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Hillary's Promise: A Fascist Economy

December 12, 2010

Satanist Insider writes that during her visit to Australia in mid November, Hillary Clinton told insiders that new IRS rules related to Obamacare will bury US business in red tape:


"She [Hillary Clinton]  said something about IRS laws that come into operation in 2012 and a lot of new forms that have to be completed and that this was designed to destroy what was left of American business. I found it."

-Aloysius Fozdyke

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Comments for "Hillary's Promise: A Fascist Economy "

Tom said (December 13, 2010):

The video that Mr Fozdyke sent you somehow resonates with the insipid 'zeitgeist movie' production and commentary. I am getting the distinct impression that the occultists are trying to hijack the anti-NWO sentiment to harness the power of well intentioned people (ie patriots, believers, the moral etc). The staged riots in Britain and the obviously set-up attack on Charles and Camilla by the usual 'rent a crowd' that go from G20 summits to other global events, smacks of this agenda. So also does the 'bond-like' assange staged bullshit.

It also distracts our prayers and energies away from the Cancun power grab at present. The only difference is these imbecilic Lucifer butt kissers are running multiple agendas at once...the clever little devils. If you look close enough though it's always the same blueprint over and over and over..the endgame being Hegelian "synthesis".

It is designed, in my view, to push the the average unawakened person, to throw support behind tighter controls against the 'renegades' (who are nothing like the 'rent a rioter' thugs)...We, at the end of the day, will be the post modern dissidents, persecuted, enemies of the state, fugitives, ending up in gulags and labor or worse (much like your position on the Zionists setting up true Jews for another holocaust, we will being joining our Jewish brethren). These satanist are agitating to accelerate this desired goal of theirs, Fozdick being a feeble agentuer or a wanna-be.

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