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April 21, 2008


by Brian David Andersen

(This is not by Henry Makow-the program inserts my name. Frankly I disagree with this emphasis but I am posting out of respect for those with different opinions than mine.)

The secret and veiled activities and successes of the Jesuits and the Vatican are vast topics stretching over 500 years and have been detailed in volumes of books.  Even a cursory examination of the facts and historical data that are not discussed or presented in traditional education and the corporate and alternative media, compels any open hearted and minded investigator to take notice.

On May 14, 2008, an historic and pivotal event took place on alternative radio/internet media.  While host Alex Jones of interviewed his guest, Pastor David J. Smith during the second, third and fourth hours, Jones uttered the most important phrase in American and world events -- "The Catholic Church is right at the top of the pyramid" (as related to the installation of a New World Order).

This article adamantly supports the Jones declaration and other additional ground braking and shaking statements made by Jones and his guest on the May 14, 2008 broadcast. However will Alex and other hosts on the Genesis Communications Network such as Joyce Riley, Dave von Kleist, Jack Blood, Jim Fetzer, Kevin Barrett, Bill Deagle MD, Webster Tarpley, Michael Rivero, Jeff Rense and others thoroughly and completely communicate the Alex Jones monumental declaration and all the related implications, ramifications and nuisances to their listeners?

No message is more important and critical than the exposure of the Jesuits and the Vatican as the originators and architects of the New World Order.   The Jesuits and the Vatican desire to put all humans under a police state while forcing you, me and everyone else to worship the Pope.

Alex Jones has been a guest on Coast to Coast with George Noory and countless other radio and television programs.  Will Noory and other radio and television hosts take the cue from Jones to expose the truth and reality related to the intentions, goals and successes of the Jesuits and the Vatican?  Are coveted media personalities, such as Noory, Oprah Winfrey and Keith Olberman, who do not address and remain silent about the intentions and goals of the Jesuits and Vatican, guilty of supporting the criminal tornado that desires to suck all humans into the dictatorial whirlpool powers of the Pope?  The answer to this question is desired by countless persons.

Yes, 500 Plus Years of Tyranny & Terror

During the 500 plus years of tyranny and terror by the Jesuits, they have been expelled from over 30 countries including France and Japan for their attempts and successes at infiltrating, influencing, interfering and manipulating in the political, military and economic arenas of the sovereign nations.  This reality is not a conspiracy theory but a fact. 

The Society of Jesus founding documents and policy papers were principally written in 1534 by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, also known as Íñigo Oñaz López de Loyola. The stated goals of the Jesuits are to crush the protestant reformation and put all humans on Earth under the rule of the Vatican Pope. This reality is not a conspiracy theory but a fact.  Check out the facts and evidence.

Numerous individuals and groups believe the world's problems are based in the lust for power and money.  But who truly has the longest and bloodiest history of lusting for control, power and money more than any group or organization on planet Earth?  No country, group or organization comes anywhere close to the diabolical commitments, zealous pursuits and grotesque actions as the Jesuits in manipulating and controlling your money, emotions, physical movements and spiritual beliefs.  Check out the facts and evidence revealed in this article or listen to the Alex Jones radio segment of May 14, 2008 on GCN.

Why do individuals and alternative radio programs only cover the issue of Israel's influence on United States but do not address the far more powerful influence of the Jesuits and Vatican on the United States? A book or volumes of books could be or have been written on the topics briefly addressed below and related to the crimes committed by the Jesuits and the Vatican.

The facts for this article start with the action taken by the Vatican in the year 1778.  Two years after the American colonists posted the Declaration of Independence, the Vatican declared an Edict that condemned the United States Constitutional Republic as an abomination, wickedness and sin that must be destroyed by any means possible.

The 1778 Vatican Edict has never been withdrawn, apologized for or modified.

Why is this fact with the supporting documents not taught in private and public schools?

Eighty-nine years after the condemning Edict was released, all diplomatic ties were severed with the Vatican in 1867.  The severe action was taken because Vatican had blatantly interfered with the political processes within the United States for nearly nine decades and more specifically, for protecting co-conspirator John Surratt after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Why was the Monroe Doctrine of non-interference drafted and declared?  As a follow-up to the 1778 Edict, the Vatican put on a conclave that specifically addressed and planned for a response to the threat posed by the Constitutional Republic of the United States. 

The Vatican conclave concluded that one way to counter the Constitutional Republic was to infiltrate and influence all other countries in North, Central and South America.  When American political leaders were informed of the Vatican goals, Thomas Jefferson, whose private papers are full of references to the threat posed by the Jesuits, and others wrote the Monroe Doctrine.  The Monroe Doctrine was a direct response to the conclusions and goals stated in the Vatican conclave.

Follow the Money

The Vatican, with the Jesuits functioning as its enforcers, turned their attention to taking over the money supply of America by creating a central bank that was vehemently opposed by President Andrew Jackson.

An assassin, whose two guns both misfired while aimed at President Andrew Jackson, had indisputable ties and connections to the Jesuits.

President James Buchanan (1856) was convinced that President's William Harrison (1840) and Zachary Taylor (1848) were murdered by the Jesuits slyly administrating lethal doses of arsenic.  Taylor and Harrison were pro-freedom, against a central bank and very anti-Jesuit/Vatican.

President Buchanan always kept an antidote for arsenic poisoning within close proximity.  While attending a celebration for the birthday of George Washington, 38 persons plus Buchanan drank out of a punch bowl.   Within 24 hours all 38 persons were dead due to a massive dose of arsenic poisoning.  Buchannan survived because he directed his physicians on how to administer the emergency antidote.

The final straw for American politicians was all the blatant evidence for the involvement of the Jesuits in the Lincoln assassination therefore all diplomatic relations were severed with the Vatican.  Did you know that private citizen and lawyer Abe Lincoln defended a person in a criminal trial who was being falsely persecuted by the Jesuits?  The Jesuits were enraged by Abe's actions.  Did you know one of the key participants in the Lincoln assassination fled to and was protected by the Vatican because he was a Papal Guard?  The Jesuit conspirator's name was John Surratt.

Because the United States legal system is based upon due process of law (or was before the Jesuit written Patriot Act), President Andrew Johnson, the U.S. Congress and the Supreme Court could not simply expel and deport the Jesuits as monarchies had done in Europe and Asia prior to 1867.  Legal expulsion proceedings against the Jesuits would have taken decades and had the probabilities of being thwarted by Jesuits.  The costs and the risks packing up and sending the Jesuits back to the Vatican via legislation and legal court proceedings were too high.

Dispatching a military expedition to Rome to capture or wipe the Vatican leaders would have ignited a civil and an international world war...and America was weary of war in 1867.  To the regret of the Unites States political leaders in the post Civil War era, the most severe action they could take against the Jesuits was breaking all diplomatic ties with the Vatican. 

The ties remained severed until President Ronald Reagan (1980) overseen by key Knights of Malta within his cabinet, willingly re-established diplomatic ties in a false exchange for the Vatican's assistance in waging a monetary and economic war against the old Soviet Union.  Reagan died having perpetrated the illusion that his diplomatically reconnecting the United States to the Vatican somehow was responsible for the Berlin Wall and communism being dismantled.

American political leaders of 1867 wanted and tried to send a message to the Vatican and the world by breaking all diplomatic relations but the message only enraged the Vatican.  The crusade to destroy America and put it under the rule of the Pope by the Jesuit henchmen did not miss a step by the United States cutting all diplomatic ties with the Vatican. 

Before reestablishing ties with Vatican in his delusional rush to wipe-out communism, did Reagan have a clue about the 500 year history of the Jesuits and the Vatican?  Probably Reagan could not have had any insight or knowledge because there is not much political, intellectual and spiritual awareness on Hollywood/New York movie sets. The out-of-touch with reality motion picture, radio, music and television production locations are under the strict watchful eye and control of the Jesuits. The J-Boys absolutely love and worship Star Wars featuring their beloved brother Darth Vader (Jesuits) and the Emperor (Vatican Pope).  Get a clue grasshopper as the truth is hidden in plain sight by the masters of deceit and slight of hand regardless if the packaged communication is presented as educational, hard news or fiction.

Samuel Morse who created the Morse Code wrote numerous public papers on the threat of Jesuits to the United States.  In the public and private papers of most of the founding fathers and as well as business and political leaders before 1870, the threat posed by the Jesuits and Vatican to the United States were frequently addressed with alarm and concern.

Why are these facts with the supporting documents not taught in private and public schools?

Jesuits Took Control of American Money

The Jesuits were very involved with all the intrigue and manipulations related to the passing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the establishment of the Internal Revenue Service.  Again, countless facts could fill volumes of books on how the Jesuits stole America's duty to print money. 

Taking control of America's money supply by transferring the printing of dollars to a private central bank was a goal of the Jesuits since the Declaration of Independence was written 1776.  The Jesuits stealthy and deadly efforts for 137 years finally paid off. The Federal Reserve Act passed in the last minutes of the U.S. Congressional session on December 23, 1913. The anti-constitutional legislation was passed due to the urging of President Woodrow Wilson (1912) under the direction of his private secretary, Knight of Columbus Joseph M. Tumulty.   Both Wilson and Tumulty were under the control of the first "American Pope," Baltimore Archbishop James Cardinal Gibbons.  And Gibbons could have cared less if Wilson and Tumulty went to Confession or received Holy Communion.

A small minority quorum of Jesuit influenced political leaders voted for the Federal Reserve Act as the majority of non-Jesuit influenced political leaders were away from Washington D.C. while celebrating the holidays.  In his memoirs shortly before he died, President Woodrow Wilson bitterly and sorrowfully regretted supporting and signing the Federal Reserve Act.  Wilson admitted betraying and destroying America. Wilson was also the first American president to visit and kiss the ring the Pope of Rome in the Vatican subsequent to the Versailles Treaty after World War I.

The Jesuits lured key wealthy Americans who were opposed the Federal Reserve Act onto the ill fated Titanic that was being navigated by Captain Edward J. Smith who was educated and installed into his position by the Jesuits.  Survivors of the Titanic stated the ship was streaking at full steam and purposely turned into the direct path of a large iceberg.  According to the survivors, had the Jesuit educated captain been going a slower speed and not intentionally turned into a direct intercept path with a large iceberg, the Titanic would still be afloat today.  There is more intrigue and facts that could fill volumes of books related to the sabotage of the Titanic.

Jesuit financier J.P. Morgan was used as bait to lure wealthy Americans opposed to the Federal Reserve Act onto the maiden voyage of Titanic as it departed England.  At the last moment, J.P. was a no show at the boarding dock..  Who were the wealthy American passengers on the Titanic who opposed the Federal Reserve Act?  Check out the facts and evidence.

The Federal Reserve Act shifted the printing of money from the United States Treasury Department to a privately owned group called the Federal Reserve. The United States government borrows money from a private corporation to function, pay bills and most importantly, wage wars...deadly conflicts that always benefit the Jesuits and the Vatican.   A majority the individuals of this group were educated by or heavily connected to and installed into their positions of corporate power by none other than the Jesuits. 

When the Treasury Department printed money that was backed by silver or gold the United States fiscal budget HAD to stay balanced and waging war was a losing enterprise that would bankrupt the United States.  The Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air (fiat currency called "Federal Reserve Notes") with no fiscal responsibility therefore the United States government wages war by borrowing money from the Federal Reserve...just exactly what the Jesuits lusted for and accomplished.

There is so much overwhelming evidence for the involvement of the Vatican in the installations of FDR, Stalin, Hitler (enabling the Nazis to escape to South America) and their participation in the genocide that occurred in Croatia during the 1930s to 40s.

Did you know the Vatican owns two-thirds of the property in Jerusalem and one-third of the land possession of the land by the Vatican was part of the original foundation and establishment of Israel?  Will we see in our lifetime, the attempted transfer of the seat of the Catholic Church from Rome to Jerusalem where a massive new temple will be built as intended by the Jesuit Order since the 16th Century?

Stalin, who was educated and installed into power by the Jesuits, genocided millions of Russian Orthodox Christians whose descendants would have refused to convert to the Catholic faith once the New World Order was installed in the 21st Century.  Similar operations were conducted by Jesuit educated and Jesuit/CIA installed Mao Zedong and Fidel Castro in their respective countries.  Ninety-five percent of the notorious public and private political personalities and criminals over the past 300 years have been nurtured, educated, installed and protected by the Jesuits. 

New York Archbishop Cardinal Francis Spellman hauntingly visited South Vietnam three times in the 1960s and blessed the Americans as "Soldiers of Christ."  .Ngo Dinh Diem, the CIA-backed military dictator of South Vietnam was a Roman Catholic whose one brother was the Catholic Archbishop of Hue and whose other brother was the head of the South Vietnam Secret Police (nepotism at is maximum).  In an interesting twist of Jesuit irony, Diem's relative, Viet D. Dinh, was a co-author of the Patriot Act composed at Jesuit Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.  Dinh was also educated (brainwashed) at Georgetown University after escaping as a youth to the United States after the fall of South Vietnam. 

Jesuit installed dictator Ngo Dinh Diem of South Vietnam conducted a brutal genocide for Cardinal Spellman (guided by the Jesuits at Fordham University) against the Buddhists while using U.S. and South Vietnam troops and supplies   The money to wage the Vietnam War on the Buddhists was loaned to the United States government by the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank that was established and controlled by the Jesuits via the Pope's Knights of Malta. .  In fact, Fordham's Jesuit Cardinal Avery Dulles, whose father was Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, is also a Knight of Malta.  Also the monies to wage World Wars I and II were loaned to the United States by the Jesuit controlled Federal Reserve Bank.  

Had the Treasury Department been the only entity printing money for the past 95 years with silver and gold reserves, the United States could have not created funds out of thin air to wage hot and cold wars and subversive operations against Japan, Germany, Italy, Korea, Russia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Grenada, Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and countless other wasteful political and military enterprises that supported and executed the plans and goals of the Jesuits.  Yes, the reality is the Unites States citizenry and military with "funny money funding" by the Federal Reserve Bank have been played and strung along as chumps for the Jesuit/ Vatican New World Order.

Jesuit Extermination Targets Disguised as Wars on Communism and Terror

The Jesuit experimental targets for extermination in the 1960s were Buddhists...the real Jesuit targets for extermination during the first part of the 21st Century are Moslems sects who will refuse to convert to the Catholic faith after the New World Order has been installed.  Once more, public ignorance and brainwashing and blind obedience by the military services of the United States are serving the desires and goals of the Jesuits and the Vatican.  How long will this madness continue?

Pedophile Jesuit priests who were exposed and caught during the 1960s silently transferred and escaped to the state of Alaska where they continued their criminal abuses against children.  Victims filed a class action lawsuit in 2000 and in 2006 the Jesuits settled for 600 million dollars. Not one-word of the record settlement was covered in the corporate or alternative media.  The humongous settlement is only a tip of the criminal abuse iceberg by the Jesuits against children.

Carroll Quigley, the dear friend of Knight of Malta and pro-Nazi Jesuit priest Edmund Walsh, was mentor of Bill Clinton and numerous other elitists. Quigley, who strongly promoted the foundations for one-world government, was educated and taught at Jesuit Georgetown University. Quigley was a member of Office of Strategic Services and was a liaison between the U.S. Government and the Vatican during World War II.

What do Quigley, Clinton and countless elitists have in common with the Neo Cons in the Bush Administration, key leaders of all national and international intelligence agencies and the Knights of Malta that gave us the debacles of 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran?  All of the individuals were educated and/or significantly influenced by or heavily connected in some manner to Jesuit Universities.  The Center for Strategic Studies at Georgetown University is hub for all Jesuit activities in the United States.

The Jesuits, Vatican and Catholic Church have direct influences in encouraging poor citizens of Mexico to illegally enter the United States.

Again and most emphatically, the mind/soul numbing and anti-constitutional and anti-freedom Patriot Act was written by a Vietnamese immigrant educated and employed by Jesuit Georgetown University.  Check out the facts and evidence.

Jesuits Control the Cutting Edge of Technology and Science

All the major telescopes around the world are owned by the Vatican and administrated by Jesuits. Is Planet X real or a Jesuit hoax?  Is the 2012 paranoia a Jesuit hoax to herd the populace into a New World Order?  The facts say the answer is "hoax" to both questions. 

Is blaming global warming on carbon emissions a reality or a Jesuit fraud to create a global tax that will further finance the New World Order?  The global warming alarmists who again have close ties to the Jesuits avoid the issue of how carbon emissions are polluting the air of our planet and ignore the scientific proofs that the entire solar system is warming due to the Sun. The Jesuit spokespersons also do not promote replacing gas combustion engines with electric motors and they totally ignore the 22,000 plus scientists who signed a petition stating global warming is not caused by carbon emissions.

And then there is the whole issue of how the Jesuits have been in involved with and control powerful electromagnetic field (EMF) devices since their discovery in the early 1900s by Nikola Tesla and others. The Jesuit EMF devices provided to the United States, Russia and other nations are used to control weather, cause earthquakes and conduct covert communications and surveillance (HAARP).  Jesuit EMF devices were the true source (not Uranium & Plutonium) for the massive detonations, destructions and mushroom clouds over Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II.

How ground based electromagnetic detonations (EMDs) occurred in two Japanese cities dominated by the Jesuits for over 200 years is a truly fascinating string of facts and evidence.  The radiation poisonings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were caused by air-bursting conventional weapons loaded with Uranium (Hiroshima) and Plutonium (Nagasaki).  Fat Man and Little Boy were dirty bombs that, when dropped by airplanes, exploded at high altitudes over the cities causing very little physical damage to structures with no mushroom cloud.  The high altitude radioactive explosions were the signals for the non-radioactive, ground-based, Jesuit EMDs to be initiated with the ensuing massive destructions and mushroom clouds..

In the mid 1980s, the Jesuit EMDs were used in an attempt to blast and build a lake canal so supertanker ships could simply float across (no locks) the country of Nicaragua.  Whenever there is a massive explosion with a mushroom cloud somewhere on Earth, the cause is a Jesuit ground based EMD and not an aerial delivered or ground based dirty bomb with Uranium and Plutonium. 

One month before the Challenger exploded in 1986, a small article appeared in the San Diego Union about a massive black cloud moving southwest (not natural) that was injected into the high atmosphere from Central America and drifted over the Galapagos Islands.  There were no volcanoes erupting and no country or agency took official responsibility for the massive black cloud.  Where the black cloud originated somewhere in Central America could have been seen by the crew during any NASA Space Shuttle mission.

Was the space shuttle Challenger sabotaged so the Jesuit EPDs could proceed with no interference by the teacher and reporter in space that were scheduled for launches in 1986?  Did space shuttle missions resume after all Jesuit EPDs had either attempted to build or had successfully built a lake canal for supertankers across Nicaragua?   Were the Jesuit educated and installed Ortega brothers in full compliance with the Jesuit EPD mission?  The logical answer to all three questions is a resounding YES. 

Further, Roman Catholic and Jesuit-backed absolute dictator Daniel Ortega was a personal friend of New York Archbishop John Cardinal O'Connor.   Both the Cardinal's American Branch of the Knights of Malta and Fordham University's Jesuit-trained Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) William J. Casey openly backing the Contras. But, at the same time all these persons were involved in blowing up the Nicaraguan countryside with Jesuit EMDs to build a lake canal for supertanker ships.  

Should there be massive explosions with the accompanying mushroom clouds over Tehran, Paris, Washington D.C., Los Angeles or any other city or military installation in the near future, the causes are ground based Jesuit EMDs with the intent of promoting the establishment of the Jesuit/Vatican New World Order.  The Jesuits are the true master terrorists with the most powerful weapons of mass destruction on Earth yet they will also attempt to slowly poison you if you are a threat.  The author and others are very aware but unaffected by of the real threat and oath by the hooded ones.  Are Alex Jones and others prepared for the onslaught and fallout?


Going, Going & Gone Catholic

The European Union charter states Catholic is the official religion of the European Union (EU) with the Pope as the infallible leader.  Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair converted to the Catholic faith...a must requirement before running for President of the EU.  The EU is a blueprint for the North American Union (NAU) that is planned to become one functioning entity with the EU.

What is the common denominator of Roman Catholic Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Skull and Bones George W. Bush of the United States?  Both have kissed the ring of the Vatican Pope.  According to Vatican tradition, kissing the ring of the Pope is recognition that the person is a servant of the Pope.  Bush stated on the Eternal Word Television Network (ETWN) before Ratzinger's first visit to the U.S. that when the Pope talked "God was speaking."   ETWN is a real piece of work and bizarre propaganda.

Why would the supposed sovereign leaders of Venezuela and the United States kiss the ring of the Pope when both men knew such as a gesture signaled to the Vatican that they were servants of the Pope?  They kissed the ring because Chavez, Bush and ALL leaders of every significant nation are servants of the Vatican Pope. 

According to Vatican tradition, when the Pope kneels down on and/or kisses the ground of the country he is visiting, his kneel or kiss means he literally and figuratively owns and rules that country.  Pope Ratzinger did not kiss the ground as he departed the plane in Washington D.C. in April 2008 as other Popes have in the past because a minor but significant portion of the United States population is aware of and hip to the sick and perverted Vatican rituals. However, Ratzinger executed his warped rites as he knelt before the United Nations (UN) building during his first visit to New York   Ratzinger's genuflection declared, according  to Vatican beliefs and traditions, the Vatican owns and controls the UN therefore also dominates over all life forms on planet Earth.

The Jesuits and the Vatican know and practice the adage:  To have true and absolute power, one must completely control both the problem (Chavez) and the solution (Bush).   And the Jesuits and the Vatican absolutely and deftly control ALL the TRUE problems and solutions of our reality on planet Earth.  But then who really is the problem and who is the solution?  In Chavez's Venezuela the price of gas is has remained 5 cents per gallon for years while in Bush's United States the price of gas is nearing $5.00 per gallon.  The rising price of gas is another tool by the Jesuits in the war against America and establishing their New World Order.

The Jesuit Poison Oath & Brew

The final fact presented in this article is related to the Jesuit quest for money and possessions by the use of poisons.  Last year the author was in the Bay of De Los Angeles on the central east coast of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico.  The purpose of the trip to the middle of nowhere was to snorkel with whale sharks. 

A small museum details the plight of a local native Indian tribe that had the misfortune of living on top of a goldmine in the late 1700s and early 1800s.  Mysteriously the small tribe began dying from unknown causes.  After the last member of extinct tribe died, all of the gold was removed by none other than the Jesuits who arrived five years before the Indians began dying of unknown causes.  This same scenario has been repeated countless times by the Jesuits all over the Earth for the past 500 plus years.

As the potato crops mysteriously failed only in the country of Ireland (Jesuit chemical poisoning) and no other European country, massive numbers of Irish Catholics flooded the United States.  The fleeing Jesuit poisoned Irish immigrants benefitted the English Royalty in the fight against Ireland as the new Blarney Stone settlers became a significant voting block who blindly and ignorantly supports the anti-Protestant Reformation/return to the Dark Ages agenda.  The shocked and fearful Irish immigrants filled Jesuit Universities that are now the foundations for Neo Cons, Newt Gingrich, Bill O'Reilly, Pat Buchannan, Bill Clinton, criminal child sex abuse, the one and only Patriot Act, NAFTA, the North American Union, mercury based inoculations, anti-depressants, dumbing down of the youth, torture cells, water boarding and so forth and so on...

By the way, the author of this article is part Irish and attended Catholic school until the sixth grade.

As you can observe, the Jesuits favorite tool is poison but then a portion of the oath taken by a Jesuit mandates such actions

"I do further promise and declare that I will, when opportunity presents, make and wage, relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate them and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth.... That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poison cup, the strangulation cord, the steel of the poniard, or the leaden bullet regardless of the honor, rank, dignity or authority of the person or persons... whatsoever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by an agent of the Pope, or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Father of the Society of Jesus."

All the facts above are just a small portion of the extensive historic and present day situation related to the Jesuits and the Vatican.  There is so much, much more.

The subjects related to the diabolical plans, intentions, history and crimes of the Jesuits are as vast and powerful as they are controversial, revolting and sickening.

Israel's influences on the United States have taken place over the past 60 years but remember Israel would not exist without the support and cooperation of the Jesuits and Vatican. In fact, the Vatican considers the nation of Israel to be its revived "Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem."  The Jesuit/Vatican issue has a 500 year plus history of blatant facts and evidence but veiled in secrecy and ignorance.

JFK Exposes the Real Threat

In his "monolithic conspiracy" speech of 1962, President John F. Kenney (1960) was not addressing communists, corporations, royalty, Bavarian Illuminati, Masons or the military industrial complex.  JFK was addressing the Jesuits, the Vatican and their subsidiary organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group and the Knights of Malta.  JFK was one of them but he turned on them so he was deposed with the principle architect of his removal being none other than Jesuit educated Cardinal Francis Spellman.  Check out the facts and evidence.

To listen to JFK's monolithic conspiracy speech go to

The Jesuit propaganda is in full high gear as stooge film producer Ron Howard and dupe actor Tom Hanks created a movie based upon writer Dan Brown's book titled Angels & Demons.  The ridiculous premise of this movie is a group known as the Illuminati subversively takes over the Vatican with a substance called anti-matter.   In reality the Bavarian Illuminati was founded by Jesuit educated and coddled Adam Weishaupt in the early 1800s and has been under strict Papal Vatican control for over two centuries.  In his last days of life, Weishaupt admitted he was true Catholic doing a double life bidding for and advancement of the Vatican Pope.

Another target of the Jesuits was to infiltrate and take over the highest levels of Masonry. The Jesuits creating the Bavarian Illuminati was calculated step to seizing control of the highest levels of the Masons. In the private and public letters of the founding fathers and business and political leaders of America before 1870, they did not address any threats to the United States by the Bavarian Illuminati or the Masons - only the Jesuits were specifically and correctly addressed.

The Jesuit/Vatican issue is the big "monolithic conspiracy" white elephant and its gooey poop in the room that nobody wants to see, smell, touch, think, hear or talk about. The references, evidence and bibliography for the Jesuit/Vatican issue would fill at least 50 of the highest density CDs.

Do You Remain Silent or Take Action?

Are these enough facts for you to begin the process of addressing and learning about the big white elephant and its gooey poop in the room?   If you choose to ignore the facts and not address this issue (all the poop and nothing but the poop), why is anyone out of line by believing and saying you support the Jesuits/Vatican New World Order by your silence?  Your answer to this question is sought and desired by countless persons.

Time is short to expose, understand, respond to and take action regarding the true and real roots and causes of the pending New World Order with the ultimate goal of establishing a police state as all citizens of all nations are forced to worship the Vatican Pope or be punished and/or be murdered as heretics.

Did a company in China build thousands of guillotines that are now being secretly stored in America and other locations around the world by the Jesuit established and Knight of Malta controlled Blackwater?  Check-out the facts and evidence.

The Jesuit controlled Federal Reserve Bank is directly and solely responsible for national and local banks dispersing worthless home loans to unqualified buyers from 2000 to 2004.  The ensuing collapse of the Federal Reserve Notes and the United States economy was a calculated and planned move to heard Americans into a union with Mexico and Canada.  As the Dollar crumbles and prices skyrocket, the "savior" will be the dictatorial North American Union issuing a new currency called the Amero.  Americans will probably be able to transfer their worthless and devalued Federal Reserve Notes into Ameros but only at a rate of 5 to 10 cents per dollar thus severely impoverishing the populace.

Americans can take back our freedoms and fiscal responsibility by demanding Congress repeal the Federal Reserve Act.  As an emergency measure, the President of the United States elected in 2008 immediately has the Treasury Department issue silver certificates (dollar bills) for various denominations from one to 500.  These peaceful steps will take a massive political education, awareness, bravery and actions by a very vocal but powerful minority of Americans.  Repealing the Federal Reserve Act and instigating the Treasury Department to follow the mandates of the U.S. Constitution to print money are not the magic cures for all the ills of America but they are a logical start.

Will Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, John McCain or Ralph Nader take the needed emergency fiscal measure - No

Will Ron Paul take the needed emergency fiscal measure - Maybe...but...

Are there any Presidential candidates firmly committed to taking the emergency fiscal measure of having the Treasury Department immediately issue Silver Certificates to prevent the United States from total financial ruin and disaster?

Check out the facts and evidence.

Persons who are not ordained as Jesuit and Catholic priests yet support the quest of putting all humans under the rule of Vatican pope either intentionally with malice or unintentionally with ignorance and silence are labeled as Coadjutors. As the freedoms guaranteed in the United States Constitution are being undermined and destroyed by forces and enemies outside and within America, the reader will either be American Patriot or a Jesuit Coadjutor after reading this article.  Regretfully the situation has deteriorated so badly that we now live in a black (Jesuit) or White (American Patriot) reality therefore there is no grey area or middle ground.

Americans can either acquiesce into slavery under the Vatican Pope or Live and Die so they and their decedents become and remain truly free in all ways including financially, physically, intellectually, emotionally politically, religiously and spiritually.

Are you a Patriot or a Coadjutor?

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at