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Houston Resident Predicts Quarantines

September 9, 2011

CONTAGION.jpgAfter all these years, all conditions are in place for either war, a real killer pandemic, or both.  I think these events will serve as cover for strategic depopulations (genocide operations) in parts of the US.

by Ron Henderson

I've kept track of their preparations for 'the big thing' which have been very real.  Namely, the relentless installation of surveillance cameras at every intersection.  Changes in police chiefs and department mission and morale, and the quiet escalation of military armament acquired but kept out of public mind in storage.

This year, the signs are adding up to what I predict will be quarantine of the Greater Houston region.

I've dreaded for years to say this - but gentlemen - 'time's up'. They're moving ahead with this thing.

Here's one of the most important first-hand reports I've ever given,

The Federal government has recently achieved de facto control of food available for the food pantries of all denominations in the Greater Houston area.  I'll explain.

The fellow that runs our food pantry said All the parishes have suddenly run low on food.  This was a surprise to us because just a month ago he'd told us that the new central warehouse facility would be bulging with food. 

This morning I learned that none other the US Dept of Agriculture set up this new food distribution system.  Now that hundreds of church community food banks retired their local storage facilities and arrangements for trucking, the Federal government food hasn't arrived.  The huge warehouse way out on the coast is sitting empty.

Bear with my re-cap of the progression of events which has led to all denomination's church food charity being nearly 100% dependent upon the Federal government for food.

Before the 2008 Crash, and Hurricane Ike (2008), Houston and the Galveston Gulf Coast region churches routinely had food and clothing donation drives, and parishioners were used to dropping off food stuffs. 

Within the last two years, the food bank committees were sleep walked into this Federal offer to supply food at the lowest cost, distributed from an impressive central warehouse to make it 'easier' on everybody.

Naturally the local networks for storage and trucking gave up their leases, thinking of the money they'd save to put directly to food.
So at last month's meeting, everyone  believed Houston will have abundant food on hand for the poor.  When I heard his report this morning I was stunned.  I hadn't known that the centralized warehouse was Federal.

Now, bear with me.  This goes to the evacuation drill here in 2005 after Katrina when we were told to hit the road for tropical storm Rita.  Over a million people flooded out of Houston at the behest of Mayor White and FEMA. I was en route to Austin, in a traffic jam moving 5 - 8 miles an hour, it took 18 hours to make the 1.5 hour trip.   I saw tens of thousands of cars that ran out of gas half-way to Austin.
Form that experience I learned that there are only 6 major points of exit/entry to Greater Houston area (which includes Galveston).  These arteries can easily choked shut.  In fact, I45 did shut down during the exodus for Ike - all it took was a semi truck down, straddled across the lanes.  I estimate a mere light armor battalion could lock down this city in a matter of hours. The end game? Starvation.  


In 2005, Bush asked Congress for permission to use the military to enforce quarantine.

BLOGGER.jpg(Predictive programming. In "Contagion," Jude Law, left, plays a blogger who disbelieves the official storyl.)

"The best way to deal with a pandemic is to isolate it and keep it isolated in the region in which it begins," he said.

In this scenario - soon playing at a theater near you in this year's predictive programming movies like "Planet of the Apes" and "Contagion", a killer virus spreads overnight globally via airports.   If you want to know what a military quarantine of US cities will look like, movies of this genre have been too numerous to list here.

Since 2004, I've witnessed the restructuring and merger of local police with military and fire depts with FEMA.  Women (several of them openly lesbian) have replaced men in top city positions which will be in charge in the next Houston emergency.

On the evidence of the track record of FEMA during live emergencies since 2005,  I think 'siege' is a better word than 'quarantine' for what's in store.  Siege is simple:  you just cut off the exit routes and wait for starvation and disease to do the rest.


After all these years all conditions are in place for either war, a real killer pandemic, or both.  I think these events will serve as cover for strategic depopulations (genocide operations) in parts of the US.

The pattern of FEMA drills and activations since 2005 (Katrina) has involved the East Coast from South Carolina to Massachusetts;  the Great lakes region of the Midwest; Houston, and the Gulf states New Orleans to Gulfport.; Southern California San Diego to Baja; and now Central Texas - the fire area happens to also be the NAFTA Corridor.

All those hundreds of laws changed, amendments and Executive orders are complete.  The massive 'security' bureaucracy that didn't exist prior to 2001 is ready.   A new generation of military and paramilitary personnel who grew up programmed with a video game mentality are ready.   All that's needed is either a nuclear incident, or flu pandemic that actually kills.  The flu scares so far have just been drills.

The "quarantine" of certain cities by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), which operates under command of the Homeland Security Agency, and US Military.
Federal and State Quarantine and Isolation Authority
CRS Report for Congress

yep - everything is in place - for every scenario from a nuke attack on Iran to killer bird flu.  Till this year the scares were pre-mature.

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