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Taylor Caldwell-- Feminism Spoiled "Nature's Great Con"

May 29, 2024

Satanist social engineers have succeeded in undermining heterosexuality for the purpose of depopulation. 
Have you noticed? YouTube is full of videos of women complaining that men have lost
interest in courting them. Here's an example.   
Having eschewed the roles of wife and mother, they have no value to men except for sex which is widely available without marriage.  
Woman's stock-in-trade always has been to nurture and empower husbands and children. 
They are loved and cherished in return. 
Unable to love, they get no love. Men are going  their own way (MGTOW.)  Men are not stupid. The courts are rigged against them. They see that woman's game is to seduce some sucker, have children and then live off of him.
As with God, they have been brainwashed to reject the thing they most need, and now they are roadkill. Their stock-in-trade is love but they can't love men anymore.

Heterosexual marriage is based on the exchange of female (worldly) power for male power expressed as love. Men want power. Women want love. The heterosexual bond is based on this exchange. Women empower their men by accepting their leadership. By competing for power, they emasculate them. The destruction of the nuclear family is a plank in the Communist Manifesto. Feminism is Communist, (Satanist) subversion.

Taylor Caldwell (1900-1985) a British-born American novelist is a prime example of the (((Communist))) control of American culture. Despite being 
one of the most successful writers of the mid-20th century and author of 30 novels, there are no biographies or movies about her or her work.  Our liberal cultural commissars
 flushed her down the memory hole. All art now must be agitprop, i.e. politically correct, because we live in a de facto Communist society.  Taylor Caldwell was anti-Communist, and anti-feminist, as the following quote attests: 

 "There is no solid satisfaction in any career for a woman like myself. There is no home, no true freedom, no hope, no joy, no expectation for tomorrow, no contentment. I would rather cook a meal for a man and bring him his slippers and feel myself in the protection of his arms than have all the citations and awards and honors I have received worldwide, including the Ribbon of Legion of Honor and my property and my bank accounts. They mean nothing to me. And I am only one among the millions of sad women like myself."

In the article below, written in 1970, she laments that feminists are ruining "nature's great con" where men provided for wives and children. 
"I fear that men are beginning to suspect that we women conned them through the centuries. I fear they are asking themselves -- to women's terrible hurt -- why they should support an able-bodied woman who can earn a good living too, and why should they be responsible for providing a home for women." 

Men provided a home for women because women raised their children. Being a wife and mother was a respected and necessary role in society before the Communist cockroaches destroyed it. Unless a woman has exceptional talent, she finds her highest expression as a wife and mother. Women used to empower men (by being submissive) in exchange for his love and fidelity. Love is not free. It must be earned. Women earn lifelong love by nurturing husband and children. The Communists convinced them they can find permanent love by sex appeal or career achievement. People forget that the Communist goal is societal destruction.

Feminism brainwashed women to seek power instead of love. Now everyone is suffering. A woman was created by nature to bear children. Now many are rotting on the vine.

Below Taylor Caldwell relates how she wanted to be a traditional woman, but society wouldn't permit it.

Updated from 29 July 7, 2023

"Feminism is the Real Enslavement of Women" 

Abridged from Caldwell's prescient 1970 classic "Women's Lib: They're Spoiling Eve's Great Con Game."  

By Taylor Caldwell (1900-1985) 

The left, alas, is now running yet another "Liberation Movement," this one championing females who believe that the male sex has somehow done the ladies wrong. The members of this Front say they want all the spoils the boys appear to be getting out of life. 

They're quite mad, of course. What these "girls" are about to do is ruin the biggest Con Game, and the most ancient, which one section of humanity has ever imposed on another, since Eve invented it. 

I'm just jealous, myself, having been deprived by circumstances from getting into that Big Con Game...alas, alas, alas.  But I've stood on the sidelines and seethed with envy, and now I hope - I say with a grin over clenched teeth - that the Liberation "girls" will get exactly what they want. It's all they deserve.

As for myself, I am ... plenty happy that my two beautiful daughters are in on the Game and enjoying every minute of it, and wouldn't even dream of Female Liberation. I brought them up to appreciate their blessings -- and to shut their mouths around their husbands, for fear the boys would catch on and demand liberation for themselves, which is exactly the calamity these rampant females in the "Liberation Movement" are going to precipitate. God help the contented women who will be their victims!


At eighteen, I fell desperately in love with a true man, a man of strength and masculine vitality and courage. He was attracted to me, too. But then one night he said to me, "Janet, you aren't the gentle little woman my mother was.  My father worshiped her, and no wonder. You are too strong, yourself, and too independent for me. There'd be conflict in the house. You wouldn't be satisfied just to be taken care of; you'd want to do something on your own, and be a 'partner' to me." 

It's just no use." I was struck dumb at this horrifying statement. I wasn't very articulate then. He gently picked up my hands and shook his head at the old callouses, and as gently put them down. 

traditional-gender-roles.jpgI wanted to cry out to him, " But I want to be like your mother! I want you to take care of me and deliver me from my hateful daily job! I want you to cherish me! I want only to be your wife and have your children and keep your house! I don't want a career or anything else. I just want you." 

But I couldn't say it. I had no words. My rearing silenced me. And so I never saw him again. But I saw the creeps, all right! They hung on me like leeches. Charity prevents me from elaborating on the matter. After all, a girl has to marry someone, doesn't she, when her yearning for love and protection overcomes her. And, believe me, unless she is a dyke or a Liberated Commie, that yearning is natural and heart-breaking...


I fear that men are beginning to suspect that we women conned them through the centuries. I fear they are asking themselves -- to women's terrible hurt -- why they should support an able-bodied woman who can earn a good living too, and why should they be responsible for providing a home for women. 

Why can't women be architects and bricklayers and plumbers and stone-masons and lawyers and doctors and businesswomen too, and pile up a fat bank account to be inherited by husbands? 

Why should a man give his ex-wife alimony and child-support checks, when she is just as capable, if not more so, of rolling up her sleeves and getting on the 8:00 bus of a morning for an arduous day in the factory or the office? 

After all, men whisper among themselves -- I have heard -- that women in Russia are treated exactly as men, and are farm-laborers plowing and seeding and harvesting, and they manhandle big machines in factories, empty garbage, and shovel snow, learn to be bricklayers and steel-workers as well as doctors and lawyers, serve in the armies, drive trucks, wear felt pants, dig sewers and lay pipes, clean chimneys and work in the forests, and do the heaviest of manual labor.

Men, in short, are licking their lips and, for the first time in history, are readying themselves to be exploiters in their turn -- to be the soft gentle creature in the house, the soother of exhaustion, the serene person who has nothing to worry about in his pleasant life. Mom's out there, plugging and "fulfilling" herself, and why should Pop worry? He's had it coming to him since Eve.

It is a woman's nature to make a sanctuary of love and delight in her home. That is the true "career" for women. Alas, alas, that so many multitudes of women are now forced -- or choose -- to abandon that career, and to become imitation men in society. The true men won't marry them. The creeps will throng about them. They will reap the bitterness I have had to reap -- though I never wanted a career, never wanted to be "stalwart." I just wanted to be a woman.


You really can't change human nature, and the instincts of that nature, for good or evil. I know a prosperous young man in New York, in his early thirties, who has a "pad" in a penthouse and is up-to-date on everything, including Ladies' Liberation. He highly approves of it. It is time, he told me, that women "stopped being parasites" and worked to the day they dropped dead or retired, as men do, and not expect a man "to support them." 

He is very enthusiastic, too, about women's "sexual liberation," and always manages to get a girl who, the dupe and dope, heartily agrees with him. "After all," says the young man, "women get as much fun out of it as men do, so why should a man feel obligated to marry them, or give them more than a drink and a dinner in exchange? I'm all for this new freedom for the girls."

He belongs to the Key Club. You know the kind I mean. When I was in New York recently he invited me to meet his "newest girl" at the Club. The "girl" happened to be a member of an advertising agency, a smart, pretty cookie with swinging hair and bright cheeks and eyes, and good manners and an engaging way with her. Only her eyes were vulnerable and soft and tender as she gazed at my young masculine friend. The lovelight shone in those eyes, deep and passionate and devoted. 

I thought those two hit it off wonderfully well, and I thought, too what a wonderful marriage they would make and what handsome and intelligent children they would have. After all, the girl came from a good family, had a master's degree in publications and advertising, and money of her own. And I could plainly see that marriage was fixed in her own ardent wishes and hopes.

When she went to the "powder room" I said to my sophisticated, progressive, and with-it young pal: "Are you going to marry Sally soon?" He looked absolutely shocked! Suddenly the primitive man was there and not a "modern" man in a dinner jacket and black tie, in a Key Club with bunnies running around and the smell of winey cooking in the air. He was aghast.

He said "Excuse me, but you can't be serious, can you? Sally's all right. But, after all, she is a modern girl -- she likes a romp as well as I do. No inhibition." He paused. Then he said, "Playmates for play-time. But only maidens for marriage!" And he laughed.

When I still stared at him cynically, he got a little mad. "Let's face it," he said. "The liberated girls have made their own public bed, and they can lie in it, and we men love it. but if they think we are going to marry them, they're due for an awakening. No man wants a woman who's been out on the town with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. When we marry, we don't want a 'modern' woman." He laughed again. "Oh, we encourage the women to be 'liberated'! It's cheap for us, and we get all the free sex we want before we settle down with a decent girl."

Sally came back, glowing at the boyfriend, her heart in her eyes. No one ever told Sally that she was being used, that her womanhood had been cheapened and degraded by her sister-women in the name of "liberation." 

Sure, Sally had her "identity," as they wickedly call it, and her "freedom," and she was being fulfilled all right, all right! She had her good job and her independence and her nice little apartment...and she was twenty-seven years old and she would soon be middle-aged, and all she could marry then (and even now) would be some "Liberal" creep eager to live on her salary and permit her to support him. 

The young man now opposite her, with his urbane manner and excellent income and ambitions, would never marry Sally. He would marry some sweet, untouched creature who would not "stand shoulder to shoulder with him in the battle for life," but who would make him a pleasant little wife of whose decency he would be proud, and who had never heard the phrase, "women's liberation." Well, I suppose, it serves Sally right and all her deluded and pathetic sisters who sprint off to work every morning and take care of themselves and are as "free as men." But deep in their deprived hearts, they know how tragic they are.


Girls, the men are catching on -- through your sister-women who have been "liberated -- that they have been victims for ages of the Big Con Game, and the first thing you know they will be demanding Civil Rights and Equality for themselves, too! It's up to you, in behalf of future generations, to lull them back and to again become superior. Who wants Equality with men? No woman in her right mind.

Remember this: The strongest sign of the decay of a nation is the feminization of men and the masculinization of women. It is notable that in Communist nations women are exhorted, and compelled, to do what has traditionally been men's work. American women, some of them, feel triumphant that they have broken down the "barricades" between the work of the sexes. 

I hope they will still feel triumphant when some commissar forces a shovel or an axe into their soft hands and compels them to pound and cut forests and dig ditches. I hope they will be "happy" when a husband deserts them and they must support their children and themselves alone. (After all, if a woman must be "free" she shouldn't object to men being free too, should she?")

 I hope they will feel "fulfilled" when they are given no more courtesies due to their sex, and no kindnesses, but are kicked aside on the subways and buses by men, and jostled out of the way by men on busy sidewalks and in elevators. I hope that no man will extend mercy to them because of obvious pregnancies, but will rudely tell them that that is no excuse to shirt a day's heavy labor, and they should be like Russian women. I hope they will be proud when some court demands that they support "delicate" husbands for a lifetime, and pay alimony. I hope, when they look in their mirrors, that they will be pleased to see exhausted and embittered faces, and that they will be consoled by their paychecks.

The decay and the ruin of a nation has always lain in the hands of its women. So does its life and strength, its reverence for beauty, its mercy and kindness. And, above all, its men.


Taylor Caldwell was born in England and emigrated to the US with her parents when she was a child in 1907. She was an outspoken conservative and wrote for many publications until her death in 1985. The preceding article was reprinted from the 1970 issue of American Opinion.

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Comments for "Taylor Caldwell-- Feminism Spoiled "Nature's Great Con""

MB said (May 30, 2024):

Comment found in this link:

Comment (below) way down near the end.
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The Bodysnatchers
The Bodysnatchers
18 hrs ago
Creating and maintaining a generalized fear of men in women's minds is a whole lot easier for the 'powers that be' than the reverse, and has at least two benefits for them: it institutionalizes an easily understood antagonism in society between two identifiable groups, and creates a visceral level of fear in half of the population - both of which make the population easier to control. Whether you think these 'powers' are globalists, communists, psychopaths, bankers, 'intelligence' agencies, Jews, aliens or whatever, the same basic playbook is evident - the main one being left vs right in politics. Most of the divisive issues around these days are broadly subsets of that. To somewhat distort a few metaphors: turning around the feminist Queen Mary at this stage will be an entirely uphill battle.

Mike said (May 30, 2024):

Just some thoughts.

"Feminism Spoiled "Nature's Great Con" - and replaced it with another one.

Feminism has been the covid 19 since the 1980s. The similarities are before us.

At great public and cultural expense, government and business colluded to jamb a false narrative into every orifice of western culture. Promoted were tales of a virus. General victimization of women (by men), sprinkled in were many false narratives as possible (toward men) so much that fear and paranoia (of men) created a cultural divide (social distancing).

Mere mention of any ill was (men's fault and) treated with false cures - the muzzling of any dissent or debate (masking), injecting the culture with disastrous concoctions (feminist theory) so much that distrust (for men) became normalized. The operative was psychological, and it worked. Western culture nibbled on that line, yet so many remain convinced, hooked.

Both feminism and covid 19 occurred organically. Ya. Really. Without a doubt.

O said (May 30, 2024):

I like your articles about feminism. But I would to mention another related issue: the housing 'market'.

Two incomes no kids. I think the housing market is already out of reach for about 25 years in the West.

For a whole generation it is sometimes cheaper to rent your house.

If you want buy a house it is mandatory that the woman must work as well.

High housing prices are also a form of anti-conception.

In America only in de Midwest (flyover country) it is possible to live traditionally as a single income generator and a traditional housewife.

Eastcoast and Westcoast: the housing prices are out of reach for the average Joe. All artificial pumped up by the central banks/Blackrock.

UK the same, Holland the same.

rh said (May 30, 2024):

Great article outlining one of greatest “cons” that continues to destroy the basic fabric of our culture.

60 years ago I graduated dental school as a member of the all-male class of ’64. Currently there were
60 women as members of the class of ’24. Sounds good for all the feminists. Equality has been achieved, hurrah!

However, is the death-knell of the dental profession. Certainly they are smart and have talent.

What will happen is, almost all of them will become part-timers, practicing 2 ½ to 3 days a week so they can devote the rest of their time to their children and husband (maybe).

With very few exceptions their skill-sets will always be mediocre.

With very few exceptions none will excel and develop new inventions, techniques, and methods, and write books.

They are not a bunch of “wonder women.” They just don’t have the time.

So who suffers from stagnant mediocre healthcare services? Everybody!

Just my thoughts and experiences.

DAS said (July 8, 2023):

There is a widespread technology that makes women’s so-called “liberation” possible for the masses, and that is birth control using abortion as a backup.

Birth control itself was once illegal, lumped together with other perversions such as homosexual acts. Over the course of the 20th century.

American Protestant denominations one by one accepted its use. However in its infinite wisdom, the single hold out has been the Holy Catholic Church.

Wade said (November 30, 2019):

As you may recall from past communications, I am a 75 year old Christian man. Nam vet and in business for myself since age 27. Still not retired, but would retire if circumstances permitted. My wife of 23 years is 46 years old and too young to retire.

I read a book written by Taylor Caldwell at age 25. The title was "Great Lion Of God". A novel about the life of the apostle Paul form the time of his early boyhood. I just ordered a few copies from Amazon.

Since her book made such an impression on me...I still remember so much from her book. This book will be a big help to anyone reading the New Testament. The reader will get a much better understanding of the events described in the New Testament after reading her book on the life of Saul Ben Hillel who became the apostle Paul.

Bonnie said (November 30, 2019):

Growing up in the 1970’s, in the midst of the push to pass the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), I was constantly asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

My answer of, “A mom,” was always met with laughter, followed by, “No, REALLY, what do you want to be when you grow up?” They spoke as if a mom was not a real goal.

Here I am in the 21st century fulfilling my dream – a very rare bird indeed! I have occasionally taken a part-time job here and there, but only for a short time because the family always suffered for it. My husband prefers to have me home when he gets here, as do our now adult children. In fact, I recently thought of getting a full-time job (outside of the home) because I grew tired of having to ask for money all the time. My family decided that they would give me money each week from their paychecks just to keep me at home!

“I wish my mom baked like your mom!” The number of times we have heard these words over the years are astounding! Children want their mother’s at home; they instinctively understand that having their mother around when they need them is much more valuable than the extra paycheck and extra toys.

My mother had no choice, the divorce forced her to go out to work full time. She hated it. My mother-in-law stayed home and watched soap operas showing her a more glamorous lifestyle that awaited just outside the door, and she bought it hook, line and sinker. When we made the decision to have a go on one paycheck alone, she didn’t know what to say to me anymore. My mother cried with joy.

My husband will tell you that I have a full time job… one that he wouldn’t take for any amount of money! Over the years I have cooked, cleaned, cared for, educated (homeschool) and generally been available to help our four children whenever they needed me. The compliments we have received regarding their behavior have been too numerous to count. They are polite, respectful and eager to help without the attitude (mostly) and my husband is quick to blame me.

We agree: the feminists have it all wrong… and our society is paying a hefty price for their stupidity.

Victoria said (November 30, 2019):

Dear Henry, I so appreciate that you posted this on Thanksgiving 2019. It reminds again of how very grateful I am to be married to my high school sweetheart. We are 23+ years and counting.

I am a stay at home wife. Our children are grown, grandchildren have been born and we continue to provide a positive example for them to follow. We have had our highs and lows, yet because we have such a long, deep history, we work through our travails and come back to what we know, which is: love is an action, a verb. It is not something to just happen to you. It is a day after day sacrificial act just as Jesus sacrificed for His bride the church so the husband must be willing to sacrifice for his bride. And the bride must respect and honor the husband who loves her so much he’d sacrifice himself for her. It’s all been shown to us how to do this in the scriptures.

I know that my husband is this sort of man, and I in turn take care of him. I cannot imagine my life any other way. And I am very sad for the women and men coming forward. They don’t know any of this and quite honestly don’t seem to want to know. This debauched world has presented them with any and all illusions of self-entitlement which will only lead to a life of dissatisfaction which will lead to more self-aggrandizement and the cycle keeps repeating itself over and over and over. I’ve seen it more times than I can count. Thank you for being a voice crying in the wilderness.

JG said (November 29, 2019):

This is the Church Age and the Gentile Christians have lived by St. Paul's letters of revelation and instruction for almost 2000 years. Unfortunately, the Church Age is fading away fast as the worldly "doctrines of demons" are permeating culture and society.

Paul the Apostle's instructions did not over complicate the man's relationship with a woman. He recommended to the Saints of the Church to only marry if they could not control their lust for one another, which most people can't (1 Cor 7:9). For those who were already married, he advised them to stay married (1 Cor 7:27). He wanted the Saints who weren't married to be celibate for they were the virgin bride of Christ. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a fleshly kingdom but a spiritual kingdom.

The longest-lasting marriages seem to be the ones who marry their high school sweethearts. Feelings at that age are usually strong and true. And, the thrill of that relationship is real. For the other people who think they have to explore multiple sexual relationships first to decide who to marry is usually the road to disaster.
A lot of what Miss Caldwell says in this letter is true. All the awards, fame, and literary achievements, in the end, are empty idols.

I can't think of a better parallel than the scene of 'A Christmas Carol' when Scrooge's wife is leaving him and telling him she was replaced by "an idol in his heart" which was the love of money and power.

Paula said (July 9, 2018):

Thank you so much for the Taylor Caldwell piece. My mother read her back when I was a child; I started reading her a couple years ago. I wish I had discovered her greatness when I was younger. I read The Captains and the Kings and A Prologue to Love, and was amazed at how well she understood how the world works! I often wish she were still alive so that I could have a conversation with her. She was quite a visionary.

G said (July 8, 2018):

"There is no solid satisfaction in any career for a woman like myself. There is no home, no true freedom, no hope, no joy, no expectation for tomorrow, no contentment. I would rather cook a meal for a man and bring him his slippers and feel myself in the protection of his arms than have all the citations and awards and honors I have received worldwide, including the Ribbon of Legion of Honor and my property and my bank accounts. They mean nothing to me. And I am only one among the millions of sad women like myself."

Henry, I'm a bit late but still wanted to say, WOW! When I read the above quote it was like a great relief to see someone put it into words so eloquently. It is a wrenching truth and so many of us carry the pain of it, the women and the men alike.

To want to be a traditional woman does not mean we are lazy or living off our guy; we are so willing to make the home a place of cleanliness and comfort, of nurturing and sharing. That's all I want to do these days, along with some reading and writing.

So many of my women friends have bought in. Most are single and think they have to do heroic deeds in life. I so feel for them. And I wonder what it will take to reclaim the sanctity and sanity of traditional marriage. So many issues, from porn and all its offshoots of perversion to gender distortions, and well, I don't have to tell you, we are in a mess. It's infuriating but worse than that it's heartbreaking, a deep sadness of longing for the normal.

TONY B said (July 7, 2018):

Caldwell knew exactly how to express the truth about feminism. The only thing she missed is that the government would use a massive double standard of making women "equal" to men except for the FACT that they are not able to survive on their own without government handouts after they dump their men. So suddenly, when it comes to a free ride at taxpayer expense, they are NOT considered equal at all but privileged.

When my wife, mother of my sons, decided to be the belle of the nearest bar instead of a wife and mother, I told the welfare people (California) that I would take one of their women off their hands as I needed a housekeeper. Their reply was that I could not do that as these women were "entitled." So I said that I'm in the identical circumstances so put me on your entitled agenda. The reply to THAT was, "No, you can't get welfare for your family because YOU ARE A MAN."

Do you see no conspiracy here?

JJ said (July 7, 2018):

Women have no one to blame but themselves. Over and over again I have worked on jobs where women have bragged they can do the same work as men and even prove it.

Yeah - for five minutes! Do they want to pick up that bundle of asphalt shingles day after day for years on end? Never! But they sure want the job of supervising the men or of planning the project or of designing the building (at a much higher salary).

Women allow themselves to be deceived simply because they don't want integrity. They should ask themselves what would happen if there were only women on the planet. Simply put - we would be living in one-story grass huts. No trees would be cut down. No tools would be made. No land would be cleared. We would be living in poverty.

Women need desperately to understand that when they pick up a tool that is easy to use, even a bulldozer, and do miraculous things with that tool - they are not EQUAL to men! They have only fit themselves into one small part of the process and ignored the years of math and hard work it has taken to get that far!

And again - women by nature are socialists. If they have enough money and benefits from governments so that they can nest, they completely forget about the debt incurred or any sacrifice they should be making on behalf of their race or country. They are as happy as a pig in mud and display about as much intelligence.

Robert K said (July 7, 2018):

Taylor Caldwell mislabelled her point by calling the natural, wholesome female relationship to men a "con".

There are plenty of even bigger cons ruining society today. There is the con that people apply for credit to institutions that generate it out of nothing and loan it out on their arbitrary conditions. There is the con that "equality" in all respects is the finest objective of a society, which is patently unrealizable and merely gives bureaucrats a perpetual excuse to interfere in people's lives. There is the con that people are born into an economic tabula rasa in which every advantage must be earned by "work" rather than as heirs of the most fantastic economic capacity in human history that increasingly is non-human slave (robot) operated. There is the con that imposed "work", rather than freedom, is ennobling, rather than "the curse of Adam".

Marco A said (July 7, 2018):

Great article; highly depressing.

It all goes back to feminism. This ideology has done more harm than any evil brought forth by our masters for the implementation of the new world order - hence your timeless slogan “exposing feminism and the new world order”, two major themes synonymous with each other.

Men won’t fight against this monstrous depraved world order only for themselves. Our calling has always been to protect women and this is a major motivator for man’s actions. Feminism ruins this natural inclination unfortunately, hence why we lose so much ground to evil and so fast in this day and age - there is no resistance anymore, men excuse themselves of reason to care.

That is why I always say that men must still fight for women.
A feminist woman is still a woman, she’s just been poisoned and deceived - it’s not her fault. It is cowardly for a man to give up on her, especially in her current state of dire need.
That our women are being poisoned is a greater reason to fight to save them.
This takes a high level of character and confidence.

It’s easy to love the image of a soft, gentle, humble thing and struggle for her; it takes true perspective and a godly understanding to love the sick and see the beautiful woman that was robbed and poisoned - her life ruined by an ideology she never asked for.

Reversing the tide and defeating this beast requires men. Unfortunately, because of feminism, many men have given up their manhood, refusing to fight. But I understand their defeatism...

I am meeting another woman tonight. I have lost all hope for a lasting relationship, and this next woman is probably poisoned like the rest. It will be an expensive night that will cut another piece out of my soul. I do not remember what a gentlewoman is like anymore.

But the fight with evil shall go on. Many of us may need to just become warriors rather than husbands until one day we bury this beast system once and for all. They are both noble vocations.

Jennifer said (July 7, 2018):

Question: Where are all the fathers of these young feminist women? Are their father's protecting, advising them —giving them a head’s up about their value as virgins, about men?

No, feminism was birthed by dysfunctional girls and women who had been abandoned or raped by their fathers and thus forced into the male workplace role.

Why was there an initial mass exit of responsible fathers in the 50s and 60s? Answer: Porn, Playboy, James Bond, the Hollywood glamorization of the arrested development bad boy. Thus happily married men were conned into thinking there was a better life over there. In groves men began having affairs, divorcing their wives, and the worse effects were the huge numbers of men whose minds and hearts became so warped by the porn -they molested children.

The scales tipped such that there became a cheering on by men of men’s irresponsible sexual behavior - a man’s sexual conquests gave him hero status. Today, I am so sick of hearing men in their 30s, 40’s and 50s tell me that MOST of the women they meet tell them some sexual abuse story they endured as a child.

Now, men today are trying to cope with the devastation of the previous generation of men who dropped the ball, committed war against women’s vulnerability and trust and quietly decimated their wives and daughters.

Ken Adachi said (July 7, 2018):

The average internet surfer would never know about a Taylor Caldwell or read her intelligent, common sense, intuitive, feminine understanding of what constitutes a harmonious relationship between a man and woman who want to be together for a lifetime and raise children who will care and love in life as they had - without Henry Makow posting these little vignettes for that young wanderer to stumble upon and contemplate its message.

Thanks to the towering success of family wrecking that the communist Vipers of Feminism have wrought in America in the past 50 years, FEW daughters today get to hear this level of counsel from the proud and defiant, feminist-inflected "single mom" who raised them.

The critical years from 10-17, when a young girl's heart (and life) could have been shaped at the knee of a far wiser, truly feminine, tradition-minded 'mom', who was still devoted to - and very much in love with dad - should not be lost on the tender-hearted. Standards, morality, devotion, and commitment are the keystones that maintain the arch of a happy and fruitful life. Build it while you can.

Tony Blizzard said (November 27, 2012):

Caldwell was right before most realized there was something there to be right or wrong about.

Women still enjoy both rights and privileges but that won't survive. They still have "minority" status, which is a standing joke as they have always been a majority in numbers since at least the whole last century as constant wars have depleted the stock of men. I wonder just how long it will be before some man, or a group of men, bring(s) a class action to the courts to declare men a minority (with minority "rights"), which they definitely are.

It would be fun to watch the "politically correct" (absolute liars) judges choking on their words while leaping for any convoluted way to deny that claim even though it cannot possibly be denied by the simple facts.

Women in general remain out of place and out of control. Until that reverses the world, especially the "Western" world, will remain a hell hole for both sexes and ALL children.

Jim said (November 27, 2012):

These days, a man should not marry. Give me three reasons why.

For the sex? Well, we know easy it is to find that.

For the companionship? Overrated. And, besides, who wants to be nagged out of his mind by their "companion"?

For a clean house/clean clothes? Do it yourself or hire someone to clean it for you.

For a hot meal? Learn to cook or buy take out.

For children? They'll only be taken away and/or used as pawns in the divorce when your wife decides she needs to go "find herself." Then you'll be forced to move out of the home and forced into poverty as you try to meet alimony and child support payments.

This may sound cynical but it's the truth and it's been my experience.

Unless a man marries a truly humble woman that hasn't been exposed to feminist propaganda he will be truly miserable from the moment he marrie

Marcos said (November 27, 2012):

The ruse continues going strong. In Europe, they just passed a law that provides a 40% quota for women in the Board of Directors of companies.

How many women (or men) will get to be directors ? 1% ? The rest will slave away in soul crushing, tedious jobs. Nevertheless, the bait is set.

Women are selling their futures for 15 years of slutty fun. Later, when they are 40, they try desperately to fix the mess. I just found out that a 42-year old female friend, after being fired from the company she worked for all her life, decided to impregnate herself with a donor and have a baby that she will raise by herself. The kid will have no father.

Annette said (November 26, 2012):

Wow what a surprise to see that article by Taylor Caldwell. I read many of her books when I was in my twenties and thirties. I absolutely loved her books. I never knew much about her background or that she held these views. Thanks for sharing this article.

Julius/Denmark said (November 26, 2012):

Have been on my own most of my Life, since the female organs are not that interesting that I will sacrifice my independence and Life purpose for having a little hanky-panky here and there which is often not very good anyway, since most women (people in general) are totally "switching" from the electrosmog from the wireless society today - and this actually lowers
the Libido which Professor Santini already highlighted in 2001.

The real women with real values are more or less out of stock.

I guess it would be much easier to find a real women in the East or in South America - the brainwashing today is amazing.

Some times I have this feeling that the women have been totally destroyed and taken over by the agenda, since they seem to be aliens in a way.

Also I get the sensation that women are extremely demanding and expect men to dance and jump for them and serve them and entertain them - I get completely drained often by being in a woman's company for 3-4 hours.

The essential female energy has been switched too - they are not at their own grounds any more, and men are in general weak and passive. Very pretty.

Thank you for your great articles and work.

NB: I have a sensation that more and more women are showing deep psychopathic or narcissistic traits - it becomes more difficult to have a meaningful conversation.

Lisa said (November 26, 2012):

I really enjoyed your recent posting about Taylor Caldwell. I am thrilled to research her works. When I read at the end it was written in 1970, it shocked me- so much has changed, but really nothing's changed. Women still get duped into 'finding themselves', risking being old and alone and men risk losing literally everything they own in the process! No wonder both sexes are frustrated.

I agree with one of the commenters Rita- it would be nice to have a list of resources for women to read. I haven't seen much out there (can only get the opposite!) I've read stuff that is fundamentally sound, but I think is a bit old fashioned. I can't wear dresses all the time and I have to work to pay the mortgage, yet I believe restoring female virtue is the first step.

Regarding Feminists, not all women are like that!

Linda said (November 26, 2012):

I read with interest your posted piece written by Taylor Caldwell, Feminism Spoiled Nature's Great Con. I subscribe to a slightly different viewpoint with regard to Eve and her unfortunate transgression...if I may share...both genders are culpable.

It was her being deceived and not seeking her husband's leading, coupled with Adam's lack of leadership that has gotten us to this sad state of affairs we are witnessing today. It began in Eden and has steadily deteriorated since. Bible commentator, Matthew Henry, does a good expository teaching regarding God's indictment of Eve and her female descendants in Genesis 3:16. The human heart was altered and what should have been a perfect and harmonious union was set askew...each human heart needs to be restored to that original state and only God can affect such a radical restoration. I call it being born anew, born from above, born of the Spirit (John 3:3). What was broken in the Garden is repaired.

GS said (April 20, 2010):

Henry, I just read Taylor Caldwell's article, Feminism Spoiled Natures Con Game. As one of those tough, mature men, I can relate to much of what was written by Caldwell and agree, from the male prospective with much of what she says my male mind is thinking.

I have basically given up on women. The only thing I have found that they consistently want is man's money. They love money and that is the only thing that makes contemporary male/female relationships stay together. I cite your last post "Nan" as an example.

I literally almost worked myself to death for my last woman. I underwent major surgery and am in the process of healing my body and spirit, and correcting my thoughts.

A friend of mine is 35 years old and lamenting that he cannot find a woman. I told him and tell all young, single men reading this, there are none left. Feminism has killed femininity. They all wear pants now, have careers, have makeovers, and feature themselves pretty cool and very good looking; neither of which they are anymore. I call it the Age of the Makeover. They all have lesbian tendencies and I have been directly told they dress for each other, not for men.

So be it. I have survived. I am retired now. I am comfortable for the first time in my life. I watch the woman I live with come home from her "career" tired, emotionally worn, with headache and black wrings under her eyes. I have told her we need to sell out and move to somewhere to retire. She will not. Her "career" is more important than being happy. Plus I suspect she really does not want to live with me anymore; particularly if she retires at some point. She has bought into the Makeover Con hook, line, and sinker, and is miserable. I have survived her and everybody else, am retired, and happy as a clam. In the emerging psychologic studies of ponerology, the study of evil, they note a phenomenon that has emerged subsequent to the emergence of feminism, they call it the brother/sister marriage. Women are now incapable of being honest in their relationships with men because of their Makeover Con. Women no longer treat men as men but as object for their substantiate; something feminist have accused men of all along. They are imploding under the weight of their own game.

One thing I disagree with Caldwell on. As a man who has survived (I am your age, Henry), I have discovered I do not need women. They suck time energy and money from my precious life. For the first time in my life I feel free. That, my friend, is good enough.

Carmen said (April 19, 2010):

As a young girl and teenager I read every Taylor Caldwell book I could get my hands on. Many times staying up nearly all night long because I couldn't put her books down. Years later while visiting my Mother in law she offered me a English historical fiction book to read about the twins in the tower. Once beginning to read his writing couldn't put it down and read through the night. The author of the book was Max Reiner and when researching "him" discovered Max Reiner was a pseudonym for Taylor Caldwell. No wonder I was again mesmerized the author was actually Taylor Caldwell. Her writing is so powerful and morally inspiring. Virtue in her heroines is honestly portrayed as quite difficult though eventually highly rewarded. My heart breaks that she suffered so in her cruel upbringing and yet she generously offers so much wisdom gained through her intense pain.

Rita said (April 18, 2010):

I wanted to offer to your readers two online resources for deprogramming from feminist brainwashing...they have to do with dating because that's where I am in my life.

1. What Women Never Hear

2. Pat Allen Dating and Principles (it's a Yahoo Group one must register to enter) Pat Allen wrote "Getting to I Do" and she talks a lot about women being receptive and receivers in male-female relationships.

Maybe we could compile a list of good resources like this so that women can start de-programming themselves...

David said (April 18, 2010):

I wish to follow up on your article relative to the death of the feminine to political correctness.

I direct you to another writing of Taylor being the "Forward" by her to the novel "Glory and the Lightning" for it relates to the present.
In part it reads:

"The glory that was Greece was not the glory of the people of Athens but of their few sons, who, against the most terrible opposition and persecution, fought to make her the wonder of the world. It was in Greece that the first movement was made to control and limit the power of government and to encourage them to vote and express their opinions. That later they were
only too happy, for a little security, to surrender their right to free speech and inhibit their government when it became
oppressive is the sad lesson of history which has repeated itself over and over since the days of Pericles."

As Aristotle said, "That nation which will not learn from the past is doomed to repeat it". We have seen that over and over in history, and again are about to repeat the doom.

You refer to Taylor Caldwell as being prescient. I remember reading about her that she was an automatic writer.

That is, she would sit down to write a voice in her head gave her the words. Should you read the full Foreword of the above, her prescient ability will be fully appreciated. Kinda like Thomas Jefferson statement that should you allow a private bank control of the money, your children will wake up in bondage to the banks.

Drew said (April 18, 2010):

On a personal note, I met Taylor Caldwell and was a frequent guest in her home in Buffalo, New York, when I was a senior in high school in the late 1970s. Her husband at the time was the father of my best friend. Though she'd had a stroke and was practically deaf, she was still very sharp and had a strong presence that was undeniable. I once asked my friend why his father, who was much younger than her, had married Ms. Caldwell, and he candidly and disapprovingly said, "For the money, obviously."

As she describes in this essay, this feminist dilemma was to be her curse as a highly successful, famous author--because she was so strong and independent, she would never attract and be loved by an even stronger man. She was under no illusions about this. Her sad and unfulfilling personal life should serve as a warning to young, strong-willed, independent women today--be careful what you wish for in the material sense.

Her essay that you posted is also available in her excellent autobiographical book entitled, "On Growing Up Tough" (1971) which I highly recommend to all of your readers. Her other book that I'd recommend, which exposes satanism, liberalism, and illuminism is "Dialogues With The Devil" (1967). Don't be mislead by her reputation as a "romance" novelist--Taylor Caldwell's work is much more than that and deserves to be rediscovered for what it was: deceptively profound and still relevant.

Christine said (April 18, 2010):

We have come to a new low when women describe normal family life as a "con game."

It used to be understoood that God created women to help men. And therefore, having a woman who was a dedicated helpmeet, wife, and mother at home was worth supporting financially, morally, and spiritually.

Indeed, George Gilder wrote a book on men and marriage pointing out that married men tend to do better financially because having a wife and family motivated them to succeed. It gave them a reason to live and lead a productive, happy life.

Conversely, single men tend to be more aimless and inclined to get in trouble. It would seem that men need the moral support that God intended, namely a loving wife.

How sad that the author of this article selfishly dwells on what she can "get" out of a marriage. Did she ever think of what she can give to a man, namely a happy home, loving family, and moral support?

That's the way it's supposed to be.

George said (April 18, 2010):

I loved the recent article on your site at

The end of the article reminded me of the way people respond in my wife's country when things go pear shaped for them even after being told
what would happen if they were to go ahead.

The message goes something like this. "You should be happy that things happened the way they did. You wanted it!"

Example would be of a child that friends tell parents to take to hospital, they don't and the child dies. Those friends then will tell
the parents "Now you should dance and celebrate the death of your child.

You wanted it to die so lets see you celebrate."

These girls should be happy with the way that life is working out for them. They wanted it that way.


Thanks George,

Their only mistake was trusting their society. How could they have known it had been subverted and they were being re-engineered?


Nan said (April 18, 2010):

Brilliant article! I am not a feminist, never was and never will be, however I think the concept of balance is in order here.

Being a feminist and living a life of absolute reliance on one's spouse are both extremes in their own nature that may backfire at some point in a woman's life. My husband is our only financial provider, however with the economic crisis his business has taken a battering and things are not easy for us at the moment. I wished that I had a steady job (even part time) so that he wouldn't have to worry about putting food on the table and focus his thoughts on other things.

I hate to bother him for money for little things around the house that we need when he's worried about where next months rent will come from. I really want to help him, but I can't, because all along I had been living with the notion that things will always be well and being a full time house wife was enough.

I would urge women who want to go down the house wife route to at least have their own home business on the side. Nothing is too small, you never know when you'll need that extra savings for a rainy day. Just sharing my own experience.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at