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God Vs the Mini Skirt

November 3, 2011

Lady_GaGa_the_Goddess_by_AnthonyRMandler.jpgLeft, Lady Gaga,"the Goddess," comes with Holy Grail

"After I have been with her for a while, I realize she is nothing like the girl I initially worshiped. That girl doesn't exist. And you have given the love and adoration that your Creator, the Creator of the entire universe deserves to another human being. And in the process you have gone from a powerful man to a weak child before this woman that wants to admire your strength."

by Pieter Prinsloo

Pieter Prinsloo is a 22 year old student in South Africa. He is "dedicated to kneeling to God and standing up to the cockroaches too cowardly to give their organization a name but think they have the right to rule us all."

Women are worshiped and feared by men in modern Western society. The female is "empowered" and sexualized; they are goddesses, thanks to brainwashing by the Illuminati whore media. Go into any nightclub and see how attractive girls are treated with worship and crippling fear.

Have you ever seen a stunning girl from a distance and instantly felt a surge of adoration and love for her? Your mind immediately starts creating a story with her.

Why is it always the romantic guy that gets destroyed by femininity? Why is it that these guys that actually have great intentions on the surface gets the harshest punishment from women. In my male circle, most of us, me included have been raped by the female power.

(left. They sweat!)

Many of my friends are neutered useless dogs when it comes to handling another human being that is basically the same as we are. Except they shave most of their bodily hair, paint their faces and their bodies are a bit different.

They have the same bodily needs as you do. They have to eat and sleep just like you. But when a beautiful girl walks into a nightclub or social gathering, which has the most value, the girl or, for example, a doctor who has saved countless lives? All eyes are on the mini skirt. The mini skirt is god.

And the people that worship the mini skirt are the exact same people that will get their worst fears realized when they step up to talk to this woman. They get utterly rejected. They get destroyed. She can sense your worship and weakness.

 All women are attracted to the powerful man and because they sense the weakness from the guys that really adore them, this is the opposite of the powerful guy that will be able to protect them from the lion and catch the big buffalo so they can eat, and she rejects the weakness from the former. But maybe it's something deeper than that.

megan-fox-026-1280-645100.jpg(l. Megan Fox)


Are we giving the adoration and worship that God deserves to the beautiful woman? Now you'll say this guy is nuts. I do not feel a sexual attraction or arousal when I think of God!

I agree but neither do you feel that towards the beauty across the street. See, you don't want to go across the street and passionately kiss this girl. You want to please her. Let me repeat that, you want to shower her with your love and adoration. This is not sexual; this is worship.

Many times, after I have met her and been with her for a while, I realize she is nothing like the girl I initially worshiped. The initial idea that I had of that person was a lie. It's fake. That girl doesn't exist. And you have given the love and adoration that your Creator, the Creator of the entire universe deserves to another human being. And in the process you have gone from a powerful man to a weak child before this woman that wants to admire your strength.

gagafrog.jpg(left. Inside the Gaga Goddess)

Ever heard the expression that we learn to know God through other people? God wants to teach us through the powerful feelings that we  feel for a stranger how to better love and adore Him our Father. I am not saying, do not fall in love with the beautiful girl. I want to suggest something more productive.

Use that powerful feeling of wanting to please her and walk over to her and have a conversation. Come to know her as a human being. That girl in the office that you have been secretly worshiping, become a man and talk to her. Save yourself the disappointment of expecting somebody to be a god. You never find that girl because she doesn't exist.

You see, no matter how impressive, centered, beautiful, courageous, strong somebody is, we are just pale reflections of our God. The Illuminati wants us to believe that they are gods and we can become gods also. This always ends in disappointment.

Trying to love another human as a god robs them of the love they need from you, the amazing love and friendship of two humans who share a life together.

Girls, do not come to me thinking that I am the "one" for you.

 I will not expect you to be the "one" either. I have already found the ULTIMATE ONE. But you can be my number two.


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Comments for "God Vs the Mini Skirt"

Sulayman said (November 4, 2011):

"Prinsloo" !! Even before reading the article my first thought was, "A fellow South African on Henry Makow nogal!" Good article, but the way the country's going you'll end up in the constitutional court one day for violation of human rights, gender discrimination and the rest you know.

Jay said (November 4, 2011):

Awesome article. Actually she should be number three.

1. God
2. Self
3. Family.
4. Country

T said (November 4, 2011):

Just want to add that it has been my experience as an American - the ultimate "westernized" nation - that once I got over the hormone "love" of youth and quit idolizing women - plus after two marriages to two very different types of women - I have almost no real contact with any of them.

Most of those who work where I work know me; they know I am not a sucker for "woman's wiles" and they rightly sense that I find them shallow, massively ignorant, basically selfish and rather pathetic.

Some are even beyond figuring out my analysis of them but I can see that they resent me too because I don't follow the wholly manufactured modern male mold which caters to women in every degree. (Most of these women are school teachers.)

They also stay clear of me because I don't take any of their feminist crap and their offhand belittling of men and boys I throw back at them as the unthinking, unfounded and selfish prejudice it is.

Which vicious prejudice, by the way, comes through to the kids and is a major outcome of the "teaching" these mentally sick people accomplish.

Some of these school authorities have actually run from me when, after their usual mantra that every fault in the kids is their parents' doing, I have countered by the simple statement that the parents too, are products of the schools.

Like most men, I would enjoy a real helpmate but have no illusions about ever having that as I know the "qualifications" that American women demand, I lack in my old age.

I don't see them looking for a "strong-minded man" for their security at all. All of their desires in men are materialistic. Even their "Sunday worship" is materialistic. They don't care what kind of prostitute a man turns himself into as long as he makes enough money to furnish the required toys.

Moreover, it would be a rare western women who would interest me as the material things don't move me. Only as useful tools in life. I don't need "house beautiful," for instance, just a roof and walls that keep out most of the weather. Paint on the inside is immaterial to me. (Is that a play on words?)

Interestingly, most of the local men have no time for me either as they, too, are, in the great majority, also shallow and ignorant. And are content to remain so.

They would much rather blame whoever is the sitting president for their economic woes than learn how their money actually works against them, for instance. When you enumerate to them the many material advantages Gaddafi gave his Libyan citizens, none of which the U.S. government even attempts to give U.S. citizens, they kick in their well used cognitive dissonance and just blow it off. "Ignorance is bliss" should be the American motto.

All in all, it's a pretty sad state of affairs in the "western," Protestant world. I still hope for a miracle that might bring real knowledge to these "occupiers," especially the young, who could change the direction of humanity if they just knew where to aim their energy.

Marc said (November 4, 2011):

Thanks very much for writing it. I'm surprised that I haven't ever seen an article addressing this so directly. I do hope that I can embody this practical and realistic advice of becoming a man, not being intimidated, and talking to the other just as they are: a human being; an equal.

Christine said (November 3, 2011):

As a woman, I am at a loss to understand why men fear women. You are bigger, faster, stronger, and generally smarter than we women. Don't you think we have more to fear from you than the other way around?

Yet you let your feelings for us rule you. Don't let your emotions control you. Practice mental prayer and learn to control your emotions.

Ken said (November 3, 2011):

Excellent article! The points brought out here are so important and true, and deserve time and concentrated reflection to begin to appreciate and apply them helpfully. If men and women would choose to re-learn how to love one another deeply, fully, and faithfully--and reserve worship for God, where it belongs--much greater spiritual and social happiness and health would result.

The excerpt on top is very well chosen.

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