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Gay Promotion Proves Illuminati Are Real

December 31, 2010

MV5BMTY5NTAzNTc1NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNDY4MDc3._V1._SX214_CR0,0,214,314_.jpgBy Henry Makow Ph.D.

(Jan 26, 2006, revised Dec 31,2010)

Apart from false-flag 9-11, nothing better demonstrates Illuminati subversion  than their attempt to make us behave like homosexuals.

Until 1973, homosexuality was recognized for what it is, a developmental disorder.  (See also, Gay is not OK.)
Then, overnight it was redefined as a "lifestyle choice," one that government, schools and media actively promoted.

In the military, soldiers now have to live in close quarters with openly gay men. This is like letting sex-starved men bivouac with beautiful young women. No it won't affect military capability. And, as Joe Biden admitted, the next step is universalizing "gay marriage." 

Thanks to feminism, which in many ways is lesbian, the day is fast approaching when heterosexuals will lose interest in the opposite sex. They will decide the other sex has nothing to offer in terms of love, marriage and family. The new family model will be single parents or homosexuals raising the products of one-night stands and sperm clinics.

The Illuminati goal is to redefine and manipulate human beings by taking away our family identity (husband, wife, sister, brother, father, son, mother, daughter.) The Illuminati Communist Manifesto (1848) listed the destruction of the family as one of its goals. Communist traitors are in power.


Gay Director, Ang Lee's movie "Brokeback Mountain" (2006) was part of this subversive campaign to mainstream homosexuality. Throughout history, the enemies of society have used "art," "tolerance," "progress," "cool" and "chic" to trick people into behaving self-destructively.  

Effective propaganda mixes truth with deception. Brokeback Mountain acknowledges that gay love often has tragic consequences. At the end, Ennis Del Mar is a pathetic figure living alone in a dilapidated trailer. He treasures items of clothing that once belonged to his lover Jack Twist, who died in an implied gay bashing hit.

The deception lies in the movie's assumption that it is normal and natural for men to indulge in homosexual behavior.  These men do not look or act gay and as cowboys, they engage in masculine activities. The actors aren't gay.

"I ain't queer," one says. "Me neither," the other replies. Then they jump into the sack together. The implication is that all men are in denial.

In reality, healthy men and women naturally find homosexual sex repugnant, a fact the movie tacitly recognizes by mercifully portraying little of it. The movie image of homosexuality is sanitized and made to seem just like heterosexuality. In fact, a monogamous long-term relationship like this one is exceptional.

For example, in Holland, male homosexual relationships last, on average, 1.5 years, and gay men have an average of eight partners a year outside of their supposedly "committed" relationships. No matter how much the media disguises it, most gays want sex not marriage. 

These two cowboys aren't typical homosexuals and they certainly aren't  normal heterosexuals. If you listen closely, you'll hear them both mention they were alienated from their biological fathers at a young age.

Ennis' parents died in a car accident while Jack's father shunned him. Homosexual males typically are trying to compensate for this loss.  Another cause is sexual abuse in youth. A small minority may have been "born that way" because of a testosterone imbalance during gestation.

In spite of the fact that homosexuality is usually the result of father-loss or sexual assault, the Illuminati is foisting this disability on society

They are using the tired guilt tactics they used in promoting their other "oppressed minorities" for socially subversive ends. They accuse people like me of "intolerance" and bigotry. I "hate" homosexuals because I don't want to become one. 

"Homosexual rights" disguises a vicious underhanded attack on heterosexuals. Yet, most heterosexuals are oblivious to it. 


In the movie, there is an amazing scene when Alma accidentally sees her husband  passionately kissing Jack Twist, (played by Jake Gyllenhaal.) She has two daughters and this is her first realization her husband is gay. On her face you can see her life crashing down around her. After tolerating this long-distance romance for a few years, she finally gets a divorce.

Jack's marriage to Laureen is also a sham headed for divorce. I apologize for repeating myself but we are soaked in a toxic media bath that trashes the family and considers homosexuality cool.

Heterosexuality is much more than opposite-sex attraction. It's about monogamy (marriage) reproduction and child-rearing. This is how  most of us develop and fulfill ourselves. Obviously, this natural process is also essential for societal health.

Our culture militates against healthy marriage and families. Men no longer learn that manhood involves supporting and raising a family. Women waste their most fertile years at university learning to fear and compete with men. The media encourages them to be sluts, and experiment with lesbianism.  

Homosexuality is a developmental disorder resulting in failure to permanently bond with a member of the opposite sex. This has become a common social affliction as divorce rates soar and marriage and birth rates plummet.

Generally speaking, homosexuality is characterized by a belief in sex for its own sake and a fixation on sex appeal as the main criterion of personal worth. Haven't we all succumbed in many respects?


Our attitude to children is also homosexual. Children are viewed as a nuisance rather than as an extension of ourselves, organic growth, and a source of infinite love and joy.

This is not an accident. In 2008, E. Baumgartner, a former leftist Hollywood Jewish TV writer, who worked on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, wrote that TV was "nothing more than [Illuminati] Jewish tools (for the most part) to undermine the innocence of American WASP culture."  

"I became disturbed with the studio editorial 'rule' that children should be portrayed as sassy and disrespectful towards their parents. A few times I presented a script to my editor (also a Jewish guy) in which I had the child character behaving politely and respectfully towards his parents. The editor changed the lines to make the child bratty/sassy and then told me "... that's the way it should be done from now on, unless I tell you otherwise". That's when I started to see that something else was going on besides just making TV shows. I could see the changes in American society resulting from all this TV propaganda. I eventually left writing and became a teacher."


In the movie, the two men betray their wives and children.  Yet the movie ends on a nostalgic note recalling the glory days having sex on Brokeback Mountain. In our  Illuminist culture, self-indulgence always trumps personal and social responsibility.

The human race is a dysfunctional family too. Our leaders are betraying us in the most egregious fashion.  They have literally sold out to the Illuminati, a Luciferian cult that promotes pedophilia, human sacrifice, and every form of degradation, corruption and organized crime. They stage wars and atrocities, incl. the Sept. 11 massacre, for profit and power. They secretly plot a world police state called "the New World Order."

In the Illuminati-controlled USSR, all cinema was "agitprop" or indoctrination. This applies to us as well. Brokeback Mountain was made into a social phenomenon with the potential to influence millions. It had the top box office,  won the Golden Globe for Best Picture and was nominated for many Oscars (which surprisingly it did not win.) 

I have no argument with homosexuals who behave responsibly. My argument is with the Luciferian (i.e. Rockefeller Foundation) social engineers who peddle homosexuality as a weapon to shred the social fabric and enslave us. We are not going to be fooled by their smears and hypocritical appeals to "tolerance". We will defend ourselves.

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Comments for "Gay Promotion Proves Illuminati Are Real "

Dave said (January 2, 2011):

Satan intends to keep humans away from God by popularizing all manners of deviance. The causes of homosexuality are enshrouded in lies so that it becomes difficult to pre-empt or cure. The fact that we were born in a spiritual war is hidden from us. We have been blind-sided by the system's role for us....get, buy, consume, accumulate, have fun. The morality necessary for spiritual defense has been written out completely.

The spiritual war goes on despite the personal lack of awareness of it. Darksiders are out there busy recruiting for their troops and casting traps for others. Once you indulge once, they've got you. Most people are possessed by dark side entities. These entities control all the thirsts and gungers which define the senses. It is these which can either have the attraction to the same gender or can be manipulated to feel that attraction. This is the basic cause. There are cures based on cutting down the dark side within in order to resume soul consciousness.

A.J. Fozdyke said (January 2, 2011):

Although I appreciate your hatred of homosexuality I merely wish to advise that homosexual sex has its place in Magickal initiation. Aleister Crowley (who many ignorant people believe was of the left hand path) propagated much learning regarding sex and Magick. His works have been incorporated into many left hand path organizations.

Regarding anal congress, the masochistic context of Crowley's revelations is perhaps his most original contribution to Sex Magick practice. Crowley also stated in his The Esoteric Record that the use of women sexually “is more dangerous to the career of the magician” than sex between male partners – a position still held by the secretive circles of mostly male sex magicians currently practicing in the Islamic world.

For Crowley, “women should be brought to the back door like milk, when needed”. Crowley's 'Solar Word' was manifested in his holy semen and he considered spermophagia nothing less than the key to immortality as well as mystical understanding, for semen is the Blood of the Red Lion, the primordial matter containing the essence of all forms: the elixir of life itself.

Indeed, the Alpha Lodge teaches that an erection is proof of the resurrection and that the fluid vehicle of the Spirit, the Elixir of Magick is the supreme sacrifice when collected per vas nefandum. Crowley knew and taught demons and elemental entities can be generated through the mingling of secretions in the anus.

Should your readers wish further non-initiate information I strongly suggest that they become acquainted with the Japanese Newhalf culture whilst understanding that there is nothing more depressing than the pretense of sexual freedom on the part of reactionary, guilt-ridden people acting under the compulsion of taboos rather than from genuine joie de vivre – although everyone has to start somewhere. I recommend Princess Tsukino.

Lesley said (January 1, 2011):

I have two gay male friends. One, I consider to be like a brother. I love him but I do not agree with what he does physically in his gay lifestyle. But, he never asked me if I APPROVE of his lifestyle! However, it is my prerogative to feel how I feel .

I don't discuss what he does with his several lovers (who both have girlfriends by the way) but if I did, I would have to admit that it makes me sick to my stomach. Just as "st8 sex makes him sick to his stomach.

HOWEVER, I am not the judge of him. His HEART is one of the kindest hearts I've ever known. He is a beautiful person. I know the reasons for his gayness and I believe he was born this way due to hormonal issues and possible childhood abuse. I will not repeat them out of respect for him and a promise.

I know that he has been persecuted (he lives in Europe) and tortured for most of his life. His life has been hell. And for that, I grieve for him. I love him. Bu personally, I do not think that what he does is "normal" in my definition of normal. I would never persecute him or anyone for that matter, as I know you would never persecute gays.

Too bad so many people can't seem to see that you are discussing the "GAY AGENDA", and who is behind it (Illuminati Satanists) and that you are not persecuting gays. I see you as a tolerant and loving man. You are just pointing out what others cannot or refuse to see, the fact that we are all socially engineered towards a specific end of destroying the very fabric of society which has been thus far the heterosexual family.

I mean after all, if we followed the path that the Illuminati have outlined for us, we will be headed for extinction.

I have a funny feeling that many gays are not behind the intense promotion of their lifestyle. I think most reasonable gays just want to live their lives as they see fit, as we all do. I don't think most reasonable gays want to push their lifestyle down any one's throats. (No Pun intended).

Ren said (January 1, 2011):

Some salient facts:
Humanity increased to 7 billion.
Towns growing beyond the capacity to feed people from local sources.
Food processed to cope with numbers.( dangerous to life)
Corporations use profits to pay shareholders (pensionfunds etc)
People not having to work for a living (social security)
So called work really needs no effort to stay alive!
Transportation because humanity is to lazy to move themselves.
Sexuality was never designed in the human being for procreation only!!

Humanity at large not involved in the production of food with their own hands has no affinity with life itself.
The planet is overstressed biologically and electro magnetically.
Reduction of logical thinking processes. (poison influence)
Total dependence on production of crap goods for amusement rather than necessity.
Homo sexuality is the result of the above where people no longer see life as a gift to growth but as a right to do as they please.
Satan is a convenient scapegoat for people to blame their own shortcomings and finally:
What do you think is the so called God's purpose of it all other than amusement !

Wayne said (January 1, 2011):

Thank you for that perceptive article. As an aspiring screenwriter, I recognize the odds against me in the Hollywood system, for my values are out of step with the Illuminati program. My current project is based on a catastrophic relationship between a twice-divorced middle-aged man (my best friend) and a woman who, under the delusion of New Age hedonism, ruin their families and themselves in their relentless pursuit of pleasure. They might not recognize in their own behavior the pernicious influence of Illuminati propaganda from Hefner's Playboy onwards, but it's fairly obvious to me as an observer. Hopefully I can somehow get this cautionary tale made as an independent production.

Sometimes I disagree with you, Henry, but I have to give you credit when you get it right. At the very top of the system, there is surely a policy of social engineering, and on all the levels below, individuals make their choices based on what's "good for their careers". The rest, as they say, is history.

David said (January 1, 2011):

I read your article on homosexuality this morning. It is very timely with the entertainment world going gaga over SIR Elton John's surrogate baby. Yuck! What a travesty on several fronts. I cannot think of anything worse for that child, for one thing. He will be brought up, pampered, in a predominantly homosexually-oriented world. The world will now take this high profile incident and create an aura of normalcy around it. Then, just like this idiotic adulation for teenage celebrity mothers, we will be besieged by something like a mania for gay marriage parent celebrities. Anyone sense a reality show around this?

Tony Blizzard said (January 1, 2011):

The lack of a proper father is just another homo/shrink cop out. My father was dead of a WPA accident while building a dam, before I was born. I was raised in an all boy orphanage wherein damned few kids had fathers and none were queers. I have always hated faggots and always will. As Thomas Aquinas so aptly explained, all emotion stems from love. Hate is the protective emotion which wells up naturally as defense against anything which would destroy something loved.

Homos exist from learned habit, period. "Born that way" is bull shit and they well know it. When I was young the common saying was "Queers are for rolling" and it was not meant as a euphemism for sex. It meant if they pushed themselves on you, beat the piss out them, take their money and enjoy it. Natural law and the best yet. Cops used to laugh at them if they complained. Still should. To hell with them. That's their destination anyway. Same goes for dykes. End of discussion.


Thanks Tony,

I can't endorse your views but it is good to be reminded of them.


Tom said (January 1, 2011):

Great post today about the Illuminati constantly foisting the socially destructive practice of homosexuality in our face and obviously this explains the ubiquitous articles lately celebrating Elton John and his homosexual partner
acquiring a infant through some surrogate mare.
I wonder if the Illuminists would be so fawning if Sir Elton were Palestinian?

Irish Dan said (January 1, 2011):

Gays and those pushing the 'gay agenda' are not satisfied with this tolerance; they demand that the majority of straight society totally accept their value systems. This demand if made on behalf or a political or religious organization as an absolute that their own particular beliefs would be unconditionally accepted would be met by total outrage as a gross denial of civil liberties and fundamental rights. It would be rightly seen as the proverbial tail wagging the dog.

However arguing the same thing from a Civil Rights perspective is a far different matter: toleration of gays to live a gay lifestyle is part of their right as citizens but when Gay minorities attempt to have their values unconditionally accepted by majority society, that is nothing other than an attempt by a well organized and vocal minority to have their perspective forced on the majority without their consultation or consent.

This is an attempted minority dictatorship of a majority ethos and should be resisted and exposed for its anti-democratic nature per se, irrespective of the issues involved.



This is not a gay agenda. It is a subversive Illuminati agenda. They fund gay activists but I think the majority of gays have no interest in inverting society.


Debra said (January 1, 2011):

You said, "I have no argument with homosexuals who behave responsibly."

If behaving responsibly means recognizing their deviant behaviour and stopping it, then that is responsible. Is that what you meant Henry? Please clarify the statement for your viewers.

Please learn what God in heaven has to say about that. The satanists promote freedoms
expressed in that quote. You've been fooled, obviously, and do not be too hasty and judge
those who've learned to recognize hypocritical beliefs. That one is clearly one of those lies.



I may be wrong but I see it as a disability. By responsible I mean not preying on straights, youths, not endangering health, and not being promiscuous.


Marty said (January 1, 2011):

It is a historical fact that the peoples in Sodom and Gomorra experienced that the wages of sin was their death. And not only their death but the destruction of their city as well.

Will that fate befall us and our nation?

Homosexuality is therefore, much more than a lifestyle choice it is a matter of life and death.

Therefore, all Christians have a responsibility to intercede through our prayers that those enslaved by sodomy will hear the gospel message and be delivered from both the penalty and power of sin.

In a like manner we must be praying for and petitioning Civil government to reinstate the laws prohibiting the open practice of Sodomy as a matter of grave national security.

Only in this manner can we fulfill our duty to be priests of the most high God.

Lucky said (January 1, 2011):

Greetings from Paris and many fine thoughts for the New Year.

I've just read your latest on Rense, Brokeback Mountain etc., and all I can say is you are writing better and better all the time. You're just about the sole voice one can find in this matter of the propaganda pushing homosexuality, but you do it so well that's all the matter needs. As Gandhi assured his followers at their lowest ebb, 'One man with the truth can stand against millions.'

Just yesterday I was watching a two-year-old episode from Dr. House, season five number five, which opens with a long, detailed scene of two gorgeous women in the throes of a sweaty, idealized lesbian sex bout, happy as larks... it's a glorious piece of propaganda which illustrates perfectly what you have written about this week.

My son Adam, 12, recently told me that my ex-wife was recently extolling the virtues of lesbianism to my 13 year old daughter. My daughter fired back 'What about children?' and apparently that shut her up on the spot.

Brian said (January 1, 2011):

Where does your hatred come from? There is obviously something in your past that haunts you in dealing with your sexuality. Just read your anti-gay Brokeback Mountain rant. Gay hatred and anti-Jewish rants in one article. Not very nice.

Oh well. Hate your sin. Love the sinner.

You truly are creating a climate of hatred; begging for the world to go back into the closet. However, the closet is just like make-up. Once it comes off, it reveals your true identity. No one wants to go back fifty years.

What are we going to do with you children?!

Nothin but love (but hope you grow a heart),


Makow comment- It's laughable but I thought I'd post it anyway. Typical of the way many gays can't see that defending heterosexuality is not an expression of hatred against individual homosexuals. Like "anti semite," "hate" is a disingenuous way of marginalizing opposition.

They simply can't read: "I have no argument with homosexuals who behave responsibly. My argument is with the Luciferian (i.e. Rockefeller Foundation) social engineers who peddle homosexuality as a weapon to shred the social fabric and enslave us."

Marcos said (January 1, 2011):

Brazilian Marxist government is pushing for a law that will institute total censorship on any comment or thought against homosexuality. One will not be able to be "morally" or "philosophically" against gay sex.

The law (PLC 122) has been called the "Muzzle Law" , and it will create a precedent for thought control that is totally contrary to the principles of Brazil's Constitution. People won't even be able to fire a lazy gay employee, for fear of being sued and arrested. Preachers won't be able to read passages from the Bible without fear of ending in prison. Anyone complaining of gays "making out" in public places in front of children will be risking his freedom.

Now the government will distribute in schools, for 7,8 and 9 year-olds, a series of DVDs promoting gay sex.

In one of the stories, a 14 year-old boy sees another boy peeing in the bathroom and falls in love. In another, two girls debate how far should the tongue get into the mouth of her lesbian lover. And so on. Luiz Mott is one of the gay leaders behind this promotion. The man is actively pro-pedophilia, but has been awarded one of the highest medals from the Brazilian government and is one of the leaders in the Anti-Discrimation Presidency Council (CNCD), a facade group created in order to use government funds to promote the gay policies, without the consent of the Congress.

Lula has already said that the vast majority of Brazilians who are against the gay agenda are sick and must be re-educated, (perhaps in a Soviet Gulag). The 92% who agreed in a poll with the statement that "God made man and woman in two different sexes so they could have children" are among them, according to the demagogue.


Michael said (January 1, 2011):

While I understand there is confusion on the homosexual issue, born, not born, some who struggle and hate it, others blatant and happy in it, there is no question, as you pointed out, the promotion of it from arenas of power and
influence is another matter.

There is a something known as the "law of first
mention" in understanding the Bible and God's will. Whatever is said about a subject the first time it is mentioned sets the stage for the truth about that subject. In Genesis 2:18, after God had created everything and saw that "it
was very good", he observed man's aloneness. Every creature had a mate but Adam. God observed, "It is not good for man to be alone, I will make a helper suitable for him." Of course, he then fashioned a female(I can only imagine
what she was like), whom Adam called, "woman, for she was taken out of man".

The Lord told them to "be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth." The story from the Word of God, sets God's will in the design and creation of man and woman. A man for a man is not a suitable mate. God never intended that and
it is not his will. The subversive attack via the promotion of men on men-homosexual relationships is an attack against God's will and design
expressed in Genesis, and also confirmed as one reads through the Bible, Old and New Testaments.

It's origin is Satan who seems to be working overtime through his lackeys in high places.

Austin said (January 1, 2011):

ten years ago I was in college (at age 40) studying 'youth work'. At the end of that year I realised that what I was really studying was socialism/communism and that if I ever wanted a career change, this would NOT be the one for me. We had to watch some icky/yukky videos and then discuss 'how we felt about them'.

One of these videos was purportedly about "teenage suicide" but when we got to the end of that our long show, it was really about gay teenagers who decided to kill themselves, because their 'lifestyle' was still not acceptable to the society in which they lived (most of them lived in country towns, not the cities.)

Honestly, most of these kids were young and impressinable. Maybe they were considered the outcasts at school and never made the local football team either. Any which way you want to look at it, they had been set up for the fall and after some poking and prodding from other gays, were finally convinced of their 'gaydom' as well.

After this particular session, a heavy debate raged through the classroom all that week , with folks trying to decide whether gays were born that way, or that it was a choice. Three out of our six lecturers that year were openly gay, all stating that they were born with the 'gay gene' but those of us who were brought up with a Christian/ethical belief refused to accept that.

Myself and several others openly stated that "to be gay is essentially a choice" - no one is forced into it, but it seems to me Henry, that many people are conned into it, just because they're lonely or end up being the odd ones out in the group.

BOB said (January 1, 2011):

One wonders when people will catch on to the fact that, at the highest levels, administrators in our society regard their "charges" as equivalent to lab rats. Pretty well all cultural "trends" and all political movements are actually devised at the top and financed into currency. "Educated" out of the ability to think for themselves, and thereby to be themselves (i.e., strong and unique individuals), most people just go along with "the latest thing". Discrimination was once the hallmark of intelligence and perspicacity; now the word denotes a crime.

Dan2 said (January 1, 2011):

This is disgusting. As the hillbillies used to say in Arkansas, 'hell ain't HALF full...."

The wheels are in motion. This is a done deal already so I foresee that it will take a decade and more before the fruits of this crap will begin to rant against what was done to them.
I know from experience that orphans are fixated upon the absent parent, and they DESPISE the 'usurper' parent.

Why? There is no genetic connection. These 'gaybies' are going to hate their gay parents.
Don't the behavioral engineers know that already? It's basic. I'm sure they do, and I'm trying to figure how that's supposed to figure into social dynamics during the 2020's when these kids will be in high school and college.
Uh, that is if there still is college in 2028......

Dan said (January 1, 2011):

Heterosexual depravity might as well be gay That's what you pointed out a long time ago in "Playboy Philosophy is Gay".

I don't hate homosexuals or lesbians. I equate them with lecherous heterosexual men, and everyone who suffers degrees of dysfunction separating sex biases from social transactions. Lesbians invariably resent men, I've found through long experience. Homosexuals invariably are sex addicts, even though they may stop 'acting out' when they're old, they never stop relishing perverse, lewd thoughts.
The gay icon William S. Burroughs himself was honest enough to say plainly that homosexuality is a weakness and curse.

I never did understand the attraction homosexuals feel, especially the ones who are 'couples'. In the art business I knew many of them, and I know that even the old gay couples were never monogamous - it's more like a pair of serial sex addicts. They would go on binges and bring home younger males, have orgies, and so on. That appears to be the reality of 'gay marriage'.

I was the epitome of 70's-90's "tolerance" (silence) for decades. I never understood homosexual's attraction, but I couldn't complain because I was a lecher who'd accepted the notion that sexual self indulgence ("liberation") was a noble cause in the interest of social evolution. Like Julian Assange for instance. Using women who are using you is fair game, I figured. That's the social norm now. It has been for the single and divorced demographic in the west since 1966 - when women got the birth control pill.

The Pill, "gave women control of their bodies". :
The first doses of The Pill were 10 milligrams. The high dosage led to numerous reactions, such as nausea, blurred vision, bloating ,weight gain, depression, blood clots, and strokes. Women's complaints of these symptoms to doctors were quickly dismissed. After all, the Pill was mandatory so "a woman could have control of her own body".

Does everyone see how we we're all deceived right under our noses? Lust can make a person male or female overlook the obvious. It inebriates consciousness, muddles critical faculties. It overrides judgment. Ethics go out the window.

Lust is addiction to powerful euphoric drugs manufactured in the brain through complex stimulation, no more 'noble' than getting hammered on booze or smoking crack. Whether one's addiction is heterosexual or homosexual it's not a thing to be proud of. What's more absurd and pathetic than a "Pride Parade". Proud of what?" Proud of prowess at anal sex?

What else is there to it?
Men who prefer sex with men and women who have no use for men don't produce offspring from their 'bond'. Now their saying they should get their hands on children, that they will provide them with 'love'.

Homosexual's love of children is in part like shopping for a pet and partly just more narcissism. (I won't even address the sexual possibilities).

To see how deranged this is,

Lesbian science project 'doner' babies.


Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at