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"Human Rights" - A Higher Form of Discrimination

March 18, 2013


The term "human rights" is despised because
 it means giving preference to people and
causes favored by the Illuminati (Freemasons.)

by Henry Makow Ph.D.
( from Jan 28, 2009)

"Human rights" laws are Orwellian doublespeak for giving "rights" to some people and taking them away from others.

Essentially, homosexuals, atheists and Jews have "human rights" while Christians, Muslims and heterosexuals don't. The laws empower certain minorities in order to disarm and disinherit the majority. They have nothing to do with justice; they are a tool of state coercion.

This is not hyperbole. In countries where these Masonic concepts of "human rights" and "tolerance" were dominant ( i.e. Mexico, the USSR,) Christian schools were closed, churches burned and priests murdered.

This subtle coercion was underlined again yesterday here in Winnipeg when two married lesbians filed a human rights complaint  against a Muslim MD. The female MD, from Egypt, suggested the lesbians find another doctor. She didn't refuse to treat them. She just said that in future find someone else because her religion proscribed homosexuality and she had no experience treating homosexuals. (The clinic offered the womyn another doctor but they declined.)

The local medical association said the MD will have to take more "orientation" courses. Why do the lesbians' rights trump the doctor's religious rights?

Because the laws are drafted by Rockefeller-based elitists to undermine heterosexuality and break up the nuclear family. These elitists don't give a fig about homosexuals. They want to subvert society by pushing homosexual dysfunction on heterosexuals. (They are mainstreaming homosexuality while making heterosexuality seem like a pathology i.e. domestic abuse etc.) Human Rights Commissions are staffed by feminists indoctrinated to uphold homosexual rights over religious rights.

Another example: A few months ago the Canadian Muslim Congress filed a complaint over a story by Jewish journalist Mark Steyn on the threat of Muslim world domination. The media  blitzed the Canadian Human Rights Commission with indignant complaints about violations of free speech.  The CHRC dutifully refused to hear the Muslim complaint. Can you imagine this happening if the article were on Jewish world domination?

Have you noticed that, despite the recession, atheists have money to burn? They can afford to take ads on buses questioning the existence of God. This campaign which began in the UK has come to Canada.

dawkins1.jpg"There's probably no God" the ads say. That's "hate" in my book. Believe what you want but don't plaster it over buses. Everyone has their own conception of God. For me, God is synonymous with spiritual ideals like truth, beauty, harmony and love. So don't tell me there is no God. We are all in touch with God whether or not we believe in Him.

Again, this atheist campaign is just a front for the Illuminati cult that funds all "popular" movements (like feminism.) Getting people to be agnostics or atheists is a step toward eventually enthroning the AntiChrist or Lucifer.

This campaign is an affront to the 72% of Canadians who, according to polls, believe in God. How do they get away with it? The Canadian Jewish Congress hauled me up in front of the human rights commission for saying  Pharisaic Judaism made its followers into "metaphysical outcasts." I didn't advertise on buses!

It's time we started taking this Luciferian hatred against God and His natural and spiritual (moral) order to "Human Rights" Commissions. Let's expose them for what they really are: instruments of globalist social engineering and discrimination.

To understand our "1984" world, we must recognize that it is controlled by a Satanic cult, the Illuminati: dynastic families belonging to Jewish finance and the European-American aristocracy united by marriage, money and Freemasonry (i.e. Jewish Cabalism.)  Everything that happens, including the financial meltdown, is designed to institutionalize their sinister New World Order.


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Comments for " "Human Rights" - A Higher Form of Discrimination"

Aamil said (January 30, 2009):

Concerning the idea that atheists have "money to burn" in the recession cesspool that all of us find ourselves in. What if this is no more, than part of a plot by the Powers That Be in order to divide and conquer all of us. To keep us squabbling over every theological or philosophical disagreement that we all have rather than become united in opposition to the tyranny that seeks to destroy us all? Not much different than Albert Pike's letter to Giusseppe Mazzini listing ways to create three world wars, in which the last one they wanted to carry out would be through artificially "heating things up" between Christians, Jews, and Muslims?

Tony said (January 30, 2009):

Dan Roper [below] used the term "the supremacy of reason." Atheists are obviously shallow minded beyond belief. There are so many proofs that reason alone leads to insanity one would think no one would even put it on a par with reasonable belief, which is much, much deeper than so-called "pure reason." Practically every inmate in an asylum is there because of the supremacy of his personal reasoning over all else in his life.

I may not have it right (because I never studied the man closely) but it seems to me that those who worship reason also worship Thomas Paine. But how many of them know how sadly Paine's "reasoning" ruined his life?

Roper should take a day or so to simply contemplate his own hands and actually try to "reason" to himself how these most versatile tools in the universe could have possibly come about by some accident. Or his own eyes, if hands are not amazingly miraculous enough for him.

Reason taken to extremes is simply nuts, not supreme in any manner. All one has to do is look at the horrible mess the world is in since too many people in it chose to ignore God and strike out on their own reasoning. Makes the ages of religious restraint comparatively truly reasonable indeed.

Ahmed said (January 30, 2009):

Dear Henry,

I'm sure you've already come across this story - unbelievable. I'm a devout muslim living in london, and to think that if something were to happen to myself and my wife, that our 2 young children could be adopted by homosexuals, it's frightening. If you read the story below, the grandparents wanted to look after the child but were deemed too unwell - Diabetes and angina. This is clearly an outright attack on the concept of family. The extended family have the right to look after the child, regardless of their state of health. This really is shocking. Unfortunately I feel that I have to leave this country as the situation gets more and more dire. This is the last straw for us, the thought that if something happened to us, our kids could be saying hello to dad and dad, or mum and mum. God save us from that and guide us all.

Dan Roper said (January 29, 2009):

You are totally out to lunch on this one.
Atheism is a mental attitude that recognizes the supremacy of reason.

("There's probably no God" the ads say. That's "hate" in my book.)
This is a pretty reasonable statement until someone can actually demonstrate the existence of a god.

(Believe what you want but don't plaster it over buses.)
For the first time ever, Atheist are actually advertising their ideas and you have a cow. Other religions have done this for eons. They own TV and radio stations and they propagate their crazed ideas every Sunday. They have demonstrations and fight wars, all to promote the glory of their gods. And you blow your top when an Atheist stands up and politely says: "Xcuse me but you may be wrong?"

(Illuminati cult, feminism, AntiChrist, Lucifer)
Name dropper. Are you trying to frighten the children?

Your believe system is irrelevant.
It is your behaviour that is of importance to us all.

Relax and live a little.

Dan Roper



Your tunnel vision, and perhaps the tunnel in which you live, is evident from the fact that you don't address my explanation of God in terms of spiritual ideals like love, truth, beauty, harmony and justice. As an atheist, do not believe these exist? Don't all humans have a soul which aspires for these ideals?


Guy said (January 28, 2009):

As ever, I am with you on the general, just disagree on particulars.

As it happens, I do like logging on to the Mark Steyn blog - I know he has been to the Bilderberg Conference and is either cynically or just super-amazingly wrong on the War on Terror etc - but he is a dazzling writer in terms of an apparently effortless humour, ease and neatness of expression and breadth of reference (I mean, who else can write with such authority and skill on two such diverse topics as Politics and Music). There is no way he does 'Hate Speech' - and he is not at all wrong on the demographics , especially in Europe, plus the eye-boggling inconsistency with which Muslims are given the kid glove treatment. (cf the way the authorities reacted to the Theo Van Gogh case, but really many, many examples - for example TV Channel 4 in my country got threatened by the Police - and the programme banned - when it was filmed evidence of Islamic preaching of hatred in the mosque, whereas the British National Party leader got arrested by the Police because of secretly filmed anti-muslim rhetoric that was broadcast on TV- absolutely true!)

If you really were to go into that case, Richard Warman and all - Steyn - and Ickey seperately - were both getting 'the treatment' no doubt and I think it took a lot out of them both. It was certainly not dismissed out of hand and there was a genuine threat to Freedom of Expression. I do advise you have a trawl through Steyn's site to get his side - he really isn't making it all up.

For my money, if you look at that Married Lesbian/Muslim MD case again - these are two officially approved victim-groups - whatever verdict it gives, the Human Rights Commission is in the hilarious position of having to find against one of them - Lesbian had to trump Muslim because they had two strikes in their favour (Lesbian / unnatural parents) whereas Mrs Muslim had one strike for (Muslim) and one against (social conservatism) - so the Lesbians carried it.

Oliver said (January 28, 2009):

[Unrelated to today's article] It´s rare (for me at least) to see such a large group of awakening people. This is the Anti Censorship Conference in Germany or Switzerland (I guess).

On the right side there is a video called Genderismus. The lady starts with a well researched critical view of gender mainstreaming and gains speed in exposing the unbelievable absurdities of the planned abolition of families, women now being called ´he´ and men being called ´she´, Ciba corporations plans of "growing" humans for specific purposes, the taking over of evolution and creation by "scientists", the planning of enforcable laws about what is "common sense", etc. etc.

I understand this is a german language program. I just send you this to show that the goup of awakening people is growing fast. If not in absolute number, but in percentage. For a long time I felt Europe and especially Germany would dose off into total and utter unconsciousness.

There are also contributions about chemtrails, vaccination, etc. on this website.

While listening to this endless list of horrors, I thought that humans can get sick, no question. But to push an agenda for thousands of years and eventually come up with a meticulous plan of utter global perversion appears like an assault by an alien race. At least, many probably agree, there is a cosmic battle going on on planet earth on many levels.

Here is some initiative by Burger King .

There are also initiatives of founding a Germania independent from the BRD. The initiatives are gaining in quality. Background: the german "Grundgesetz" (our interim basic rights given by the allied forces) and with it the BRD ended in the nineties with no public announcement or even a single word in the mass media. The "country" continues by means of a belief in the talking heads in the mass media. The territorial validity of the Grundgesetz was silently transfered to the "Praeambel" (preface to the Grundgesetz). The BRD was incorporated into the BRD Finanzagentur GmbH (an LLC) with a liability capital of 50.000 EUR. Our Id card is called "Personal"-Ausweis ("personnel"). Jordan Maxwell is often referring to a parallel situation in the (incorporated) U.S. Here in Germany maybe not more than a few thousand people concern themselves with these questions. But at least the group is growing.

Very best wishes

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at