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Father Fahey: The Cabalist Conspiracy Vs. God & Man

February 11, 2018

Fr_Denis_Fahey.jpg (Fr. Denis Fahey left) 

Modern society is the product of a Cabalist (satanic) conspiracy against God & man. 
No one has demonstrated this better than Denis Fahey (1883-1954) in his book 
"The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation." 
Marie Henrie introduces us to the man and his work.

Fahey wrote, "These forces are three in number, one being invisible, the other two visible. The invisible host is that of Satan and the other fallen angels, while the visible forces are those of the Jewish Nation and Freemasonry."

From Dec 25, 2010
By Marie Henrie


Born in Ireland on July 3, 1883, Denis was the youngest of three sons of the devout Catholic couple Timothy and Brigit Fahey. An avid reader with a keen intellect, he was educated by the Holy Ghost Fathers. 

Denis Fahey joined their Order in 1900 at age 17 and was ordained to the priesthood in Rome in 1910.


Fr Fahey studied world history in depth while in Rome, and analyzed the push to "Modernism" being imposed upon society. Undoubtedly he was influenced by the struggles of then Pope Pope Pius X (left) whose writings included: Syllabus Condemning the Errors of the Modernists (Lainentabili Sane)Modernism (Pascendi Dominici Gregis) both in 1907, Our Apostolic Mandate (On the "Sillon") in 1910 and The Oath Against Modernism 1910. Fr Fahey realized that the Pope was battling the stealth philosophy of Modernism, which is Organized Naturalism. 

Organized Naturalism can be more clearly understood as the foundation of Freemasonry. Naturalism is a materialist philosophy that rejects the existence of the soul or a universal moral order and purpose (God.) This is Satanism. Fr Fahey studied the Protocols of the Learned Elders Zion and recognized it as the evil blueprint for a New World Order. Mankind is viewed as livestock rather than possessing the unique soul created in the image and likeness of God. For Fr Fahey a Catholic priest, this enemy must be challenged.

Fahey wrote, "These forces are three in number, one being invisible, the other two visible. The invisible host is that of Satan and the other fallen angels, while the visible forces are those of the Jewish Nation and Freemasonry."

(The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation, p. 61) 

Quoting the writings of Cardinal Pie of Poitiers, Fr. Fahey wrote:

"Naturalism denies the very existence of revelation. It follows that the inevitable law and the obstinate passion of Naturalism is to dethrone Our Lord Jesus Christ and to drive Him from the world. This will be the task of Anti-Christ and it is Satan's supreme ambition.

(The Kingship of Christ and Organized Naturalism. Pg. 3)

He also wrote,"Modern History since 1789 is, to a large extent, the account of the domination of state after state by the naturalistic supra nationalism of Freemasonry, behind which has been steadily emerging the still more strongly organized naturalistic supra nationalism of the Jewish Nation."

(The Kingship of Christ and Organized Naturalism) 

Fr Fahey was smeared as an "anti-Semite", the stop-think phrase used by those who refuse to face mankind's dire predicament.

 The argument rages on today whenever anyone in Catholic circles writes about Fr Fahey. 

"Two nations for whom Fr. Denis had a deep love were his own nation and the nation that gave birth to the Messiah, the Jewish nation. Loving Christ and His mother as he did, Fr. Fahey was deeply hurt by the calumny that he was anti-Semitic in any way."


In 1950, Fr Fahey republished a work by Msgr. George F. Dillon, DD, 
" The War of Anti-Christ with the Church and Christian Civilization." After reading a summary, Pope Leo XIII approved the work and funded the publication of an Italian version. He openly denounced the collaboration between the Bavarian Illuminati and the Freemasons, as well as the collaboration between Lord Palmerston and the Carbonari. He was also critical of the Alta Vendita document, Napoleon Bonaparte's supposed ties with the Masons, and the secretive character of the Fenian organization."


The republished book was entitled, Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked as the Secret Power Behind Communism.,1950.

"The central theme of the book alleges that atheistic Illuminism, through the infrastructure of Grand Orient Freemasonry, driven by the ideology of the philosophes laid the foundations for a large scale, ongoing war against Christendom in general and the Catholic Church in particular. The document claims that this had been manifested primarily through manipulating the outbreak of various radical liberal republican revolutions. Particularly those which are focused on atheism or religious indifferentism in their anti-Catholicism."

As his Wikipedia entry shows, Father Fahey, who died in 1954, was a tireless crusader for God. Fahey promoted the Catholic social doctrine of Christ the King and was involved in Irish politics through his organization Maria Duce. 

"Fahey firmly believed that "the world must conform to Our Divine Lord, not He to it." This often saw Fahey in conflict with systems which he viewed as promoting "naturalism" --particularly Communism, Freemasonry and rabbinic Judaism."

He left behind a large body of work that upheld his view that mankind indeed is under siege by powerful Satanists. 


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Comments for "Father Fahey: The Cabalist Conspiracy Vs. God & Man "

Tony B said (February 12, 2018):

Thank you very much for reposting on Fahey.

His writings on money are my favorites because he goes beyond the mechanical/mathematical differences between criminal and honest money. He rightly points out that proper money is the major necessity for the beneficent lives of human beings.

Essel said (February 12, 2018):

Thank you for this publication. It must be added that the Doctrine of the Church does not vary.
Although hierarchical, the Church is NOT identifiable to the visible hierarchy (pope, bishops, priests, vicars, etc.) or presumed such. The Church is a supernatural society made up of the saints of Heaven (triumphant Church), living faithful (militant Church = fighting against enemies to gain Heaven) and souls in purgatory.
I begin by clarifying this because the common thought today (typically Marxist) is to identify the Church with a purely natural society, a sort of political party headed by an elected president called "pope".
It would be naïve to think that the Universal Revolution, whose philosophical doctrine for patsies is atheistic materialism, did not take the "Infamous" (Voltaire).
The great coup, the decisive blow, which was a coup de maître, was given with the "Council" Vatican II (1962-1965) which initiated the takeover of the goods of the Church and the hierarchy, completely corrupted at the time of the opening of the council in 1962.
There is a book written by ecclesiastical scholars (under the pseudonym "Maurice Pinay") which explains everything bluntly:
"The plot against the Church" available for example here: or here:

Thus, the Church has been occupied for more than 50 years by its mortal enemies. Although overshadowed by a seeming puppet hierarchy that spreads the error, it does indeed live up to the promises of Christ, who never, however, said that his Church would not experience tribulation or a Passion that He himself had known.

Ann said (February 12, 2018):

Father Fahey was correct about the “Jewish Nation”, but to elaborate on why is essential. The counterfeit-Jewish nation unlawfully referred to as Israel is an elaborate hoax to fool the people in order to create the NWO. True Jews are the Judahites and Benjamites from The House of Judah (Jew-dah). The current occupiers of Palestine are counterfeit – jews and impostors. They are not Semites. They are not Israelites. They are the AshkeNAZI converts to Judaism (a religion; not a race). Netanyahu is an impostor of the worst kind. He is not a Hebrew. He is a puppet of the Illuminati Rothschild satanic counterfeit-jews. Unfortunately, a large majority of the Palestinians are unaware of their Lawful Right to oust such an impostor. Their Rights are found in The Holy Koran and not their Hadith.

MM said (February 12, 2018):

Sir, thanks for your good works. Today's piece on the fine priest, father Fahey is essential. Having read his book back in the early 2000s, that was the catalyst that brought me back to the traditional Catholic church. I have told thousands of people since the 9-11 attack that if they want to know what's truly going on in the world, study the work of Henry Makow and father Fahey. Great to see you together. I was a commercial pilot at the time of 9-11. Of course I knew on the day it was a hoax. Ace Baker on YouTube has done great work exposing the evil lie. Watch his 4 hour documentary. In 2008 I was deported by the Office of Homeland security. I haven't flown since.

Tony replies to Vojco said (December 28, 2010):

In response to Vojco:

Unfortunately, this kind of rant is the result of the Protestant Reformation which was engineered by the very same culprits whom we now face in the struggle against tyranny, and the imbibing of Protestant propaganda that has constantly attacked the one true Apostolic Catholic Church that was instituted by Christ. As was boasted during the Parisian B'nai Brith meeting in the 1930's, "We duped Luther" and "Calvin was one of our sons." Vojco, you are blinded by the calumnies, and have sparse knowledge if any of the Early Church Fathers, the major heresies, and the two thousand year history of the Catholic Church. Please enlighten me as regards your sources for the charge that you make that the Catholic Church is responsible for the deaths of countless thousands throughout history. Answer by simple logic why you put all your trust in a Bible that was compiled by the Catholic Church at The Council of Nicea yet maintain that those responsible for the gift of Holy Scripture must be deemed untrustworthy? Although the agents of change have now infiltrated the Catholic Church at the highest levels one may not judge the Church by looking at the works of its enemies who are within but by examining the doctrines and dogmas of Catholic Tradition. If one does so, misplaced prejudice will be replaced by conviction that it is the same Apostolic Church instituted by Christ. The Catholic Church has long been aware of the machinations of God's enemies. To which of the myriad branches of Protestantism which boast the false claim to infallibility are you alligned ?

Vojco said (December 27, 2010):

Fr. Fahey was a brave and honorable man who did all he could do to bring people into the light to warn them of Satan's age old conquest over man culmination into a despotic one world "satanic" government.

Unfortunately Fr. Fahey was a Roman Catholic and you get the Catholic bias.

The Catholic church during the past 2,000 years has been responsible for the death of countless thousands of people in the name of "God". The Catholic religion is an old pagan Roman religion (sun, planet worship) disguised as a
Christian religion.

The Roman Catholic church changed the traditional sabbath day of Saturday (Saturn-Day) to Sunday (Sun-Day).

In the Holy Bible (New Testament) is says that the only way to God is through his only begotten son Jesus Christ. Nowhere does it say anything about a hierarchy of bishops, cardinals up to the degenerate pervert, the (white) pope at the Vatican.

On top of that you have the black pope, the head of the Jesuits which (the Jesuits) had a contest with the revolutionary Talmudic Jews to see who could get kicked out of as much European countries for subversive activities. This is not a "true" Christian Church but the "Whore of Babylon".

We need more person's like Father Fahey who worked tirelessly to expose the agenda.

Rick said (December 26, 2010):

Other than the fact that the words of "Jesus the Christ", not "Jesus christ, favorite son of the Christ family", have been mis-represented to instill into Humanity a sense of submission, instead of the personal freedom that Jesus really taught & desired for his brothers & sisters-Good article!

So, Mankind is stuck between the slave-masters of the NWO, who insist & legislate that we have NO personal freedoms, & the slave-masters of the various fundaMENTAL religions who demand submission instead of personal freedom.Oh, but that's right-it's a battle between "God" & "Satan".Duh!

I did not go to college, sir, but my keen eye for the obvious can see deception on all sides, without a PHD,& I am not afraid to meet my maker & explain my choices-without submission.

Tony Blizzard said (December 26, 2010):

I never met Father Fahey but "Mady" de Shishmareff knew him and sometimes spoke of him. I have a few of his books, have read some of them several times and, should I live long enough, I hope to have acquired and read them all.

He apparently never set out to solve any worldly problem as his main thrust, it's always about the Kingship of Christ. Yet he studied and knew the workings of any subject on which he wrote, always keeping his spiritual bias, if such can be called, and none other.

Should I ever get my scanner working again I intend to scan portions of his books into rants as they are so telling of any honest argument because the only "ax" Fahey had to grind was that of man's salvation. He just tells it as it is.

For instance, his "Money Manipulation and Social Order," on its last pages, states: "The foundation of the Bank of England, however, with its privilege of creating money, meant that wealth and power gradually passed into the hands of the financiers and the speculators with disastrous results for the landowners and the countryside. The rule of the financiers and the speculators is called Democracy."

Which nails it for the U.S. of A. in spades yet how many well-meaning "patriots" have a clue, forever wasting their energies and slim means on "Don Quixote" political campaigns that can never overcome financial tyranny, where their fight MUST be concentrated for any chance of success?

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at