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Ontario Schools Begin Masonic Child Sex Abuse

April 5, 2012

Left, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, a Freemason, makes
the sign of horus (666) as he prepares to corrupt the province's youth. This man should be arrested.

McGuinty is introducing clubs that foster homosexuality in all schools.
There is a thin line between the acceptance of  homosexuality in theory and in practice.  

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Abridged from the March 2012 Edition of Reality,
A publication of the Real Women of Canada
Real Women does not endorse the Masonic connection made here by this website.) 

A collision soon will occur in Ontario, Canada over the imposition of homosexual indoctrination in all schools, regardless of the views of Christian, Muslim, Jewish, other religious parents. 

Fall-out from this pending battle will resonate all across Canada as the premiers in the other provinces and territories are intensely watching this knock down, drag out fight.

In December 2011, Dalton McGuinty, the Freemason Premier of Ontario, a Liberal, ordered, by Bill 13, that all Ontario schools, whether public, Catholic, Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, set up programs to allow gay/straight alliance clubs, and to normalize and affirm homosexuality. 

The program also provid
es homosexual activists access to Ontario schools.   The pretext that this program will prevent the bullying of homosexual students.

This fools no one.  Fierce opposition to this policy has come from the Catholic School Trustees Association, which has thrown down the gauntlet, flatly refusing the government policy, stating that only Catholic teaching on homosexuality will be permitted in Catholic schools. 

The Catholic School Trustees are supported in this by the Evangelical Christian Fellowship and Shaarei Shomayim, a group of 750 orthodox Jewish families, under Rabbi Strauchler, who represents the rabbinical organization Vaad Harabonim.

Catholic schools in Ontario have, under the Constitution Act of 1867 and also the Constitution Act of 1982 (The Charter of Rights), the right to uphold only Catholic teachings in their schools.  This constitutional protection has been upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada on two separate occasions.

Ironically, Premier McGuinty is a [bogus] Catholic, one of ten children, and is a graduate of the Ontario Separate School System, as are all of his four children.  His wife teaches in the same Catholic School System.  What gives? 

A possible explanation for this apparent hypocrisy is that Mr. McGuinty's father, also named Dalton, had previously been a member of the Ontario Provincial Parliament.  He was a remarkable man of strength, character and integrity - staunchly pro-life an
d pro-family.  However, in spite of his obvious competency, he was never appointed to Cabinet in the then orange-tinged anti- Catholic Ontario, where his Catholic beliefs were still suspect.  The son, Dalton, and another son, David, (a Liberal member of Parliament, Ottawa South) learned this lesson well.  They have obviously decided to "ride with the herd" in order to achieve political success.  Hence, Mr. McGuinty is pushing forward with the homosexual agenda.

MPP Elizabeth Witmer, the Ontario Conservative critic for Health and Long-Term Care, has dealt with the issue of bullying in a more sound manner.  She tabled Bill 14 on bullying, in which all forms of bullying are objected to, without giving priority to any specific kind of bullying.  The intent of the Bill is to provide measures to prevent bullying (without introducing extraneous issues), by requiring the Minister of Education to develop a model general bullying prevention plan.


(a) Ontario English Speaking Catholic Teachers Association

The most vicious attack on the position of the Catholic Trustees was, unbelievably, from the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA), which is controlled by Catholic dissenters.  Last year it funded the homosexual activist group, EGALE and it has invited bizarre sexual deviants and Catholic haters to address its annual meetings.  This union, of course, supports Mr. McGuinty's homosexual program in Catholic schools.

(b) Ontario Public Service Unions

The public service unions in Ontario also used their compulsory union dues in the 2011 provincial election to fund another multi million dollar election smear campaign to support Mr. McGuinty, under the banner of "Working Families".  The name is a misnomer indeed.  The banner would have been more accurate, if it had stated "self-interested union leaders of Ontario". This union support unquestionably led to the re-election of Mr. McGuinty.


The simple answer is that he caves in to their demands every time.  The Ontario Public sector employees' salaries account for one half of all government spending, about $55 billion annually.  The unions under McGuinty have been awarded increases outpacing inflation, which is one of the causes of the provincial debt of $241 billion, with interest payments annually of $10 billion.

The feckless Premier, Mr. McGuinty, is an easy prey for the unions and other special interest groups, such as homosexuals, since he desperately needs their electoral support. He dares not stand up to them, regardless of the provincial deficit of $16 billion. The unions are well aware of this. Consequently, Mr. McGuinty is using this anti-bullying policy to shore up his credentials with the unions and their special "friends", i.e. homosexual activists.

Who will win this fight of conflicting values?  It's either Mr. McGuinty and his supportive unions or Christian, Jewish, and Muslim and any other religious observant parents. We must make every effort to ensure that the parents win this epic battle.

Please write to:

The Honourable Dalton McGuinty Premier Room 281, Main Legislative Bldg. Queen's Park Toronto, Ontario  M7A 1A1 Fax:  416-325-3745 [email protected]

The Honourable Laurel C. Broten Provincial Minister of Education 22nd Floor, Mowat Block Ministry 900 Bay Street Toronto, Ontario  M7A 1L2 Fax:  416-325-2608 [email protected]

Tim Hudak Leader of the Opposition Conservative Party Room 381, Main Legislative Bldg. Queen's Park Toronto, Ontario  M7A 1A8 Fax:  416-325-0998 [email protected]

If residing in Ontario, write to your : Member of Provincial Parliament Legislative Assembly Queen's Park Toronto, Ontario M7A 1A2


Abridged from an Editorial in The National Post, April 21, 2010


Ontario is poised to inaugurate a new and explicit sex education curriculum in September. According to a detailed outline posted on the Ministry of Education's website in January, children in Grade 3 will for the first time learn about "invisible differences" between people, including those of gender identity and sexual orientation, while Grade 6 and 7 students will receive information about "vaginal lubrication" and "anal intercourse."

You don't have to be religious to recognize the incompatibility of early
instruction around sexuality with, dare we say it, the "settled" science
around the "latency period" of childhood. In this schema, the second sexual
phase in children following infancy and early childhood, from the age of six
to twelve, is a period in which direct sexual energies fall dormant. During
this phase, the child gathers his inner resources and develops mental and
physical strength for entry to young adulthood. Only at adolescence do
hormonal changes create the appropriate psychological context for absorbing ideas about "gender identity" and sexual ethics in a meaningful light. Until that time schools should butt out of sex education.

Latency-period researchers explain that it is precisely because children are
not dominated by sexualized thinking between early childhood and adolescence that they are optimally attuned to, and most highly educable in, the areas crucial to cultural self-realization: Readin', Writin' and 'Rithmetic.

Bending children's imagination in a sexualized direction they would not
naturally take distracts them from the work they should be devoting
themselves to, and raises fears in social conservatives, possibly
well-founded - for these are very uncharted waters, whatever liberal
theorists may say - that the curricula will promote early, indiscriminate
and amoral sexual experimentation.

Proponents of the program reject such concerns. Alex McKay, research
coordinator for the Sex Informationand Education Council of Canada, claims that "[Y]oung people who are very well educated about sexuality and sexual health tend to delay having sex, because they fully understand everything that's involved...."

That's not true, according to a recent study published in the Archives of
Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine of the American Medical Association. The study found that abstinence programs that teach human sexuality as
predominantly psychological, emotional and moral rather than physical
dropped sexual-activity rates among teens by a third in contrast with
data-heavy "safe sex" programs.

If there were longitudinal, peer-reviewed studies attesting to the benefits
of exposing children in the latency period to sexuality-charged curricula,
we might be open to more experimentation along the lines proposed by
Ontario's Ministry of Education.

There being none, we see the program as a political vehicle for special
interest groups obsessed with "social justice," who perceive entrenchment of their libertine agenda in public school curricula as the quickest and most
efficient route to detaching children from morality-based sexual values.

In the end, we are on the side of the children, and feel that prudence and
parental privilege should be the watchword. Today's world is so highly
sexualized and the gateways to inappropriate images and message so
ubiquitous, parents have their work cut out for them keeping their children
in a state of innocence (a word one can scarcely say anymore without ironic air quotes). To everything there is a season. Ontario should back away from this ideologically-driven program, acknowledging the right of children to be children as nature made them.



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Comments for "Ontario Schools Begin Masonic Child Sex Abuse "

George said (May 19, 2012):

My wife works in an elementary school in the Calgary public school system. She forwarded this to me today. My response was "We need to create a culture of respect for parents". But how? And how do we put a stop to gay aggression?

As you've warned, they are creating a culture of disrespect for heterosexuals and we're just sitting around letting them do it.

It's insane. This is being funded by the province and downloaded to the local school boards. The schools have no choice but to implement the program. Note the reference to LGBTQ as clients. Ha! To our governments, all citizens are clients. It shows how far off track they are.

My cousin in Ottawa has informed me the Ontario government is about to bring in Bill 13 to do the same. Here is what she wrote to me in part:

"And then there are those other issues .... the political ones. In Ontario we have Bill 13, basically a bill to push the homosexual agenda into our schools, Catholic and Public, under the guise of anti-bullying. There is a very questionable exhibition scheduled to open at the Museum of Science and Technology tomorrow - same agenda - sexual perversion.

I shake my head! Is this kind of stuff for real? Look at what is going on in Ontario right now. We have a premier who claims to be a practicing Catholic, whose wife teaches in the Catholic school system here and who is determined to bring in an 'anti-bullying' bill that singles out LB..etc as the ones to be protected. I am sure that the intent of this bill is to force GSA's into all schools as part of an agenda. He is in fact demonstrating 'the art of bullying'. All in the name of Equity education. Our value system is being turned upside down. I'm hoping our Bishops are learning some lessons from their American counterparts as they oppose Obama's health care plan. And under our Ontario human rights code I could be charged with homophobia and heterosexism.”

Any observations? I keep trying to warn my friends but they dismiss me as homophobic, which is a laugh. We should definitely have a phobia about this. It’s ruining our children and grandchildren. It’s out of control. However, I note, the National Post has recently shown signs of resisting the LGBTQ agenda. Barbara Kay is making sense for one. It’s somewhat encouraging.


George- People opposed to this shit need to get organized just like the gay activists.


Steven said (April 6, 2012):

All your revelations of wrong doing and perversion being foisted upon society from the top down might be informative but without corrective action it is going to go no where. Those who are offended by Satanists, feminists and homos for the most part know what the problem is in general.

Mere enlightenment of the masses will not lead to a solution because it has no real effect on the political or legal process. People can vote all they like and petition the courts all they like and it will come to nothing because the political parties and the courts are on the side of the illuminati and freemasonry. In other words all changes not instigated by them the elites are locked out. That means that if you don't want to join them you have to beat them not only intellectually but also physically and barring those choices escape and start a new society without them.

Most people don't give a damn about right and wrong beyond a certain point. Their minds are captured by the media, the real estate market and what the government says. If the government says gay sex and pedophilia is normal and beneficial not to mention fun they will for the most part believe it and encourage their friends , family and neighbours to believe likewise. Why?

1. They can't bear the thought of being different and out of step.
2. They would rather conform to the criminals and perverts that run the world rather than put a bullet in them and accept the risks of combat.
3. Too many have too much to lose by opposing the system and its agenda.

That is why you will not see a mass movement to overthrow societies criminal leadership. Fear of being charged with a crime, fear of death and fear of public opinion keeps the bulk of the public politically correct and servile.

Can you say sheeple?

To change the leadership for real either by legal means or by force in order to purge evil will require something extraordinary to happen and that has yet to be arranged. One can't get there from here yet.

Viv said (April 6, 2012):

One for the home team.

Malaysia Vows to Fight Disorders like LGBT

I can see the celebrities now, who will fly over there first? Clooney, Joile? Maybe they should send Perez Hilton and Dan Savage. -lol

Al Thompson said (April 5, 2012):

Here, I thought I'd seen everything. Now, this is why I believe that the idea of taking a nice; perfectly created child, and putting him or her in any school public or private is now a complete abomination. The religious schools have their problems with homos too. There is nothing to save when it comes to schools as we know them today. I suggest that the whole school system as we know it today should be completely shut down, and flushed down the toilet. There's nothing to fix; it's done. Children don't need to go to schools like that. They just need to learn to read and write, and the rest of it is bull shit. All of the "liberal" arts are a grand waste of time and they impart no useful bits of information to help a child develop a skill set for their prospective careers. Schools are too expensive for the non value they produce. And while you're at it, flush the government down the toilet too. Government as we know it is too expensive and too destructive to the well-being of mankind.

Schools should be subject to the free market like most other businesses. These communist rat holes are not good for anyone, let alone children.

Most of the time I spent is school was like being in a prison camp; having to learn stupid things that were of no value to me other than the reading, writing, and the math. The rest of it was nonsense. The schools are like mental death camps. Enough already, shut them down.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at