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Perverse Masonic Initiations Pervade Society

November 8, 2011

hazing.jpgInitiation rituals like hazing are Masonic and satanic in origin and compromise, intimidate and blackmail the victim. They also establish a tacit Masonic pecking order.

by David Richards

As the Illuminati tighten their grip on humanity, we increasingly resemble them.

We are becoming more inhumane by the generation. A telling example is the dramatic increase in sexual bullying in UK schools over the last 5 years.
Another part of this trend is the increase in volume and severity of hazing.

Hazing is a term used to describe various activities involving harassment, abuse or humiliation used to initiate a person into a group. Initiation rituals like this are Masonic and satanic in origin and compromise, intimidate and blackmail the victim. They also establish a tacit Masonic pecking order.

The Illuminati use sadistic hazing rituals to ensure that new recruits conform. The rituals are often homosexual, to increase bonding between the initiates and further alienate the recruit from moral mainstream society, against which he will be required to wage war.

bushhazing.jpgThe revelations of Kay Griggs provide insight into how hazing operates inside the Illuminati. Kay was married to a US marine colonel who was an Illuminati insider. He was a trained assassin and worked in mind control among other things. He liaised with public names such as Donald Rumsfeld, George H. Bush, Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger.

He called the people he was involved with 'members of The Firm or The Brotherhood.'

"He mentioned how many ...  are members of the "Cap and Gown" Princeton group or the "Skull and Bones" Yale crowd and how they performed sexually perverted induction ceremonies with anal and oral sex performed inside coffins."

"I learned about how he was sexually molested by homosexual teachers at the elite Hun School, where a lot of the others in this small elite group also attended, including the members the Saudi Royal family. He told me how sex is used to control, intimidate and groom boys into this type of military service from a young age.'

abu ghraib7.jpg(l. Abu Graib, is the torturer the one being initiated?)

Hazing is a milder form of these initiation rituals. It has spread into mainstream society through Masonic sub-groups hidden in various institutions. They function as Masonic recruiting pools.

One is the 'Order of the Arrow' secret society that exists within the Boy Scouts.  John Salza is a former 32 degree Freemason and the author of the book "Freemasonry Unmasked." He has written an essay about the OA entitled "Freemasonry has Infiltrated the Boy Scouts."

Two 32-degree Freemasons founded the OA in 1915. Its rituals are Masonic. Both have three degrees; both are organized into lodges, both rituals seek esoteric spiritual knowledge and illumination.

Salza writes: "These rituals--which include a blood covenant are being conferred upon innocent boy scouts...and are harming their souls."

Anecdotal info: we have heard of an organization of chief executives of companies in a Canadian city where each member had to disclose a sexual indiscretion in order to be accepted. 


Greek-letter sorority groups which have defined a great deal of student life, are Masonic in origin. 

hazing3.jpgPhi Beta Kappa, the first Greek-letter University society, was founded by two Freemasons in 1776 at the College of William and Mary in Virginia. Phi Beta Kappa patterned its initiations, oaths and method of proliferation after  Freemasonry.

Both require new initiates to take voluntary oaths of fidelity. In the Phi Beta Kappa ritual, the founders named friendship, morality and literature as essential characteristics. These are closely related to the three supposed tenets of Freemasonry: Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

Secret societies such as the 'Order of the Arrow' and Phi Beta Kappa function as a Masonic kindergarten, a place for young people to dress up and practice the rituals and roles they will act out in the future.

Hazing incidents at fraternities are usually kept under wraps. Cases surface in the media when someone dies or when an individual with enough backbone to expose the abuse speaks out.

An example is the recent death of 19 year-old George Desdunes, who was hazed to death by Sigma Alpha Eplison initiates at Cornell University.

One night, he was miles away from the SAE lodgings and called his brothers for a ride home.

Instead, the group of pledges kidnapped him, tied him up and quizzed him about the fraternity. Every time he didn't give them the correct answer, he was forced to drink.

He was found unconscious on a couch at the university frat house the following day and later died of alcohol poisoning.

Hazing is an integral part of sports culture. ESPN has reported that 80 percent of college athletes are hazed, and the vast majority of hazing incidents -- on the high school, college and pro levels -- go unreported.

A sporting hazing scandal is currently causing much uproar in Canada. Details emerged of hazing activities taking place in the Neepawa Natives Manitoba Junior Hockey League team.

Not all the details have been made public, but a Mother of one 15-year-old victim said her son was forced to walk around the team locker room with a set of water bottles tied to his testicles.

Sadistic hazing incidents are also rapidly rising in female sorority groups.

hazing2.jpgRhea Almeida, founder of the Institute for Family Studies in New Jersey, said one reason that violence and male-oriented hazing activities are becoming more commonplace among females is because "in opposing femininity, girls feel popular and strong.

"Today, women are experiencing different gender roles and therefore are using more aggression and violence than they did a decade ago."

Alexandra Robbins, author of the book "Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities," said, "I saw a definite trend toward physical methods."

Robbins spent a year undercover following four sorority girls and was shocked by physical hazing the girls suffered.

"One example was a girl named Arika whose pledge class had to answer trivia questions and drink straight vodka when they got a question wrong. They were also presented with a sharpie, a knife, a hammer and a dildo and the sisters said if they got enough wrong they would be violated with one of those four."

She also witnessed emotional hazing, one of the worst examples being "boob ranking".

"The sisters would bring pledges into a cold room and tell them to strip off their shirts and bras and line-up in order of breast size.

"Another woman I spoke with was forced to stand on a bench in front of a fraternity and everybody got to yell out parts of her body that need work. This happened in the '90s and almost a decade later she still had emotional scars."


Just as the Japanese people are being poisoned radiation that seeps from the Fukushima nuclear plant, our lives are contaminated by the emissions of the covert satanic groups that infest our society.

The increase of hazing in the general public, most of whom are completely unaware of its Masonic source, is just one example of how they have disturbed us.

The good news is that hazing disgusts normal people. The junior hockey hazing scandal has provoked total outrage from the public. The league governing body have suspended the perpetrators and fined the team $5000.

This should serve to remind us that we can fight covert satanic activities by shining a light on them and reacting forcefully.


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Comments for "Perverse Masonic Initiations Pervade Society"

Ken (Illuminated) said (November 10, 2011):

llumination is not about hazing, it is about opening people's eyes to the truth. There are 1,400 different religions on this planet, all of them saying, "We are the truth, the other guy's peddling the lie." Truth is, they're all liars. In addition to religion there are lies set up to construct phony monetary systems and scams within them. There are the lies set up by the various systems of government and the psychopaths who run them. Lies are set up in science, in history, in the schools, the military. There are many others but my point is, the average person cannot break out of them AND... will actively use whatever power at their disposal to enforce those lies, because to have them overturned puts them in chaotic territory, cognitive dissonance.

Victoria said (November 10, 2011):

Further to my comment below-

If one delves deeper into the issues surrounding the 'laws' being made to turn all children into wards of The State, it turns out that it all goes back to the legal system and the fact that we have been tricked into 'registering' our children's births. In legal terms, apparently, the words 'must' and 'may' are often synonymous so, when the 'Birth Registration Act' states that a parent 'must' register the child's birth, we, conditioned as we are to be obedient, little slaves, rush off to inform 'the authorities' about our child. As with anything we 'register' with the government, this then makes the government the 'owner' of the 'goods' and, ourselves, the mere users (and, only so long as we are doing the 'right' thing by them in the eyes of the government). The website, has a lot of information about such things.

Tony said (November 10, 2011):

Victoria [below] is so right! There is nothing more unnatural in the life of most "western" people than being taken from the home at an early, vulnerable age and handed over to strangers to "educate" us, all to the same sub-"standard" and the same "curriculum" of robotism and servility to the state. It is so bizarre, so traumatic, so destructive of the family unit, so subversive of a proper social order and true advancement of mankind and, therefore, so criminal, it should never, ever happen.

The strangest part of it, by far, is that the parents willingly conspire against their own children in the process. Of course, today's parents are themselves results of this weapon of mass destruction. It is even more dangerous to the child in particular and the society at large than the damned inoculations which kill some and mentally and physically cripple thousands upon thousands more.

If you want to get back to the root of the sickness in modern western societies, you will always find it in this - mandated schooling, mislabeled "education." Yet, this is the one criminal enterprise most praised as too worthy to not fund and expand, while it is easily the number one vacuum of taxes extracted from the people at large. Much greater than military waste. And we have the gall to call ourselves "enlightened," another masonic buzz word.

Robert said (November 9, 2011):

People might recall the hazing within the Canadian Airborne Regiment that became public years ago
and created such a scandal that the unit had to be dissolved. The toughest of the tough "proved" themselves
by eating feces, etc. And yet people are shocked when a Russell Williams is exposed!

There was video of the Airborne rites at the time of the scandal (otherwise the allegations would not have
been believed), which I thought surely would have been posted to Youtube, but I have not
been able to locate it.

Victoria said (November 9, 2011):

I know from personal experience that the first place where we are taught to go against our own feelings and forced to join something which we don't necessarily feel is right for us is with the compulsory school system.

A former award-winning teacher, John Taylor Gatto, has exposed much of what passes for 'education' as what it truly is and that is indoctrination. Here's the link to his book where one can read it in its entirety online:

Once one takes small, defenseless and impressionable children and forces them into a situation which they are not likely mature enough to encounter (adult authorities outside their own families), dealing with them as older people is a piece of cake for 'The System'. By adulthood, they have already been trained for many years to accept their place in the 'pecking order' without complaint. They are mostly happy to accept their servitude in exchange for money on which to survive, no matter how soul-destroying the task they perform.

If we wish to change the world, we must start with the children and, for me, that means getting rid of compulsory schooling and the sense of 'entitlement' to an 'education'. One only has the 'right' to an education if one finds someone willing to teach them. However, if one has no right to say "No", to being 'educated' one is already a slave. It seems to me that children in under-developed countries walk miles, there and back, to go to school, mainly because they don't have to.

Dan said (November 8, 2011):

When paganism fell out of favor in the Roman Empire, their initiation temples were broken open to the public and their secret initiations exposed to humiliate them.

Hippolytus wrote in his 3rd century codex "Refutation of All Heresies" that initiation was nothing but blackmail through making the man commit shameful, criminal acts. Only then could he be a trusted not to tell. He believed that exposing the method of "these secret mysteries of theirs" would make known it was a brotherhood of fear - not 'enlightened' demigods.

Of the neophyte seeking initiation in the mysteries, the cult "by keeping such in suspense during a period of necessary preparation, and by rendering him blasphemous towards the true God, they have acquired complete ascendancy over him. And when they have tested him to be enslaved by sin, they bind him with an oath, and they initiate him, putting him in possession of the perfection of wicked things. ."

He will feel himself sufficiently under an obligation not to divulge to others; for if he once disclose wickedness of this description to any man, he would neither be reckoned among men, nor be deemed worthy to behold the light, since not even irrational animals would do such things.".

Higher initiations invariably includes sodomy or collaboration in blood sacrifice.

Al said (November 8, 2011):

Anyone who joins a "fraternity" is a jerk and a loser. I remember when I went to college and I refused to get involved with people like that.

At some point people have to use common sense to stay away from nonsense like this. This is why people should always avoid the oath and never take one again. But then again, there is an ass for every seat. Once stripped of moral standards, the student has an extremely difficult life ahead.

Growing up as a Roman Catholic twisted my brain. While I still believe in God, I don't believe any "religious" leader nor do I go to any more of their services. The only thing more twisted than a Mason is a Catholic.

SB said (November 8, 2011):

Thank You for all you do in exposing the Power Elite and all they do to warp and pervert our society and Civilization. The bullying which was always considered more or less a part of childhood has now become a way of life for most of us. I went to St. John's University from 1979 to 1984. I recall that some students a couple of years before I attended had a hazing ritual in a boat somewhere near Long Island. The poor victim was shot to death with a rifle. The case took a few years to litigate.

My point is that, for many years, Catholic high schools and universities would never tolerate fraternities or sororities on campus precisely because of hazing. St. John's allowed fraternities (I joined one) but made it clear (even before the incident I mentioned) that it would not tolerate hazing of any kind.

Rituals are very important because they tell us what is coming. As children, we live in a world of make-believe which is normal. We pretend and play out certain situations. As adulthood comes, we begin to accept the bridles of certain rites, rituals and responsibilities. These various things silently, tacitly impose the pecking order upon us.

But as the world has become increasingly devoid of any moral order, these various rituals do not rest on any moral responsibility but on envy, greed and hatred. Bullying becomes institutionalized. It is becoming life-long. Even my own mother has been bullied in the nursing home!

Freemasonry has done everything within its power to spread moral disorder of every sort, ever so surreptitiously. With hazing, we have the overt institutionalization of bullying and hatred. Not the hatred of ethnic prejudice which might---ever so might---be based on the other group's supposed flaws, but hatred based on brute force, of the powerful over the weak. Hatred for the sake of hatred.

The only ray of sunlight I can see is this: If any time that ever played out was in dire need of great moral courage, it is ours. I think the Good Lord has been waiting for us to manifest this moral courage.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at