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Men's Rights Raped - Sid's Story

November 1, 2012

"The Ex Parte [law] is a dastardly and unconstitutional weapon misused by the family court system not only in my home town of St. Louis, MO, but throughout the USA. " 

Sid's story is a timely reminder that the State is in the business of breaking up families, aided by dark forces:

Sid's wife was brainwashed by a "Bible Study" group she attended. 

by Sid 

The greatest joy in my life was spending time with my children.  I had the luxury of doing so as a successful 43-year-old independent business owner.

Able to make my own hours, I was always there for the children since the day they were born.  We loved each other very much. 

I also enjoyed spending time with my wife, a stay-at-home mom.   We started out as college sweethearts and had been together for over 20 years and rarely ever disagreed about anything.  

Something changed though in 2009.  My wife became reclusive and there seemed to be a sudden breakdown in communication.  We became distant. Still, I thought our relationship was strong enough to withstand the bumpiness. I had underestimated troubles ahead.

The only socializing she did was with her bible study group.  As a Christian, I had nothing against this.  But in retrospect, I believe that she was developing some ideas that were possibly occultish in nature. 

Instead of just understanding and practicing the bible, her studies lead her to the supernatural.  It's hard to put into words and something that needs to be witnessed to be fully understood.  (See Note Below)                                          


In December of 2009, two police officers showed up at my door to serve me with what is known as an Ex Parte Order of Protection.   The order gave my wife the right to throw me out on the street.  This Draconian Law assumes guilt until proven innocent.  Based on simple accusations, the protection order was fully enforceable.  

Her accusations were lies.  But even if true, there had been no criminal charges filed, no trial, and no conviction.    Furthermore, the accusations themselves were not criminal.  My children and home were taken away from me based on baseless complaints.  

The Ex Parte is a dastardly and unconstitutional weapon misused by the family court system not only in my home town of St. Louis, Missouri, but throughout the USA.  

The Order sets into motion a whole series of events that makes it convenient for lawyers to extort huge fees.  What parent (almost always the father) would not spend almost any amount of money to be with their children?  

So the court essentially uses the children as bait in a complete emotional and financial raping.  It is pure evil.  No government agency should be able to take your children away without a criminal charge, trial, and conviction! The right be a parent is  fundamental and God-given.

I thought often not only of my need to be with my children, but also their need to be with me.
I was tortured by the thoughts that my young daughter had to deal with the loss of her father under these terrible circumstances, a father whom she always trusted and loved.  Now I was simply gone, and she was left to believe whatever lies her mother was telling about me.


Several weeks after the filing of the Ex Parte, a court hearing was held to determine whether or not I would be allowed to return home.  When the day finally arrived, I felt confident that this whole thing could be resolved.  My wife was actually happy to see me.  She gave me a big hug in courtroom hallway.  

However, there was not to be any "hearing" at all.  The lawyers simply went into the judges chambers and emerged with a deal for me; I was not going to be allowed to return home and would only be able to see my children at the complete discretion of a court appointed guardian.       
Had I not accepted this offer, the Ex Parte Order of Protection would have been converted to a Full Order of Protection.  The Full Order would have been a hell from which there was no escape.  It would have been no different than having to prove my innocence from jail.  There would have have been no end in sight to my children being held hostage.  So, I agreed to it.  As it turns out, it made little difference.  I would not see my children for five months.  The guardian would not permit it for arbitrary reasons and ruled with the force and intrusiveness of a Gestapo officer.  In fact, the whole thing was arbitrary.  


There is also a slightly strange component to all of this.  I mentioned that my wife seemed to be developing some "alternative" ideas about spirituality.  I believe these ideas contributed to her decision to extricate me from her life.  Perhaps her bible study group with whom she confided, was encouraging the move.  I sensed a growing amount of feminism and perhaps her group was one source of it.     

After the hearing, for no particular reason, I reached down into my pocket and found a small, red, piece of paper with a number 13 on it.  I wondered if my wife had slipped it into my pocket for some reason, when she hugged me.  The strange thing, as I later found out, is that number 13 is the Tarot Death Card.  Looking back, five months without seeing my children was a fate worse than death.  So maybe it was a appropriate.   If inserted by my wife, maybe she knew that I was going to be screwed by the court.  

It made me think that this was somehow related to my soon-to-be ex-wife's new form of spirituality.  I'll never know for sure.  I can only speculate.   As I said, see my Note below.


I would encourage anyone who wants to learn more about corruption in the family court system to read Steven Baskerville's book, "Taken into Custody."  It is the most comprehensive literature on the subject that I have found anywhere.  

Also, I would like to suggest that people be wary of the power of the Ex Parte.  You do not need to be criminally accused of anything for it to be used against you, to rob you of your most basic freedom.  

People can change over time.  Someone that you trust with your life, has the potential to ruin your life with an Ex Parte.  Having knowledge of this law may help you prepare for it as you would for any potential tragedy in your life.  I had no knowledge that it existed and as a result, was totally unprepared and emotionally destroyed when it was used against me.    

Finally, get the word out about this ghastly law.  It divides and conquers families by preventing the communication necessary to reconcile differences.  It is a direct attack on family, the basic building block of our society.  And for what?  More money for lawyers?   Know that the Ex Parte is used everyday in this country.  Mine is not an isolated incident by any stretch.   Seek out support if it happens to you.   


December 23rd, 2012, two days before Christmas, will be the third anniversary of the Ex Parte Order.   My divorce, after a total of nine depositions and countless correspondences, was finalized in March of 2012.  My ex-wife and I each spent about $150,000 to settle the case.   The lawyers made out like bandits.  She got full-custody and 60% of the marital assets.  

On the bright side, I was able to repair my relationship with my children.  Now 12 and 15 years of age, they were eventually able to understand that I am the same loving dad that they grew up with.  I see them often, although they don't live with me.   Someday, I would like to discuss what happened in greater depth.  But for now, I just try to make sure that every moment spent with them is of quality.  They are innocent victims in all of this.  

I have pretty much moved on.  Except, I like to tell my story so that someone else may benefit.  I'd like to start a new relationship in the near future.  The important thing to always stay positive and ask God for help.  



After the Ex Parte was filed, my ex wife left a note for me in my car.  The note contained a proverb of some kind about how we inherit the sins of our ancestors.  I am still not exactly sure what she meant by it.  Also included was the contact information for a "new age" type religious organization.  Curious to know more, I set up an appointment to meet with the ladies who ran the organization.  

Their office appeared to be an old convent next to a Catholic church called Holy Trinity.  The church appeared to be abandoned, a common tale in some areas of St. Louis.  

I walked in, introduced myself, and was escorted to a small room for what appeared to be some kind of consultation.  One of the ladies handed me a sheet of paper with list of common sins on it.  For example, the list included pornography, alcohol abuse, stealing, occult practices, etc.  
She instructed me to put a check mark by the sins that I had committed.  Not wanting to appear obstinate, I chose a sin and handed the sheet back to her.  

She then put a small chair in the center of the room and instructed me to sit there, which I agreed to do.  Holding her hands in the air above my head, she began to pray over me.  But the prayers were unlike any that I had ever heard.  Her words were gibberish, like pig Latin or something.  

So I asked her what she was saying.  She told me that she didn't know and that it was the holy spirit who was speaking through her, giving her the words to heal my damaged soul.  

So that lasted for about 20 minutes.  

Then, I was asked by one of the ladies if I forgave my ex-wife.  This was while she was making a triangle shape with her hands.  Perhaps just a coincidence, but it sure seem deliberate.  I said that I forgave her, but truthfully, I had not processed all of my feeling yet.  

Then, I was lead to a collection box with a suggested donation of $20.  I dropped my twenty in and left.  

I guess this is just one example of how my ex was involved in some extraordinary spiritual things.  


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Comments for " Men's Rights Raped - Sid's Story "

Rich said (November 5, 2012):


Those activities in that so called "bible group" are nothing more than new age occult activities in nature, disguising themselves as Christian or biblical.

Unfortunately, this is what happens when you sign that DEADLY and DESTRUCTIVE marriage contract today.

It is very important to understand that children born to the marriage are considered by law as "the contract bearing fruit" - meaning the children primarily belong to the State. In this regard, children born to the contract are regarded as "the contract bearing fruit," It is vitally important for parents to understand two doctrines that became established in the United States during the 1930s. The first is the Doctrine of Parens Patriae. The second is the Doctrine of In Loco Parentis.

Parens Patriae means literally "the parent of the country" or to state it more bluntly - the State is the undisclosed true parent. Along this line, a 1930s Arizona Supreme Court case states that parents have no property right in their children, and have custody of their children during good behavior at the sufferance of the State. This means that parents may raise their children and maintain custody of their children as long as they don't offend the State, but if they in some manner displease the State, the State can step in at any time and exercise its superior status and take custody and control of its children - the parents are only conditional caretakers. [Thus the Doctrine of In Loco Parentis.]

The marriage contract "bears fruit" by adding children. If sometime later, the marriage fails, and a "divorce" results the contract continues in existence. The "divorce" is merely a contractual dissolution or amendment of the terms and conditions of the contract. Jurisdiction of the State over the marriage, over the husband and wife, now separated, continues and continues over all aspects of the marriage, over marital property and over children brought into the marriage. (Learn more:

Feminism - Erin Pizzy- Law to Evict Men from Home without Sufficient Evidence

Debra said (November 3, 2012):

Sid said, "The way I see it, the only way for things to change is create an all-out grass roots campaign against the entire family court system ... ".

There is an "all-out" grassroots campaign against the entire court system, B.A.R., and its governance.

In London beginning this month (5th November) :-

And elsewhere (in Canada, the U.S., and more):-

Anon said (November 2, 2012):

This story reeks of an extramarital affair. It has all of the earmarks that go to one. Sid seems like the type of guy that trusted and respected his wife. It sounds like she led a double life and took complete advantage of the man that she married. Id venture so far to say that the Bible study was a cover story for her affair. She was with the other man while Sid was working to support his family and when she said she was going to Bible study. Its sad but I've watched this play out with several friends.

There's always a cover, whether its the gym, bible study, a second job, etc. I suggest that Sid read "women's infidelity" by Michelle Langley for better understanding of these situations. Our society and its embrace of feminism coupled with its disdain for marriage and heterosexual relationships fosters this behavior.

Our "justice"system has been rigged to enable women perpetrating these crimes against men and children. More necessary reading: "Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order" by Henry Makow, PhD.

RE said (November 2, 2012):

Sid's story is absolutely nothing new and has been going on for years, not just in the US but in Canada, and other Nations in the west.

To change a Nation you must change the infrastructure and feminism was one of those basic tenets to bring this about. But what we are witnessing here is a spiritual war, a war of good vs. evil. This war cannot be won by physical means, but only delayed in its resolve and will increase in its propensity as time goes on.

I personally had a similar experience in the seventies and know of several tragic cases where lives were changed and irreparable damage was done to families, children and otherwise decent men, not the kind the media paints as 'death-beats'. All for the benefit of lawyers, women rights, and ultimately those, that like to see the destruction of the western society for the benefit of a few. I am now in my 'golden' years, except there is no gold, that has been confiscated many years ago, knowing that real justice will not come until this whole corrupt system disintegrates on judgment day. Keep up the good work on informing the uninformed.

Mike said (November 2, 2012):

Sid, We know how corrupt the system is, and that the majority keeps electing the legislators who make this possible. On the positive side, this corrupted system offers many people the opportunity to demonstrate who they really are, which must be recorded at a higher level.

The self serving legal system could not trap you without elements of an inside job. You assumed that your relationship bond was strong, which it was not, and paid the consequences. You must take some responsibility for this ignorance and whatever you did not deal with earlier. Being a part of the relationship means being a part of whatever it leads to. I'm saying that you could not have been victimized without having first set yourself up for it. - Similar, for instance, is the American public in general, which refuses to recognize so much that is wrong, and will eventually have to deal with the consequences.

I had been run through the mill myself, to see how our judicial system works, and see that the well funded Violence Against Women Act is mainly about enriching the lawyers, and controle over the judicial system with money. But in retrospect i could see that i had to ignore al ot of warning signs, to be with the kind of person i was with. In particular there is a subtle bad feeling that we tend to misinterpret, which i am sure is a warning being given from a higher or deeper level of ones self.

Don Quiote was the good guy White Knight whose good intentions always proved to be not enough, and he would always end up getting a good butt thumping in one way or another. Hilarious, when looked at objectively from a distance.

Ken said (November 2, 2012):

Sid should supply the name of the judge who signed the Ex
Parte order and the name of the court, etc. I'm sure he has good reasons for only using his first name, but he needs to expose these people.

Every single person on the other side who played any role in screwing him should be named in the story, along with the name of the Bible study group etc.

The public will focus their anger on the judge if they knew who she was. There's no other way to get them to heel.

As long as these people. the judge especially, remain anonymous, there is no pressure whatsoever to do anything different in the future, with the next "Sid" on their list.


Sid replies:

The key judge involved was David Lee Vincent, St. Louis County Circuit Court, Division 9. He, as well as all judges in the family courts of this jurisdiction, have a lead role in issuing and upholding the Ex Parte.

However, it is St. Louis County Bar Association who is the real culprit. They wield a tremendous amount of power in appointing judges and other court participants. The bar association wants lawyers to make money.

They only recommend judges to appointment who will follow protocol, and for example, enforce an Ex Parte. One must understand that the Ex Parte is a key money-making instrument. It sets into motion a whole of series of bogus hearings and depositions.

Each one of these events generates fees for the lawyers. The family court is by far the most profitable segment of the court system. So only judges who will "play ball" and perpetuate the system will get the appointments.

Here's the intact information for the President of the St. Louis County Bar Association. Feel free to tell him that the Ex Parte is an unconstitutional scheme to generate fees for family court lawyers. You can elaborate by saying that no proof is needed to take away someone's home(almost always the father) and the and children. Tell him that the public will not rest until the bar association stops this corrupt practice.

Michael Scott O'Brien - President(St. Louis County Bar Association)
7905 Forsyth
Clayton, MO 63105-3808
Office phone: (314) 726-5363 Ext. 14

I was also asked(by a reader) to supply the name of the bible group. It has no name. In fact, my ex never introduced me to any of the members. I do not know any of their names.


The governor appoints circuit judges based on recommendations of other prominent lawyers and the bar association. In other words, a judge will not "play ball" will never get appointed.
So it is really difficult to target one person or even a handful of people.

The way I see it, the only way for things to change is create an all-out grass roots campaign against the entire family court system, in my case in St. Louis County Missouri, as being "corrupt." And, the most important element of corruption is the Ex Parte Order of Protection, which can be issued without any proof of wrongdoing.

News travels fast in this day and age. I would ask that he readers just send out a few emails. Maybe you can forward my story. Any little thing that you do can make a big difference.

Anon said (November 2, 2012):

I feel sorry for Sid. Let him know that she was more than likely f***ing someone else that she'd met through the cult. There's more than brainwashing involved. There's a huge biochemical aspect and many women literally get addicted to the PEA hormone produced in their brain while having an affair. Combine that with a ridiculous psuedo-epiphany induced by a Luciferian, psuedo-christian cult and its easy to see how the treacherous wench may have literally thought she was doing "God's" will. Sid should reach out to an attorney that has an axe to grind in the area of men's rights, and go for her throat. Or he could simply take justice into his own hands: one cannot find ashes in water. *just a hint*

Jenifer said (November 2, 2012):

I was married to an abusive alcoholic --no children- My X of course did not think he was an alcoholic or mentally abusive. Drunks never remember what they are doing.

Only 12 years later does he now admit he had a problem.

Sid had one child who was about 12 at the time of divorce now they are 12 and 15. Children at 12 can choose their parent. I know a woman who lost her 13 and 7 year old daughters to her x husband as the girls couldn't stand their mother. The courts let children choose which parent they want to live with especially by 15 so Sid's story does not add up to me.

Also, when a women tells her dysfunctional husband that she is upset and threatens to leave if he does not change or get therapy or just that she is unhappy and wants to leave and get a divorce. The husband then has time to kill her hurt her run away with the children kill himself her and the children, take all the money and disappear etc. etc

Thus just as large corporations have firing protocols -Your fired, you must immediately clear your desk and leave the premises and you will be escorted out -- as companies are all to familiar with disgruntled employees stealing, sabotaging files etc. So now in place is a "firing" divorce protocol developed to protect women as there have been to many times that desperate husbands have had time to act out on women and children.


Thanks Jenifer,

Just because you were married to an alcoholic doesn't make Sid one. The State has no right to rip a family apart. This is part of a bigger picture of State intrusion into our private lives.



Jennifer's comeback:

Cheap shot: of course I did not mean my husband is an alcoholic so Sid must be.

We do not have her side of the story. Sid only admitted that she thought he was an alcoholic. So your stance is that what ever she feels must be invalid?

Sid did check a box of one of his "Sins" at the meeting. Sid acts like he is pure as snow. We all know that men have been victims to the Illuminating social brainwashing.

This has caused epidemic levels of men addicted to porn, pedophilia, alcoholism is rapid and most people who are alcoholic are in denial.

The State does not rip families apart it is the wife/mother that calls them in.
In the old days when a husband went by the wayside it was the wife's family that did the "dirty-work." I know a story of a woman. In the 1940s she was about 10 and her stepfather started molesting her. She told her mother's family.
The men- brothers, uncles, father of the mother beat him to death in a back alley.

You tell one side of the story and there's no critical thinking. One no is stopping to say I can not analysis this as I need more information.

Since I've been single & dating. I've met tons of divorced men who have had this exact story happen to them. Everyone of them had their problems: either they were alcoholics, porn addicts, Drug users, no self control, doing criminal activities -like insider trading, they had committed adultery, committed homosexual acts.

The guy doing the insider trading said "Oh my wife left me and took the kids. She said all I care about is money!" Boo Hoo! He did not think he had a problem.

He is a top executive at Apple computer and he is an alcoholic! He does massive insider trading. He is rich from his job and even richer on the side from the multi-millions he has laundered via insider trading. And he is extremely cheap. Anyone with this man is in danger of going to prison!

Something does NOT make sense here Henry, you complain about the Illuminati destroying and brainwashing people yet when it comes to husbands in families -they never got tainted by the Illuminati, somehow they are all innocent victims?


Sid replies:


Thank you for your comments.

If women, man, or child is in mortal danger, then the woman or man should file charges and file for a restraining order.

Either should then have to prove the charges in court though. There needs to be a real trial, and if convicted, a real sentence. This is not the way it works now.

Neither the women nor the man (almost always that man) have to file charges and stand before a jury to prove their claims.

Rather, the accused is assumed to be guilty and stripped of his or her most basic freedom, the right to be a parent and live in the home that they own.
This is a conviction without a trial!

You gave an example of a man who was violent. We could all give examples. Several months ago, a depressed women in an affluent section of St. Louis, murdered her three children(and point blank range with a rifle) and then killed herself.

A similar event happened several weeks after that in St. Louis. As a side, my ex-wife knew this women well.

Where does the finger pointing between men and women get us? Nowhere. There needs to be a criminal charge, trial, and conviction.

The issue is not who is to blame for the failure of the marriage. We both failed. Neither one of us was perfect. I don't know anybody who is.

I admit that I was totally "ignorant" of the fact that my marriage was in jeopardy in 2009. I would have done anything to save it had I really thought that I might lose it.

I can accept that my wife was angry at me and wanted out. I cannot accept that my home and children were taken away without a criminal charge, trial, and conviction.

This is wrong.

Kevin said (November 2, 2012):

Robert's comment below is enlightening.

Indeed, 'Christianity' has been turned on its head. There are extremely popular preachers today telling their 'Christian' flock that God is eager to bestow material goods and riches upon them - one just needs to ask in the correct manner (usually by first giving a sizable sum to the preacher).

Other popular preachers are standing before their congregations explaining the evils of the Palestinians and Muslims - and the honor of the Zionist state of Israel (God's favorites, you know) and that we must have WAR to serve GOD'S INTERESTS. Americans have become (were always?) so credulous that they believe death and destruction and damn thy neighbor are Christ's teachings.

If I may, I'd like to share a story I read recently. While it doesn't directly pertain to Sid's Story, I believe the woman it is written about is one of the very few true Christians left in this world. On the face of it I think she's a foolish sucker.

But when I think of the word's Christ preached and the lessons he imparted, I can't help but judge myself a heretic, not to doctrine, but to Christ's true teachings, and assume this woman has more wisdom than not only myself but surely every human who holds a position of power in the 'enlightened' world.

Kris said (November 2, 2012):

Just read your latest article about "mens rights raped"
Here in Australia its no different, I've been through it all myself.
Discord is one of the major weapons of the beast,
Its the divorce industry nowadays.

The beast/lawyers have the formula all worked out,its the poor individual man who not only suffers as a result of his marriage brake up and loosing his children but then comes the final blow ...and that is loosing his house and all he has worked for.
As they say "the best way to get back at a man is through his wallet".

Outcome for the man is depression,alcohol abuse or drugs and ultimately suicide.

Here in Australia more people especially men die of suicide than road accidents, now that the divorce rate is at almost 50 per cent does that really surprise???.

Beth said (November 2, 2012):

I stumbled upon your website tonight and I am very grateful I did. After reading Sid's story my heart goes out to him. My family was also destroyed by a senseless divorce, though it was not due to an occult or the illuminati. It was, as far as I can tell, due to a culture that places no value on the importance of family and that has bred a general apathy among men about their role as husbands and fathers. Sort of the inverse or reciprocal of what Sid went through. My former husband simply never felt a sense of duty to us and abandoned a pregnant wife and two very young sons to pursue his own desires. But that was years ago and I have forgiven him, and we actually have a decent relationship. This was no doubt solely an act of God's grace.

In any case, after reading Sid's story, I can only shake my head and wonder why it is that a man like him who loved and cared for his family, was devoted to doing everything a father and husband should do, and wanted to be there for them, was treated so terribly by the very person for whom he was providing and protecting. Feminism has certainly reared its ugly head, and I hate it. But by the same token, some of the roots of feminism lie in the abdication of duty by the men who should be there for the mothers and children. It's a self perpetuating and ugly cycle.

Please let Sid know my heart goes out to him, and he should be commended for being the father his children need in the face of such devastating circumstances. It sounds as though his wife was one of those foolish women who are easily lead astray and will blindly follow false teaching. I wish him all the best for a better and brighter future.

Robert said (November 2, 2012):

I sympathize with Sid's confusion about what is going on with his wife. On the basis of my own experience, I have concluded that we are living in times when perverse spiritualism is rapidly spreading through society via energetic proselytizing at the individual level.

This is supplementary to the overall cultural perversion we are exposed to daily.

I am quite familiar with the sorts of troubling phenomena he describes, which are quite certainly indications of witchcraft. Don't assume the odd occurrences are the result of evil intent. Many witches are quite certain that they are accessing powers in the spiritual domain for good purposes, and see themselves as practitioners of benevolent White Witchcraft as opposed to malevolent Black Witchcraft. But the effects of involvement with either craft end up being ruinous to relationships and lives.

It appears as if females have a particular susceptibility to the allure of being able to control the material world through magic, and there are many instances of (often male) charlatans (?) setting them on this path. Rasputin is one that comes to mind. Many women seem to crave being enthralled, and their uncritical, consuming devotion to these gurus is disturbing to witness. It will often override their marital commitments, and even their concern for their children. Convinced that they have embarked on a path to spiritual perfection and understanding of the
hitherto unimagined mysteries of the universe, they are beyond reasoning with because they rationalize all their experiences through their new optics. Even what a normally skeptical person would regard as contradictions of their faith they will twist to fit into it, and indeed reinforce it.

Almost certainly they have counselors in the early stages (when doubt is still possible) to demonstrate how they are mis-perceiving the evidence.

Most women are gregarious within their gender and like to confide secrets. This is the gate through which the manipulators enter. I suspect that
the ranks of feminism are filled with agents trained in these spiritual arts, and every trainee eventually becomes a new recruiter and guide. This
would fit with the purported feminist quest for independence (not only from mortal men, but also of the laws of physics--the laws of the Father), which
also characterizes the magical powers these women want to acquire.

Paul said (November 1, 2012):

Sid lays out his case, but doesn't say what the accusations made by his wife against him are. This raises questions in any readers mind(suspicions).

Sid replies:

I was accused of alcoholism and "mentally abusing" my children. Both were completely false.

My ex-wife never once complained to me about drinking prior to the Ex Parte. Not once.

Never once did I abuse my children in any way. When asked about it in court, my ex-wife accused me of traumatizing my son when I took some of his books away that I though inappropriate for a child to read and deleted some vulgar songs from his iPod. That was her only response.

Ultimately, I'll leave it up to the reader to decide who they want to believe. The reality is that she was unhappy. I can accept that. What I cannot accept is the way that she handled her anger. Throwing me out on the street and taking my children away was dastardly thing to do.

The point of the this article is that she did not have to prove any of her claims to initially throw me out on the street and take my children away with the Ex Parte. Nor did she have to prove her claims in subsequent hearings. The court does not care about proof. They make their fees by prolonging the nonsense. Holding the kids hostage, is their ultimate weapon.

Al Thompson said (November 1, 2012):

I have recently advocated just staying away from groups and I especially think that children should be homeschooled. The husbands will do well in keeping their wives away from bible study groups or any religious group. I don't like saying this, but there's too much that can go wrong. For a man to have to go through what Sid did must be a living hell and I feel bad for him.

Ken said (November 1, 2012):

would just like to assure Sid that the "Christian" experiences he describes in connection to his nightmare were not Christian. He found the word for it: occult.

The real Holy Spirit was impressing him with this fact, giving him a heads-up. By their fruits you will know them.

Dan A said (November 1, 2012):

My situation happened near St. Louis, Missouri. You may recall what happened to me:

Nine police officers showed up at my house to evict me. At that time, I had no criminal history whatsoever, and certainly no history of violence of any kind. I had only a few minutes to leave my house. I grabbed some clothes, and that was that. I also grabbed my ex wife's 3000 dollar engagement ring I gave her decades ago. For some reason, I gave that back to her, as all of this was happening to me.

There are numerous behavioral traits associated with a violent offender. I'm entirely void of such traits. But the law does not really care. There is a lot of money to be made with falsely accusing another.

I never saw the inside of my house after I was evicted. I was thrown in jail for the first time in my life soon after this happened. I violated the restraining order against me by getting a pair of dress shoes out of my SUV, that my ex wife was using. She was no where near the vehicle when I got these shoes, but that act alone still violated the restraining order.

While in jail, my ex wife recruited a platoon of people to attempt to destroy me, even before I was in jail. This platoon cleaned me out entirely of any assets I may have had, which totaled tens of thousands of dollars. But it's the personal items I miss the most, such as letters from loved ones, photos, and so forth. Everything is just gone, and I'm still recovering from this.

Andrew said (November 1, 2012):

A number of years ago I got involved with a group of people who taught how to encumber all assets with corporate structures. No asset should held in one's personal name, even cars, houses etc. They called it "getting the cake off the table."

This helps reduce liability. For example, a car being held in a separate trust whose stock holder is another corporate structure, such as a foundation, keeps lawyers from personal attacks, in case of an accident. I also learned that lawyers, when considering taking legal action against someone, before considering well the merits of the case, will first do a search of the person's name, to see what that person owns, and so can be taken.

But I mention it in relation to this article, because it is obvious now that Americans have naively participated in a legal structure that makes them sitting ducks. Imagine if the majority didn't leave all their assets right out there in the open, waiting for a corrupt structure to scoop them up? Would lawyers really have had the incentive to make up all this unlawful "Ex Parte" mumbo jumbo?

The same was said about marriage. Why are we just naively going in and getting a license to be married? That makes a three party contract. You, your spouse, and the state. Why in the world would anyone want to voluntarily give the state that power?

My mom did a simple form of this. She dumped all her assets into a trust, so when she died, presto no probate. The trustees simply made a decision to distribute the assets of the trust, leaving the trust structure intact. Worked like a charm.

Mike said (November 1, 2012):

Excepting for the details, Sid's story has been lived by many guys within the last 10 and more years - removed from household via ex parte' or removed through seemingly regular divorce routines. That is a lot of men over the years in North America alone.

Could the reason why men have no rights be that too many are getting on with their lives after experiencing the assault on their own and other men's lives and not engaging themselves toward lobbying for a better future for their own and others' young sons?

Written recognition of blatant inconsistencies especially within family law points to there being problems. Yes, they do exist in the family court system. Ask maybe 1 out of every 4 men alive today for their perception of the matter and they will likely agree. All these men aware of the how unfair and destructive to society this all is. Until some involvement occurs within the problems areas we are likely to continue reading for years about how some man or other men are getting wrongly treated by the system.

Want to do something about divorce theft and ex parte' orders or other areas ruining the lives of enough men? Start getting to really know and trust other guys with similar problems in your respective areas. Share your knowledge and come up with an instructive plan all can agree and act upon. If group activity doesn't work act individually with letters to representatives, civil servants and bureaucrats, service agencies, etc. Something, right?

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