Jeff came into the room - which was dark, so he
did not see that I had the recorder in my hand, and that it was on.
So this interaction with Jeff was "caught on tape."

Here is a transcript of the key part of the tape:

Megan: If you don't understand why I would be very, very, sad about
dissolving our marriage---

Jeff: You lose the marriage or you lose me.

Megan:  Well, Jeff, why can't we talk about it? I would give up the
marriage for you! My God, yes!

Jeff: No, you wouldn't.

Megan: Of course, I would! But you have to talk to me about it, Jeff.
You have to talk to me.

Jeff: I don't have to do anything. It's already been talked about.

Megan: You don't have to it's --- Please talk to me.

Jeff:  It's already been talked about.

Megan: Just please talk to me.

Jeff: Don't tell me what I have to do.


Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at