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Has the Ark of the Covenant Been Found?

June 28, 2010

[Editor's Note: I don't have a clue about this question. But my friend, "Idiot Savant" is passionate about it. The pictures below are impressive. So I offer him my soap box, and await my readers' verdicts.)  

by Idiot Savant

Here is a partial list of those who have been looking for The Ark of he Covenant in the last 2,500 years.

The Templars
The Freemasons
The Illuminati
The Rosicrucians
The Israelis
The Jesuits
The Zionists
The Rothschilds

Can you say "Secret Societies!" without blinking?

All come down to a 404 -not found. A lot about Ethiopia, Jordan, France, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Greek Islands -but no goods to deliver. A lot of hot air and cool cash and lecture circuits and Indiana Jones', that's it.

Until now.

The Ark of the Covenant has been found, but not excavated. Not yet.

What are we dealing with when we say "Ark of the Covenant", "Ark of God", "Ark of thy God's strength", "Ark of the Covenant of the Lord of all the Earth", or "Ark of the Testimony".

What is it, and who paid for it?

Apparently on Mount Sinai, God told Moses to build a wooden box, cover it with gold inside and outside, add two poles to carry it and two cherubim (also made of gold) facing each other as its lid. The area between the two cherubim and the top of the box was called "The Mercy Seat" for some good reason, though nobody is reported to have sat there.

When Moses wandered through the desert for 40 years, he and his people followed the Ark to wherever it led them. By day, it emitted a vertical cloud vortex, by night it was a light column. When they camped, it was kept in a special tent called the Tabernacle. The interesting question here is not the Ark as a gold-plated box - but what it contained.

It contained the power supply of the Great Pyramid, originally housed in the granite "sarcophagus" (nobody buried in it) inside the "King's Chamber". Since God gave Moses the exact dimensions, and we know the inside and outside dimensions of the granite sarcophagus, which is still in Egypt today, we know there is a perfect fit here. They could never steal the sarcophagus as it won't fit through the door - the chamber housing it was built around it. Moses was of course initiated into the Egyptian inner circle.

The Ark is also called the Tetragrammaton. The device through which one could communicate with God -or God with one.

For a good hypothesis dealing with this Tetragrammaton, you need to get in touch with Nassim Haramein, who has some good points to make about it. Plenty of videos out there. The Ark parted the waters of the Jordan River and the Red Sea, don't ask how, and gave the Israelites quite an edge in warfare. They carried it around the walls of Jericho once a day for a week, sounding seven ram's horns, and the walls just gave up and crumbled. Some Ark, you say? The Philistines captured it from the Hebrews, but gave it back shortly thereafter, citing some sort of problem with it: hemorrhoids, and a plague of mice.

Eventually, it was placed in Jerusalem inside the Holy of Holies, in the center of King Solomon's temple, back then the largest one on earth. Today, this same place is called The Dome of the Rock. One had to be prepared to get near the Ark, or face death. Cloud emissions are associated with the Ark, filling the temple when the priests came out of the chamber where it stood.

One smoking iPhone of God. In this case, engraved with the letters "EL".

What happened to it?

In 586 BC, the Babylonians (Assyrians) under Nebuchadnezzar laid siege to Jerusalem and eventually sacked the place. There is no record that they found and took with them the Ark of the Covenant. In fact, the Second Temple (2.0) had an empty Holy of Holies. Few people likely knew that it was so, but ... I digress.

The Ark was never found again, and the references in the Bible and the Quran stop here.

Where is it?

The Templars actually started out as a low-paid digging crew. That is what they did for the first ten years, before getting into crusades and banking. Where did they dig? In Jerusalem, under Solomon's Temple. What where they looking for? Exactly. It.

There is a rather interesting book that says that ancient writing on a recently excavated wall has been deciphered. The translated text says where the Ark is buried, who did it, and why.

Best of all, it says that the Ark is buried inside the wall itself, under tons of sand.

The wall has a row of now-identified and translated text running along its outside

The Parked Ark_img_0.jpg

The row of text on the wall is at the height of the standing person's elbows

The Parked Ark_img_1.jpg
The huge circular wall in the background, behind the partly excavated palace with pillars

The Parked Ark_img_2.jpg
The eight pillars of the palace before recent excavations The still unexcavated palace of the Queen of Sheba in the Republic of Yemen. What does this have to do with ... whatever?

Good question. If it were not for the fact that our dear secret societies have been looking for the Ark of the Covenant for over 2,000 years, unsuccessfully one must add, then this could be dismissed as just another bit of speculation one can find on the web in these most interesting times.

This place in Yemen is now protected by at least six SAM surface-to-air missile launchers. And there has been found "something" under the sands inside the wall with the help of ground-penetrating radar.

Six surface-to-air missile launchers are positioned a few miles from the area (Google Earth)

The Parked Ark_img_5.jpg
You can actually download a simple computer program which translates the so-called "proto-Caananite" on the wall into ancient Hebrew, and from there into English.

The Parked Ark_img_6.jpg

It is open-source now, no need to trust any scientist-priest with this.

Now what?

Personally, I find it indescribably hilarious that none of the heavyweight lodges, secret and not-so-secret societies, or even the Dimlluminati, have been able to do better than one independent, low-budget web magazine editor and his fellow researchers.

That alone gives a lot of hope, particularly when you are not a member of any of them.



Comments for " Has the Ark of the Covenant Been Found? "

Ralph Ellis said (July 1, 2010):

Some answers to other postings

a. There was no Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem.

True - Jerusalem was just a village at the time, according to Israeli archaeologist Prof Finkelstein. But there may have been a confusion of terms here. It was not the Temple of Zion, but the Temple of Zoan - Tanis in Egypt. This is where is was built.

b. There was no Exodus.

Wrong, there was a very great Exodus - the Hyksos Exodus from Egypt (see below). Question is, are they the same event and people? Since both exoduses started with storms, darkness and an ash cloud, it is likely they were the same Exodus.

c. There was no Moses.

Wrong, there were many Moseses, as it is a very common Egyptian name (TuthMoses, AhMoses, RaMoses). Question is - which one? I think he was TuthMoses, the brother of Akhenaton.

d. There was no Yahweh.

Probably wrong. Yahweh was a derivation of Yah, the Moon-god of Egypt (Thoth, or Djehwyti).

e. Cherub

Probably derived from the Egyptian Karub, meaning 'sphinx'. If you look at Phoenician and early Israelite iconography, you will find that the king's throne is always flanked by two winged sphinxes with human faces - cherubs. So now you know what was on top of the Ark.

f. Jeremiah 3:16 - they will not remember the Ark.

Indeed, because it was taken from Jerusalem either by Menelek (10th century BC) or by Jeremiah's exiles (6th century BC). So yes, they people of Jerusalem/Tanis would not remember it or visit it.

g. No Jews/Israelites in Egypt.

Not under that name, no. But if the Israelites were the Hyksos people, then they are very well known in Egypt. The Hyksos were the circumcised shepherds who wore curly side-locks of hair and earrings, who fought a battle with the (Upper) Egyptians - but there was a period of darkness, storms, ash and deaths, and 500,000 Hyksos were evicted from Egypt on a great exodus - travelling from Pi-Rammese to Jerusalem.

Familiar story? (P.S. This is real history from any history book. Just join up the dots.)
It is likely that Patriarch Joseph was Yuya, while Moses was TuthMoses the brother of Pharaoh Akhenaton.

h. God = hail, lightening and earthquakes. This is the Hebrew god called Shaddai, the god of thunder and lightening - in reality a description of the eruption of Thera, the event that caused the Exodus in the first place (see book: Tempest & Exodus)

Ralph Ellis said (July 1, 2010):

Interesting article - I have written a book about the Ark and Saba.

The photos here are of the Temple of Awwam, just across the river from the city of Marib in Saba. The reason that people think that the Ark may have gone to Saba is that the Kebra Nagast (the Ethiopian Bible) says it was taken from Jerusalem by Menelek, a son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. And Sheba and Saba are linked, surely?

What was the Ark? Well, if you go to the Cairo Museum, you can see one. The Ark of Tutankhamen is exactly the same as the biblical description, including the bronze rings underneath for the gold-covered poles. These Arks were used for storing gold and important documents, they were the pharaoh's treasury and library, which is why they were so important.

But where did Menelek take it? Well, the Kebra Negast says it was taken to the kingdom of the Queen of Sheba (Menelek's mother), wherever that was. Actually, I think Sheba's kingdom was Thebes, in southern Egypt, which is why she was known as the Queen of the South - and why Solomon was able to marry Pharaoh's daughter (this daughter was Sheba herself). So, according to the Kebra Nagast, the Ark ended up in Thebes in the 10th century BC.

So why the link to Saba? Well, many people think that the Queen of Sheba came from Saba - but she did not, as Saba did not rise to power until the 6th century BC. Much too late. So why the connection? Well, if you read the Book of Jeremiah, the remnants of Jerusalem after the Persian invasion in the 6th century BC fled to Egypt, and then moved on (I think) to Saba. That is why Saba has so many Judaean links. So why the link to the Queen of Sheba (the Queen of Saba)? Well, these exiled Israelites/Judaeans were not Jews as we know them today, for they worshipped the Queen of Heaven rather than Yahweh (much to Jeremiah's annoyance). As it happens, the Queen of Sheba translates as the Queen of the Stars (the Queen of Heaven). So these people were worshipping a deified Queen of Sheba (incarnated as Isis), and this is why Saba is strongly linked to Sheba.

So could the Ark be in Saba? Possibly. If the Kebra Negast is wrong, and Menelek did not take it, then the next real opportunity was the destruction of Jerusalem by the Persians, and so it may have ended up with the 6th century BC refugees fleeing to Saba. Anything is possible.

Incidentally, there is another interesting link here, for the Awwam Temple is a perambulatory temple - you walk around its circular interior, just as Muslims do around the Kaba in Mecca. Strangely enough, Saba was destroyed just as Islam rose, and so the basis of the Koran may well be the Judaean liturgy of Saba (the Koran is mostly a copy of the Torah, but from an alternate source and tradition). That is why the Haram mosque in Mecca mimicks the Awwam Temple so closely.

Ralph Ellis

See: Solomon, Pharaoh of Egypt, by Ralph Ellis.

Jack said (June 30, 2010):

Interesting article for it makes readers think.

I propose this: Ask not IF the manufactured Ark of the Covenant has been found, but rather what was the Ark a representation of?

Mention was made of 'a vortex'. That's even more interesting.

The vortex is the remains of the ancient reality, not the manufactured representation. Mohamed's claim to have been taken heavenward is possible because of the vortex.

It's the reality that Ha.Khartim seeks. And that lies in one of 6 likely locations in Asia.

Elijah said (June 30, 2010):

The Ark of the Covenant definitely is not buried in Yemen, Egypt or any other Gentile nation, it is buried under Mount Moriah in Jerusalem. The southern 2/3 of Mount Moriah became the Temple Mount where Solomon’s Temple was built and the northern 1/3 of Mount Moriah, just north of the city’s northern wall, is where Solomon obtained white limestone for his temple. The Kidron Valley runs north to south east of Mount Moriah and the Tyropoeon Valley is on the west side.

While quarrying limestone north of the city, Solomon found a cave that he had enlarged for concealing the Ark after his death. The chamber measures 22 feet long on one side with a 12 feet long wall at a right angle to the 22 foot wall. From the other end of the 12 foot wall a third wall curves back up to connect with the other end of the 22 foot wall. The height of the chamber is about 8 feet, with the ceiling fairly flat.

After Solomon’s death (931 B.C.) the Ark was placed in the chamber and covered with rocks. It was later removed by King Josiah during his reign 640-609 B.C. ( 2 Chron 35:3). The Ark was returned to its chamber when Josiah died in battle with Neco king of Egypt (20-24). The Ark is still in its chamber today, the tunnel entrance to the chamber is buried with rocks concealing its location.

The Ark is mentioned in 2nd Maccabees the 2nd chapter as having been hidden in a cave that was “buried.”
The Copper Scroll does not mention the Ark but does name the “wine vessels of the Gleaming Chamber (the Holy of Holies)” and the “Ephod” the breastplate of the High Priest being buried in the same cave."

The Ark has to reappear according to the prophecy of Jeremiah 3:16, it strongly implies the Jews will have possession of the Ark prior to the Millennium. It will be placed in the most Holy Place of the third temple after the signing of a 7 year covenant (Dan. 9:27). According to my timeline of future events the Ark will be brought up from its chamber next year, for every one to see.

Elijah 3 (Dean; Mt. 17:11-12; Mk. 9:12)

Arvin said (June 29, 2010):

Revelation 11:18-19 18 The nations raged, but thy wrath came, and the time for the dead to be judged, for rewarding thy servants, the prophets and saints, and those who fear thy name, both small and great, and for destroying the destroyers of the earth." 19 Then God's temple in heaven was opened, and the ark of his covenant was seen within his temple; and there were flashes of lightning, voices, peals of thunder, an earthquake, and heavy hail.

Tim said (June 29, 2010):

hope this finds you well, in good spirit and having a good day.

Having read the article "Has the Ark of the Covenant Been Found?", there is a very interesting lecture about it that has been given by a person named JAH:-

And a Google video about it:-

Doug said (June 29, 2010):

Any reasonably informed Bible scholar would doubtlessly be able to provide a much more balanced view of the nature of the Ark, its known contents, etc.

Of this one can be certain. The Ark did not contain the “power supply of the Great Pyramid”; it is not “called the Tetragrammaton, nor is it used to communicate with God (that is the role of the High Priest, who wore the Ephod); and Moses – if he was, in fact, “initiated into the Egyptian inner circle” – would have been forced to repent of it later as he came to knowledge of the one true God. I could go on and on, but there’s no time to address Idiot’s idiotic assertions.

Paul said (June 29, 2010):

It is not surprising that the Yemenis have surrounded their most precious archeological site with SAMs,considering that everything they do is being watched from satellite and interpreted in a terror-centric mindset. Remember what happened to some of the Babylonian and Sumerian ruins in Iraq during the bombing there.

The eight pillars in front of the huge and very carefully built circular stone wall give me the impression of something that might be a cross between a kiva from Mesa Verde or Chaco Canyon (in the American Southwest) and a touch of Stonehenge. It would surprise me very much if this thing was not an extremely accurate solar and/or lunar calender, with the sun's or moon's rays passing through gaps in the pillars that signify key times of the season. Whether the Ark is at the center of the circle, I have no speculation about. If he was on intimate terms with the Queen of Sheba, it is plausible that Solomon entrusted the object to her care if he was in fear of it being lost to his enemies, or if she was carrying his child who would be heir to the throne.

People have theorized that the Ark was an electric capacitor that discharged high voltage but calculations show that it's electric capacity would be very small and nothing approaching what would be required to level mountains and create plagues. (Actually, it would amount to nothing at all.) A more realistic approach might be that somebody stumbled across some very "hot" uranium deposits. Such deposits have been found in Africa and produced elevated temperature anomalies. It is conceivable that if pieces of extremely rich ore were placed together in the ark and formed a sufficient mass, they could produce radiation and cause skin lesions. Still, that is a far cry from leveling mountains. In the final analysis though, people of faith should probably just accept it as a supernatural manifestation of God's power (in a small guilded box) and trust that in the end He will provide us with the answers to all our questions.

Robert said (June 29, 2010):

Geez, Luciano Albini before he became Pope John Paul I and, obviously, before he was assassinated/ murdered/ killed/terminated did gobs of research on the Jews/Israelites in Egypt. Guess what? There is no historical reference to the Israelites/Jews ever having been in Egypt. Even if they were slaves there should be some mention of Jewish folks who helped/were forced to build these here pyramids. There is no writing on the wall of any of the tombs or other building/monument that even mentions the Jews.

So, Luciano Albini came to the educated conclusion that the Jews had never been in Egypt and that the first five books of the bible are a figment of Moses imagination. Read the book, "Murder in the Vatican" by Lucien Gregoire. JP I was no fool, unfortunately he stepped on a lot of toes and got real close to the financial shenanigans that were going on with the Vatican bank. So they offed him and the Polack kept the lid on the crap that was going on in the Vatican. READ THE BOOK!

Al said (June 29, 2010):

No, the Ark of the Covenant has been found and will not. Jeremiah wrote of its demise:

Jeremiah 3:16 And it shall come to pass, when ye be multiplied and increased in the land, in those days, saith the LORD, they shall say no more, The ark of the covenant of the LORD: neither shall it come to mind: neither shall they remember it; neither shall they visit it; neither shall that be done any more.

I have attempted several times to engage Jewish scholars in discussion about this. The either refuse to or simply say 'you wouldn't understand'.

The ark, the temple, the priesthood the offerings are fully and completely done away in Christ.

Whatever they proport to find will be a fraud.

Muhamed said (June 29, 2010):

I don't know much about the Ark of the Covenant but I find it very interesting,and like Savant points out it is mentioned in the Quran.
Ark of the Covenant its NOT a is REAL.
This is what it says:

[2:246] Have you noted the leaders of Israel after Moses? They said to their prophet, "If you appoint a king to lead us, we will fight in the cause of GOD." He said, "Is it your intention that, if fighting is decreed for you, you will not fight?" They said, "Why should we not fight in the cause of GOD, when we have been deprived of our homes, and our children?" Yet, when fighting was decreed for them, they turned away, except a few. GOD is aware of the transgressors.
[2:247] Their prophet said to them, "GOD has appointed Taloot (Saul) to be your king." They said, "How can he have kingship over us when we are more worthy of kingship than he; he is not even rich?" He said, "GOD has chosen him over you, and has blessed him with an abundance in knowledge and in body." GOD grants His kingship to whomever He wills. GOD is Bounteous, Omniscient.

[2:248] Their prophet said to them, "The sign of his kingship is that the Ark of the Covenant will be restored to you, bringing assurances from your Lord, and relics left by the people of Moses and the people of Aaron. It will be carried by the angels. This should be a convincing sign for you, if you are really believers."

Michael David Warren said (June 29, 2010):

I find it interesting that people are fascinated by the ark of the covenant, but know so little of what it was or what it represents. We'll forgoe all the associations with Jesus, I am so sick about hearing about that.. One observation I would like to make though about the ark is the top of it where the builders were instructed to make a crown around the top..They were'nt told to make two cute little Cherubim and place them on each end with their little wings covering the mercy seat..! If you ever see an ark like that you can be sure that it is not the real one. There were indeed Cherubim but they were placed at the end of the ark, and they stood on the floor, and they were very tall and intimidating, and their wings did cover the entire ark, and there were palm trees engraved in the walls of the Holy of Holies. Look inside the ark if you dare and you should find the tablets of stone (ten commandments) written with the finger of God, and the Scepter of Aaron, hopefully it is still budding with almond flowers.!
Only the High Priest was allowed in there and only once a year on the day of attonement (Yom Kippur) to make attonement for the sins of the people..the scapegoat was for Azazel..Thats where Jesus is hiding. It was Azazel who was imputed with all the sin of the people, because it was he that taught the people to sin..!! Thats what the day of attonement was for.! Follow the scapegoat...thats where you'll find Jesus. Good Hunting.!

Michael David Warren Author: Into The Rabbit Hole

Arina said (June 29, 2010):

Why should we make mysteries of things which God made crystal clear for us? And why do people prefer to believe man rather than God? The true ark of the covenant will NEVER be found on earth. Whoever will claim to have found it is a fraud. The true ark of the covenant is in God’s Temple, in heaven (Revelation 11:19)! Please let all your readers know, so that they won't be deceived when the big fraud happens.

David said (June 29, 2010):

This is all kaaka! All the searches for the holy grail, the shroud of Turin, the ark of Noah etc is an attempt to tie religion to mysticism. Should one venerate or even eat the faeces of Christ? The mainstream media is good at this kind of disinfo. This is not spirituality. The bloodlines traced back to Christ have nothing to do with spirituality. They are all scraping the bottom of the barrel for self-
worth. Each soul is unique. The Christ Soul will never return by the name of Christ! Go figger!

Wildy said (June 29, 2010):

Really, this is getting beyond a joke.
There was no Moses. There was no Exodus. There is no Jehovah, nothing to pin a Tetragrammaton on. And a massive stone building doesn't need a power supply. This whole thing is a fable and a fantasy grafted onto reality. The writer should either never have stopped taking the tablets, or he should never have started, because a lot of psychotropic meds cause the very symptoms they are supposed to alleviate.

Kirk said (June 29, 2010):

I'm no expert on the ark or its history but I do know something of the Bible. The temple, priesthood, and everything about the sacrificial system is described in the Bible as a copy (NOT a symbol) of heavenly things. The copy and the original are connected in such a way that changes in heaven will result in corresponding changes in the copies of heaven on the earth. For example, when Jesus is crucified the veil of the temple is torn in two indicating all men may enter. As Jesus' kingdom is established, the temple and sacrificial system is destroyed. We do not yet however have access to God face to face. The way to the tree of life is still guarded by the cherubim. That way will be opened when we see Jesus face to face at his return. The ark therefore must still exist, wherever it may be: the cherubim still guard the way to the Mercy seat and what is under it. Destruction of the ark must be concurrent with or shortly follow the return of Christ. Just my present thinking, and I'm certainly open to more information.

Hans said (June 29, 2010):

Not important at all. The Bible nowhere says we should search for physical remnants of old, faith-related artefacts.

The Ark of the Covenant as a case is not important, the contents of it are! They are not hidden but plainly in the Bible. Christians search for the truth and not for idols, i wonder how many „Arks“ are still to be found – like the Ark of Noah, splinters from the cross etc... .

Pagan, catholic temples are full of it, while God says: make no images.

Dave said (June 29, 2010):

how long are you going to keep up the illusion, that archaeology hasn't already unmasked the "Kingdom of Israel" myth? The "Ark of the Covenant" Egyptian reality twisted to a "Jewish" myth?

There simply is no "Solomon's temple" anywhere in Jerusalem. It simply is NOT THERE. These type of articles, by "archaeologists" working BACKWARD from the hypothesis that the Bible is literally true, assists in the Illuminati goal of keeping the masses confused and stupid.

Is that your goal, Henry? Or not? Do you wish to educate, or dumb down?

Because it was in reality a temple built by Salmanser II.

New Evidence of "Solomon" – from Assyria!

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