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Zionists Installed Hitler to Establish Israel

February 22, 2024


Zionists and Nazis worked hand-in-hand, as The Transfer Agreement by Jewish author Edwin Black documents.  
Zionists like Netanyahu are Jewish Nazis. Look at Ukraine, controlled by Jews, full of Nazis. They think Palestinians, indeed all non-satanists, are "subhuman."

"The vast majority of German Jews "vehemently rejected Zionism as an enemy from within." They were Germans. Eighty thousand had fought in the trenches and 12,000 had died. "Nowhere was the opposition of Jews [to Zionism] so widespread, principled, and fierce as in Germany," a Zionist historian wrote. (168)

"Thanks to Hitler, the kernel of the German Jewish community was lifted up and transferred to Palestine along with their property. "Many of these people were allowed to transfer actual replicas of their homes and factories --indeed rough replicas of their very existences."

Hitler was a Godsend for Israel
from Aug. 18, 2009
by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

The numbers from Edwin Black's The Transfer Agreement
 tell the story. In 1927, about 15,000 of Germany's 550,000 Jews considered themselves Zionists. That's less than 2%.

The vast majority of German Jews "vehemently rejected Zionism as an enemy from within." They were Germans. Eighty thousand had fought in the trenches and 12,000 had died. "Nowhere was the opposition of Jews [to Zionism] so widespread, principled, and fierce as in Germany," a Zionist historian wrote. (168)

Thanks to Hitler, 60,000 German Jews emigrated to Israel between 1933 and 1941. Thanks to a "Transfer Agreement" between Nazis and Zionists,  Jewish property valued at $100 million was transferred to Israel in the form of German industrial exports used to build Israel's infrastructure. The Transfer Agreement brought in tools, raw materials, heavy machinery, appliances, farm equipment as well as labor, and capital to finance expansion. Many of Israel's major industries, like textiles and the national waterworks, were thus founded. (pp. 373,379.)

This at a time when there were only 200,000 Jews in Palestine, including many anti- Zionist religious Jews. The daily wage of a Jewish worker in Palestine was $1 a day. There were 800,000 Palestinian Arabs.


Thanks to Hitler, the kernel of the German Jewish community was lifted up and transferred to Palestine along with their property. "Many of these people were allowed to transfer actual replicas of their homes and factories --indeed rough replicas of their very existences." (379)

In 1937, when the British proposed dividing Palestine into two states, the Nazis wondered if they hadn't made a mistake by creating "a Jewish Vatican" dedicated to Germany's demise. But Hitler overruled all dissenters and insisted the Transfer Agreement be continued and even expanded to other countries. Italy, Rumania, Hungary and several other countries under fascist influence signed similar agreements. (378)

Hitler hated Jews so much he built a country for them. He could have taken all their property and kicked them out but that would have been anti-Semitic.

ChNAm6BU4AAUnCu.jpg(More on this symbol of Nazi Zionist cooperation

What did he get out of it? Well the Zionists actually expanded Nazi trade by reselling German goods throughout the Middle East. Yes, they didn't just trade with the Nazis, they acted as their agents. The Nazis also got a lot of Jaffa oranges and got rid of a lot of Jews.

The World Jewish Congress had to act pretty offended because they had a world boycott of Germany goods. But this only endeared the doughty Zionists to the Nazis. And gave the Nazis an excuse to boycott and persecute German Jews.


As soon as the Nazis assumed power in 1933, the Zionists gained a protected political status. After the Reichstag fire, the Nazis crushed virtually all political opposition and closed 600 newspapers. But not the Zionists nor their newspaper which was hawked from every street corner, and saw its circulation multiply five times to 38,000. Zionism was "the only separate political philosophy sanctioned by the Third Reich."  (174)

The Zionist uniform  was the only non-Nazi uniform allowed in Germany.  Same with their flag. Hebrew was mandated in Jewish schools. Still, German Jews wanted to stay in Germany "even as second class citizens, even reviled and persecuted." (175) But the Zionists scorned the German Jews saying they deserved to be persecuted for wanting to assimilate.

Zionists pandered to the Nazis comparing their racial ideologies: "a common fate and tribal consciousness must be of decisive importance in developing a lifestyle for Jews too." (175)
This explains how " a fringe minority of German Jews took emergency custody of 550,000 men, women and children..." Black says. This was confirmation "of what Diaspora Jews had always feared about Zionism--it would be used as the legal and moral pretext for forcing Jews out of European society."  (177)

It explains also why Israel behaves like Nazi Germany.  They have a common racist pedigree. Not only did the Nazis build Israel, but Israel built Nazi Germany by providing an export market. They worked together. Many Jews didn't get all their money when they arrived in Israel. Thus, the Zionists participated directly in the looting of Europe's Jews which was called "Aryanization."  


Increasingly Israelis, and Jews in general, are realizing that Zionism is a ruse and Israel's behavior bears an uncanny resemblance to Nazi Germany's. For example, Israeli academic Yeshayahu Leibowitz said everything Israel has done since 1967 is "either evil stupidity or stupidly evil." He refers to the Israeli army as "Judeo-Nazi."

50-Holocaust_Zionist_Nahum_Sokolow_Hitlerism_en.jpgThis is not the place to show how Hitler was put into power by Anglo-American (i.e. Illuminati and Jewish)  finance, the same people who created Communism and Zionism. But it is the place for Jews and Americans to consider this lesson. Historical events are created in order to brainwash and manipulate people into advancing the agenda of the New World Order.  European Jews were uprooted, robbed and massacred in order to build the capital of Rothschild world government in Israel. 

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First Comment from Tutus Return:

Hitler was a crypto jewish puppet and a homosexual just like the other top nazis. With Hitler the Jews achieved more for the black Jewry than people can imagine: 1) He got rid of all anti zionistic orthodox jews in Europe. 2) Created the holocaust shield of protection against criticism of jews - while the black jews should be persecuted day and night by real jews. 3) He created the state of Israel to fulfill prophecies and control the middle east 4) He destroyed the mental  and physical strength of Germany and the rest of Europe and the German people by deceiving them with a jew parading as against the jew. 5) Established full jewish political control of Europe after WW II - thanks to Hitler.

Why did Goering say during Nuremberg trial he would have a statue in 60 years ? He knew the NWO and the role he played for the black crypto Jews to control the world.

Things are not what they look like. Just my two cents.

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Comments for "Zionists Installed Hitler to Establish Israel"

Eric said (May 1, 2016):

This rubbish only proves who side you're on

John said (May 1, 2016):

Your hyperbole about Hitler does you no credit. Hitler was a German nationalist. Zionists are Jew-supremacists. Worlds apart. Hitler wanted Jews out of Germany. If Zionists wanted to take them to Palestine then more power to them. That's all. To try to construct anything more out of that to make it fit into some theory is more than a stretch.

Walter said (August 20, 2009):

Creating Israel was in response to Hitler and his planned elimination of all Jews from Europe. Not Jewish power creating Hitler then having an excuse to create a Jewish homeland. It would have been easier just to create Israel using Jewish influence. No need to create Hitler at all.

Andrew said (August 19, 2009):

There is one more Jew you need to add to your list of Jewish historians telling the truth about the mythologies of Israel and Zionism. Your article this week about Edwin Black's The Transfer List made me remember a piece I read a few months back about Dr. Shlomo Sands. He wrote a book in Hebrew which is now a best seller in Israel explaining when and how the myth of the Jewish people was invented. It is coming out in English in a few weeks under the title, The Invention of the Jewish People.

Obviously I have not yet read it, but according to an article in Rense, Dr Shlomo Sand argues that the idea of a Jewish nation, whose need for a safe haven was originally used to justify the founding of the state of Israel, is a myth invented little more than a century ago. An expert on European history at Tel Aviv University, Dr. Sand drew on extensive historical and archaeological research to support not only this claim but several more, all equally controversial. In addition, he argues that the Jews were never exiled from the Holy Land, that most of today's Jews have no historical connection to the land called Israel and that the only political solution to the country's conflict with the Palestinians is to abolish the Jewish state. The success of "When and How Was the Jewish People Invented?" looks likely to be repeated around the world. A French edition, launched last month, is selling so fast that it has already had three print runs. Translations are under way into a dozen languages, including Arabic and English. But he predicted a rough ride from the pro-Israel lobby when the book is launched by his English publisher, Verso, in the United States next year.

The global elite had to invent the myth of the Jewish People before they invented the myth about Hitler and the German people who hated Jews in order to transfer these mythological people from Germany and Europe to Palestine. Mind boggling to consider the money and time the elite liars have invested in setting the stage in the Middle East and Asia for the final act.

This pseudo-historical mind control is so massive it is hard to find the edges. Just as the elite created the Jewish people with fiction, [We] are now learning how they have erased the history of the American people. The history of a people is the 'identity' of a people. Write the fiction of a people and you can create a nation. Erase it and you delete a nation.

Gene said (August 19, 2009):

As usual Henry, your article is brief and to the point. This article is another great reminder that those seeking control must control both sides of the equation without appearing to do so.

Keep up the good work for the truth.

Horst said (August 19, 2009):

Hitler really wasn't Godsend as you say but was placed into power by the Rothschild's Dynasty. To achieve their goal of a NWO the Zionists first had to eliminate Germany's power and the German culture. The Romans 2 thousand years ago tried to conquer Germany but were defeated by the Germanic tribes at at the Teutonburg forest in 9AD and were stopped to expand their Empire, their NWO.

The Zionist saw an opportunity in Hitler and financed him to become Chancellor of Germany. They needed an inside man that would guarantee Germany's defeat from power and eliminate the German culture from any world influence. The Zionists wanted a NWO lead by an Anglo-American union and not a NWO led by a German order. The Zionists believed that a NWO led by the Anglo-American union would be more willing partner in crimes against humanity.

I refer to Hitler as Agent 666. 6 years to prepare Germany for war, 6 years to destroy Germany, and 6 million to control Germany.

My theme of my Webpage revolves about Hitler being the inside man placed in power by the Zionists to destroy Germany.

Carl said (August 19, 2009):

What bothers me about this post is the response, “It is white Christians they want to eliminate” from Barry. I believe the NWO want to eliminate all people that use love, understanding, and reason as their guiding light. Maybe we the view the world at such an angle, that it is impossible for any change to occur if we constantly see ourselves as the victim of some unstoppable occult Zionist force. We are victims in the sense that our rights are slowly being stripped away, but the mentality we have not realizing that we are actually going to battle each other first then turn our attention to the “N W O”. Maybe the cabalist are too efficient at brain washing us to believe that we as “white Christians” or “Jews” are the victims, when in fact all free humanity is the target.

Peter said (August 18, 2009):

You are on the right track here, but Hitler was more than a Godsend for Israel. Very simply, there would have been no Israel without Hitler. It is therefore very reasonable to explore if somebody put him in place for that very purpose, and how long in advance that planning happened.

Barry said (August 18, 2009):

Excellent insight as usual! I believe that the NWO is radicalizing the Muslims for their purposes and using them, but do not see that they want to eliminate them. It is white Christians they want to eliminate. The imposter seeks to murder the rightful heir.

The Illuminati always need to hold up a seen enemy before the West in order to keep governments spending & citizens in fear of that remote threat while the governments at home loot & enslave them. Now that the Communist nations are (for now) less of a threat, it became expedient to use the Arabs to fill the void. Peaceful Arabs will not give anti-Christ Israel the opportunity it covets to grab more of the land it wants. That Iraqi pipeline into Israel that US G.I.s fought & died for is not enough for them. Taking the land between the Nile & the Euphrates will not be enough for them. Ben Gurion stated that the entire world would some day be ruled from Jerusalem. (I do of course agree with him- it will be when Jesus rules!)

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