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My UK School Almost Destroyed Me

October 15, 2011


On the disparagement of the white race and the male gender: "Some days I just didn't turn up. I couldn't take it anymore; it was actually horrendous to be discriminated against by people who are supposed to be objectively teaching me.
...This generation of men have been destroyed and ostracized by their own government"

by Duran
(edited & abridged by

I was born in 1991, to a happy family. I had a sister 6-years-older than me, and two loving parents. My father was the breadwinner of the family and my mother was a housewife.

My early school years were great, my education was great, I had maximum grades. I played for my school football team and did some boxing. (My dad and his dad were both boxers. It was a great bonding time for me and my dad in the gym.) Life couldn't have been more better.

As I got towards the end of my primary school years, I started to notice that most of my friends came from broken marriages. I never paid it much attention however as I was just 6-11 years old but I always wondered "where's your dad?"

Anyways, things changed for the worse at age 11 when I entered secondary school. This was 4-5 years after Labour had taken power in 1997. I can honestly say now, that's exactly the reason why things were so bad. 

Immediately it began. We were taught, at such a young age, about all of the atrocities western men had committed against everyone else. We were literally (I'm not exaggerating here) taught to be ashamed of ourselves and of our culture.

Girls, on the other hand, were taught how great the suffragettes were and that without them they'd still be under the tyranny of the evil men. I remember a particular class where the female teachers and female students were all laughing at the stupidity of boys and men. I remember the female teacher pointing out "all the men had to fight wars, while women didn't, but it was always men that started the wars!" while the girls all laughed. I remember looking around at all the boys in my class just sitting there, quietly, blank stares on their faces, saying nothing. Then it hit me like a silver bullet, I was doing the same as them: nothing.

However after having years of political correctness and self-shame pumped into me by this so called education system, I had no knowledge of how to even discredit them. Everything they said seemed true. If it weren't for my father teaching me about the great men of our past at a young age, I actually think I'd be another sad fool indoctrinated into feminist ideology. 


Not only were we taught to be ashamed of our gender, they went so far as to blatantly make us ashamed of our race. Yes, if you were white and male, oh boy, you were in for a treat.

Hours upon hours of all the horrendous crimes our ancestors did to the Africans, the native Americans, the Jewish people and of course, women. 

Not one, not a SINGLE mention of all the good we did, only the bad (and if they did happen to mention anything good a white man did they never pointed out it was a white man who did it. Only when they shame do they like to point the traits of the people/person they're shaming, out). 

Meanwhile they had black history month celebrating the accomplishments of black culture and black people in general, which I had/have no problem with. I think it's great that people can celebrate their culture but then I bought up the question, when will I be allowed to celebrate and be proud of my culture? The answer? Never, that's racist and not politically correct, you see. That line of thinking leads to a nation of Nazis, apparently. 


Now, after all this, I noticed something change in me. I became apathetic, lazy, unmotivated and my grades went from the top 5% in my country at age 11, to pretty much, rock bottom.

I remember at age 11 I was predicted straight A* and As for my GCSEs. I didn't leave that school with a single GCSE, not one. Why? I stopped caring about school; some days I just didn't turn up, I couldn't take it anymore, it was actually horrendous to be discriminated against like that by people who are supposed to be objectively teaching me.

By the time my dad noticed what was going on (the school never notified him of my drastic drop in grades and lack of attendance) it was too late to do anything. I was in the last 6 months of school. 

These feelings weren't just felt by me either.I can tell you now that 90% of the boys in my year didn't leave with more than 1-2 GCSEs either. The majority of girls left with amazing grades.  

To any of the older generation out there, I'd just like to tell you, this is what it was like to grow up in an education system from 1997-2006 for young British men. 

If my experience was typical, we're in big trouble. I read recently, young men get paid less than young women now from ages 20-29. 


My big question is, what is going to happen when my generation has to step up to run Britain? From my experience and the facts around me at the time (the majority of boys in my year are either unemployed or doing basic jobs like stacking shelves, digging, cleaning toilets) we've literally created a generation of boys who are useless, self-hating, apathetic, lazy idiots without any father figures in their lives and even the ones who had father figures (like me) got shafted hard by the education system we had to endure.

Honestly, I'm actually really interested in seeing what happens in the next 20 years. Women are either going to have to step up and take all the load men have carried on their shoulders for generations and do everything or society is honestly going to collapse in on itself, as this generation of men have been destroyed and ostracized by their own government. 

I was one of the few people who wasn't surprised when the UK Riots came about.  It was just waiting to happen. This is the generation of young men who are supposed to be the backbone to our culture. Hah! well done feminism, well done Labour, you managed to systematically destroy a whole country in just one decade, far more damaging than the "Nazis", "racists", "bigots" and "sexists" ever could of done. 

Personally, I can't wait to sit back and watch the mess unfold as the country frantically tries to stay above the water.

I am very interested in what the older generation of men think about this state of affairs and how their sons have been treated by the education system and society in general.


Oh and before anyone accuses me of blaming my failings on the Education system, my father paid for me to go to an all-male school, where I got 7 As in GCSEs on my first year there directly after mandatory school ended, then two years of A levels in which I got all 5 of them. This isn't some blame, pity me game. I'm just generally very interested in what you all think is going to happen if my scenario holds true? 


Thanks to Robbie 

Makow Comment:  White males are perceived as potential opposition to Communist enslavement i.e. the NWO. Remember, Communism is the monopoly of all wealth, power and belief by the Illuminati banking cartel, through either the state or corporate front . Feminism is used to emasculate males. Current events ( terror, war, debt ) are all directed toward this final goal, our enslavement, whatever their rationale. 

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Comments for "My UK School Almost Destroyed Me "

Julian said (October 17, 2011):

Hats off to the young man for his concise and candid account of schooling for boys in Merry England--absolutely sickening but not surprising. Meanwhile the fatherless sons who join the gangs get free money, health care, housing, weapons, and crime education via their leaders--older boys
and men who in turn answer to other hierarchies of decay and corruption.

Masculinity is not totally unappreciated in the NWO--they're also the ones behind pro wrestling, violent video games, 'youth' gangs, rap--yada,yada, the list goes on. The temptation to head to the hills with your boy and a shotgun and tell the Babylon harpies to shove it is understandable, but not every man is in touch with his inner 'Rifleman' to that extent. It does hearten me to read the responses by some of the more intelligent women out there-- gives me hope.

Regardless, this can't go on much longer--besides it's all mere window dressing for the real goal
which is of course to turn this orb into a slave planet--a fate worse than a thousand blood-
thirsty Khans and Caesars combined. Save the males? Save the MEN.

Ed said (October 16, 2011):

The deterioration of education in the Western world has been going on since the late 19th century, and longer than that in some places (Massachusetts has had compulsory public education since 1854). The impulse for this originally seems to come from European aristocrats being jealous of the power over the lower classes enjoyed by Chinese mandarins and Indian brahmins, during the time when contact between Europe and the old Asiatic civilizations became significant.

I could go on regarding this topic for pages, but won't. John Taylor Gatto has written a number of excellent books on how the education system was designed as a psychological conditioning mechanism.

His website is informative, to say the least.

Christine said (October 16, 2011):

Thanks for this article. There was a famous interview with Bezmenov on demoralization in America It is obvious that the KGB has been pretty busy in the UK, too.

Nevertheless, your writer did not answer the obvious question: now that we are totally demoralized, how can we reverse this trend? The answer is to pray the rosary. Austrians drove the Communists out of their country by reciting the rosary privately and in processions. Let us drive the Reds out of the US, Canada, and the UK by doing the same thing.

Kerry said (October 16, 2011):

I am a British mum, living in New Zealand, now educating our two sons at home after experiencing the misery of the current western school system through my sons - in both the UK and NZ.

What I witnessed during the 8 years of my oldest son's primary education, was miserable, depressing and appalling - I struggled to believe how any healthy adult of sound mind could believe this system would nourish our children - but of course they know it doesn't. My pleasant, sociable little boy started school at age 4, spent a year with a middle-aged female teacher (no children), who complained that my son was doing ok but 'fidgeted a lot'. By 6 he was in special classes because his handwriting wasn't very 'good'. I don't know about anyone else but show me a 4-6 year old boy who doesn't squirm much and has legible handwriting.

These creative, dynamic balls of energy aren't supposed to be confined in a small space, barely leaving their seat for 6 hours a day with a spinster reading them 'Little Women'. Having moved to NZ the experience was no better. It is no exaggeration to say that my younger son was the victim of two successive women who systematically destroyed his 'spark' and many others too. (I witnessed this first hand during parent help sessions).

The only day he enjoyed school was the last day of term, a pile of cardboard was thrown on the floor and the children were allowed to make anything they wanted - lots of happy faces. When I suggested this should happen more often the teacher retorted that there wasn't time and it wasn't education!

Lady, we're talking 6 year olds here. During the 1970's we played in sand, painted, traced, cut out and still managed to learn to read, write and do our sums (properly!) during primary. We eventually discovered our son has dyslexia and Asperger's Syndrome, enough to push us over the edge and get our kids out, the current school system was demanding for a 'neurotypical' boy let alone one with a couple of extra challenges thrown in. By 8 'they'd' have had him drugged to the eyeballs.

Three years on, all is right with the world again, we have all regained control over our own lives, no-one is being brain-washed in the current politically correct fad and believe it or not there are no 'social problems' either! The boys know how to do chores round the home and garden, spend time learning how to turn wood at a club with some retired gents, get some golf in with dad, tinker in the garage and can even manage the three 'Rs' -something that apparently an increasing number of school-leavers are struggling with. Healthy, happy boys, who know how to use both sides of the brain and hopefully good old fashioned common sense to guide them through life to manhood - SELF ESTEEM intact!!

We're not radicals or extremists in any way, very 'mainstream' really but it amazes us how many of our friends do nothing but complain about so many aspects of modern schooling - along with everything else there is to moan about these days - and take no action. A small, quiet step in managing your own life again does wonders, amazing how simple everything suddenly becomes; no social issues, health problems, mutant food, bad tv or dodgy pharmaceuticals and then you're off the rat-wheel for good. Wake up people, take control back of your lives for the sake of your much loved children and theirs.

Victoria said (October 15, 2011):

This kind of story makes me angry due to the injustice this young man has experienced. How many times during the 'Women's Lib' halcyon years of the 60's and 70's were we informed that this was not 'women's liberation', this was 'people's liberation'? Now, after 30 more years we seem to have simply reversed the situation and it is now men who are experiencing prejudice and deprivation due to their sex. Not much of an improvement.

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