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Brazil Scuttles Democracy for Gay Marriage

May 6, 2011

brazil-gay-rally.jpgby Marcos  (San Paolo Bureau) 

This week has seen the final gasp of Brazil's feeble democracy. By 10 votes to none, Brazil's Marxist Supreme Court (STF) has instituted gay marriage in the country. Whatever our position regarding the issue, the Constitution is very clear when defining a family:

Art #226 - The family, the basis of society, has special protection from the State.

Paragraph #3 - The familial entity is recognized as the stable union of a man and a woman, and the law shall facilitate its conversion into marriage.

In order to change the Constitution, it would take two rounds of votes, with a majority of 3/5 of the House. As democracy requires, this would probably result in some debate and there is a huge probability that the bill would not pass. Therefore, in typical deceitful Marxist logic, they used a gay couples' lawsuit as an excuse. They said they had to protect a minority as soon as possible, and the debate would be a hindrance.

What is amazing is that lawsuits in Brazil usually take ten or twenty years to be judged. When Lula's party was caught in a mafia scheme to bribe Congressman with dirty money, he cynically said he was not worried, because the judgment would take 50 years.

This last month, the leader of the mafia (Delubio Soares) was re-instituted in the Party, with a huge party. He was already lobbying for a R$ 200 MM project.

Lula, the chief thief, has already made US$ 1 million in fees for lectures around the world. Since he is practically illiterate, a person who says he gets sleepy when reading a book,  it is easy to see these are payoffs for helping large companies win contracts with the State. The judges do absolutely nothing about it and the leftist press is quiet.

This action recalls the infamous NKVD Troikas, Stalinist judges who sent hundreds of thousands to death with mock trials. In Brazil, judges are untouchable, make US$ 220,000 a year, have extended vacations and total security at work.  They don't even have to have graduate studies (a law degree is a 4 year undergraduate one).


The world is going gaga after Brazil, the seventh largest economy of the world and future site of the Olympics and the World Cup. What people don't know is that this prosperity is false.

It was caused by the raise in commodities price and specially by demand from China for food and minerals. The State is broken and in debt, inflation is coming back at 7% a year; we have the highest interest rate in the whole world (credit cards charge 238% a year); 44% of Brazilians don't have basic sewage and most are functionally illiterate.

Meanwhile, private banks are among the most profitable in the whole world. Last week, the former murderer and terrorist president Dilma issued a law stating that works for the World Cup (already very late) will not need a budget. It is free time for corruption.

Marxism is just that: an excuse to concentrate power in the hands of a cadre of millionaire politicos and capitalists, while destroying free initiative, competition and individual rights. All in the name of charity to the poor, who get poorer everyday.  

Now that we have pass this milestone, nothing prevents the Marxist government from using the judges to pass any law they want. What will be next? A gun take-over (even though there has been a recent referendum in which people decided for the right of owning guns), abortion laws, forced distribution of lands, the right of pedophilia, subservience to the UN ? Anything is possible.


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Comments for "Brazil Scuttles Democracy for Gay Marriage "

Dan said (May 7, 2011):

"Therefore, in typical deceitful Marxist logic, they used a gay couples' lawsuit as an excuse. They said they had to protect a minority as soon as possible, and the debate would be a hindrance."

That's the scam. They've published for several decades that they would convince the public that the democratic process is just too slow and obsolete to deal with post-Modern problems. That ruse is laid out right here, in
the Club of Rome's 1992 book "the First Global Revolution" - "Democracy is no longer well suited for the tasks ahead. The complexity and the technical nature of many of today's problems do not always allow elected representatives to make competent decisions at the right time. If such a situation is allowed to go on too long, it is probable that democracy will be made to seem responsible for the lagging economy, the scarcity and uncertainties. The very concept of democracy could then be brought into question and allow for the seizure of power by extremists of one brand or the other."

Using the issue of gay marriage to crack democracy is their idea of an inside joke, adding insult to injury, mocking the majority - just like that photograph mocking the Cristo Redentor statue overlooking in Rio de Janeiro.

It's sad what's happening to Brazil, few Americans know, and those who do can't stop it. We've got the same problem here - the Mystery of Iniquity. The video below is from last year, a valiant attempt to head off the election of Dilma.

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