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Elite Admits to Secret Social Engineering

October 17, 2010

The Illuminati bankers wage a relentless secret war on society, and call us "haters" if we dare to notice. (left, the freshman class at McMaster Univ. School of Medicine.)

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Recently, in a mainstream newspaper, an educational consultant confessed to an agenda of attacking the psyche of young males. Referring to school textbooks for Grades 7-10, (ages 12-15) he said:

"If you had a picture of a person doing something positive, winning a race, performing an experiment successfully, etc., [you had to] make sure it was of a girl,"  he said.

"If you had to have a picture of someone doing a bad thing - bullying, making a mistake, being unsure which course of action to take, etc. - the image was invariably of a boy."

 "The side effect was to show the boys that they are rarely winners and we expect less of them," he said. "The unstated assumption was that boys did not need the same degree of encouragement."

This confession is framed in terms of encouraging women to enter the sciences, but we aren't deceived. They didn't need to disparage boys to do that. Their purpose was to shatter the confidence of young males and encourage female contempt and distrust. Divide and conquer.

Is this what schools have become? Brainwashing factories controlled by Rockefeller social engineers?  Evidently so.


The same applies to the mass media. The confession above is a feeble attempt at "balance" in a major campaign by the Globe and Mail, "Canada's National Newspaper,"  to foist more women into positions of power.

Newspapers used to maintain a pretense of objectivity. But for the last two weeks, the Globe has been browbeating its readers to demand that women get more power. They have even run stories suggesting quotas for members of parliament.

The campaign hasn't been working. Readers have not taken their medicine. To a poll which asked,  
"Should political parties be offered incentives to nominate women in winnable seats?" readers responded, 13% YES; 87% NO

The Globe also thinks women are underrepresented in the corporate world. Another poll asks: "Many companies today still have no senior female executives and no women on their boards. Are they losing anything?"
45% said YES  55% said NO.

This dovetailed with an article entitled
"More women in the workplace is good for business," (Oct. 12) which intoned: 

"When we look to the people holding the most senior positions in Canada, it's clear women haven't "made it." Women hold only 17 per cent of corporate officer positions in FP500 companies and 22 per cent of seats in the House of Commons. An astounding 45 per cent of public companies on the FP500 don't have a single woman on their boards of directors.

Indeed. When we look at the Globe and Mail masthead, six-out-of-nine executive positions belong to men, including Publisher and Editor in Chief. 
The Globe is owned by the Woodbridge Company, which has no female executive listed, and Bell Canada which has two female Directors on a Board of 15.  

Another poll asked: "What's the best way for Canada to help more women reach positions of power?" It suggested: "Mentoring; flexible work hours etc. have companies and political parties set "targets" i.e. quotas; and management development programs."

Obviously, we're not talking about equality here. We're talking about discrimination against males. Equality is gender and color blind. People are judged on the basis of their ability.

In an Oct 16 Globe poll, 43% of males said they suffered discrimination on basis of gender. Only 24% of women did. But you don't hear the Globe making this an issue, because they are responsible for this discrimination.  

You don't see the Globe bellyaching about the fact that women outnumber men two-to-one as university undergraduates. The reason is that the
Illuminati, i.e. the central bankers feel they can control women easier than men. Especially when women feel beholden to "feminism."

Do you really think the Illuminati bankers give a damn about women? They promote female power as a way of neutralizing male power. Women used to empower men. Now they emasculate them. The Illuminati use their house organs like the "Globe and Mail" to destabilize society.

Also, a woman's career used to be her family. The Illuminati bankers can't allow that. They want everyone to work for one of their branches.

Heaven forbid that women don't want to be corporate weasels; heaven forbid they have better things to do than chase a buck.

Here are the titles of other Globe propaganda pieces:

"How a stellar career was almost cut short by a baby"

"Portraits of power: How nine women rose to the top"

"How Home Depot Canada's CEO decided 'to become the conqueror'"

"How a spunky Newfoundlander seized the 'opportunity of a life time."

Someone should remind the hypocritical Globe and Mail that a newspaper is not a bully pulpit. For this reason I will never spend a cent on it. 

Clearly, the brainwashing (and hypocrisy) does not end in school.


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Comments for "Elite Admits to Secret Social Engineering"

Fmr Russian Intelligence said (October 19, 2010):

My friend is fully aware of such social engineering ever since he has arrived in America to visit his relatives. He can see it in educational advertisements that only shows and represents women and girls while at the same time does not show and does not represent men and boys which is a subtle brainwashing statement that says in very indirect and subtle messages saying that men and boys are not welcomed to your schools and are discouraged from becoming successful educationally and intellectually but only women and girls are allowed to become welcome at the expense of men and boys. They want equality through inequality and at the expense of equality for men and boys despite the fact that men and boys do well academically and intellectually if they are equally well represented, equally well encouraged, and that their curriculum is geared to the thinking patterns and thinking behavior of males, men and boys, which has been proven by the author "War Against Boys".

What surprised me and my friend, and the rest of my friends is that why is it that nobody has noticed such activities in the first place which has been happening for years? But we Russians who were once in the intelligence services are the only ones to have noticed it very much earlier when such subtle anti-men and anti-boys indiscrimination advertisements went up in the first place! What is wrong with you westerners Mr. Makow and why is it nobody in the media seems to notice or even care to report such evil and blatant outright indiscrimination against men and boys? Don't they have male relatives who will be affected by it or that they are just simply too callous or money blind to care? What is wrong with you Americans and Canadians? Or just too brainwashed?

Don't you realized that the trend started with the introduction of co-education when before all-male and all- female schools, wherein the men and boys are separated from the women and girls? Why do you Canadians and Americans didn't see those very subtle destructive trends when we former Russian intelligence officers could see it from the very beginning many decades ago?

EJ said (October 18, 2010):

Good insight, but in my world it is old news when looking at the TV mind control for the past two decades.

The sit-coms are formulated with a fat father married to a woman he could never get in real life. She has a sister or best friend who is a loser with dating men but together they constantly berate the husband and all men unless it is some boy toy.

The children (usually three) are a high school "cheerleader" type of airhead, a brooding younger sister, and a little brother who gets flack from everyone.

Variations of this formula have mind warped at least two generations of viewers. This continues into the "dramas," news shows, and more. 14 year old girls are more aware and socially aware then their fathers... since when? In real life teenage girls have turned into smart-mouthed, slut looking idiots giving us the likes of Hannah Montana, B. Spears, L. Lohan, and other products of the Disney MKULTRA mind control.

Yeah, we are in big trouble until we start shutting off the tv's and staying out of the movie theaters and talking to each other about real things.

Maggie said (October 18, 2010):

I read your article regarding social engineering and agree that there has been social engineering. I grew up in Edmundston, NB and was in French elementary school in the 50's. While I don't remember much of the Dick and Jane books we had from third grade up, I do remember an image of the Father with his hat on and briefcase in hand going off to work, and another of the Mother with her apron on waving goodbye. And that pretty much was the status quo when I grew up. Father's worked and Mother's stayed at home. I think that was an excellent model of parenthood and do feel bad that young adults now may not have that choice.

That being said, I do also remember the darker side of this. Men and women were engineered into very narrow "roles" that took very little else into account except for the status quo. Where I grew up, boys had it all and were clearly favored. If there was not enough money for activities for both boys and girls, what funds were available went to boys activities, simple as that. Having such long winters then, we could always count on having neighborhood skating rinks. Other than sledding it was the only other outdoor winter activity other than building forts and snowmen. But, who got favored ice time? Boys, so they could play hockey, or have practice. Girls got the least preferred times and a lot less at that. Boys had the cream of everything in Edmundston and were favored over girls for city funding and any sports activities they wanted. Girls got the left-over funds, if there were any.

Scholastically, girls were steered into useless "Home-Ec" courses that were mandatory. I say useless because they were cookie baking and apron sewing classes. Had it offered something useful like budget planning, I might not say that, but I already knew how to cook a full meal that was nutriticious and tasty, long before high school.

I was a bright girl, with an inquisitive mind and I delighted in reading and learning anything I could. What I wanted to learn about was mechanics and carpentry. In fact, while the norm in mechanical and abstract reasoning was 50, my test scores were in the high 90's. Hearing the boys talk, I knew that I had well surpassed them, and I had the top score for more than just that year my councilor told me. So you would think that if not easy, it would have been at least possible to get into shop classes I so wanted? No, not at all. When I signed up for those classes, I was turned away for being a girl. I was a quiet and shy girl, but even so, I mustered up my courage to go talk with the principle. He said that I would be a distraction and guys could hurt themselves if not paying attention. I asked why I would be considered a distraction? He just looked me over from head to foot and smiled. I felt awful, but said I did not think being a girl should matter and that in any event I pointed out to him that I would be in a shop overalls and probably covered with oil and dirty and I did not see how that could be a distraction. The answer remained no and I was sent to Home Ec with no further discussion.

What bothers me about your pieces is that you don't seem to take into account how social engineering has affected BOTH men and women.



I was born in 1949 and can remember the times you speak of. Talented women could always come to the fore. My mother had a successful business in Ottawa in the 1950's.

Yes, there were strong role differences but these were designed to encourage marriage and family. Men were built up as protectors and providers for women and children. Women were encouraged to be wives and mothers first. This resulted in strong families. I wish you could broaden your mind to see how insidious the changes effected by the Rockefellers have been.


Troy said (October 18, 2010):

This is not news to me at all. About six months ago I emailed you regarding the classes I had to take to renew my real estate license here in Washington state. As I went through the program I noticed that in every instance where something was done in a professional, honest, or correct manner, the agent was always a woman. In contrast, whenever there were examples of dishonesty, racism, or poor professional conduct, it was always a man doing so.

I mentioned this to my mother who's been in the business for awhile and she laughed, saying it's probably not that bad. I called Rockwell Institute, who are a major RE school in this area, and was given almost the exact same response. When I ask to speak to the office manager, I was told that the manager has been with the company since it's inception, the curriculum hasn't changed and that I was the first person in 30 years to ever mention this.

This whole thing is so deeply entrenched in our society that when you point out this example, tv advertising, and commercials people just laugh and say not to take it personally, you are wrong, what's the big deal, or that you're just a male chauvinist and don't believe in equality.

I'm at my wits end trying to get people around to see what's going on, but everyone seems happy to be guided merrily along without taking time to stop and think for themselves.

Francois said (October 18, 2010):

Divide and conquer
You should know better than that, living in Canada ;-D
Any division will do : sexes, language, race (even if we have to invent them), religion (since we invented them) and so on

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