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Hollywood Covers for Elite Perverts

February 6, 2013


Hollywood covers for elite pedophiles and ritual murderers by promoting the idea of the "lone nut."

By Will

Just finished watching The Lovely Bones, a 2009 movie, screened here in Kalamazoo MI on local TV. 

A teenage girl is raped and murdered by a neighbour who happens to be a serial killer.  She comes to terms with it in the afterlife by orchestrating her killer's downfall. 

The theme reminded me of another movie, Changeling, 2008. In that film, a young boy goes missing. Obstructed by a corrupt police force, the mother, played by Angelina Jolie, fails to locate him. We are led to believe that he also has fallen victim to a serial killer. 

Lovely Bones is set in the 70's, Changeling in the 20's. Both promote the idea that a depraved lunatic, acting alone, acts out his perverse fantasies - before inevitably brought to justice by the forces of good. 

There's only one problem: that's a fiction. 

Millions of children go missing all round the world every year. And we're led to believe that the "lone nutcase" (sound familiar?) is to blame for all that?

Some estimates run as high as 8 million children reported missing worldwide each year, with UNICEF and World Concern estimating as many as 1.2 million children trafficked every year. 

The US Department of Justice estimates that 800,000 children go missing in America annually, over 50 000 in Canada, 230 000 in the UK, and 1 million in the European Union. Many of these children are family abductees, and most are eventually returned or found. 

But from one estimate that 80 out of every 2000 children missing in the US will never be found, we can extrapolate the figures to arrive at the staggering worldwide number of 320 000 children per year gone forever. 

The "lone nutcase" is a time-honored Illuminist technique - the patsy who's blamed for everything from assassinations to bombings to shootings to serial killings.

Now of course, lone depraved killers do exist. Changeling was based on factual events. But this can never explain the sheer numbers of missing children. 

This may explain Hollywood's obsession with serial-killer movies. "Explain away" these shocking figures by filmic sleight of hand. 

(Bumboy turned Prime Minister, Tony Blair with Jimmy Savile) 

Both of these films were blue-chip Hollywood productions. The Lovely Bones stars the up-and-coming Saoirse Ronan as the teenage girl, was written and directed by Peter (Lord of the Rings) Jackson, and was produced by Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks studio. 

Changeling also starred John Malkovich, was directed by Clint Eastwood, and distributed by Universal. 

Together both films garnered over $200m in worldwide box office. 


The shocking truth is that most of the children who go permanently missing will land up in the hands of the Illuminati - being tortured, dismembered, mind-controlled, used in genetic-experimentation, or sold for cheap labor or as sex slaves for international pedophile rings. 

Not to mention tens of thousands of children sacrificed in seasonal Satanic rituals (exposed by multiple Illuminati defectors. For evidence of high-level involvement in these rituals, see here.)

The sickness of the Illuminists knows no bounds. And our "leaders" are known by the company they keep.

Prince Charles (right) with pedophile Jimmy Savile.

However, at one stage the problem generated publicity. Many pictures of missing children appeared on milk cartons. 

But why wasn't there an investigation launched by the President and the powers that be? Hmm. I wonder. 

The truth is that Hollywood (both films and TV) is a mass-brainwashing machine, designed to cast a smokescreen around the truth. 

So the next time you see a movie about a lone, depraved, serial killer - especially one who targets children - you'll know just whose agenda is being promoted. 



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Comments for "Hollywood Covers for Elite Perverts "

Kristine said (February 7, 2013):

This is a link leading to the "epicenter of the largest Paedophile ring in the history of the Universe".

Debbie said (February 7, 2013):

Regarding today's piece, Hollywood Covers for Elite Perverts: I highly recommend that readers purchase Dave McGowan's book Programmed to Kill, as well as read his free online series, Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation found at .

His work is thoroughly researched, and presents a clear picture how Luciferians work methodically toward and carry out their agenda using programming, pop culture and a corrupted system full of their own people to reconstruct society in their image.

Debra said (February 7, 2013):

Welcome to hell (Planet Earth); the planet where most of the
inhabitants are following the loser. Satan (the loser) was meant to test mankind, not rule. But, only a few have figured that part out.

I've seen the film "The Lovely Bones". Very disturbing, sad and based on reality.

The corruption in the courts with pardons and dismissed evidence is a reality too.

Mark said (February 7, 2013):

One thing that 'Hollywood Covers for Elite Perverts' does not cover, is the untold millions of children, whom are destined never to return, who have been conceived and born for just that purpose in secret with no birth records that will never figure into the stats.

Kristen said (February 7, 2013):

"Hollywood Provides Cover for Elite Perverts" brilliant. How can we make this more mainstream? I don't think people realize how many children disappear and that there must be a large network involved. How can a single person such as myself get this out there? I'll share the post, what else logisticially can a person do?

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