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Lori Douglas Inquiry Unveils Masonic Underworld

July 16, 2012

An Inquiry now taking place in Winnipeg lays bare the Masonic corruption of modern society. In 2003, a Winnipeg lawyer Jack King tried to entice a Black client, Alex Chapman, to have sex with his wife, Lori Douglas, also a lawyer.

He plied Chapman with pornographic pictures of his wife on a website devoted to interracial sex, a Masonic fetish. Images show
Douglas with her hands shackled to the bed frame; a topless Douglas with a dog collar and chain around her neck; and Douglas urinating on the grass.

Despite widespread knowledge of this in the legal community, Lori Douglas later became Chief Family Court Judge of the Province of Manitoba! The Masonic Establishment is trying to sweep this scandal under the carpet. Douglas is being portrayed by Masonic-controlled media and academics as the "victim" and Chapman as a troublemaker! This article was originally posted in Sept. 2010 and slightly updated. A new take will be posted after the Inquiry ends.


Winnipeg Freemason Press columnist Lyndor Reynolds opined, "there's no reason she can't continue as a judge. One has nothing to do with the other." The judge poses for obscene photos and then rules on marriages and child custody. One has nothing to do with the other?

by Henry Makow, Ph.D.

In bygone days, if a top judge  appeared naked in shackles on a website devoted to Black men ravishing White women, she would have been dismissed in disgrace.

Thankfully we live in more tolerant times, tolerant of evil.

However, we're not so tolerant of people who maintain the distinction between right and wrong.

Take Alex Chapman (picture below.) In 2003, two years before Lori Douglas became a Manitoba judge, her husband Jack King, also a lawyer, tried to procure Alex for obscene sexual acts and photos with his wife.

Since Chapman, 44, in Sept. 2010, the following developments have occurred:

1. Alex Chapman has lost his job of 13 years as an IT person with insurance giant, Great West Life. He was suspended with pay in August 2010 and escorted out of the building by security. Recently he was fired. The pretext is that he kept evidence on his office computer. The real reason is that, like most corporations, Great Waste Life is Illuminati. It is owned by the Desmarais family, Rockefeller's Canadian consiglieri.    

"I'm out of the job that kept me going in all this mess," Chapman told the Winnipeg Free Press. "I didn't want to pull Great-West Life into this mess, but they're somehow politically connected. I do an excellent job. I go over and beyond each day," Chapman said, citing positive performance reviews. "They just walk people out the door because somebody phoned them up and said some crap?"

Chapman plans to file a complaint about his firing to the Manitoba Human Rights Commission. Good luck! They are another Masonic front, deciding who shall have human rights. 

2. Sheriff's officers have been ordered to seize Chapman's computers and files. Lori Douglas' colleague Queen's Bench Justice Joan McKelvey made the ruling following a heated, two-hour court hearing in which Chapman claimed he is the victim of a racist, corrupt justice system.

"I'm a Black guy who has dirt on top officials. Tell me, where do Black people get fair treatment in our system," Chapman said outside court.

Chapman told court he is trying to hire a lawyer to represent him but  because so many have connections to the parties in the case. He said he plans to bring a motion seeking to have all Queen's Bench judges "disqualified" from hearing any further arguments about this case on the grounds of bias.


3. Allan Fineblit, CEO of the Law Society of Manitoba, confirmed the group has been aware of "at least some details" of the scandal since 2003.

(left, Judge Lori, sans shackles, ball-in- mouth)

In other words, Douglas' extracurricular activities were widely known TWO years BEFORE she became a judge in 2005. Perhaps her depraved behavior wasn't a barrier to becoming a Family Court judge, and may have been a condition. This is the way satanic elites operate. Everyone must first be compromised.  

But now the local legal eagles are "wondering whether a scandal could have been avoided if the issue had been dealt with sooner -- and possibly spared Queen's Bench Associate Chief Justice Lori Douglas the embarrassment she is now facing."

Fineblit said this week they didn't pursue the matter further because they had "no complainant." He doesn't believe there has been any attempt at a "cover-up," by his organization.

4. The Law Society has slammed the CBC for its "unwarranted attack" on a respected member of the judiciary and wants the public broadcaster to publicly apologize for its "savage" reporting. Frankly. this is the first time I have seen the CBC perform admirably. 

5. University of Manitoba Law Professor Karen Busby said: "Most people have sex pictures out there somewhere, then it's an impossible standard for anyone to meet to become a judge." Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? I must be the only person cleared to become a judge!

(Left, Illuminati have put their tramp stamp on the City of Winnipeg. Logo exhibits typical Illuminati motifs, 666, horizon)

Winnipeg Freemason Press columnist Lyndor Reynolds opined, "there's no reason she can't continue as a judge. One has nothing to do with the other." The judge poses for obscene photos and then rules on marriages and child custody. One has nothing to do with the other? 

Reynolds then tries to peddle the thesis that Douglas didn't know how the pictures were used.

Puh-lease. I suppose Douglas also didn't know why she had repeated lunch dates with Chapman. Reynolds continues:

"If Karen Busby's correct, and most of us have sex pictures or ill-advised letters or emails we wish we hadn't sent, there's a lesson. Some people are judging the judge because they can, because it's sport to see the powerful humbled. I hope Douglas's friends, family and colleagues are gathering around and holding her close." (or just tying her up?)

See how they're normalizing this behavior? Everybody is like this? If they have their way, they will be.

6. Deafening by virtue of their silence, we haven't heard a peep from local church leaders, our moral guardians, all bought and paid for, apparently. 

7. Another complaint has been filed with the Canadian Judicial Council against Lori Douglas. A woman complained that in 2008, Douglas failed to grant her a Prevention Order against her husband, a lawyer who ran in the same perverted circles as Judge Douglas.


We never imagined that the people telling us that religion is "superstition" were actual disciples of Satan.

I always wondered why society was so false, inhuman and sad. Now I know, it's because our elites are members of a satanic cult. They are all Masons whether they know it or not. Some belong to the feminist branch; others to the liberal or socialist branch. The "conservatives" are your ordinary garden variety Masons.  

The Cabalist Illuminati bankers figured out they could take down how  Western civilization by empowering the most venal and mediocre Gentile elements, and corrupting them further. They gave us today's Gentile leadership. They keep just enough dupes around to maintain the illusion of propriety and democracy.  

The Illuminati need to maintain this illusion for both the masses and the intelligentsia. Periodically, as here, the mask slips and the horrible reality is glimpsed. There are still enough dupes to give the Satanists heartburn. But as you can see, many prominent people are willing to excuse and normalize depravity.

Lori Douglas -- supposedly a feminist -- was degraded and humiliated in sex orgies. Her husband procured strangers to have sex with her.  Now other "feminists" are defending her. That tells you all you need to know about feminism.     

If Lori Douglas is allowed to keep her $225,000 job, it will confirm once again:  the Age of Satan (the New World Order) has arrived.

Select comments will be posted

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Comments for "Lori Douglas Inquiry Unveils Masonic Underworld "

Barry said (July 17, 2012):

Long ago, the late rev. Jim Shaw, a former 33rd deg. Mason, stated that "there is no organization that is more committed to the intermarriage of the races than the Masonic Lodge."
Zionists and their Masonic stooges know how destructive the co-mingling of racial stock is, which is exactly why they are so obsessed with promoting it in Western nations but forbid it in Israel.

Steven said (July 17, 2012):

Hello Henry.
It seems that the highest unwritten law in nations like Canada is that evil is good .
Because this is true they write laws that make opposition to evil a crime.

Al said (May 2, 2012):

Here I thought Winnipeg was just a quiet place. The corruption is overwhelming, and the more these jerks are exposed,
the sooner they will lose their power. It looks like they are imploding. There are no virtues with Illuminati types, so I suggest that people just stand back and let them rot. They are doing a great job in destroying themselves. Remember, an Illuminati is a loser and he has no power because he is evil. Evil is weak; good is strong. The churches don't do anything because most of them are cut out of the same cloth.

Joe said (April 6, 2011):

Others should start some kind of secret membership. Look at the fraternities and the Masons, Rotary, Knights of Columbus,
Bilderbergers and all the hundreds of others. These dudes stick together. They make a mockery of justice. For example, let's say you committed a serious crime like rape and I am the judge on presiding over the case. Let's say I know your father. Your father promises me a high paying job if I sentence you to probation. The judge knows he'll take so much heat he'll have to resign. But your butt is saved and I get a nice job. It's done all the time.

Many state troopers are masons and when they stop you most of them have the Mason symbols on their
bumpers or they have something like a ring or they'll have a card the police officer can view when I pull out my wallet. This is why some
people get nothing for serious stuff and others who commit a minor crime gets into a lot of trouble.

The NWs should start such a club and only help others in the club. It's done well for the Masons. Of course the Jews have had this
system for a long time. Two jews do business and don't have to say a word. Mr. Liebowitz knows exactly how Mr. Cohen thinks. They are able
to deal in cash this way. The poor bastards get screwed.

E said (April 6, 2011):

Your comment about Masons and the courts and the Lori Douglas scandal is proving true in British Columbia where eight judges, Justice Kelleher, Justice Maisonville, of the BC Supreme Court and Justice Neilson, Chief Justice Finch, Justice Hall, Justice Bennett, Justice Levine and Justice Hinkson, of the BC court of Appeal have all refused to answer the simple question of wheher or not they have any association with Freemasonry in a case where there is an appeal from a decision of a provincial court judge, Mr. Paul Meyers, who was seen, according to sworn evidence, using Freemason covert hand gestures to communicate with a member of the prosecution team and an innocent woman was wrongly convicted and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.

The Canadian Judicial Council and Justice Minister Nicholson refuse to investigate.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson is a Knight of Columbus, in public, but is suspected of being a secret Freemason.

Please post this information so Canadians are warned that you are correct

Eva-Marie said (September 12, 2010):

I've just read your article on the Manitoba judge scandal. Well done. I think that this needs to be flagged to the people around the world. It maybe a good opportunity to wake people up to what is really going on and where it is leading. I know that the majority people see this scandal as a horrendous example of promiscuity in "high" circles, where one to be able to judge others must him/ herself be a dignified being and act as one. Or are we just going to throw our arms up in the air and not do anything? Yes the illuminati maybe powerful but so are we if we unite. Most of us are decent moral people trying to live a clean life. We cannot standby and just watch this nonsense to demoralize us, our children, our society. Peacefully, educating where ever and when ever possible as many as would listen. Mr. Chapman needs others to help him and hopefully will gather much support of other societies to win this case!

Luther said (September 11, 2010):

The judge is no doubt dealing with some outrageous (mis)fortune, however we know she will be backed by the societies that she is currently a member of. If anyone knows if she is an Eastern Star (both Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are members of this order), which will most likely insure she will only get a light punishment, and the powers that be will see that it fades from the media. What a kinky official! What's next for her, orgies and gangbangs?

Chris said (September 11, 2010):

Once again the "Just us" system proves it operates in a completely different jurisdiction and a completely different moral code than most
people imagine.

The pirates operating in admiralty love this kind of behavior. It is time we closely examined the law society and our current legal system.

As I understand it, jurisdiction ("juris diction") means the swearing of an oath, or an agreement by one party to subject himself to the
laws of another party. Countries courts claim jurisdiction over citizens due to the fact that many citizens do certain things, like
make use of the government's Social Security numbers etc, and voluntarily file tax returns. Being born in such countries, as I
understand it, entitles me to citizenship but does not obligate me to accept that status. We all need to understand the difference between
Legal and Lawful and the difference between Common Law and contractual Admiralty law. Admiralty deceitfully steals our rights
through the use of a corporate legal fiction that is set up at the time our certificates of live birth are produced.

Meet Your Strawman!

This legal scam is directly related to the fractional reserve money out of nothing banking scam that we "subject" ourselves to. It is all
an illusion...there is no money.

Stem said (September 11, 2010):

While I agree that there are, undoubtedly, Masons who involved in a large conspiracy, I find it unsettling that your articles jump immediately to blame them. Every organization has people who use the organization for ulterior motives, whether those organizations are professional, religious, political, or community.

As for the judge, is she a perpetrator or victim? Part of the Protocols of Zion are to destroy Christianity re-write, history, and re-educate. The judge is in her 40s. What propaganda has she been subjected to in her lifetime? Christian morality is old fashioned; religion is a millstone; whites should feel guilty about
what they have done to blacks; women should have control over their bodies; women should be of loose morals; woman should seek out interracial relationships; black males have giant genitals and are better sex partners than white males; white males are klutzes but black males are cool; black athletes are the best ever at something; in the movies black males are good guys, white guys are the bad guys. I could go on, but all of my previous examples cover the objectives of the Protocols.

All of us have dark thoughts from time to time. Most of us can control them. Some people are obsessed with collecting Barbie dolls, others are obsessed with sexual fetishes. The judge may well be "one of the gang", but she may be more like the rest of the female population of her age group than any of us would care to admit.


Dear Stem,

Whatever her motivations, we are talking about the character of a person who exercises judgment over the lives of hundreds of married couples and families. Obviously her commitment isn't to the institutions of marriage and family.


Bill said (September 10, 2010):

Thanks for another excellent article. The dynamics of human nature in action are so familiar. The whistle-blower is always viewed as a complainer and is the one who gets punished. The lawbreaker (both civil and moral) is viewed as a victim and is comforted, rather than being punished.

In keeping with your "Save the Males" theme, the righteous male is demonized (not because of his race btw) and the unrighteous female is sanitized.

Of the commentators, I really feel compassion for Steve. I once was like him, for 22 years of my life, pouring my life out in service of others for the glory of God. "...but no amount of anointing or praying or counseling or authority seems to make a dent with many of these. It is getting to be a very hard road... And the walk of the just is getting lonelier by the day."

All I can do is agree and sympathize with him. If there is a God like the one described in the Bible, and I hope there is, some of us have a wonderful future :) If not, OH WELL!

Steve said (September 10, 2010):

After reading this one has to think on the the matter of the government expecting us all to obey the law and support the political system and trust the financial institutions. I don't think any of them are worthy.

They and their institutions can not be reformed only abolished and the criminals and perverts sent to be with their god satan in hell. It's long over due.

The other day I went to ask a member of Investors Group what it is like to be a financial consultant. They are recruiting these days.

Since Power Corp is the owner of the business that owns Investors Group and Power Corp could be linked to the illuminatii I would be participating in something that benefits the illuminati wouldn't I if I joined?
I don't really have the social skills of a salesman to start with so I just might keep looking else where for work.

I understand Home depot is a sponsor of gay parades. I reckon that means I shouldn't work there either or buy their stuff. Is there any businesses that one could work for with a clean conscience?

Paul said (September 10, 2010):

Is it not curious that someone could sit as a judge, deceptively appearing to behave in a sober, professional and (supposedly) objective manner and then turn around and perform these kinds of acts? Does this not indicate a split or dissociated personality of the kind created by MK ULTRA or some other mind control program ? It would be interesting to make a detailed analysis of her personal background, especially her childhood.

K said (September 10, 2010):

(identities disguised by HM)

While my wife & I were living in XXY, I met a fellow by the name of XXZ. Previous to becoming religious, he had been a senior economist with the World Bank, and had helped compose the Marshall Plan. It was expected the underlings in the system were to encourage their wives to sleep with those above them. Sort of a, "sex pecking" order if you will. If I recall how XXZ explained it. He quit when asked to write a paper, on why a transfer of US gold to OPEC in payment for oil wouldn't adversely affect the US economy. Seems like the "upper ranks" are putrid with this sort of perfidy, and explains why good people have difficulty rising to positions of authority. The screening process is one of, if you're willing to compromise your own human dignity, and the dignity of others, you're in. It's an up-side-down world.

David said (September 10, 2010):

It is a righteous stance to condemn the unrighteous shenanigans of a porn judge and her masonic henchmen. Their pretense that 'everyone does it' might be true for their circles but certainly not for mine. I feel sorry for Mr Chapman because he had to come to a rude awakening. Good people no longer have a place on Earth.

In your conclusion, you seem to have divided the world into the 'dupers' (Illuminati) and the 'duped' (the masses and the intelligentsia). There is no similarity between the masses and the intelligentsia, except that of having human bodies.

The masses in their 'sleep' serve the Illuminati. They are all occult-controlled and destroy intelligent and good people. The masses are engaged in the same behavior as the judges and socio-political nitwits in society. They are a very powerful group with one evil consciousness which is informed by occult masters....not the intelligentsia.

While the intelligentsia (of the good guys) manage to wake up one or two from the masses, the intelligentsia of the bad guys keep them asleep and growing more evil. The judge may become a heroine now!

Matt said (September 10, 2010):

One has to wonder whatever is the source of this trend to sexual perversion-- a perversion that seems so deeply tied to self humiliation and violence that a definition of the most depraved psychopath comes to mind?

It is, especially, frightening that people like Judge Douglass, who suffer this malady and yet have privileged and powerful positions in society. It is evident, the Illuminati believe we will never rise up against them; that through the power of a neutralizing and anesthetizing propaganda, the people will be made to cower to the rule of psychopaths. I think not!

Larry said (September 10, 2010):

Maybe this is too obvious, but the hypocrisy is overwhelming - as usual. On the one hand, they say Lori's activities are no reason for her to be dismissed from her judgeship, and on the other hand, Chapman's possession of the photos was grounds for termination.

Keep up the good work!

Victor said (September 10, 2010):

You are right -- Desmarais and Masons seem to travel together -- in this case within the Great-West Life Insurance company.

One statistic I saw claimed that three-fifths of all Canadians buy their insurance through a Desmarais-owned company.

Sun-Life certainly is a company with masonic family members as well.

They maintain their underground presence and you wouldn't suspect the regular Canadian woman working in your office was really the daughter of a Mason/Shriner.

Or that she is informing on you matter-of-factly.

We live in a tiny world completely controlled by the tentacles that go everywhere for their benefit.

It is scary to think that we are daily informed on -- immigrants to Canada rarely get promotions because they aren't even aware of the presence of such secret societies.

I'm not saying immigrants haven't had to have their own defense groups -- just that they are held back for decades compared to the real powers-that-be.

And we look down on Asian groups (tongs) while practicing abusive racial and cultural elitism of our own.

Again, I say, it doesn't reward those with merit -- it rewards those with cunning and lack of humanity. Ethics?? What a laugh! Masons claim they don't "help" each other -- I recognize only one thing -- that the help each other to the exclusion of the larger populace.

Where do the Shriners get those little boys from? Their burn clinic hospitals? Like Michael Jackson got the cancer recovery boy from a hospital?

Ask Canada's natives as I did at the Dump Site 41 Protest. They are aware of what Masons/Shriners are about.

Henry, I didn't know most of us have sex pictures of ourselves on the net. Who the hell are these people defending bestiality as normal??? Judges and 'Journalists'????!!

Gordon said (September 10, 2010):

agreed = the images of Judge Lori Douglas - if authentic - are more than enough evidence for her to be dismissed immediately, but her accuser is no poster-boy for the Moral Majority, either
out of his own mouth, he's guilty of blackmail, and adultery, as if that matters in the circles in which he moves!

so conditioned in the presumption of multi-cultural entitlement that he doesn't realize how ridiculous he comes off ... yelping about 'racism'.

Steve said (September 10, 2010):

Depravity abounds. And that would be the understatement of the ages.

I read this article after a tough day in the trenches dealing with people possessed by Satanic spirits of alcoholism and drug abuse, of greed, envy and deceit. Pick your poison. I work with the poor and disadvantaged, many of which are U.S. veterans. But, it's not veterans or the poor I am speaking of. Granted, they have their issues, it's the staff I work with that is so influenced and possessed by evil spirits. And people I am close to, that I work alongside, that I must minister to as well as our clients. I am their spiritual leader, their minister. I am in a unique position to see and hear it all...and it is beginning to become overwhelming.

It seems in the past few months, not a day passes without a major crisis of some depraved sort among those who are in charge of keeping order, setting an example and reaching out to others. The entire structure is falling apart and no one seems to care.

Spiritual fortitude is collapsing and giving way to licentiousness. I have recently seen another pastor who ministers alongside me and a staff volunteer, both former drug users from many years ago, take up smoking cracks once again in the past few weeks and their lives are quickly falling apart. Within the past month, I have seen a half dozen staff members removed from our program for either drinking on the job or being drunk on the job. One was found WITH a client, both passed out naked in an overnight staff bedroom early one morning.

People in positions of responsibility have become rude and defensive and without natural affection. I have taught against these influences, these demonic spirits, I have counseled people on the dangers of such influences and have stood vigilant with them in tough times, but it seems they are being taken down one by one. Maybe the fullness of their secret lives are coming to pass, but no amount of anointing or praying or counseling or authority seems to make a dent with many of these. It is getting to be a very hard road and I fear this is the least of what we can expect.

I know that I not given a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. But my fear is not for me but for them. I am beginning to see just how small a remnant God will preserve. And the walk of the just is getting lonelier by the day.

I sometimes wonder what fruit I bear in dealing with such people and issues. The Lord tells me my effort is my fruit and my testimony. I for some reason am not satisfied at times with that assertion. I wonder how Paul found it to be content in the events of his ministry.

Jesus speaks to me from the book of Revelations about these times, that I have little strength or power, that is little influence on those around me; those in the world. He says to hold fast to that which we have, that which remains. I am clinging to Him for dear life, much like Jacob did.

Give me strength Lord to endure. And strength for my brother.

I am thinking and praying for you.

Roger Barbour said (September 10, 2010):

Very typical, and exactly what I'd expect of the Freemasons. What are the odds that Judge Lori belongs to Eastern Star?

Greenman said (September 10, 2010):

Just one man's opinion but IMO; If "The dark skinned man lusts after white
woman" well he can HAVE them... Just don't let him say he's been cheated
this time...!

Dan said (September 10, 2010):

gather from the unprecedented remarks of the politicians and media that this may not be a case of a Judge being exposed for the usual reasons. I've been reading this is the year that Feminism is pushing slutism in the context of using men as sex objects.
Notice that the most featured female role models of 2010 are lesbians and entertainment industry whores that have dispensed with having any 'boyfriends' at all. This trend was kicked off with this Lady Gaga interview last Jan.

The city I live in now has an openly lesbian mayor, and this is considered a bastion of family oriented conservative America.. So I think the Manitoba Judge may end up being praised through the insidious media. Keeping abreast of current events this falls in synch with Foszdyke's Julia the Satanic pee queen winning the Australian election. It's in tandem with the openly muff diving (lesbian) mayor brand new in the saddle in this city here. Connect that to the lifting of 'don't ask don't tell' in the military and obviously that's was the wall coming down and the perverts are out of the closet and living large.

They'll be getting higher on power as believe getting away with so means their victories are assured. Only free will is assured, and the grace of God is slow to wrath. Let them enjoy it while they have it. The flesh shrivels and rots.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at