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Humanity is Under Occult Attack

March 7, 2008


by Henry Makow Ph.D.

As you know, the elite attaches great importance to providing us with an external enemy: Huns, Nazis, Communists, Muslims etc. It also creates internal enemies by dividing us on race, sex and class.

Thus, it diverts attention from itself, the real enemy, the elite organized in Freemasonry, an international satanic cult which controls our political, cultural and economic life with magical acumen. (See my "How They Control the World")

Their smug victory symbols are everywhere: on the US Great Seal and the logos of countless corporations, the UN and even the city where I live, Winnipeg. 

All politicians who stand a chance are Masons including Bush, Obama, Clinton and McCain.  They don't pose serious opposition. Bush has doubled the national debt and cut the value of the US dollar in half but do you hear him criticized for this?

On the international front, Bush and Ahmadinejad, Sarkozy, Merkel and Putin are all members of this club despite pretend disputes. They work for the international banking cartel, aided by a small army of dupes who may or may not be Masons but certainly know how to keep their high paying jobs.

World government, "the New World Order" is the goal of Freemasonry. It will be achieved by a "dialectical process" of phony wars and false flag operations, brainwashing (sensitivity training), propaganda, slander and coercion.

According to Jyri Lina's book "Architects of Deception," Freemasonry is Judaism for gentiles. It is based on the cabala and  is "the executive political organ of the Jewish financial elite." (81-83) 

Masonic Jews run it.  Apparently, Jews belong to all lodges but non-Jews can't belong to Jewish ones like the B'nai Brith. These comprise the Executive Branch.

We are witnessing the culmination of a millennium-long crusade by certain Pharisaic Jews and their allies to overthrow Christian civilization and establish a primitive tyranny outlined in detail in The Protocols of Zion.


Juri Lina cites Professor Valeri Yemelyanov who told a Soviet Communist Party Congress in 1979: "the Jewish freemason pyramid controls 80% of the economy of the capitalist countries and 90-95 per cent of the  information media." (163) (See also my "The Imperialism of Jewish Capital")

 In 1938, an insider Christian Rakovsky (Chaim Rakover)  described the situation as follows:

"In Moscow there is Communism: in New York capitalism. It is all the same as thesis and antithesis. Analyze both. Moscow is subjective Communism but [objectively] State capitalism. New York: Capitalism subjective, but Communism objective. A personal synthesis, truth: the Financial International, the Capitalist Communist one. 'They.' "  They refers to the "Illuminati" the highest rung of Freemasonry.

The Masonic New World Order represents the translation  of an economic monopoly into a political, social and cultural monopoly.

On 19th Nov 1937 the influential Fabian Nicholas Murray Butler addressed a banquet in London with the words, "Communism is the instrument with which the financial world can topple national governments and then erect a world government with a world police and world money."

Rakovsky says the real aim of Freemasonry is to bring about Communism. Communism (i.e. the NWO) involves the destruction of  the four pillars of our human identity: race, religion, nation and family.  This is the real meaning of "diversity," "multiculturalism," "feminism," porn, "sexual liberation" and "gay rights."


The overthrow of Christian civilization means the end of mankind's spiritual evolution and a gradual decline into an increasingly mean, pornographic, oppressive and violent world.

Christianity holds that human beings are made in the image of God ( i.e. have a divine soul)  and are one family. We have the potential  to evolve morally into better creatures living in a happier more harmonious society. God is Love and Love is the principle of human development. God is a real moral dimension (truth, love, justice, beauty and goodness.) The dire consequences of ignoring  ultimate reality should be apparent.

The Masonic financial elite  cannot permit man's spiritual evolution. It must transfer our loyalty from God to the rebel angel Lucifer, who is really their alter ego. So they teach us there is no such thing as God or absolute morality or truth. They arrest our personal development by promoting porn and promiscuity thereby undermining marriage and family.

Let's be very clear. We are under occult control. They are changing human nature, turning us into desperate, isolated, selfish and demonic creatures. They do this by destroying homogeneous nations with multiculturalism and invasion-by-migration. They are destroying families by brainwashing women to seek careers instead of families.

You can identify their agents as the dupes who want "to change the world." They are making it worse. "Progressive" is defined by the Masonic agenda of world domination. They don't realize that social programs are  bribes to put their agents into power.  Fed a diet of lies, trivia, sex and dysfunction, we are to be producers and consumers, debtors and drones-- not human beings.

The pagan Masonic spell is cast with an amazing consistency and conformity through the mass media and education systems. For example, lately you cannot escape images of powerful women in male roles and exhortations to women in traditional societies to seek money and power.

In 1909, Paul Copin Albancelli wrote: "Masons repeat what they have heard from the preachers of the Occult Powers: the journalist ..the publisher..the pornographer...the professor...The state of mind created and filled in the the profane medium met everywhere and the mind is altered by it. And as Freemasons perform this duty as propagandists without revealing themselves as Masons, the activity which they exert is not recognized as Masonic." ("The Jewish Conspiracy Against the Christian World"  pp.173-174)


Freemasonry  shows a false face to the world. Lina writes that Freemasonry "is closely associated with socialism and communism, as well as with organized crime. The primary task of freemasonry is to combat knowledge of the real world and to ignore the facts from true history." (281)

Exoteric Freemasonry is for the rubes. It is about charity and "making good men better" etc. The real Freemasonry, the esoteric (or occult) known to adepts, is about conquering the world for Lucifer.

Thus, we always must discern between the formal and the informal, the subjective and the objective.

Formally, we live in a free society. Informally our "leaders" are dupes and traitors dedicated to our ultimate enslavement.

Formally, we have a free press and education system. Informally, only those views that correspond to the occult (Masonic, "enlightenment") agenda get a hearing.

Formally, art and  entertainment  are free expressions. Informally, with a few exceptions, only entertainment that advances the occult program will be encouraged. Countless movies fall under the category of predictive programming- teaching people to expect satanic scenarios and horrifying catastrophes.

Formally,  Muslim terrorists flew planes into the symbols of American freedom and prosperity on Sept. 11, causing them to collapse killing over 3000 people. Informally the instruments of the  Masonic financial elite--intelligence agencies, secret societies-- detonated the buildings to justify gutting civil rights and starting a gratuitous war and $5 trillion boondoggle.

Formally, elections express the peoples' will and desire for change. Informally, elections are required to
maintain the illusion of freedom and secure the taxes and bodies needed for endless wars.

Formally, they believe in our country. Informally, they are doing everything they can to undermine it so the population will accept world government.

Formally, they are Christians. George Bush is a Christian. Informally, Luciferianism  (Freemasonry, Cabalist Judaism, secularism) is the religion of the post-Enlightenment West. George Bush is a Satanist who proudly uses the horned goat symbol. 

Dupes are the overpaid people who maintain the "formal" and hoodwink the masses. This includes most  successful people in media, education and culture.


Right now, I'd say the most revealing book on our predicament  is Jyri Lina's "Architects of Deception."  I reviewed it once but I must commend it to you again. Here's another example of the revelations it contains:

Most of George Washington's generals and the signatories of the Declaration of Independence were Masons.  The values of the Declaration are valid but they fall under the category of the "formal." Informally, Lina says: "The freemasons created the United States of America as an effective base for their world-encompassing activities and to attain their utmost aim-world supremacy."

Our lives are built on a monstrous fraud. Our leaders are chosen by their willingness to betray us for fame and fortune..  Humanity has passed into a Twilight Zone between reality and an occult spell. Our only hope is for the "formal" to trump the "informal," and for the dupes to realize that no one will flourish in the Dark Age.

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Comments for "Humanity is Under Occult Attack"

Gary said (March 12, 2008):

You might want to look into, and write about the ‘Futurist Society’ for a time.

I don’t know that much about it, and believe you have referenced it a time or two, but I was intrigued in hearing during the coarse of an interview that it was initiated and financed by the Rothschild as a vehicle for implanting their vision of the world.

I’m also intrigued by the idea of Rothschild ‘stables’ – stables of horses - stables of people.

Apparently most of the top science fiction writes and futuristic writers were in this stable – Huxley, Ayn Rand, etc

I think this would provide a fascinating angle of attack of the NOW – and perhaps a welcome break from feminism.

“The older dictators fell because they could never supply their subjects with enough bread, enough circuses, enough miracles, and mysteries. Under a scientific dictatorship, education will really work, with the result that most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream of revolution. There seems to be no good reason why a thoroughly scientific dictatorship should ever be overthrown.”

- Huxley, Brave New World Revisited

"There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution."
- Aldous Huxley, Tavistock Group, California Medical School, 1961

I also feel the education system coming up on the radar – which is of course entirely entertwined with the fururits idea - here’s an interesting quote:

...Back in 1965, the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) sponsored a study to define how they were going to get to where they were then in 1965 to where we are now in the 21st century. They came out with a report in 1969 called ‘The Behavioral Science Teacher Educational Program’ that’s now fully integrated within our educational program. It said:

“Calculations of the future and how to modify it are no longer considered to be an obscure academic pursuit. Long range planning and implementation of plans will be made by a technological scientific elite. This will strain the democratic fabric to the ripping point. The Protestant ethic will of atrophy as more and more enjoyed a very leisured and guaranteed sustenance. Work as a means and an end of living will diminish.

Most people will tend to be hedonistic, and a dominant elite will provide the bread and circuses to keep social dissension and disruption at a minimum. A small elite will carry societies burdens. The resulting impersonal manipulation of most peoples lifestyles will be softened by provision for pleasure seeking and guaranteed physical necessities. The controlling elite will engage in power plays, largely without the involvement of most of the people. The Society will be a leisurely one. People will study, play and travel. Some will be in various stages of drug induced experiences. Each individual will receive at birth, a multi-purpose identification, which will have amongst other things extensive communications and control uses. Each individual will be saturated with ideas of information. Each will be self selected, other kinds will be imposed, overtly by those who assumed the responsibility for the others actions. Relatively few individuals will be able to maintain control over their opinions. Most will be pawns of competing opinion molders.”

Don said (March 11, 2008):

Everyday and night I’m seeing disaster specials on television. There are so many I can’t figure out a good way to document them. Besides the weekly doses of Adolph and the Nazis, Jewish history, the “real” stories behind terrorist events etc. Global warming, asteroid collisions, life after people are gone, and such – are on nightly.

What prompted me to write was the airing of this show tonight. I work in the oil refining business and I see how margins affect production and prices. If the profit per barrel goes down, so does production. Any news of a fire or shutdown of a unit anywhere causes prices at the pump to skyrocket. They have a cartel and all the companies are in it.

Oil Apocalypse MEGA DISASTERS explores the worst of what could happen.
Our dependence on oil, unchecked, could lead to global ruin.
Stunning computer graphics and actual footage combine to create convincing pictures of the risks faced by U.S. cities.


You have pointed out how we are being manipulated by the banksters. There seems to be a major push to up the fear factor and get the people worried about the end times, Apocalypse, prophesies of Nostradomas, disease, war, etc.

People are on edge because of the economy which just happens to be controlled by the same people as the networks.I don’t know if you watch much TV being a writer, but I’ve included a few links below. I have to admit that they do offer some good programming from time to time. You’re probably aware that David de Rothschild is connected to the National Geographic Society and global warming (myth).

Joe said (March 10, 2008):

Another great article. It reminds all of us about that same grand scheme of the Satanic New World Order. A dream of evil,really. But,it is now marching triumphantly along,with virtually no opposition. This mad lust for total world-dominance and total world-ownership has been nursed from ancient times,clearly back to the time of the Egyptian Empire and the Parthian Empire. Cleopatra and her descendants made a try for it,conjoining Egypt,Mauretania,Parthia and Rome,but,luckily,a brutal and murderous Roman emperor espied them and wiped them out.

How does the NWO gang operate,in individual countries,and also on the international scene ? I think the old Communist Party slogan and maxim," The Long March through the Institutions" serves to explain. Who gets hired as a lecturer at a university ? "One of Them." Who gets promoted to the position of assistant professor at a university ? "One of Them." Yes that's right - " a good person,with the "right ideas",who fits comfortably and harmoniously into our little club,here".

And so on,over the years and over the decades,with one decade following another. And the same process is used throughout the whole array of societal institutions - political parties,banks,insurance companies,large and important business firms,the public schools,the military,the civil service,the news media,the entertainment media - and on-and-on. The person to get hired,or promoted,or mentioned,or celebrated,will always be "One of Them".

I guess the process can be thought of as extending existing chains,link upon link, eventually to encircle the whole world.

Jon said (March 9, 2008):

ssentially, equality is the basis in which they have been able to destroy the family. If two people are "equal", then the State must be the arbitrator of all family disputes. When the U.S. ended the State protection of a father's status as head of household, responsible for the welfare of his children, the State became the owner of all property and children of his family. Church leadership, silent on government assault against the family calls these families, egaltarianism, or complementarianism. When government ended the role of fatherhood, they created family government as tyranny. All tyrannies lead to violence, conflict, war and death. The death of civilization was begun.

No protest, no outrage for the death of family government. Simply, more government power to quell family violence.

THe marxists devised the plan of family destruction.

Where are the believers in Christ and his law?

Tom said (March 9, 2008):

I applaud you voicing the real truth behind this Mess there is going now in the world Truly, I praise Our Father that he has given you a stream of truth to relate this information to those who will take it as fact as I do and have researched it all myself with undaunted Parallels to you.
as a friend and brother in truth, I would also like to tell you of some additional structure within this I have found within the last few Months that fills those gaps you mentioned in accuracy in your article

"Humanity under an Ocult attack. The 80 % is truly correct the remainder of of the 20 at the top Is the Rothschild family And thirteen Councils of Witches. John Todd the Illuminati and witchcraft, his talk in text and audio MP3 format

This site will explain in detail together with other information we already know for its proof of accuracy to the best degree of discernment we can have. See the Illumanati is under them for the Money end of it, The Jesuits are under them, working with the Aluminati to put the Mind alterations into it, as all the Jesuit Colledges, schools and brainwashing media which is the remainder for the 90-95% you mentioned correctly. The Head of the Jesuits "Secretary General" referred to as the Black pope is the strong arm of the operation all around, the other Pope is just a pupet of His fulfilling a Spin on the religious Veil for the Masses to follow, cause that's the part that connects with the belief system, the strongest force within men, so they will alter it.

After 3 solid years all the dots have been connected, the major ones, Im sure there are many more that are still to be found. Heres an interesting thing to know. Look on packaging and anything of Business or government advertising, anything with Blue and red in it is directly own by the rothschild family. the Blue and red depict 2 levels of the Scotish rite of Freemasonry. exon-moble, Kraft, pepsi, Coke it goes on and on .... now look at all the flags of the world red and blue I think there are roughly 50 nations with them colors. heres another good one Take the golden arches and set them up to the right and you have 13,, the two Owners are 32 degree masons. That movie the Matrix was to far off huh? LOL

I Hope I added alittle help in the collection of all this, I truly enjoy reading what you say.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at