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Former Marxist Terrorist Elected Brazil President

November 1, 2010

dilma_illuminati_handsign.pngBy Marcos

In what can only be defined as a mockery to the democratic tradition, 135 million Brazilians voted today and elected Dilma Vana Rousseff as the next president of the country with 55% of valid votes. She is a former Marxist terrorist, a bank robber and was involved with her group in the murder of innocent people, including a 19 year-old boy.

She also never faced an election, never had a steady job in the private sector or had any accomplishments that could justify her claim to the most powerful position in Brazil. Her only asset: being chosen by Lula.

The government committed a series of unlawful actions in order to remain in power:

- Use of the State power, forcing public employees to join the campaign,
- Illegal use of union funds for events and publications favoring Dilma´s candidacy,
- Use of state companies´ advertising budget to fund pro-Dilma press,
- Corruption of poll institutes, which gave a far superior advantage for Dilma than reality. in all results,
- Illegal engagement of populist president Lula in the campaign, using public funds and his working time,
- Illegal digging and use of private tax reports of opponents,
- Illegal apprehension of lawful campaign materials and coercion of religious voices.

brazil_461080t.jpg(1970, Police Mugshot)


- A stronger Latin American Marxist alliance, with Chavez from Venezuela, Castro in Cuba, Kirschner in Argentina and Dilma in the lead, promoting the Bolivarian supra-national revolution in the continent.

- Implementation of the PNDH3, a social engineering plan that promotes gay marriage, free abortion, ban of religious symbols, censorship in the media and pulpits, and ban of private property.

- Blind opposition to the United States (these guys murdered an American official and kidnapped the US ambassador) and support to authority regimes such as Iran and Palestine.
- Support to New World Order plans like global warming and bio-diversity,

- More growth in the participation of the state in the economy and increase in taxation.

- Support for terrorist and narcotraffic organizations such as the Colombian FARC, and Brazilian MST, a group that invades farms and kill people.

- Widespread corruption and distribution of privileges and favors for friends of the Party.

- A war against the little that is left of the opposition, with censorship laws against the internet and print media.

The situation is a fine example of Hegelian dialectics. Instead of having a leftist party against a conservative party, we saw four leftist candidates aiming for the position. Jose Serra, the "opposition" candidate, also a leftist, comes from the same cradle where the Workers Party originated, and never challenged Lula´s connections with the FARC and his many scandals. Instead, he played the "gentleman", who never complained.

When Communists want you to choose deep red against green, they set up an election with pink against light red, and make light red win. Green is excluded. Next election we see light red against deep red, and deep red wins.

If they want to approve abortion laws, they make a debate between those who support late term abortion against those who support abortion until the three month limit. Pro lifers are not invited.

Brazil now enters its purgatory. 45% of Brazilians didn´t choose the terrorist, who doesn´t have any charisma (in contrast to Lula).  I predict we will see lots of trouble ahead as the economic situation deteriorates after the first crisis.

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Comments for "Former Marxist Terrorist Elected Brazil President"

Marcos (author) said (November 2, 2010):

Henry, an amazing 27% of people didn't vote at all. They are all people upset with politics at all.

If you count those NON-votes as a protest, only 34% of all electors voted for Dilma. 2/3 didn't and are mad. People here are so pissed, they are flooding Facebook and Twitter with protests. Dilma already had her first meeting, and a corrupt guy involved in a scandal where he managed a mansion with prostitutes to bribe politicians has been chosen as head of the team (Antonio Pallocci). The house keeper, a humble employee, spilled the beans, and they dug into his bank account in the state bank, trying to find some kind of bribe from the opposition. They didn't find anything.

But can you imagine the nerve? To ask the president of the state bank to dig into a client's ban statement?

BTW, I was appalled by the "Independent" article. What a bunch of lies. They will try everything in order to make Dilma look nice, because her main mission is to insert Brazil in the new world order.

Charles said (November 1, 2010):

Brazilian horizon with Dilma Roussef president: concentration camps, paredóns, kristalnacht, jail, fear, fear! More $candal$. That’s Lula’s heritage.

More: execution of the most terrible program against religious simbols and traditions, against families, against heterosexuality, press censorship, internet censorship. We Brazilian know it as Programa Nacional de Direitos Humanos –3. (Third National Program of Human Rights) – in orwellian newspeak, of course. Hitler and Stalin didn’t dare so much!

A communist terror invades Brazil. A revenge one. Once upon a time the Bulgarian/Brazilian president Roussef was involved in the US Captain Charles Chandler murder, in 1968. Since then she became a victim. Wheres’s my indenization? A well protect victim – empowered by cocaine friends from The São Paulo Forum, the greatest narco-military-political superpower of South America lead by Lula and the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chàvez.

Bolivian president Evo Morales with the coca bad boys mantain the drug flux ceaselessly: to Brazil, to the world. The coca money buys everybody: judges, governors, majors, attorneys in law, politicians. And people, too many people. Food, U$$ 50 a month for each poor Brazilian family (Bolsa-família program), gain ellections easily. Always poor, always dependent people. Meanwhile the Brazilian political banksters hit records of profits in New York stock markets. We never saw before!

The South American cocaine ellected 15 times a president in a 12 years period through the guerrila members of FARC, the oldest communist guerrila alive in America. I remember of something about coccaine and American stock markets. I’m nuts?

EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT! The ex-Brazilian chief of Civil staff, Dilma Roussef was involved in BIG corruption: a 135 megaeuros from a national German bank that didn’t see the collor of money back. Viva! Said Roussef friends! Very lucky boys! Meanwhile, Brazilian costumers are wacthing ships, petrolleum ships! Morons! Watch the Brazilians taxes payed by the morons till September, 30: ONE TRILLION REAIS (U$$ 588 billion dollars)! German taxes; Nigerian services.

Worker Party, Partido dos Trabalhadores – PT, eight years in charge, had 40 members persecuted by the highest Brazilian court in 2005 robbery scandals. Ops, turtle steps? Five years and nobody from the government and the pig sty in chains? PT justice, stupid!

Mr. Makow, let the world knows about Dilma Roussef, elected in Brazilian Haloween day! Coincidence?

God blessed you all. And blessed us.

Pray for us, please.
Charles London

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at