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Gays Aim to Pack Obama Administration

January 10, 2012

gblt.jpgDiscrimination is outlawed unless it is reverse discrimination.
Then, it forms a crucial part of the elite satanists' plan
to destroy American society.

Indeed, the purpose of outlawing discrimination against homosexuals
is to discriminate against heterosexuals.

By Marie Henrie


If you are wondering why statements against sexual perversion became "Hate Speech" or if you scratched your head over Mrs. Obama's grateful expression of thanks to the "Victory Fund" when her husband won the Democratic nomination, you may want to check out just who is behind this agenda.

The Victory Leadership Institute was originally founded by a wealthy homosexual Software Corporate owner. This brainchild was to promote the "Queering of America." One of its page topic headers is, The Queering of Congress.

They have boasted more money raised for Obama's re-election campaign than has been raised by the RNC this past Spring.

 "Democratic officials said their haul included about $7 million from the        Obama Victory Fund, a joint effort by the D.N.C. and Mr. Obama's campaign. At a Victory Fund event, the first $5,000 of a contribution goes to the presidential campaign and the rest -- up to an annual cap of $30,800 -- is sent to the D.N.C."

The Obama campaign is counting on gays to compensate for liberals and other groups disillusioned by his failure to deliver on change.

Financial support will translate into the appointment of more gays and lesbians in the Obama administration.

" The Presidential Appointments Project, led by the Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute, serves as a talent bank for openly LGBT professionals seeking opportunities to improve our federal government's policies and processes."

 LGBT Appointments in the Obama-Biden Administration

 "To date, the Obama-Biden Administration has appointed more than 225 openly LGBT professionals to full-time and advisory positions in the executive branch; more than all known LGBT appointments of other presidential administrations combined."

Gay activists have been appointed to oversee "human rights" and health agencies.
The Mission is clear.......

"The Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute works to achieve full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people by building, supporting, and advancing a diverse network of LGBT public leaders."

One wonders if there is any heterosexual organization without a specific lobby agenda that offers the same opportunities to the average heterosexual  American who seeks a career in public office?


A  search of their website reveals some of the corporate contributors.

"The Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute is the only national LGBT organization approved for matching contributions by Microsoft. If you are a Microsoft employee and want to make tax deductible contribution at work, use reference EIN 521835268.

The Victory Congressional Internship is made possible with the generous support of: Bank of America, Microsoft and PGand E."

Other supporters come from the Fashion industry ..........

The site mentions that in the coming weeks, many "Obama-inspired" creations by couture designers like Jason Wu and Tracey Reese will be unveiled at an official site for the "Runway to Win" campaign. The proceeds from these designs and collections will be sent to the Obama Victory Fund."

Fashion World Unites to Support Obama's Re-Election Campaign

If you're looking for a mentor and or a friend to help you break into a career for Leadership in Politics ,Business or Education  you just may find a friend on one of the pages below, or not? Apparently, to succeed today your sexual preference IS integral to success in your chosen field.

Clearly heterosexuals are being discriminated against. Discrimination is outlawed unless it is reverse discrimination. Then it is an important part of the elite satanists' plan to destroy American society.  

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Comments for "Gays Aim to Pack Obama Administration"

Dan said (January 11, 2012):

Speaking in a 1998 gay activist training film, openly queer Senator Barney Frank explained how minorities get political power in America. "the religious right has an influence in this country because they organize and they vote. Too many on the left are still enamored with a demonstrative way of participating in politics.
They say let's have a demonstration, let's have a rally. You know, the National Rifle Association, one of the most successful political organizations has never had a rally? They organize, and they vote. They get their people registered. They write to members of Congress."
Demonstrations and marches, and 'consciousness raising' don't change anything. If an issue is important to you, help organize voters. The LGBT organizations have taken advantage of high voter apathy and confusion during the economic depression. In 1998 Barney Frank himself told LGBT organizers what they don't want the majority to know:

"We're a small minority in this country. We're not six percent. I think it's a mistake to talk about the numbers. Clearly we don't win unless we have supporters. We have to build coalitions. It's not going to work in politics that we're going to ask others to support our issues, but we're not going to support theirs. "

The way coalition building works is you make a deal with another group to support each other's ballot issues.

Two powerful lobbies gays can't buy are the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America. I don't even own a gun and have no plans for one, but like Barney Frank knows, they know how to play the voting game to win, they DON'T waste time on exhibitionism like OWS and gay parades---and they know where the politicians they endorse live.

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