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Filmmaker Calls 911 Attacks "a Hoax"

May 29, 2008


by Henry Makow Ph.D.

On Sept. 11 2001, filmmaker Paul Cross was doing post-production work in Washington DC when he heard about the "terrorist" attack.  He visited the crash-site just five hours after impact and could plainly see the official story was a lie.

"There was no passenger jet wreckage; the lawn wasn't scorched; lamp posts, fences and construction materials in the path of the jet were untouched." Cross told me.  "If this was a hoax, then the attack on the World Trade Centre was also a hoax."

Cross, 45, characterizes his pre-9-11 self as a "flag- waving patriot" who "voted Republican all my life."

He was crushed.  "I love my country. I was in mourning for weeks, literally in tears for what has become of this country."

He decided to alert his fellow citizens by making the feature film "Severe Visibility" about a Pentagon accountant, Major Stanley Kruter, who is slightly injured in the attack. He "has his head buried in the sand" but begins to question the official story when approached by a British investigative reporter.

Cross opted to make a feature instead of a documentary because he felt documentaries  preach to the converted. He wanted to reach ordinary Americans who could identify with the cognitive dissonance his hero experienced as he tried to comprehend the implications of the hoax and its mass acceptance.

Cross raised over $500,000 from friends and family. Many actors etc. wanted to participate and worked for less.

Cross wrote, directed and starred in the 90-min. feature. The film describes his own coming to terms with political reality.

Cross insists he identifies with the investigative reporter, not Kruter. But in an uncanny way, his own life now resembles the accountant who refused to pretend he saw a passenger plane.

Cross can't find a distributor for the movie. He can't get it shown at film festivals in the US.
They say their corporate owners or sponsors would not permit it. 

"I feel like I am in Nazi Germany the way some people in Hollywood are reacting to it. What is everyone so afraid of? Everyone seems to like the film but... most of the distribution companies I have approached... don't want to release a film with so strong a statement."

He can't get interviews or reviews in the mainstream press. This is tangible proof of how art and information are controlled in our supposedly "free" society.

(Many politically sensitive movies never see the light of day. For eg. director Henry Bean had to show his wonderful movie, "The Believer" about a Jewish neo-Nazi, to a rabbi and some matrons at the Simon Wiesenthal Center in LA. They didn't like it and it never reached theaters.)

Paul Cross has received hate mail, and death threats. "The truth hurts," Cross says. "People can't face it."

But the film has been embraced abroad. "The media tells people the truth in other countries," he said.

Cross has joined the select minority of  Americans who awoke on 9-11. We are the child who says the Emperor has no clothes surrounded by conformists who won't believe their own common sense and eyes.

The other 9-11 movies like "Flight 93" and "World Trade Centre" are propaganda. They perpetuate the myths that 9-11 shattered.  Oliver Stone is a shadow of the man who made "Platoon" and "JFK."


"Severe Visibility" is hard to watch. Cross said he meant it so. He wanted viewers to confront what happened on Sept 11, 2001. He wanted them to mourn the innocent victims and the demise of freedom.

The main character has a childish faith in his country. He addresses his diary to Thomas Jefferson as if the founding fathers were pristine. The dialogue and action are stilted. There isn't much of a plot and Cross is pretty long-winded. Incongruously, Kruter doesn't change the blood-stained bandage on his forehead.

Personally, I have passed the "cognitive dissonance" phase. I wanted Kruter to be less naive and more shrewd. He could have told his interrogators, "Hey, I wasn't looking out the window."

Christ said: "See, I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. So be as cunning as serpents and as innocent as doves." (Mathew 10:16)

In spite of this, the film is for some undefinable reason quite gripping. Kruter becomes a symbol of the much-lied-to and-abused American people.

The film is a dirge for 9-11. Paul Cross has a unique ability to feel the breadth and depth of the tragedy when most of us have become desensitized and brutalized. The victims of 9-11, whether on the planes or in the WTC, have not been mourned. How can a country mourn if it won't admit the truth of why the victims died and who was responsible?

"Severe Visibility" contains a lot of  information about the Pentagon attack. For example, the 9-11 scenario had been rehearsed as a "terror exercise"  numerous times. This is why the military allowed it to take place. (As if the "terrorists" would have been privy to this information.)


We have been colonized by an alien financial power, the London-based central banking cartel and their instruments, the colonial elite: corporations, intelligence agencies, government, the two political parties, universities, Freemasons, the churches, organized Jewry, Marxist Jews;  Neo Cons; feminists, foundations; think tanks, and of course the mass media.

The "truth will set you free" so they suppress it.. That's why we must honor and support courageous if flawed works like "Severe Visibility."  The only deterrent against another false flag terrorist attack, possibly leading to martial law, is for everyone to know the truth about 9-11.
First Comment:  from Larry-

I"m responding to your article on the 911 film.  You write that not a single distributor would touch the film.  Today, I was driving past a local film theater which might be called a "10-plex,"  meaning that they are able to show ten films, and possibly at the same time!  It wouldn't surprise me if all ten films are losing money.  It is a typical theater in this area -  you can make a film about nearly any topic on earth, except something that causes people to question a massive government lie.  If the film "JFK" had been made today, would it receive any distribution, here in 2009?  If you make a film exalting the government lies, it ends up on PBS.  Those who side with the government are  called "experts," and those who dare to question it are  "conspiracy theorists" or "fringe" people who "cannot get a life."  Geraldo Rivera was shown on TV telling the 911 truthers to "get a life."  But that wasn't why I wrote this to you -  the very first conspiracy book I ever read was Jim Garrison's "A Heritage of Stone," and it deserves to be reviewed on your website.  Garrison clobbered the government as no other author had ever done.  And one of his main points was that power can turn day into night.  If the government told people that daytime was night, and they'd lose their jobs for saying otherwise, the vast majority of the people would just go along to avoid poverty or jail.  The whole basis for the New World Order is fear.  It really isn't the "New World Order;"  It's the "Old World Order."  Theres' nothing new about being a bully.   It's as old as the hills.  The only new things are the names of the bullies.

See also my "Are Bush, Mossad Behind 9-11?"

and "The Zionist Protection Racket"

If you haven't seen it yet, you must watch Loose Change, the foremost expose of the 9-11 Hoax

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Comments for "Filmmaker Calls 911 Attacks "a Hoax""

Melanie said (June 5, 2008):

Wonderful article. Everyone, who has had any kind of knowledge about 911 has been silenced in one way or another, i.e., all those who took the government's "hush money" to go away and never be heard of again, first responders, eye witnesses and many more. Or the cabal and their criminal legal system try to crush all possibilities for accountability, i.e., Ellen Mariani's cases now still pending.

The truth must be told here for too many criminal activities out of Washington and Wall Street have gone on far to long and if not stopped will continue to the point where not only this country but the entire world will be blown apart.

Keep up the good work.

Richard. from India said (June 2, 2008):

am from Mumbai (Bombay), India. I read your articles regularly in "" and I find them extremely interesting.

I am writing to you to comment on "Filmmaker was at Pentagon on 911" wherein Paul Cross has said that "The media tells the truth in other countries". In my opinion, that is probably not true and in the case of India, I believe that it is certainly not true. India once had a very strong and vigorous free press which always challenged the establishment's actions and view whenever there was a need to do so. Over the years and more so from 1992 when India embraced "globalisation" and ushered in cable TV, India's media, both press and TV, moved towards sensationalising of news and in "dumbing down of the masses"; today in my opinion, the Indian media is not only a peddler of disinformation, it is actively involved in breaking down traditional Indian values, and promoting the "corporatisation of India" to the detriment of India as a republic, especially among India's so called middle class of a paltry 2-3% who are entrenched into India's ruling class and have, inequitably, cornered almost all the fruits of India's economic growth.

Dan2 said (June 2, 2008):

Joachim and Boaz, the twin pillars of masonry.
David Rockefeller spent ten years overcoming all opposition to manifest his vision of the World Trade Center complex. The Twin Towers were a 'must be' Rockefeller project.

Modern skyscrapers since the 1950s were designed with 'planned obsolescence in mind. After world war two architects don't build for permanence but for change within 40 year time frames.
So many skyscrapers have been built with the C-4 demolition charges already in them, to bring them down at the end of their careers. Anybody watching both WTC towers fall in a direct 90 degree vertical into their footprint can assume it could only have been with controlled demolition.

Airline jet fuel is kerosene, which can only generate flame heat under 371C.(700F) Steel softens at no less than 1648C (3000).

An architect of the WTC said the buildings were designed to accept impact of a Boeing 707 with no structural damage to the building.

Here's the 2002 sept 11 (anniversary) interview with the late Hunter S. Thomson. Interesting observations from one of the few public figures talking about it during the mass hypnosis phase in the US. The interview wasn't aired in the US, but in Australia at the time. (I didn't find it until 2006). Thompson was 'suicided' in 2005. You may recall a smear campaign on him ran on web blogs well timed come up on Google search along with news of his murder (er, 'suicide') - innuendos that he was seen at a pedophile snuff movie filming, but the rumor evaporated after a few months.

National silence continues regarding 911 in most quarters. It's still a taboo subject in mixed company.

Getting back to the Rockefeller connection to the origin of the Twin Towers, from seven years of research I have no problem with the conclusion that it was indeed the 'big event' planned at least fourty years in advance to herald the dawn of the post millennium order. What better symbol than a demolition of those particular symbolic structures?

Steve said (June 1, 2008):

I take the 911 hoaxes - the twin towers, building 7, the pentagon - as tremendous insults to the intelligence and courage of Americans as well
as of foreigners who care about America. The perps assume that they have such iron control over the U.S. government and propaganda apparatus
that they can get away with absolutely anything. Events, SO FAR, seem to have proven them correct, though there is no good reason to think that
events have played themselves out. I feel that I am one of millions of aware people who want to take effective action but have yet to find an
effective means. There is tremendous potential out there for a counter explosion of indignant, angry, resolute people to bring the perps down
and get the present abysmal totalitarian situation turned around.

USN Ret. said (May 31, 2008):

REF: Your recent "Eye Witness" article
1. We will never know the truth about 9/11,
2. The Gestapo (aka, Homeland Security) has been re-incarnated,
3. After watching Loose Change 2, nothing surprises me.
Take care young man and have a great day,,,,,

Dan said (May 31, 2008):

The truth of what happened on 11 September 2001 will never come to light.
The morning I watched it happening on television I knew what it was and what it heralded. I should say that I thought I knew, but I didn't yet know the half of it. I still believed there were nations, and I still believed there were two factions struggling over control of the United States. I saw 911 as a coup d'tat. And it was that - but not a coup of power within the government. It was a coup of our minds. Since then I've realized that there are no nations, no struggle or balance of power between good and evil forces at the top. The 'bad guys' not only won a long time ago -- they created this culture we live in before we were born. 911 was indeed a hoax. Though I believe real airliners were destroyed, with living innocent passengers and crews. The builidings were certainly destroyed killing nearly 3000 lives who were innocently just going to another work day. Something nobody talks about was the extinction of neighborhoods nearby where families had lived for generations. Their homes and shops were ruined by the debris and dust. They had nervous breakdowns, lost everything, and left Manhattan for good to be absorbed by relatives living in other cities spread out across the country.
The hoax was the lie of it.

For some years I thought it was surely the greatest hoax or fraud in history since the burning of Rome by Nero - who blamed gnostic Christians for it. In reality the Senate had been resisting his plans for rebuilding the city as an homage to himself, so he burned them out of their own mansions and acquired the land with 'emergency' eminent domain.

I used to think 911 was that kind of grand fraud. But since then, and because of it, I've realized it's bigger than that. "Civilization" itself is a hoax, a fraud.

Joe said (May 30, 2008):

Thanks for bringing this to your reader's attention. Great article ! I found very interesting and true about Paul Cross' remarks that his film was embraced abroad but not in the United States.
Americans have to be the most informed, yet woefully ignorant and willingly stupid people, of all time. They have access to the most mind-numbing drivel and celebrity trivia, and are the most propagandized cognitively dissonant people since Josef Goebbels practiced population manipulation through media control of fascist Nazi Germany. Indeed, the same face of fascism is at work !

In the foreign country I live in, despite many in the United States who think it is a third-world nation, the people here in this country know much more how the world really is ran than the "free" citizens of the USA. They are not in denial in understanding the hedgemony of the Mega-Rich in controlling and victimizing the poor, of which the ranks of, are being swollen everyday by the continuing decline of the living standards of the Middle Class of the United States. Even Europeans living here have a hard time understanding why Americans are so provincially ignorant of current events in the World and can defend American leaders.

Only God can let a nation and a people, who think themselves so self-sufficient as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn remarked, "to forget God," be deceived as Americans are... and it is too late for a remedy. Americans have thought smugly ever since WW2, that they are too great for a Fall, and that God Himself must be an American. This is the Deception that has made them the "fatted calf" for the World Conspirators, called "the Rich Men" in the Bible by the Apostle James. May the example of the demise of the United States be a wake-up call for the rest of the world against these Evil Men.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at