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Feminist Public School System is a Toxic Environment

March 4, 2008


By Brian Simpson (pseudonym)

I've been a supply teacher for 20 years in every subject area, K-12  in over 200 schools and in over 1000 classrooms in a large Canadian city.  I can report that the education system has been taken over by feminists and lesbians who preach a daily diet of hate, violence and discrimination against males despite pretenses of “tolerance” “non violence” and “inclusiveness.”

It's moderately common to find girls wearing anti-male, hate clothing.  Slogans on T-Shirts include: “Stupid Factory:Where Boys are Made;” “BOYS ARE STUPID, THROW ROCKS AT THEM!” and (prefixed by the profile view of a handgun)  “He had it comin'”

Others include  “WHO NEEDS BOYS WHEN YOU HAVE CREDIT CARDS?” and “I LIKE BOYS WHO ARE SENSITIVE AND CRY, WHEN i HIT THEM;”  and “MENtal Anxiety MENtal Breakdown MENstrual Cramps MENopause  Did you ever notice how all our problems begin with MEN.”

Can you imagine if these comments were addressed at girls?

I've been in staff rooms where I have read pamphlets issued by the Canadian Federation of Teachers about Afghanistan.  Exclusive concern was shown for women, girls and female babies and none for males despite the fact that boys had the double-whammy-plus of being forced to carry a gun, kill and be killed, traumatize and be traumatized, starting as early as eight-years-of-age.  They had been denied schooling and been traumatized for life.  The girls only had been denied schooling.

I've been in classrooms where videos were shown blaming all date violence on males.  No sexual violence female-to-male was mentioned and women were referred to as "men's property."  Once the video had been shown, the girls overflowed with anti-male hate statements and the boys were afraid to speak on any matter.  I told students that the video's depiction was false but they insisted that the video depiction was the absolute truth.  Such indoctrination is the norm in schools.

In the context of the omni-present, "Women's History Month" posters in the school, I have been in homerooms in which the boys are so abused by their feminist teachers that they cannot even whimper, even after serial attempts to get them to say anything at all.  In one classroom in which Grade-12 students were nearing their graduation, I had a boy cry  about the climate of ever-climaxing anti-male hate.


As a male, I am routinely discriminated against for employment with no recourse to authorities.

In supply teaching, patterns emerge such as gender-cleansing in the early years (Men need not apply.)  The substitute clerks want women, and when they can't get them (a rarity), a man can get called at the last minute (late calls generally translate as, "I-couldn't-get-a-woman call"). 

In my experience, all substitute clerks are women.  In the last two decades, phone/computer machines have been put into place in various districts.  As a result, when IT phones instead of SHE, the early years open up to men, initially.  The resultant realization that the conventional gender-cleansing is not in place results in male supply teachers being "greeted" by school secretaries (always women) who ask the man reporting to the office in the morning, "What are YOU doing here?"  "I'm here for____(a woman teacher)."

 In response to that, the secretary reports the man to the principal who tries to gender-cleanse by saying to the male supply teacher, "I can give you Grade 5."  "No, thanks, I'll take the Kindergartens."  I've even had to discuss such matters for two minutes with some principals. 

In the hundreds and hundreds of applications I have put into for teaching jobs, I have never had a response to any application for Grade 2, Grade 1 nor Kindergarten; and I've only had one interview for a position in Grade 3--which was assigned to a woman.


Here are some of my experiences as an Education student. 

First of all, to be in teaching is to be immersed in femininity.  Wall-to-wall women, everywhere; the students, the teaching staff, the curriculum, the posters on walls, the celebrations, the laments, the teacher unions, the student unions, the union unions.  In perfect lock-step, all are one, and half of humanity counts for nothing, except to be harmed, of course. 

In one class, the professor had issued a 4-page photocopy to all students (26 women and 3 men in the room).  The article was composed entirely of assertions.  There was a perfect void of evidence.  The essence of the article was that men, most especially white men were all advantaged and that women were all disadvantaged.

The monomania was so advanced that one black woman complained that whereas there was affirmative action for women, including black women, it was mostly Caribbean black women who got the jobs and not the African black women.  The women in the room gushed with sympathy that such a situation could persist in Canada.  Various women-as-victim and men-as-victimizer as the universally advantaged had serialized.  I waited for an almost void in the lament and had declared various facts. 

I pointed out that in Canada's armed services, over 116 000 men and boys and only 30 women and no girls had been killed in service and that the response of governments in Canada and elsewhere the world over had been one of, "Advance women." 

I pointed out that in the civilian work world, up to 2005, just over 96% of job-caused deaths were male and that as of 2006, with the boom in the economy, for the first time, just over 1000 men and only approximately 20 women were killed.  

The women who spoke (about 12 of them), utterly whaled against me in seething frenzied hate.  It was like being in a Nazi Party meeting.   I was shouted-down.  In fact, the women who insisted that the proper world order was save-the-women/kill-the-men, complained vociferously to the knights in shining armor (the few men who were allowed into the teaching faculty.)

These professor men called me at home on a Sunday to set up a meeting to censor me for raising gender issues!.  They didn't complain about what the women were doing. 

The one male professor encouraged me to get out of teaching by way of using the university employment service (a feminist organization.)

I told them that in every case, I was responding to the women who had raised the issues in the first place and that they had to back off.  The head professor said he would speak with the professors.  But, following that meeting, my classroom curricula had included one article about suicide which mentioned that female depression was 50% higher than male depression, but did not mention that male suicide was 400% higher than female suicide.

 Another professor issued learning-outcome statements to the class which counselled us to include examples of women (and not examples of men).


Previous to that event, we teacher-students were shown a video of two teachers in team teaching.  The woman teacher in the video had the line assigned to her, "I hope I'm treated as an equal (by the man teacher)" and the man teacher was assigned the line, "I'll have to guard against my male ego." 

The same female professor who had presented that video had chosen a text book which included curricular topics for lesson plans.  The topics included, "Violence against Women" (and, of course, no concern for "Violence against Men"). 

During one presentation, a mother of a disabled daughter told how some, "ardent Feminist" women had taken her daughter to a male strip joint.  Such was described by the mother as, "wonderful."  Following that, the same "ardent Feminist" woman had taken her daughter to the USA to attend a Feminist, "woman's music camp" and we were shown a slide of those women, many of whom were topless. Evidently lesbianism is encouraged.

 "So, why didn't you complain to officials of the university or elsewhere?"  My answer is as follows:  The student union had a handbook which blamed all date violence on men and its front office window had three prominently displayed posters about date violence which blamed into all on men.  Also, annually, the union had taken part in the Marc Lepine remembrance day ceremonies at the university...which blamed everything on men.  As for the university, it had Women's Studies and no Men's Studies, and a , "Womyn's Center" and no Men's Center.  The, poster, "greeting" men to the Womyn's Centre" reads: 


Welcome to the Womyn's Centre

This is a SAFE PLACE for Womyn

and Womyn identified people only.

MEN are asked to KNOCK before entering and to use the space briefly

Only to access the resources such as:  pamphlets, free stuff and books in the Library.

Thank you for your respect and understanding.

 To the above, I can only say, "No thanks for the disrespect and hate."


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Comments for " Feminist Public School System is a Toxic Environment"

David said (March 6, 2008):

I was wondering whether anyone else is noticing the role of the male principal or male professor in charge in supporting the feminists? I
have noticed myself the hypocrisy of feminists who 'have respect' for the 'big boss' who is just about always male in supporting them in their
persecution of the guys who are not in positions of authority.

Rick said (March 5, 2008):

It was truly a breath of fresh air to read the comments by this young lady Laura.[letter below] Kudos to you Princess. I have a daughter, soon to be 18 and fortunately, she feels the same way about this feminists nonsense permeating every aspects of our society. An d I like to add, is not only in the school system.You go anywhere now, and it's women everywhere. McDonald's, Burger King, Bloomindales, movie theaters, concession stands, cops, construction workers, Gyms, weight lifters, t.v. commercials and the list goes on and on. Finally, whatever happened to "skirts"? You look at a person from behind and you have no clue as to the gender. Suits, ties, shoes. It's sickening and you better no complaint. You will be in therapy and sensitivity training in no time.

Laura said (March 5, 2008):

Yes! I can relate to the article today on, “Feminists Run The Schools - Teach Anti-Male Hate” by Brian Simpson.

All over the working and educational world I see anti-male feminist posters and propaganda. I am a female, I am 18, why should I have a problem with it? Because, I find it easy to see through the blatant bias called “equality.”

Equality isn’t equal. Freedom isn’t free. Gone are the days people would hire based on skill and experience. I live in a rural area, and a town over there’s a prison. I find it delightful all the women who have applied for, and gotten jobs at, a male-only prison. Why delightful? Because those women learn their lessons in time, and it’s just hilarious when they regret it. I’ve heard some of their arguments for getting the job and they were feminist arguments. Yet, a few months after they complained and gotten a tough, physically demanding prison guard positions, they would quit and complain the job was too hard. NO SHIT! No fucking shit! Guarding a prison is a MALE position, unless you’re a woman with 250lbs of muscle.

I dislike the feminism mentality. I am female, but I am not entitled to a good job unless I am skilled and experienced. Many women think they are just because they are women. And if you notice, it’s mainly women who push the “gun control” laws or any other laws that take away our liberties (I live in the US). It’s as if it’s by design. It IS by design.

I am a proud anti-feminist female. I will never argue using “I’m an oppressed woman” as the reason.

Don’t worry, Brian. There are still women out there who recognize what’s going on. Not all of us are swept up in the instant gratification society of these dark days we face.

Rolando said (March 5, 2008):

When I read this article and the linked one called Male Teachers at New Low, all I could do was smile and throw a laughter or two born out of bitterness.

I now remember that in my old college I once contemplated of joining a woman's studies class because I was curious to see things from their point of view. THANK GOD I DIDN"T COMMIT SUCH A STUPIDITY!!! I don't know where I'd be now. Probably those feminists whores would have lead me to want commit suicide more than I wanted to then, seeing as back them I was going through some rough time back in those days. Now that I awoken to the reality of our damned society and specially that I read this article, It's clearer to me why I never saw a men's studies class in my college.

But, after reading so many of your articles and looking back to this, I would've guess why. I guess all I can do now is pray, spread the truth and hope one day we men will take back what is rightfully ours (and I'm not referring to just the teaching positions). May God Almighty guide us in fighting and resisting the trash thrown at us by these evil and misguided people. Keep it up,

Lynda said (March 5, 2008):

As a mother of two boys I can definitely relate to Brian's experience.

My husband and I moved our young family to remote location with a one teacher school (a male teacher) just to get away from this situation. When we perceived that our son aged 8 was being punished on a daily basis for his high energy levels demanding physical action and challenge, happy nature, questioning mind, high morale and non-readiness to sit still for long periods with activities that require fine motor skills. We decided we had to act. We have never regretted the relocation.

There were always plenty of women to volunteer as reading helpers so there was a good mix of adults at the school. To have a male teacher / principal in charge of the school was a very positive experience for both the male and female children. It affirmed the male students and enhanced the self esteem and confidence of the females.

Male bullying which tends to be overt was quickly dealt with in a fair, transparent and manly way that set a clear standard for male behaviour at the school. Girls who were tormenting others as only catty, bitchy girls know how to covertly torment and instigate mayhem were called in for conference with their parents and made to undergo supervision and shame. This shaped them up pretty fast in terms of the school goals: clear and critical thinking in core subjects, physical strength and co-ordination in games, objective standards of achievement, courtesy and respect. No affirmative action. But for those who were struggling - extra help and the satisfaction of doing their best and being acknowledged for it. Many of the parents had skills that they could donate and our one teacher / principle school was the first to offer evening computer classes and German (including technical German) in the whole state. One of my favourite memories is coming to the school to volunteer one morning a week and finding Craig's note pinned on the door - get Kevin out of the post box, heat the sausage rolls for morning tea (don't forget Kevin) and organize excursion.

Translated this was remove the python from the mail box and settle him down with a sausage roll, prepare morning tea and see if the kids can all walk down to lakeside where one of the locals is building a cruiser. He volunteered to let the school help. The kids learned all kinds of boat building skills. The parent in charge of the excursion got to sit on the beach and feed the pelicans. This gave the teacher time to enjoy a real lunch break.

I had a great time at that school. It occurs to me that these schools can be re-invented through the home schooling network.

And my two boys are now all grown up. They learned trades, set up their own businesses, studied martial arts, traveled the world, surf and play football in the local team, learned their Christian faith and culture from the Church, married their soul mates. Now as I watch my grandsons in martial arts, I see them quickly rise to the summons. In sword, even if they have to meet the challenge of an adult, they will fearlessly rise and take up position and give it their best. Now, my sons have the same set of problems with the system that I had. They see that the agenda is to destroy that fearless, inquiring spirit and integrity, the sense of fun. And they have the answers. The whole extended family (not yet a clan but getting there) is preparing to relocate.

Annie in MN said (March 5, 2008):

Wow. Your article really described well these 'sexist', exclusive environments being embedded into school systems; elementary, secondary and post-secondary. Indoctrinating still another generation of young girls and boys into their twisted world that seems to be imposing itself more and more on our lives...

The CFR have been quite diligent in their NWO agenda these several decades now, wholeheartedly encouraging this bizarre, brainwashed, 'womyn/lesbian/communist', mentality without the least bit of challenge. It promotes 'exclusive', cruel, abusive treatment of boys/men, and of course girls.

Sadly, I also witnessed how boys/young men 'adapt' themselves to 'fit in' with these harpies, just to be accepted.

As a young woman in the late 1980's, I had first-hand experience what it was like being in a group of these 'cultified' women. It was when I attended that all womyn’s music festival in Michigan with my sister-in-law. I recall I did not in the least care about any feminism until 'after' I had sought counselling/therapy in the mid 1980s.

The therapist was a feminist and within a year I ‘discovered’ I was a 'victim' of male suppression/abuse in my early years. I was encouraged to 'feel my anger'. Let me tell you once I 'felt' my anger I became a very 'angry' woman. Something that really was 'alien' to me until then.

When I brought up the 'anger' issue I had with myself and how I was afraid of this, I was made to feel 'guilty' about being angry because I now had to be careful not to be abusive like my father!

Wow, that was weird. Now what do I do with that? It turned out I was really 'angry' at the bizarre double binds I was experiencing, yet did not feel safe to be angry with her, because she was set up as an 'authority' with power. Her suggestions were 'steering' me to be angry at 'my father', not her, convincing me to believe I was 'a victim'.

Oh boy, something really 'stunk' about this 'therapy'. Though I left in a state of confusion, I quit nevertheless. Later I would find out that that is what is called a 'double bind'!

This double bind is exactly what is being imposed upon boys, men and girls, indeed, our entire world for that matter!

It is a 'psychological dynamic' that was set up so no matter what I felt, I could not speak out against that which I knew to be 'unbalanced', yet, if I spoke out about it, that would ‘trigger’ a 'taboo', effectively shutting me down! Very clever techniques they have! Could this have been done deliberately? MMMM

Feminists set it up so girls can feel 'safe' and 'belong' in this feminist/lesbian group. That somehow what they have to offer the 'now confused' young girl/woman, is a safe haven from all those abusive men out there. It is nothing more than a cult of self-loathing sirens!

These women wittingly and unwittingly, are being 'mind controlled' into 'destroying' their own natural divine instructions of 'being female'! This is so wrong!

The 'spell' I was under got broken by hanging out with some Native American women elders at the time who taught me the 'natural way'. Slowly I became 'deprogrammed' and was able to see how I had been duped. It was really creepy.

Since then, many years later, my husband and I would have both a daughter and a son who are currently in their mid to late teens. My daughter is going off to university this fall and I have been giving her some of your articles to read. It has brought up some interesting discussions about the world she has already been indoctrinated in. I asked her what she thought about all this.

I was delighted when she told me she sees through this cult and it really does not interest her at all. She has already had discussions and arguments with a couple of young women friends who consider themselves 'feminists'. I can only trust that she will continue to question this insidious 'social engineering'.

Fortunately, she was cultured to enjoy the company of boys as friends and as a group in a Waldorf school since kindergarten. She has never had to experience feeling that she had to be 'romantic' with a boy just because she is friends with a boy, although there have been 'attractions'.

I consider this 'politically correct', Frankfurter school of mind control, a deliberate enforced 'mental illness'. It is truly bizarre and its process is filled with 'dark rationales' that entice ‘vulnerable’minds to think in 'feminist' ways.

I would encourage other women who see through this ruse, to shed light on these situations as they experience them with 'feminists'. I think it is going to take strong -minded women to 'break' the strong hold on these insidious mental/social engineering. It is beginning to feel like ‘Soviet Russia’ and all its politically correct neuroses!

Henry, thank you very much for your perspective. It is so freeing and healing to read your articles that deal directly with this social ‘disease’. Good to have a forum on this.

Erika said (March 5, 2008):

I am a reader from Japan, always being astonished how sharply you are seeing what's happening in the world.

I've found your website on past February, people translated your article "How They Controle the World" into Japanese and posted it to the website called "Anti-Rothchild Alliance"that I'm checking often.

I didn't know at all, about what's the world leaders mean until I started reading newspapers and analyzing through those websites very recently. I am very happy that you are writing wonderful articles, and someone commented that your existance on the internet is a great relief, and I think exactly same thing!

I lived in Los Angeles about 4 yrs where I attended community college. Since I came back I alwasy wondered the strange relationship I see between the USA and Japan, like what happened to Japan Post offices last autumn, or the existence of "Japan hand"s, etc. After finding good websites, plus your excellent articles here, I think I'm beginning to understand who is controlling world. Yes, as I knew always as a Christian, it is Satan.

I am grateful that you have this website especially because you are seeing thing so shaply through what Bible is saying. One of the comment that Australian Pastor wrote on the "Communist Takeover Began Long ago"-which again, I was so astonished by reading it- was very much like my thinking, that says "God is in control of everything." At a same time I think that I have to know those informations more. I just feel like I have to know.

The article "Feminist Public School System...," it made me feel sick. In Japan, I think Feminism is not so popular, when you compare with European countries. I saw sometime ago in News that in China women are still paid much lower that men, as it is in Japan. As a woman, I always thought the Feminism is some kind of movements that some enthusiastic people involve, so I haven't paid much attention.

However, now I know that the movement is Satanic and people in many country are suffering greatly (of course including women who don't know what's behind the all movements, as I used to be!) from this wrong thinking. I don't know what to say. I slightly thought it was good of me that I was born in Asia, selfishly, but Asia won't be safe either in soon future, perhaps.

Chris-Norway femiist hellhole said (March 5, 2008):

Henry, I have been reading your articles for some time now and I agree with most of them. In Norway, public schools are as bad as in Canada, invaded by female feminist teachers and the school system has been skewed in the favor of girls; boys are not allowed to be boys anymore.

The same where I work; the men are reduced to obeying, zombielike mutes who accommodate the feminist values. I feel so put out by it that I now go to lunch alone and I am looking for a job ennvoronment which is dominated by men.

The whole society in Norway is feminist now; kindergarden, schools, workplace, TV, politics, even many churches accept same sex marriage!
I tell you Norway (and the rest of Scandinavia) is hell on earth if you are a man, and I am thinking seriously about moving to another country or starting a political party taking up the gender battle on the behalf of men and traditional family values. By the way 50 percent of marriages in norway fail to no surprise.

To the ones who thought Norway is the best country to live in- It is in in fact a feminist controlled hell hole if you are a man. The sad part is that most norwegian men will never understand this subject to indoctrination from school and brainwashing in the mass media.

Keep up the good work Henry I have been looking for someone that can express what is going on and what male values is all about.

Mike said (March 5, 2008):

Henry, where i work...women rule...the white male is voiceless, powerless
against the system. The management fears and trembles their every whim. I do
not exaggerate in the least. mike(Publix supermarkets)

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