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Will False Flag Terror Discredit Protests?

January 1, 2014

A survey of state-sponsored terrorism in Europe

from Oct 14, 2011

by Christian Soderberg


Although an exciting political awakening is happening in the western world, the Establishment is trying to harness it for its own ends.

And if they cannot hi-jack this awakening, they will most certainly try to make it look bad. And if things come to this, we might see a new wave of bogus political radicalism appearing in Europe and North America.

Fake Radicals: Police Provocateurs 

Undercover police officers have been caught trying to provoke protesters to attack cops during demonstrations (2007 Quebec protests; 2009 London G20-protests).

Undercover police have even been caught on video breaking public and private property (Greece 2008). Masked undercover cops, some with clubs in their hand (Greece 2011), or dressed as a "black-bloc anarchist" (2010 Toronto G20), have been filmed crossng police safety lines.

In 2001 Genoa, Italy, the police planted petrol bombs in the facilities of student protesters during the G8-protests. They even staged a stabbing of a police officer as an excuse for use of force.

Undercover London cops tried to provoke protesters to throw things at the police during 2009 G20 protests.

..and these are just few examples of agent provocateur-cops in the western world.

"Strategy of Tension"

Staged security threats against the state are used to: Manipulate public opinion; as a smear campaign against political opposition; as a tool to restrict freedom of speech and the right to demonstrate; to establish state emergency; to start wars against another nation, and so on.

There appears to be a criminal element that has infiltrated the western security sector (police, armed forces, intelligence agencies, Pentagon, NATO ... who stage "security threads" whenever it is thought to serve the Illuminati agenda.

..and because some of these "rogue-agents" also sit at the very top of many of these security agencies, they can quite easily make it appear to be a good thing when police manipulates protesters and political groups into violence, or when they stage acts of terror themselves "..We do this to smoke out the radical element."

f you look into the Ergenekon-organization in Turkey, and the Susurluk-scandal, you will get a fairly good picture of how this criminal "shadow government" operates and how it is constructed. 

During the "Years of Lead" in Cold War-Europe, a lot, if not most of the political terror was provoked, organized or even staged by these rogue -agents inside the western security establishment. These rogue-agents brainwashed and armed political groups to start violent street wars and to acts of terrorism against the state (..and private sector).They manipulated both ends of the political spectrum, left- and right-wing groups, to create this atmosphere of tension that lasted for decades, hence the name "Strategy of Tension".

Operation Gladio

"Operation Gladio" was a network of stay-behind armies, armed and trained by NATO-powers and their intelligence agencies. The Gladio-network had many arms caches hidden all around Europe in case of Soviet invasion ...Nothing wrong with that  ..but sadly, it appears that explosives from these arms caches were used in terror bombings at least in Italy and West Germany

Here are some examples of western intelligence agencies' involvement in political terrorism starting from 1960's

West Germany:

Peter Urbach and Red Army Faction (Baader-Meinhof Group)  (..use Google-translator, and check out the source articles also.)

It was Peter Urbach, apparently an agent provocateur working for West German intelligence (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV)), who radicalized young leftist prankster-groups to leave behind their "pudding wars", and pick up the Molotov Cocktails and bombs he delivered.

It is also believed (by some) that Urbach had met Andreas Baader before his first firebombings of department stores, and before the foundation of the Red Army Faction(RAF). If Urbach was the one who brought Molotov Cocktails, fire arms and bombs to the "hashish smoking hippy communities", it's not that ludicrous to think that it might have been Urbach who delivered the first firebombs used by Baader and his comrades.

Peter Urbach is also said to have supplied harder drugs in the leftist communities, which is in line with the "LSD & hippy-movement"-experiments (MKULTRA) run by the CIA at the same time in the US.

1978 Celle Hole plot

Celle Hole incident was a false flag bombing operation by West German secret service and GSG 9, a counter terrorism unit of the W-German federal police.

The W-German state security forces tried to stage a prison break as if it was done by the left-wing Red Army Faction, and detonated a bomb outside a prison wall near the town of Celle. This operation was also meant to help with the infiltration of RAF.

The 1980 Oktoberfest Bombing in Munich, Germany

It seems that the 1980 Oktoberfest bombing ( a "neo-Nazi who acted alone") is connected to the NATO's Gladio arms caches. Heinz Lembke, a neo-Nazi leader was found hanging in his prison cell after he had led investigators to over 30 arms caches hidden around the same area that was apparently one of the rendezvous-places of W-German Gladio-branches.

You can learn more about this incident in Daniele Ganser's book 'NATO's Secret Armies - Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe' (2005), and from a documentary film by Andreas Pichler 'NATO's Secret Armies' (see link below)


1969 Piazza Fontana bombing

General Gianadelio Maletti, a former head of Italian military counter-intelligence has claimed that his people discovered that US intelligence had supplied the explosives used in the Milan Piazza Fontana bombing in 1969. [2]

 1972 Peteano car bomb

The explosive analyst for Italian police tried to claim that the Peteano-explosives matched the kind that Italian radical left was using, but later it was discovered that the explosive material was in fact C-4, and identical to the C-4 in NATO's arms caches.

General Gerardo Serravalle, a former head of "Office R" testified to an Italian terrorism commission that some C-4 was missing from a Gladio-cache. [3]

1980 Bologna massacre: NATO explosives and Propaganda 2-Feemasons

The Guardian wrote in 1991 that according to Italian parliamentary commission on terrorism, the explosives used in the Bologna massacre came from Gladio arms-caches. [4]

The Gladio-network in Italy had also ties to the infamous Masonic lodge P2-(Propaganda Due). The head of P2, Licio Gelli, and two Italian military intelligence officers, apparently also members of the P2-lodge, were at one time convicted of diverting the Bologna bombing investigations.

Northern Ireland:

The British MI5 and FBI delivered "state-of-the-art bomb detonation technology" to Real IRA (RIRA) according to a former British soldier who worked as a MI5-mole in RIRA. [5]

Irish police allowed the 1998 Omagh bomb pass?

Irish Garda detective and his informant inside RIRA claim that senior Garda officers decided to allow the Omagh bomb to pass through security to protect their informants inside RIRA. [6] The 1998 Omagh bombing has been one of the worst terror bombings in Northern Ireland, killing 29 and injured over 200 people.

Other police-informants in RIRA have made similar claims.

back to modern times

New wave of Operation Gladio: the murder of Greek journalist Sokratis Giolias

The new wave of political terror has actually already been growing in Europe in recent years. We have seen parcel bombs address to top politicians by supposed radical left, a communist group took credit of a small bomb that exploded in Davos, Switzerland in early 2011. Hundreds of cars have been torched and petrol bombs left near train tracks in Germany.

..but the most clear case of a false flag-hit, to me, is the murder of Greek journalist Sokratis Giolias in July 2010.

Sokratis Giolias was murdered in front of his home in Athens supposedly by a left wing group calling themselves the Sect of Revolutionaries. But the odd part is that Giolias' collages have told that he was working on a large expose story about Greek corruption

..So to me, it really seems to be against all sound logic that a REAL left wing group would kill a journalist who's trying to expose the very same people the left-wingers are fighting against: corrupt officials, political parties and the big-business.

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Comments for "Will False Flag Terror Discredit Protests?"

Robert said (October 14, 2011):

One shouldn't forget the 1970s Canadian federal McDonald Commission, which examined allegations of criminal activity by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, including hundreds of break-and-enters and theft, electronic surveillance of an MP, unauthorized opening of mail, burning of a barn, monitoring of election candidates, theft of dynamite, and use of forged documents. One would like to assume that such activities are "all for a good cause", but of course if they are tolerated serious abuse is certain to develop and the beneficiaries will be increasingly dubious.

American Dan said (October 14, 2011):

Just a remark -- I think this is an excellent observation from "Irish Dan".

"These COIN ( Counter Insurgency) operations involved penetration agents, pseudo sectarian killer gangs (Al Quaida, Taliban, Hamas, neo-nazis, etc.), false flag operations, media manipulation etc, all the things that are now going to be used against the Wall Street protesters etc."

It's well known among the Irish that the IRA was laced with double agents and informants. British acumen in setting up COIN ops pre-dates the 'fall guy' Guy Fawkes.
By the way, 98% of men, women and children killed by Al Quaeda have been ordinary Muslims living in IMF targeted nations of the Middle East. Their favorite target has been Mosques. Terrorist events attributed to Al Queda have routinely supplied pretext for US/UK NATO war escalations and ever more draconian 'security' measures in the US and UK applied to our domestic civilian general population.

WM said (October 14, 2011):

I am very impressed with the info about cointelpro. This makes perfect sense to me now. I recall the protests in Windsor at the Ambassador Bridge in 1990 when we shut down the Border crossing for a week to protest FreeTrade(NAFTA). As I recall the "actor"or "plant" as I see it showed up at our protest with two big armed rcmp/csis guys and this little scruffy guy in a plaid coat walks up gets right on stage and starts hooting and hollering to give the guest speaker (a politician) a chance. He was successful because just after he left the stage the protesters began to agree with this little guy that came out of nowhere and I watched him leave with the two cops. Days later It so happens I was watching the local municipal meeting at city hall after the protests died out and behold council passed a law that day to fine any trucks $10,000 dollars if the stop traffic at Huron Line road up to the bridge. So I see what you mean about how things work and how the totalitarian system gains . Those that protested thought they won a small battle when in fact they lost huge rights and freedoms in the long run and now if some poor sap decides to pull a work stoppage he won't expect that. Amazing how these thing work eventually George Orwell "1984" is among us and the common people are asking"Gee, how did it get like this?" David Icke is right as are you

Irish Dan said (October 14, 2011):

Ireland was always the laboratory where England first tried out their social control processes and this past four decades have been no
different. Senior British Army, Security Services and Police personnel have been touring NATO countries during these decades selling the expertise of their experiences in Northern Ireland.

These COIN ( Counter Insurgency) operations involved penetration agents, pseudo sectarian killer gangs, false flag operations, media
manipulation etc, all the things that are now going to be used against the Wall Street protesters etc.

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