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"Human Rights" Museum Cost Sparks Backlash

August 16, 2009

static-image.jpg(Originally published March 24, 2006. Revised & Updated August 16, 2009)

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

"In a free state every man can think what he wants and say what he thinks." Baruch Spinoza

Construction costs at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights in Winnipeg have increased to $310 million from $265 million, bringing the project under increased scrutiny.

A recent Winnipeg Sun poll indicated that 90% of respondents did not want more tax dollars devoted to this project. All but $100 million of the original $265 million was funded by the three levels of government.

"Winning over the hearts, minds and pocketbooks of taxpayers is proving to be harder each day and will get even worse now that [Gail] Asper and her cronies have their hands out again," the Sun editorialized in July.  "People are beginning to toss around the word "boondoggle" to describe Gail Asper's project. If it's not that yet, it's on a slippery slope towards it."

"This thing is out of control. Someone needs to call a timeout," Colin Craig of the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation told the Winnipeg Sun. Not another taxpayer penny should go to this project. It's time their luck ran out."

The Museum is the brainchild of the late media mogul Israel Asper and is being advanced by his family, which owns "Canwest Mediaworks" the largest newspaper chain in Canada. The Aspers didn't see the irony of putting "human rights" in a museum. Nor did they see the irony of promoting "human rights" when locals were too afraid of them to voice opposition to this white elephant.


The "Content Committee" of the Museum is dominated by feminist/homosexual activists and their supporters: 11 of the 16 member committee can be identified as such. A Conservative woman's group, Real Women of Canada, met with the committee to determine if the rights of the unborn, and men and women marginalized by feminism will be represented. While they were paid lip service, they felt they were fobbed off.

"If the Canadian Museum of Human Rights fails to represent the human rights concerns of all Canadians, the entire project will be discredited," Real Women concluded.  "In fact the entire tax-funded exercise will in itself be a human rights abuse, characterized by discrimination and intolerance toward those who have been relegated to sit at the back of the bus."  (Reality July-August 2009) 


No surprise. The Aspers' record in journalism suggests they have no respect for the human rights of others.

After they bought the Southam newspaper chain, there were numerous protests by journalists against the muzzling of free speech. "Tolerance" only applies to causes the Aspers espouse.

In 2002, a publisher was fired because his newspaper called for the resignation of a corrupt Prime Minister who was Asper's friend. Many international groups condemned Canwest for this. A survey revealed that 75% of journalists working for the three biggest papers in the chain felt they had to reflect the owners' views. One columnist quit because of  the newspapers' banging the drum for the Iraq War. (What about the "human rights" of the one million Iraqis maimed, killed or displaced by that war?)

Many other columnists were dropped or quit because they wouldn't toe the company line. Reporters refused to have their names used in protest against "national editorials" imposed on the newspapers by the owner.

Other reporters noted that nothing critical of Israel is allowed. One editor received an angry call from HQ when he ran a story by a professor with a Muslim name. Reuters demanded that their reporters' names be removed because Canwest inserted "terrorist" in stories about Palestinian resistance. And it goes on and on. (See "Asper Nation: Canada's Most Dangerous Media Company" 2007, by Marc Edge.)

Clearly the Aspers are in no position to teach anyone about "human rights." They use their newspapers to promote their political agenda. Do they expect us to believe it will be any different with their museum?

Izzy Asper  bought the old Southam chain from Conrad Black in 2000. The final negotiations took place at the Bilderberg Meeting in Brussels. The Aspers are agents of the New World Order and this is why many distrust their newspapers. The Aspers borrowed three billion dollars from bankers to buy Southam in 2000. Canwest stock was worth over $20 then. It is worth 15 cents today. Canwest, which now owes $4,000,000,000, has a market value of just $15 million.


In exchange for about $170 million in funding from three levels of government, governments have demanded autonomy for the museum. But given Gail Asper's dominant role, and the nature of the advance planning, it is doubtful that it will be. One of museum's goals is "to generate activism and social responsibility." It promises to turn visitors into "change-agents" which is the latest term for what used to be called a Communist agitator.

The "Advisory Council" is a "who's who" of the Globalist, Jewish and banking establishment. It includes Maurice Strong, Brian Mulroney, Lloyd Axworthy, John Turner, and Buzz Hargrove. 
 Regarding the Jewish establishment, these four stick out:

Frank Dimant, Executive Vice-President, B'nai Brith Canada
Ed Morgan, National President, Canadian Jewish Congress
Victor Rabinovitch, President and CEO, Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation
The Honourable Jerahmiel S. (Jerry) Grafstein

Also, one finds feminist Beth Atcheson, Chair, Women's Legal Education and Action Fund. Representing the banking establishment, one finds:

Rick Waugh, President and C.E.O., Scotiabank
Ray McFeetors, President & CEO, The Great-West Life Assurance Company
Charlie Coffey, O. C., Executive Vice President, Government Affairs and Business Development, RBC Financial Group


star.jpgLittle yellow stars reminiscent of Nazi-era Jewish symbols will be given to schoolchildren visiting holocaust exhibits. The stars will not read "Jude" but they could. They make gentiles identify with Jews and embrace pro- Zionist policies. The Jewish Mayor of Winnipeg, Sam Katz, wears one on his lapel. (Winnipeg. incidentally, has an Illuminati symbol--eye of Horus and rising sun swoosh-- as its city logo.)  

While nothing ever can justify genocide, anti-Semitism was always caused by perceived Jewish subversion of national politics, culture and religion in favor of an international order secretly run by world central bankers.

This museum preaches a Gospel of Diversity which confers a sacred status on select "persecuted minorities" at the expense of the majority. An insulting elite mind control program, never debated democratically, Diversity is designed to make European Christian heterosexuals forfeit their values and heritage. By pointing to genocide, it guilts the majority into ceding their place to people who ultimately are sponsored and controlled by the bankers.  In other words, the Aspers have learned nothing from the history of anti-Semitism and plainly don't wish to.

The human race is in the grip of Lucifer-loving megalomaniacs who represent a marriage of Jewish financial and British-American and European dynastic families. To be successful, our political and cultural leaders must cater to them. In turn, this elite is happy to let many Jews (as well as gentiles) advance their agenda and all Jews take the blame for it.


To sample the emotional assault that unwary visitors will experience, watch the Museum's 20-minute promotional video.  (Don't skip the mawkish flash introduction. The video loads automatically afterward.)

Combine this psychological flogging with graphic displays of genocide and you have a trauma brainwashing facility. It actually boasts a "life altering experience" that will turn 250,000 visitors a year into "proactive" change-agents. Their new website address is

The video mentions injustices against Jews, Native Indians, Ukrainians, Rwandans, Cambodians and Bosnians. Conspicuously missing are the Palestinians. The Aspers of course are Zionists; their media outlets pump Israel, the Iraq War and the bogus War on Terror.
Absent from museum walls will be murals of Palestine children being gunned down by Israeli soldiers or Rachel Corrie being crushed by an Israeli army tractor. Pontificating about human rights while supporting an ideology that stole Palestinian lands and homes, and keeps a million people penned like animals is hypocritical to say the least. If Israel's only purpose were a "Jewish homeland," we would have had peace long ago.

They mention the Ukrainian famine genocide; Winnipeg has a large Ukrainian population. I doubt however they will mention that Stalin and most  Cheka killers were ethnic Jews, and that the real cause of anti-Semitism was (and is) the prominence of Jews in the Communist contagion that now takes the form of world government. I suspect that many atrocities like the Iraq War can be traced to this agenda.

There is no mention of the incineration of 250,000 people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If they do include it, I doubt they will explain the role of international bankers like Bernard Baruch in the development of the atomic bomb and decision to use it. These bankers probably lent the Aspers the roughly $2 billion required to buy their newspaper chain. 


I doubt if they will honor the more than 600,000 German civilians that died in Allied bombing raids and the millions more that died after the war concluded.

They plan a wall with the inscription "None is Too Many" to commemorate the failure of Western countries to take endangered Jewish refugees. I doubt they will explain that Zionists were partly responsible for these policies designed to justify the creation of Israel.

I don't expect to see giant portraits of Ernst Zundel and David Irving who were imprisoned merely for scrutinizing the Jewish holocaust story. I doubt if there will be references to Guantanamo Bay and the ongoing abuses occasioned by the "war on terror." Human rights indeed!

Leaving Jewish issues aside, they talk about human rights abuses in Darfur when thousands of divorced fathers here in Canada are routinely discriminated against by feminist dominated court and social services. They cannot see their biological children. The hidden agenda is the destruction of the nuclear family.  (See my "The Dawn of the Feminist Police State.")

No doubt this museum will also celebrate the combining of heterosexual and homosexual marriage, part of an undeclared war on heterosexuals and families. (See my "Canada Redefines Marriage.")

In the video, they honor the Jesuit-trained pedophile Pierre Trudeau and the Soviet fellow traveler Lester Pearson. I think you get the idea.  This museum is a propaganda machine for the NWO; it is Willy Munzenberg or Edward Bernay's wet dream.


museum.jpgOur human rights are God-given. The word God is not mentioned once in the museum hype. This museum is a pagan temple. Its sponsors wish to replace God-given rights, the freedom to obey the Creator's voice in our divine soul, with human rights which they define and apply. They make themselves God.

The museum (known locally as the "glass turd," left) resembles a cathedral with a wet tissue thrown over it. Originally conceived as another "holocaust" museum, the design may be intended to resemble a "burnt sacrifice" i.e. holocaust. It is a temple to Jewish martyrdom.  A  "Hall of Commitment" leads to a "Human Rights Observatory" just below a steeple called "The Tower of Hope." From there glass elevators lead down to the "heart of the facility," a "meditation garden" at the base where visitors can "share stories."

The museum bears a physical resemblance to a "Temple of Understanding" (below) that elitists had planned to build in Washington DC in the 1960's.  It was to celebrate the six great world religions, a perfect way to dilute the importance of Christianity, the religion of 85% of Americans.

Globots keep pushing for a "United Nations of Religions" as if religious differences caused the world's problems. Religious, national, sexual or racial differences are not the problem. The problem is the subversive elite program to destroy these differences and melt the human race into an amorphous pulp to be remolded according to their specifications.


temple.jpgThis "human rights" museum teaches people that their identity consists of embracing specific "differences" and that it is "hateful" and not "inclusive" to uphold one's own Christian, European heterosexual heritage.

The elite wraps itself in piety while committing the most egregious abuses itself.

The right to know the truth is the most basic right of all. Yet Canwest doesn't cover the elite plan for world government. Instead it peddles the lies about 9-11 and war against Iraq and Iran.

Apparently "Diversity Is Slow to Reach Israel" according to a story in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. (March 22, 2006). The Aspers might take their message of tolerance and diversity to the Jewish Homeland and leave us in peace.
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Comments for ""Human Rights" Museum Cost Sparks Backlash"

Michael said (August 17, 2009):

I was just reading your article—"Human Rights" Museum Cost Sparks Backlash", and noticed the photo of a lapel badge of a five pointed star that would be given to children at this museum when they visited the holocaust exhibits. I've found an interesting trend in symbology when I saw this star graphic. Inside the star is what appears to be a butterfly. This symbol keeps popping up in current media. The recently cancelled TV show on NBC, called "Kings" had a royal logo that was a butterfly. The story within this story is that it's a modern version of the bible story of Saul and David, jewish kings. Are they getting us ready for a return of the aristocracy? In Lady GaGa's music video "Paparazzi", butterflies show up in clothing patterns. This particular video seems to be a paean to mind control programs (like project monarch, another butterfly!) Could they be using this symbol to "wake up" sleepers? Are they sending out the bat signal that the time is eminent for something to happen? This all may be just coincidence, but like Franklin Roosevelt said (and I paraphrase here) "In politics, there are no coincidences". Just maybe, in the NWO agenda there too are no coincidences. It will be interesting (and maybe a bit alarming!) if this keeps popping up.

Sonia said (August 17, 2009):

Henry, as always, a great article on the Museum of HR. Of course, people COULD always BOYCOTT. The white elephant could stand there EMPTY of people. Deny these people your entrance fee, deny them your presence.....let it rot. But of course, there will always be sheeple who have been totally "brain"washed who behave and speak in the politically correct manner ( afraid of "offending" anyone). I say, TIME TO STOP. This not only goes for these p.c. "museums", but other facets of our lives: books (go back to the classics, refuse to buy the p.c. garbage), movies, music, toys, newspapers, etc. It's time to use wisdom where our discretionary $$ are spent.

Adrian said (August 17, 2009):

When it was first revealed that Paul Martin had pledged 100 million for the so-called "human rights museum" I was outraged enough to send a letter to the Globe and Mail, which they published. I no longer remember exactly what I said but I did not dare to suggest that this museum was probably just another hollocaust museum, but instead took the angle that civil rights did not belong in a museum, but in our hearts and minds and in our laws, or something along that line. I am well aware of what one can say and get printed and what one cannot say. Newspapers would never admit to sensorship, of course, but they practice it constantly. The other aspect of the whole affair is that Paul Martin, who was up for election, was currying favour with the Aspers who just happened to control half of Canada's print media. I am still disgusted with Martin for giving away 100 million in taxpayer dollars. Plus the cost of annual upkeep, the exact figure which I cannot remember.

Thanks Adrian,

Martin & Harper both dance to their masters' tune.


Becky said (August 16, 2009):

I cannot thank you enough for this article. We the taxpayer are ade to pay for this abomination that does nothing but promote the fact that human rights are only for the elite to decide. The Aspers and our knee bending government will have us all in poverty to promote this abortion of humanity.

Of course the Germans murdered or the Japanese poisoned and blown up with nuclear weapons will not be mentioned. Human rights are to be decided by the 'deciders', and that is not us. We are the peasants who pay for this playground of self promotion of the evil of the world.

How do we allow this to happen?? Why are we so fearful of demanding the truth?

This is worse than a pagan temple--this is a temple to all the lies of the world. Pagans at least believed in their gods--we as yet are unaware of our God--we are being indoctrinated that the elite and their lies are our god. God help us all.

The costs of this abomination are the least of our problems. The complete manipulation of all of us by this evil and our evil worshiping government should strike fear into everyone's heart and mind. This 'museum' is a monument to the evil of the world built by evil and paid for by us. Just another step to our destruction by the slite. Apparently only they decide what is a 'human fight and of course, as your article has stated, they are as pure as the driven snow---NOT!!!

Yeva said (August 16, 2009):

Your article on the Canadian Human Rights Museum is well done. I was surprised, however, that you of all people, would forget to mention the first genocide of the twentieth century: the Armenian Genocide. You know how the Turkish government (The Young Turks) were created by the Zionists. The Turks systematically slaughtered a million and half Armenians, and for some reason, it never seems to merit a mention when human rights are talked about! Why is that? According to the London Times, Hitler said, "Go, kill without mercy. After all, who remembers the Armenians?" Shouldn't we talk about this some more in a "human rights" discussions?

Dear Yeva,

Good point. This is another genocide that is bound to be left out.


Richard said (August 16, 2009):

The article you just posted on the Human Rights Museum, how apt (the latter), was quite brilliant. It stands like a synecdoche, a single part or aspect representing the whole of the NWO process. Very well done.

You might be interested in seeing from where (I think) the architectural design for that museum derives. Are you familiar with Stan Tenen (now deceased) and the Meru Foundation? He derived a system of geometry from a study, originally, of chiral configurations of positions of the human hand as representations of each letter of the hebrew alphabet. He then connected those forms to spirals derived from toroids, claiming to have found a link between the form of the human hand, the Reimannian geometry of the physics of relativity, and the Hebrew alphabet. It's pretty fascinating stuff, whether you view it as synthetic, analytic, contrived, or revelatory.

I met him almost twenty years ago at a conference attended by only fifty or so people at the Univ. of Arizona, the progenitor of the bienniel Science of Consciousness conferences attended by thousands in subsequent years. He wasn't presenting a paper. He only had a poster in the poster session. We had quite an interesting chat at that time.

The first two of the U of A confabs were very small and intimate affairs. Mostly British physicists and US psychologists in attendance. I met three Nobel laureates and had a leisurely tete a tete with two of them at different times over dinner. One was Brian Josephson. Interesting fellow. Quite a unique gathering.

Another time I had dinner with Karl Pribram (not a Nobelist), who told me the story of how, as a skeptic of animal intelligence and particularly speech, he had gone to visit Washoe the chimp at the research center in Texas. While there Washoe bit off Pribram's middle finger (it's still gone, didn't grow back!)

Of course Pribram was the neurosurgeon from Stanford who, besides coming up with the holographic theory of the brain and consciousness, had sacrificed countless chimps and monkeys in his split brain experiments, which delineated much of the functioning of the corpus callosum, among other brain structures. The injury ended his career as a research neurosurgeon. He never operated on, or sacrificed, another primate again in his life.

My theory was that the simian grapevine let Washoe know that the great white killer was coming, so he could put him out of commission. That, or karma. Or an act of divine retribution. Either way, it was giving him the big (missing) middle finger. And it stopped his career dead in its tracks. Fascinating, no? And to top it all off, after that, Pribram became convinced that apes did indeed have higher intelligence, something he had denied all the while he had been "sacrificing" them for science. Al hamdulillah!

I found out only a couple of days ago that these U of A conferences had been funded by NATO.


Life is strange sometimes, isn't it?

Any way, here are some links to Stan Tenen's work on the hand, the toroid, and the hebrew alphabet, which I think is the model for that architecture:

The last one is for a computerized animation, with links to several more of them. Pretty wild.

Wolfgang said (August 9, 2008):


You are absolutely correct: Canadians don't want to be educated about HUMAN RIGHTS from Hypocrites like the the Aspers. We want the Jews to stop worldwide suppressing HUMAN Rights for Free Speech, Freedom Of Assembly and specifically to stop persecuting poor, youngsters (like Mark Lemire, Kolbashian, Guilles and many others) by misusing the Canadian Human Rights Commisssion and even financially better situated people like Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn.

The Aspers are only once again inciting Antisemitism to get Protection (it's also called MONEY) from the Governments of their host Nations.
Keep up the good work Henry

Larrry said (August 8, 2008):

I am a long time reader of your articles along with anything else on the Internet that broaches these subjects. I have come to my own disturbing conclusion about this matrix we are trying to pierce. I would love to be wrong but the following is my own big picture conclusion to our impossible present position.

I have been chatting with three people in Iran for many years. For the last five years I have been begging them to get out of Iran because they will surely be nuked.

In spite of what all the conspiracy theorists say it is less about oil and control of the middle east than starting a nuclear WW3 ending in Armageddon. I cite Albert Pike and his predictions but go one step further.

Putin is Illuminati. Depending on the puppet show they have planned for us he could easily betray the Iranians as perhaps the Iranian leaders have also done.

China is also part of this Illuminati game. Thinking of the big picture is not possible for people that think that world politics are countries reacting against each other. All they are doing in every country is manufacturing public consent for the Illuminati's long term goal. I just happen to disagree with other conspiracy theorists about the final goal.

This is about a war between the Illuminati with their useful idiots and us. I will even go one step further and say this: "The Georgia Stones" say they want a world with 500 million people (90+% reduction).

Considering their complete disregard for the probable results of this scenario, and so far I am the only one I know to say this, I think that they are planning the complete annihilation of the human race but very few are in on the real plan. As insane as this may sound I can see no other objective for shit-canning the world because even elite humans cannot avoid suffering the consequences. Perhaps David Icke and his wild lizard shape-shifting Illuminati isn't so far-fetched after all, but I don't believe in alien beings inhabiting our earth. I did live for eleven years on an island of consanguine people and think this could easily be the true reason for this mad genius plan. I know that consanguinity causes madness but these people can be very intelligent.

As I said before I do so hope I am completely wrong.

I commend you as always for your invaluable service to humanity,

Dan said (August 8, 2008):

Gail Asper's invocation of those buzz worlds "equality and diversity" in that context reminded me of the spirit of one of the Masonic 'greatest hits', the French Revolution. Liberté! égalité! fraternité! (or we'll kill you)

Is it remotely possible that the graffiti wasn't the work of local anti-semitic boogy men at all, but ordered done for the result?
Result: Asper got to make the 'victim' speech, and nobody would dare complain about the expenses now.

Obviously the Holocaust was real and not exaggerated. It's just that I find the scribble swastikas and 'kill all jews' graffiti...well...a bit to much of a 'Charlie Manson' touch to be believable for Winnipeg these days. I don't suppose any culprits have been caught.

I'm in no way offended by Holocaust museums. I was offended by a travelling show that was at the Museum of Natural History here in Houston for 3 months in 2006, which I hear was in Toronto this year. "Body World" a display of human corpses, preserved in plastic, skinned, mounted in intriguing positions. Displayed for 'the beauty' and 'art' of the 'human form'. This atrocity was overwhelmingly well received my most (except me) here in Houston. No age limit on who could long as toddlers were accompanied by an adult (whether parents or pedophile I don't know).

So I'm offended that billionaire moguls who build museums about holocausts who remain silent on the other atrocities going on today. The public is being driven into a surreal madness with such contradictions.

I'm against atrocity in all it's forms, committed against anybody - and it's going on right now, it never stopped. The Holocaust continues....

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at