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March 17, 2012

TL.jpegHitler Took Offer Ludendorff Refused

(left, Hitler and Moses Pinkeles, alias Trebitsch Lincoln, agent of the Money Power.)

(Disclaimer- I cannot confirm any of this information but pass it on for consideration.)

by OJ

I've got a few more pieces to the puzzle if you don't know them already.

Hitler cooperated with Gen. Luddendorff in the failed Muenich pfutsch/coup.
After that they parted, as Luddendorff became very skeptical about Hitler.

One of Hitlers backers was (the Jew) Moses Pinkeles alias Trebitsch Lincoln.

Pinkeles had participated in the first failed post WW1 coup, the Kapp pfutsch. It is claimed that Pinkeles funded Hitlers taking over of "Der Nationale Beobachter" =
"The National Observer".

He contributed articles on the depravity of Jews. Pictures of Hitler and Pinkeles together can be found on the internet.

el.jpg(Erich Ludendorff)

According to the recordings of Ludendorffs wife, Mathilde, they were approached by the Jewish money power. They would sponsor his takeover of Germany and the whole of Europe if he so wanted.

He declined. He would have nothing to do with such people, being a fierce opponent of "The International Jew" and masonic groupings and power. He added in his notes that he knew whom they could buy, meaning Hitler.

Now to the "Russian" side of the equation. The first to come into power after the (Jewish) murder of the Czar, was the elected (Jew) Kerensky.
Characterized by (Jew) Trotsky as a "Bonapartist" (Bonaparte was of course another creation of the money power; his fall caused by not keeping in line with their bidding).

Ludendorff tried to warn about Hitler, and after the war, a number of German nationalists/Nazis, were sure they were betrayed from their very own top.

A lot of self destructive actions were ordered from the Nazi top, the worst of course being their idiotic and arrogant handling of the war on the Eastern front.

"if you fight the Bolsheviks, you will win. If you fight Mother Russia, you will loose".

Said by a former Russian diplomat to the Nazi leadership before they war.
Notice also how  Chaplin uses "The Double Cross" instead of the swastika in his "The Dictator" movie.

After Kerensky was in power for about 9 months, the Bolsheviks took over.
This happened without blood letting, as the takeover was coordinated from back stage, by those controlling both parties.

I recommend viewing Juri Linas movie "In the Shadow of Hermes" about this and other aspects of the "Russian revolution". It is on youtube, but the full length version has recently been censored away.

See about the Manhattan banksters funding of the commie bloodbaths.
Yes, they are ruthless and satanic!

220px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_102-12733,_Hjalmar_Schacht.jpgThere is even the possibility that Hitler would have been allowed to take over Europe, at least for some time. But when he put the bankster agent Hjalmar Schacht , left, (Mason for sure, and even spoke Hebrew to get along in the banking world according to some sources) on a sidetrack in early 1939, he was doomed like Napoleon.

I would also point out, that Hitler did indeed give the farmers and workers very good conditions, a thing the Commies promised, but never delivered on.

That's why he had such a great backing by the general public, where such "minor items" and "luxuries" like freedom of speech and politically independent courts weighed less in the eyes of the public
Until about 1934, one could still see a Marx portrait on Nazi flags and  insignia, and Trotsky's term "permanent revolution" discussed within the Nazi party.

Another point: the Nazis closed down all Masonic lodges, and confiscated their holdings in 1934. Except the purely Jewish lodge of B'nai Brith was allowed to exist until 1936.

How come?

Who gave the order to bring the leader of B'nai Brith, rabbi Mendel Schneerson out of the Warszaw ghetto? Someone high up in the nazi hierarchy, perhaps Canaris?

The same rabbi Schneerson answered, when asked about the Holocaust:
"A rotten branch on the tree of Jewry needed to be cut of".

The Schneerson rebbes, being ritual schaechters, figure in various cases of ritual murder.

They play all sides of the game as far as they can.

The German social democratic party of Germany was founded by Marx's teacher Johann Jacob Moses Hess.

This Hess came up with the term national socialist, but only Jews were allowed to be nationalists; all other should give up their nationality and become internationalists.

Read Moses Hess's book "Rome and Jerusalem" (Berlin 1862), there are a lot of forebodings of elements of the Nazi Reich to be found there.

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