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Family Law Designed to Destroy Men

February 9, 2012

alcoholic.jpegSocial services and law are populated by women indoctrinated in Women's Studies to regard men, marriage and families as oppressive and evil. Family Law is but one front in a general covert war waged by the Illuminati against society. "Viking," an Australian, relates how his life was destroyed.

by "Viking"

I have met dozens of men in Asia who have escaped the vicious maw of the Family Law system.  Some have been impoverished by ex-wives and girlfriends who, out of sheer vindictiveness, have taken all their money.

I know of men who are still being hounded by the system though their children are well past majority age.  I know men who have been chased for years for paternity payments, even though they have DNA tests that prove they are not the fathers.

I know men who spend a great deal of time in jail because they can't find work, since they are now ex-cons, and so can't meet the support payments, which lands them back in jail...again and again and again.

I know men who pay outrageous sums of money every month to support children they are forbidden to see.  They are buried under a mountain of restraining orders and other legal rubbish for no reason other than a vindictive female judge and a wicked ex-wife.


Part of the Family Law system is do I put this politely...thing called Child Protective Services (or any of a dozen other equally benign names.)  This vile and deleterious organization is nothing more than a band of legal kidnappers and slave traders.

It thrives on a system that pays 'foster parents' to 'care' for children they have kidnapped from the rightful family.  These 'foster parents' care little about the children and many offer horrid and squalid conditions in order to collect the state payments.  The children are tortured and abused in ways that make many of the worst abusers look mild by comparison.  

With the children as hostages, the Family Law system can extract any amount of concessions from the natural parents, who are desperately trying to get their children back.  This horrible demeaning system beats down human beings and creates emotional basket cases.


Let's take an example of someone I know.  His story is so horrific that he is still recovering nearly 10 years later.  We'll call him Paul.

Paul came home from work one day to find his house completely cleaned out, lock, stock and barrel, and his wife and three children vanished.  Her cell phone number had been changed, as had the numbers of her friends that he knew.  The only person he could contact was the father-in-law, who railed at Paul for what he had done to the wife.

Paul was mystified, not sure what that meant.  On the kitchen counter, he found the case number and contact for a police investigator in the spouse abuse division. 

Paul couldn't fathom what was going on.  He had never abused his wife, and in fact had spent years trying to get his wife help for abuse she had suffered at the hands of her mother and step-family.

As it was Friday, Paul had to wait until Monday to contact the investigator.  When he did, he was informed that the wife had accused him of beating her.  Paul was shocked, to say the least.  

At lunch, he went to the police station to talk with the investigator.  He was told the his wife had several serious injuries and had accused Paul of beating her the previous Thursday between 7am and 7 30 am.  Paul wrote out his statement, and when he returned to the office, he collected key card records, computer log-on files, email and phone records which showed conclusively that he was sitting at his desk at this time.

The investigation concluded that there was no possible way for Paul to have beaten the wife, and he later found out that she had tried changing her story a couple of times to match what she thought was Paul's testimony.


Nevertheless, the Family Law system investigated Paul's every breath.  They took his school records, job history, driving record, tax filings...everything public record they could dig up.  They forced him into psycho-therapy and dozens of useless classes and help groups.  He went along with all of it in the desperate hope of getting his children back, who by now had been spirited away to some 'foster' home for months without contact of any kind.

Despite having combed through Paul's life with a fine-tooth comb, they found nothing but a couple of hundred dollars in unpaid taxes from 10 years before.  This didn't stop them from putting him through sheer hell.  They loaded him down with insipid classes and therapy sessions, and dragged him to court once or twice a week for pointless hearings.  They drug tested him and visited his house on a regular basis to see what he was up to.

Paul was fired from his job because he spent more time jumping through hoops than sitting at his desk.  He had already spent more than a quarter million dollars defending himself from nothing, trying to get his children back.  Without a cent and no job, the vultures smelled blood and pounced.

Paul's own sister, a lesbian and a 'social worker,' had taken the children by now.  She saw an opportunity to take the children from Paul, since she was never going to have any by natural means.  She sided with CPS and the Family Law system and finally forced Paul to make a horrible choice: either go to trial without a lawyer and risk losing the children forever, or accept joint custody with his sister.  He would have visitation 'rights' and would have to pay support based on his income from his last job.  He was making well over $100,000/year when he was employed.  They were going to stick him with support payments of $4,000/month...with no job and absolutely no resources left.

Paul saw the writing on the wall.  They were salivating at the prospect of throwing him in jail within months for non-payment.  His only option was to sign away his 'parental rights.'  Mind you, this is all while his children were being held incommunicado, which means he was under about as much duress as a man could be.

Paul signed.

Immediately, his sister got a restraining order and refused to let him see his children.  He bounced around trying to find work and doing freelance projects.  His life was completely wrecked and he was on the verge of becoming a full-blown alcoholic trying to drown the pain and anger he felt.


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Comments for " Family Law Designed to Destroy Men "

anon said (February 10, 2012):

Please warn your readers about going to court using common law techniques, whether Dean Clifford's, or anyone else's. These methods are putting a lot of people into deep shit, because the courts do not acknowledge de jure law, only de facto law.

They are corrupt, and are not going to bow down because some fool stands there and says they ought to. ( It's like going to a bank robber and asking him to please agree with the state's case against him.... ain't gonna happen. Sometimes they just up and abandon the courtroom... but that's as close as you get to a win.)
Then, they get put on lists. Many lists.

The fact of the matter is that we can use their laws against them because they routinely break them in court and in proceedings. Smart people can find their way through.. with

Jo said (February 10, 2012):

I've seen both sides of this tragic situation.

I have a friend who's going through some of these struggles himself. As a woman, I find it sad that good fathers can't father their kids - especially when mom is screwed up and won't get the help that she needs. I get that the courts are trying to remedy the historical bias because women didn't used to have rights to their kid if they left a marriage, but it's beyond time to swing the pendulum back to a standard of who's the best parent for the child. Everyone's a victim in these situations. A lot of the professionals in the business are sincerely trying to do what's best for these kids, but like every other institution in Western society, it's been perverted by a few bad people.

That said, I also know a family who fostered and (eventually) adopted a few boys who came to them from very abusive situations. The boys are being raised in a situation that is so much better than the one in which they were born. The boys have some problems, but their family is very supportive and they are growing up to be responsible young men/getting the help they need to deal with a confusing situation. Nobody wins in these situations.

Victoria said (February 10, 2012):

Hi Henry: Re: Family Law Designed to Destroy Men

One of your correspondents, Duncan, below, mentions not registering your child because it is a government conspiracy to destroy the family and take your children from you. I thought so, too, about a year ago but, in light of further information - particularly that imparted by Dean Clifford, I have come to understand that where the problem lies is in the fact that the judges and lawyers are colluding in Statutory Court to make us the Trustees of the trust set up in our legal names when our parents 'applied for' (a term to be wary of) a birth certificate.

The birth certificate is our share in the 'common wealth' of the country of Canada (or whatever country we live in) and that makes us the Director and Administrator of our account and, therefore, in a position to control the proceedings in Statutory court. Our position as such, as well as being the Beneficiary of the wealth of our nation, leaves only the position of 'Trustee' to be filled and it is the Judge who, unbeknownst of us, should rightly fill role as the 'Trustee' because they are 'Public (Civil) Servants'. This leaves 'the Crown' (who, of course, does not represent the Queen at all but the movers and shakers of the square mile of the City of London) with no standing whatsoever. Apparently, judges have run from their benches when people bring out a certified copy of their Statement of Live Birth (which is not identification but only a record of an event - one's birth - in time). Then, the judge has a duty to protect you, the common law 'man' against the rapacious financiers.

Please, everybody do yourself a favor and check out Dean Clifford at The wisdom he has to impart is priceless and empowering.

stephen said (February 10, 2012):

Therapists, teachers, clergy and social workers are required by law to report to the police anything they may hear about family abuse. This law actually does more harm than good. People suffering from abuse do not seek treatment because they don't want the law involved. and their dirty laundry aired in public courts. They go through the rest of their lives suffering from PTSD and many other unhappy disorders.

When police or CPS become involved they WILL destroy the family to save a victim. They WILL leave you bankrupt and possibly homeless even if you are found innocent. With CPS you ARE GUILTY until you prove your innocence.

This is why there are therapists out there that refuse to be licensed, so they can help those that desperately need help. It is fairly common to find adults that were deeply traumatized in public courts as small children with vicious attorneys or DAs all accusing them of lying or even wanting sexual abuse.

It's all about money. Money is "kicked back" to the legal system for everybody that goes to prison or every child that goes into foster care. Think about that next time you deal with CPS, there is something already wrong with that person that chooses to work for them.

The legal system is horrendously corrupt and I think beyond repair. Many in it are worse than the people they put away.

Joe said (February 10, 2012):

Regarding your "Family Law..." article, there is a movie titled "Alexandra's Project" where a wife and mother abandons her husband due to her account of "abuse."

Originally discovered this movie through Marc Rudov's "NoNonsenseMan" website. It is difficult not to become enraged watching this movie. From a realistic and practical point of view, it is not very realistic in how thorough the "project" unfolds. Movies take liberties and exagerate details which in real life have little basis in reality or can be quickly neutralized due to hints leading to their discovery.

Interesting point here is how "Alexandra's Project" and Viking's experience both take place in Australia. One has to wonder if AP is required viewing for family law practitioners from which a sector of government voraciously goes outward to provide "justice" for the likes of other perceived "Alexandras" in Australia and British commonwealth states.

Much like tax courts, defendants in family law proceedings are assumed guilty until proven innocent. Even if proven innocent, they are treated as remaining guilty. Not at all anyone's preconceived notion of what constitutes justice.

I can not offer much advice other than what has been provided by others who have endured similar experiences. I have listened to other men tell me about how their kids were taken away followed by their attempts to regain contact with them. The best one can hope for is that once the children reach the age of majority and are able to act independently, these children will seek out their fathers knowing how their fathers have been wrongfully treated.

Other "solutions" exist for dealing with the painfully twisted family law situation existing today, however, they can not be mentioned. Something to keep in mind regarding courtroom appearances, the legal system is not about justice or getting to the truth. The legal system is all about winning arguments disregarding any justice or truth. Whoever yells the loudest while managing to convince a jury or a judge, is most likely to prevail.

Try not to feel too cynical when reciting "...with liberty and justice for all."

James said (February 10, 2012):

A big part of the problem is that many men are poor judges of
character and marry evil women. And what else would we expect this evil system to do but assist those women in their vengeful acts when they turn rabid?

But anyway I don't see why anyone would marry - its asking for trouble - think about it, you are asking the state to intervene and sanction a private relationship. The STATE for Gods sake. Is that stupid or what?

Are we to believe a relationship is not legit in God's eyes until the
state gives its stamp on it? I think we have been taken for a ride
here - its mind control.

Duncan said (February 10, 2012):

But he missed ONE very important point FREEMASONS do NOT suffer the same fate . I have personal expereince of them getting joint custody thanks to their lodge buddies on the bench and their wives suffer the same fate as non-mason men.

Conclusion is that divorce is being used to wipe out men not part of their funny handshake club. There is method in the madness.

Marcos said (February 10, 2012):

This is a global Marxist move to destroy man as the leader of the family and last resistance to a totalitarian state.

This week a similar law was approved by the Brazilian Judiciary that allows the prosecution of husbands even if the wife opposes it. In a moment of lack of control, a man slaps a woman, who tells her friend what happened. The friend calls the police. Game over.

Even if the man has been slapped ten times before, he will be prosecuted and have his life destroyed, even if the wife opposes the whole thing.

We will have fatherless kids, families destroyed, so the Marxists can have their day.

Notice that the Judiciary is acting as a dictator, promoting laws that would not pass through Congress.

I don't need to mention that before this project, sufficient laws existed to punish violence against women.

Mark said (February 10, 2012):

Family courts are contract law courts there to make lots of money. DO NOT CONTRACT WITH THEM. THEY HAVE NO AUTHORITY OVER YOUR CHILDREN. MORESO, DO NOT REGISTER YOUR CHILDREN AT BIRTH OR REGISTER YOUR MARRIAGE EITHER. In doing so does your spouse and children become the authority of the state. Do some research into the freeman movement and more importantly take personal responsibility and learn common law and civil law and defend yourself.

Matt said (February 10, 2012):

The whole deal started with my X moving out of our home and getting a new place with her families help. I was the last to know about the whole thing. One night after work, she and my son where gone, I had a restraining order and thats it. I learned later, she and her family had talk to a lawyer and planned the whole thing.
If I had a choice about it, Id still be married.

I have learned I have no choices or rights to my son. I tried for a few years to have regular visits with my son, like our first visitation agreement said. She never went along with it and I took her to court three times. She never got in trouble and the visits never started.

Then I lost a fulltime job and bang, I was a criminal and bad dad. I still have no real rights to my son, but thankfully my X has begone to let me see him a few times a month now.
Anyway thanks for sharing the news

Matt said (February 10, 2012):

We are under attack, plain and simple. The people attacking us refer to it as WAR. That implies they fear what might happen if we wake up and retaliate.

In anticipation of that possibility, they have trained the warrior out of us.

Make no mistake, if men do not throw everything superfluous onto the bonfire of sacrifice -- if men do not rise up together, wielding the truth of the essential, with God on their side -- we will be destroyed.

Gordon said (February 10, 2012):

In 1985, the Law Society sent its little dog + pony show around British Columbia taking submissions from the public about "gender bias" in the legal system. I walked in + tossed-off a 20 min. rant about what I'd experienced in a custody + access battle = feminists ensconced in the high places, destroying families, effecting the communist strategy of "the long march through the institutions"

the next day in the Times Colonist newspaper, Kim Westad quoted me saying "feminism is just communism in drag". Years later, I was delighted to see Dr Henry Makow confirm that notion, explaining it in depth

I took the Court Services Policy Manual and itemized 28 ways they’d broken their own rules. Sitting in the office of the AG of BC, in 1988, his executive assistant ( Stephen Greenaway) admitted to me that I was correct. Then he said "there's nothing we can do about it ... their union is too strong"

The communists learned in Russia that they could break even the most determined dissidents by taking the children hostage. The single most important thing you can ever know about those anti-christs is what Karl Marx boasted = “we shake our fist in the face of heaven!”

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at