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Fulford Emerges as an Endearing Crank

November 14, 2007


By Henry Makow Ph.D. 

I scolded Benjamin Fulford, "You were on record as wanting to deliver an ultimatum from a tangible power; instead you delivered three letters from a ghost."

Fulford thinks he is channeling the ghost of his great-grandfather, tycoon G.T. Fulford, who knew John D. Rockefeller.

When he met David Rockefeller in Tokyo recently, Fulford didn’t even mention the Chinese Secret Society's threat to assassinate members of the Illuminati if they didn’t change course. Instead he delivered three harebrained letters about Rockefeller ending war and poverty, thereby establishing a legacy, and going to heaven.

The ghost entices DR with cliched New Age descriptions of heavenly bliss. Apparently this ghost has not heard that "it is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven."  

Rockefeller is part of an evil and ancient conspiracy against God and man. Does Fulford really think he will be converted by these letters?

Is the Chinese Secret Society also a figment of Benjamin Fulford's fevered imagination? Why would assassins and gangsters take up the cause of humanity? More likely they would be part of the Illuminati themselves. Was Fulford set up to create and dash expectations?

In my defense, when I introduced Fulford, I did say:" This secret society is challenging the traitorous Western Establishment. We're talking about the State Apparatus! So please be critical. It may or may not be what he says. Time will tell."

Well, the verdict is in. Benjamin Fulford has emerged as an endearing crank, someone who wants to save the world but doesn’t understand what deep doo-doo we are in.

Fulford wrote to me Tuesday: "Please realize the Asian secret societies have asked me to find a win-win solution for all concerned as my first priority. Mr. Rockefeller has been given a chance to voluntarily try to make amends towards the end of his life. It is his last chance. He and his people have been exposed and are about to be eliminated from the body politic of the world."

"However, they still control the ability to kills hundreds of millions if not billions of people (Israel's 200 nukes come to mind). In such circumstances offering them a chance to resolve the situation peacefully is still the first choice."

Yes, Benjamin but you didn’t even mention to Rockefeller the threat you have been parading across the Internet for the last four months. You had no business delivering these letters, which Rockefeller certainly dismissed as the work of a boob.

I advised Ben to keep the letters confidential but he is so taken by his vision (and himself?) that he sent them to Jeff Rense.

"I have seen the movie A Beautiful Mind," he writes, and am open to considering the possibility all this involvement with the illuminati has pushed me over the brink."

Yes, the pressure must be enormous. But then he tries to justify himself on the basis that the same ghost advised a Canadian Prime Minister. So what?  

"As for G.T. I admit it is a surreal issue. However, I ask you this: why would the Canadian government make secret, to this day, exactly what this purported ghost told [Prime Minister MacKenzie] King? ...I guarantee you this alleged ghost was warning about the illuminati."

Hello! King was part of the Illuminati! He was J.D. Rockefeller's best buddy. He was a creep who engaged in séances and pretended to save prostitutes. Canadian poet F.R., Scott wrote his epitaph: "He blunted us."

Fulford imagines his Chinese Secret Society is behind the decline in the US dollar. He thinks this "soft power" will render the US incapable of advancing the New World Order.

Again, I beg to differ. The Illuminati have no loyalty to the US but are perfectly capable of keeping it afloat until the next world war.

Fulford was correct when he said that opponents of the NWO had to take out the top Illuminati. This is the only thing they fear: an armed and aroused population. Democracy is a charade. The mass media is an instrument of social control. They want to keep us campaigning for Ron Paul and writing letters to the editor.

Don't misunderstand me. Paul would be a great President but the process is fixed. He hasn't got a snowball's chance in hell of winning.

Had there been an army of oriental assassins to do our dirty work, how convenient it would have been!  In the Muslim world, there are plenty of people willing to sacrifice their lives for their Cause. But we armchair patriots are capable only of posting new diatribes on the Internet.

Just as well since 98% of the population is oblivious to the fact that the country has been subverted by an international occult society, and the elite all belong to it. (The Council on Foreign Relations is one of its outward manifestions.)  

At times like this, our best weapons are our common sense and our spiritual ideals. Let's remain calm and resist the world of the occult. Let's have faith that a greater power than the Illuminati is at work.

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Comments for "Fulford Emerges as an Endearing Crank"

Guy in UK said (November 17, 2007):

Henry, I just have to express my shock and amazement at that last letter you posted from 'Tony' -[below] if that story is true - well it changes everything - if it is false, it is very very annoying - but really if that is true, that is THE paradigm shifter for me - I don't know - perhaps it might be an idea for you to post a reply on the site concerning what you're intuitive feeling is about it, because I certainly respect your judgment and I think other readers would be interested too.

Anyway, thank you for posting this thought provoking material - I don't visit conspiracy sites much, but I always keep updated on yours.


Dear Guy,

I have heard other reports like this. Personally I doubt that this is literally true, but I think it could easily be true in terms of the evil spirit governing world leadership. While I try to post informative views, I don't need to agree with them all.


Tony said (November 16, 2007):

Well, well, Henry, your site, at least, is getting down to the real
issue in this world - as well as the real reason we are born into and
live our lives on this earth. The often ridiculed (by modernists of all
stripes) spiritual war between God and Lucifer of which we all must -
whether or not we are aware of it - take one side or the other.

This may be the proper time to relate a little close-to-personal story.
My second wife has a son who, as a high school grad, more or less openly
scoffed at my knowledge and beliefs, both political and spiritual. We
paid him through a year of college at a relatively small west coast
school. When he came home for the Christmas break his attitude was
changed. He told us an amazing story that brought about that change.
He met another young man at college who had been living in the northern
California hills as a "hippie" for several years and was not sure he
should have come back to "civilization." He seemed a bit paranoid to my
step son. This fellow turned out to be a son of one of the world's true
movers and shakers - not one of the names that gets into the media. He
told my step son that his father wanted to break him into their business
because he was to eventually take it over. But the son refused . . .
adamantly. When my step son pushed him as to why he would pass up such
an opportunity, the fellow finally told him the reason. He said he was
taken by his father to a purported very important business meeting which
actually occurred at that very long table in that huge room in the U.N.
building which is often shown in interior pics of the U.N. The
youngster was, he said, seated in "the peanut gallery" to watch and
learn. All the seats at that table, on both sides, were eventually
occupied by real movers and shakers of the world with David Rockefeller
at one of the ends. Only the chair at the other end was unoccupied. To
the young man's shock, all the occupants began a chant and continued it
until the devil materialized in the empty chair. Then was held a
"normal" business meeting, I would imagine with the devil giving sage

Now, I don't know if I should believe that story but my skeptical step
son certainly did, as the young man who related it was emotionally moved
in an extremely convincing manner which caused a profound change in my
step son's attitude. I really have no reason to doubt it due to my
background of study which includes the ages old marriage of the
political and occult (including masonic) branches of world control. Of
course, monopoly of finance is their main material controlling mechanism
but the true battle is the one of spiritual warfare.

Most of us today, myself included, are woefully ill equipped with the
necessary weapons to fight such foes. Spirituality on the side of right
is almost a dead letter in the "modern" world.

Tim said (November 16, 2007):

Yes once again it appears that another "help is on the way" scenario
falls down. Or does it? From a simple standpoint there are only 2
possibilities. Fulford is a quack or he really does communicate with
deceased relatives. What other possibilities are there?

1) Fulford is for real about the secret society's threats and was told
"we'll go along with the secret society's demands but you have to
discredit yourself". Why? So they can save face when everyone thinks
Fulford is nuts! They didn't back down from a threat because nothing
else Fulford will ever say will be taken seriously. They just chose to
change course.

2) Fulford was working for Rockefeller all along to make everyone
think Rockefeller has all this power. Earthquake machines under
Rockefeller control? There is a thought that sends shivers down the
spine of free people every where.

It is seldom as cut and dried as you see it.

Lastly your not understanding the Ron Paul revolution is surprising.
The money bomb on November 5, 2007 was a work of art. More is coming.
All 50 states are now being challenged in court to force auditable
elections. His momentum is growing and he has support from so many
different sources he can (and probably will) win not just the
Republican nomination but the presidency against Billary Clinton.

You sound like you have been stuck in the rut too long and have given
up. Looking at what is going on around us it is hard not to.

Look on the bright side. Anthony Sutton was right. When resistance
takes 10,000 different forms it becomes unstoppable! Look around you.
There are so many forms of resistance springing up on so many fronts
that it is hard to see how they plan to get out of it this time. They
are very bright and even when they fail this time they will try again.

Eternal vigelence is the price of liberty. This fight is far, far from over!

Vic Flett said (November 14, 2007):

Henry: Some people cannot understand or accept the REALITY of psychic phenomenon. Let me tell you it is real -- it does direct peoples' lives with varying potency. Mackenzie King shared visits with Churchill to Brit psychics. Post-war, U.S. intelligence operatives flew them to the U.S. until they developed the remote viewing programs which consisted in rewriting psychic practices and with money were able to innovate by using teams of military personnel as psychics. These military personnel -- though they claim anybody can do it with training -- these military personnel had already demonstrated paranormal activity in the field whether in air-sea rescue or in black ops in the U.S. The Masonic Order paid one of these military remote viewers' wives -- an astrologer for her work -- hence, my opinion of my own work in predicting the exact day the bombing would stop in Serbia, the 911 event within 14 days, etc., etc. weren't so brilliant because I understood the new world order was timing their disastrous events in accordance with when an astrologer would say disaster was also timed by astrological aspects. I also have email correspondence and phone calls with 5 CIA parachological contractors who are also physicists over the years. Mediums produce very real results. I won't go into any more detail here. By the way, Prime Minister King's background is somewhat misleading -- I've been told by a family friend that King was really homosexual, other written history suggests he visited heterosexual brothels as a young man. What the truth on that is I don't know -- he apparently took Rockefellers into the depths of their dangerous, primitive mines to explain to them why they were getting violent miners' strikes -- hence the easing of shootings of such miners and the development of the so-called friendship between King and Rockefeller resulting in Canada having at the time (1938) a central banking system wherein Canada had 50% of the currency emissions as opposed to the Federal Reserve where they have 100% control. -- Victor Fletcher / Toronto Street News

Exo said (November 14, 2007):

I think you are underestimating the power of Fulford's letter to someone like Rockefeller. Rockefeller is part of the Illuminati wherein psychic phenomenon are taken seriously and part of their ritual 'black magic' ceremonies. I hope you've watched some of Icke's video interviews with Arizona Wilder where she describes what happens in these ceremonies that involve child sacrifice, etc. That gives you an idea but it also helps to watch Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" to get a realistic idea of what occurs, the secret 'honor code' used, and the hierarchy involved. Essentially, the Illuminati are worshippers of what they perceive to be powerful 'Satanic entities' that ultimately rule their lives through chosen intermediaries who are known as communicators for these 'entities' who are really interdimensional tricksters. Psychics, mediums are regularly used by Rockefeller and other Illuminati leaders to make important decisions and to carry out orders.

So a message from an old family antagonist can be a very powerful means of influencing Rockefeller. I understand it doesn't have the same kind of impact in the public imagination as an ultimatum's from the Chinese secret society, but we are talking about Rockefeller's mindset rather than public perceptions of ghostly messages. So I would tend to give Fulford the benefit of a doubt on this one and see what results from his Fulford letters.

I would be good to know more about how he got to meet with Rockefeller.

Aussie Anthony said (November 14, 2007):

In relation to your latest article, your statement that the political process in the USA is 'fixed' couldn't be more true. Think about it, why are the current Republican candidates, led by the former New York Mayor (pro-abortion and gay rights amongst other things), of such weak moral character? If the Republicans were to present a morally strong candidate with a strong Christian background the powerful Evangelical movement would unite and rally behind them (along with many other decent Americans) and Hillary Clinton wouldn't stand a chance. But no, this is'nt what THEY want. It's the old divide and conquer method being used once again. By presenting morally weak candidates (and having one in particular endorsed by a powerful Evangelical leader) this only serves to divide many traditional Republican voters, many of whom will not bother to vote come the election, giving Hillary Clinton an arm-chair ride into the White House. This will mean that for the best part of 3 decades the US will have had only two families in control of the country (but more importantly the people that control those two families pulling the strings). All this in what is meant to be the strongest democracy in the world! Give me a break. Once Clinton is elected she will ensure that the anti-family and anti-male campaign we have witnessed for the past couple of decades will look like a walk in the park compared to what she has in mind.

UK Anthony said (November 14, 2007):

Hello Henry, Regarding your comment that Ron Paul has no chance of winning the GOP nomination. Yes, he's a long shot, but at the very least his campaign is motivating tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands to actively participate in trying to improve their nation. Many of these people are also becoming aware for the first time of media censorship, distortions and propaganda. They are also learning how to recognize and deal with COINTELPRO in its many forms. These people will be looking for new sources of information. They have also seen through the 2 Party charade. There are many, many plusses to the Ron Paul campaign: and it's only just getting started. Witnessing the motivation, creativity and generosity of his supporters has been very encouraging. Good people are finally making a stand!

Marcos from Brazil said (November 14, 2007):

About Fulford, from a Christian perspective he may be one of two things: 1) an impostor, 2) someone haunted by demons. I think we underestimate the power that a real contact with a demon can have in someone's life. These elite families have been involved with the occult for centuries and carry many familiar spirits. Imagine the shock for an educated man to see a vision telling him what to do ! It changes his whole worldview. That's why we see things like Harvard professors drinking the sacred bathwater of a corrupt Hindu guru or the Nazi occult orientation. They really see things and believe. In other words, spirits are also agents in history.

Jeffery said (November 14, 2007):

Dear Henry: Fulford sounds like he might be tapping the same source from which the Rael Group, Shirley Maclaine, and many other channelers get their communiques--demons. Benjamin, believe me, that is not your great-grandfather. I've read that it is estimated that 6% of the population are genuine nutcases (sociopaths, ie., George W. Bush). I believe that figure may be low. Although Fulford seems benevolent, he has delusions of grandeur. He is a messiah and he is going to save the world singlehandedly. I'm not a psychologist but that's my armchair take. Like you suggest, he seems a harmless crank who has gotten his fifteen minutes of fame.

Dave said (November 14, 2007):

Wow!... I'm starting to wonder if everyone is losing their minds?
This sounds more like a cheap video game than serious world problems. We don't need to look far and wide for nut cases like Fulford to realize there is some pretty evil shit going on right in
our own backyards at a much simpler level without getting caught up in a "Global Ninja Conspiracy" conjured up by this idiot. Everyone
give your head a shake and start looking at your immediate surroundings, not at some half-baked idiot who talks to ghosts! His ravings are only a distraction to deflect attention from your own

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