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CEO's Who Quit Trump are Glorified Errand Boys

August 16, 2017

President Trump dissolved his "Advisory Councils" after the Rothschilds pulled the chains of a half dozen CEO's who quit because 
Trump took an even-handed approach to the Charlottesville psy op. 

CEO's are just highly paid actors. Big investors (i.e. central bankers) make the decisions. We have de facto Communism since most corporations are owned or controlled by bankers. You only need to own 3-5% of the stock to control a company.

Back in 2006, Toby Moreland was a caddy for some major CEO's and found that most actually have little power or allegiance to the corrupt satanic system they serve but of course, they do what they're told. Their departure will further endear Trump in the eyes of Americans.

I Was Caddy to the Elite
from 2009 
by Toby Moreland

Having tripped across the truth about 9/11, central banks, etc. in 2006, I set out to get a grasp on the elite class in order to understand their collective mindset. 

For three summers, I caddied at one of the most exclusive private golf clubs in the Northeast and had the opportunity to spend four hours at a time with some of the most recognizable stars of the business world and their families.  I was not out there asking direct questions like a journalist, just going where the conversations went.  Here are some of the impressions these experiences left me with.

-Not many of them know.  We have to realize that the internet is relatively brand new, and that most successful people with children and grandchildren and money to spend freely haven't looked into the possibility of hidden satanists at the top of the pyramid.  Many internet writers associate firms such as Goldman Sachs with evil itself, but in reality, even with respect to career upper level employees, most of them have no idea.  It is highly compartmentalized.    

- CEO's are PR reps, and that's all they are unless tapped to serve further in the public eye.  I have spent many days with a former CEO of a major financial institution that failed, a man who took significant heat in the media for it, and I can tell you he had no control over it.  He knows, but he also knows there's nothing he can do about it.  He was a fall guy, and he worked his entire life to get into a position to be a fall guy, and get that golden parachute.  The entire system depresses him, as it should, but he is out of it now and trying to enjoy retirement with his lovely wife and children.  Who can blame him?

- A former CEO of a major television network, genuinely disillusioned by the system, was very candid with me at times expressing his discontent.  After spending several consecutive days with him and his family on the golf course, we began discussing alternative media.  When I asked him if four conglomerates own the entire mass media, he corrected me, saying it was only three.  When I asked him what group was more influential, the U.S. Congress or the CFR, he smiled and said, "If you're asking me that question, you already know the answer."  The impression he gave me was that even as CEO, especially as a CEO, your hands are tied.  His entire family is composed of first-class individuals.

- One topic that is totally taboo is the Middle East.  Never a peep.

- Prescription drug abuse is as common among the wives of the elite as it is on college campuses.  While I saw no direct proof of this, I didn't need to.  Money does not buy happiness, often it gives you enough rope to hang yourself with.  Most of the super-rich have personal problems, they empathize with other people's problems, and they genuinely wish things were better for everyone.  How can they help our cause?


The real 'power elite' that is enslaving mankind is minuscule in numbers and far removed from us.  At this stage of the game, the system runs autonomously.  It is not necessary for anyone to believe in the merits of the agenda, so long as no one can mount sufficient opposition against it.  

It is almost impossible for normal people to identify an agenda based on destruction, distraction and division - three ideas inherently in disagreement with our souls.  


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JnJ CEO (((Alex Gorsky))) called Trump's comments equating white supremacists with the people protesting against them (left) "unacceptable." It is a hallmark of (((Communism))) to lie. As you can see, corporate America and a large part of the GOP have succumbed.

First Comment from TWH

I'm still not sure if Trump is a bit actor in the whole set of theatrics we see before us now (i.e. - he could be there to deliberately end up a failure and thus demoralize the heartland of America and the real conservative base).  I still hold out the slim hope he might actually be swimming against the NWO current rather than be false opposition.

At any rate, it's true that most of the CEOs of America (and Canada) really are nothing but bum boys for the international bankers.  The vast majority of them sing from the same songbook when it comes to globalist initiatives, even when such moves are inimical to a corporation's main goal of profit generation.  Upon examining this behaviour, one can only reach the conclusion that this is all orchestrated.

Why do international bankers push the Marxist agenda onto people when it runs contrary to the basic tenets of free enterprise?  Recall that satan tempted Jesus Christ by offering him all the kingdoms of the world if Christ would bow and worship him.  Does anyone think for a moment that Christ is the only person to whom satan has made such an offer?  I'm fairly certain that such banking titans as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers have bowed down to satan and that's why they have such incredible wealth and are pushing perverted and divisive agendas onto the population.  They're building a kingdom for their master.  The CEOs you mention, since everyone seems to operate on credit, in their love of money (Christ told us that the love of money was the root of all evil, didn't he?), chase after the teat of the bankers and do their bidding.

So now we have the spectacle of CEOs (along with a complicit mass media who are also whores of the international banking cartel) denouncing a president because he takes a moment to assess a situation and refuses to unthinkingly bow at the altar of political correctness.  The state of affairs today has become so laughably bizarre and devoid of logic that I wonder why more ordinary people haven't woken up and started resisting this garbage.

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Comments for "CEO's Who Quit Trump are Glorified Errand Boys "

ML said (August 17, 2017):

Even-handed. I was so impressed with his calling out the violence on both sides, and his telling the American people that they didn't know what he knew, that there were good people on both sides. The entire Liberal Establishment is standing against him, and this goes from the consistently rude press people who interrupt him when he speaks all the way to the late-night "comedians." These are like a wall of mind-controlled wind-up toys set in motion and are like a unified tidal wave of censure, rebuke and humiliation. They appear all to be without the capacity to reason, but that happens when one is given only one thought to think.

I can remember when there was such a thing as DEBATE in our schools and colleges. The American population used to educate itself by attending these events. Truth was aired and people could make up their own minds about what they would think and even learn new perspectives they might have not previously have heard, in the airing of contrary or additional opinions. This is HOW WE LEARN. Or, "I never learned anything from those who agreed with me."

Today, the notion that there is more than one side to an issue, or that there are fine and remarkable considerations other than the PC view, is never even posited to the American people's mind. [Except for you, of course, and some other equally brave ones, who've had the nerve to educate us on these matters, presenting concepts of truth and history that are totally unavailable elsewhere.

I got online and found out how to email the Pres. It's easy, and the website says that they prefer send email to snail mail, so I just sent him a little note of appreciation for how he handled Charlottesville.

Anyone can do it!

I didn't vote for the man and said so--I haven't voted for fifteen years!--but said that I so appreciated the calm, sane, and balanced position he took re Charlottesville, that he was a peacemaker and not an incendiary, or words to that effect. There is much that is no doubt reprehensible about him and his history--but that is true of all of us, should the truth be told. He is nevertheless the man in charge, and he does seem to be wanting to buck the system. He could use a little support from his friends, or at least a pat on the back when he does something praiseworthy. I'd just like to suggest to you that maybe some of us should give him some positive feedback now and then and The White House is accessible via email. We all know that standing against the crowd isn't always an easy thing to do. Maybe we could all email him once in a while and let him know that, as individuals, we sometimes really appreciate some of the things he has done, is doing, or is trying to do.

Doug said (July 29, 2016):

There are lots average or above average professionals that know fully what is going on and they fully support it. They are very stupid, but made that way with flattery, man's Achilles' heel.

C said (July 28, 2016):

I loved the article. My only solution for the fix we're in is to realize the celebrity thing is all b.s. I don't have a tv b/c I want to think for myself and don't like being seduced or sedated. But most importantly of all, realize that our salvation as a society, as well as individually, is don't buy into the political correctness and the upside-down morality that's being forced down our throats. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the light and we should do our best to follow Him with our whole minds, etc. And don't compromise on this. The rest is all BS at best.

Byron said (July 28, 2016):

Couldn't agree more with the caddy.

Why should we expect anything more than from my next door neighbour? They as just as culpable as the Ceo. We buy their crap, watch their crap amd demand more of their crap then complain.

Great article.

Mike said (December 12, 2009):

Your article on the fellow who catty'd for the rich & famous hit home with my
previous experiences.

I used to fly part time and have been around who I thought were the BIG BOYs,
( CEOs, and other corporate heads & business men ). At times I would hear
them talk about "the big boys" and I finally started asking questions. Most had said that they themselves were doing as they were told by the BIG INVESTORS who really ran the show behind the scenes, that they were just highly paid actors
and messenger boys who read a script and made very few decisions themselves.

They filled me in on how the business world works and to NEVER BELIEVE ANYTHING THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA PUTS OUT ! IT'S TOTAL B.S.

I was also invited to a few parties and other events. Some were a real eye opener. The well to do can get away with just about anything in private and business life, things get a little blurry the higher up the social ladder you go.
There is no good, bad & ugly at the higher levels, nor laws or rules enforced against them for the most part.

Don't believe ole Kermit the frog when he says "Its not easy being green", it looks to me like its pretty damned nice to be in the green $$$.

Albert said (December 8, 2009):

Henry, either the young man writing this article is highly naive or he is a disinformation specialist. I would suggest that if the illuminated top elite are such a small number, there wouldn't be a place like Bohemian Grove, where 100s to 1000s meet for their pagan worship every year. These people are well-schooled in covering up their feelings and fooling people they are talking to into believing whatever it is they want them to believe about them. Think of all the politicians that call themselves Christian, who belong to secret societies and romp around naked at Bohemian Grove?

Ankhen said (December 8, 2009):

A Caddy fraternizing with the enemy of mankind is apt to absolve them of their despicable Satanic behavior. They are all guilty, even if they say we were only following orders, they are nothing like the rest of us. They are a cancerous tumor coated with cells that appear human like us to placate the masses into allowing them to survive long enough for the metastasis when it will be too late. Only then will they announce themselves, each playing their part, however small, in the service of their God Mamon.

Lindzie said (December 8, 2009):

I liked this article but would like a much longer detailed account of all the information this chap collected on the golf course. I am grateful he took the time to do this and point out that there is no point, at this time, in ranting and getting an ulcer about whose fault it is. Common sense tells me that we are past a point of no return and now just have to take the consequences on the chin.

Do you have any idea when things for us ordinary people will get better because there are an awful lot who cannot take any more distress or pain.

Adrian said (December 8, 2009):

I agree with the caddy to the elite. I likewise ended up guiding for one of America's wealthiest families with a name recognizable to everyone. The time spent with them was fairly brief, but I was in the middle of a family of four. The overwhelming impression was of people not at all exceptional, and in some respects quite the opposite. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself when I thought about what I had read about them in the alternate media and came to the conclusion there was little behind it but the speculations of active imaginations.

For better and for worse we are all caught in a system that took hundreds of years to develop, and although today we use words such as free-enterprise and democracy, there remain remnants from the feudal system of centuries ago. I just learned the other day that the last lines of the Lord's Prayer was actually written by the man who lopped off numerous heads, Henry the 8th. But, we are where we are, and the only way is forward. The natural laws that were true several thousand years ago, are just as true today, and they can be found in a few special books.

But more importantly, they can be found in our own hearts if we will only look and listen. There are many, but the important ones are: be true to yourself, love yourself, love your fellow man, and do what's right.

Geoff said (December 8, 2009):

The super rich are satanic scum and those who do there bidding are even worse! Usually like your articles.This guy is young and stupid. Sorry Henry

C said (December 8, 2009):

Ok, this was a good article up to a point and I don`t disagree with its general gist. I don`t want to appear as if I am better or bigger in insight than our "Elite Caddy", but I worked for one of the worlds largest chauffeur drive companies and I was based in London. So I got to drive many elite people from all over the world, including the Middle East. I have driven the current CEO of the worlds largest software company and CEO`s of big investment banks. I once drove the CEO and CFO of a very large European corporation. We were having a very friendly conversation about geopolitics and I wasn`t getting my point across, mainly because the CEO wanted to talk, but he was like a big cat playing with a toy rat...of course, I could see through this, so I said "have you heard of the Bilderberg Group"? There was a two second silence as they absorbed my question. The CEO said yes, then the CFO said no and then the CEO said I have been to Bilderberg....of course, the CFO sits in stunned silence, so I asked the CEO what they talked about, he said "a lot on Iraq", so I said, "why were they still talking about a Iraq, when in the MSM/publics mind on Iraq was done and dusted (this was the meeting prior to the invasion)?"

It is clear that there are many different layers within the CFO, CEO elite strata. Some know what is going on and while they are unhappy thinking the alternative view, it is usually a big no, no. The reason for this is that they have been indoctrinated all through their lives that this is the best system we have...just look at the other systems which have failed (by design). In this example, the CFO must have felt excluded and truly kicked in the ----!

I once drove a very attractive (by capitalist standards) retired diplomat, when she told me what she used to do, I said "you must be a member of the CFR"? She said, "have you googled my name"....I said, "certainly not, if you are a retired US diplomat, then there is a significant chance that you are in the CFR"...silence...this is often very enjoyable when you have them on the rack.

Another example was a woman who was a defense advisor to Rumsfeld. She was cross as she was returning to the US early and was going to miss Wimbledon. Anyway, we got talking and quite deep, when I slipped in that "I think the US is already working hard at splitting up China and that a fragmented China will fight and hold each other back....she stonewalled me....which is like a long silence....fantastic!!lol

Another time I was driving this banker from North Africa. He was telling me about Diana and Dodi. How Dodi`s dad`s sister was married to a playboy arms dealer and that this arms dealer had a rival AD who kept out of the limelight. This banker was so worried about this guy, he would not speak his name, but it was all tied up with the Thatcher government and Israel. The Thatcher government wanted Tiny Roland`s bid for Harrods to win, but Dodi`s dad won by one million and this seriously angered the UK establishment and this is why Al Fayed has been given a hard time ever since. The NWO wanted to use Harrods as a money laundering operation. Dodi`s assassination had been sanctioned and planned in principle before Diana came on the scene. This became a classic two birds with one stone.

As with everything, there are two or more sides to any story/construct and this is the same in MI6 and the CIA and Fayed was getting the inside story, hence his long but futile legal chase.

The NWO is comprised of "factions"...these are distinct corporate lines, such as Bank of America and there are distinct blood lines and they are used against each other, its only when you get very close to the top, where you will find the bonds are sooo tight, that friction and infighting serves no real purpose and even if you killed the top Rothschild, the money and power is still legally tied up.

I have only gone over a few of my interesting experiences. About 6 years into my 12 year stint as a chauffeur, I did notice they were allocating my clients carefully. This was not done to stop me from getting information, but to stop me from giving them an outside view of where they were within the NWO to speak.This might seem far fetched, but I believe I have had the SIS in my car to asses me several times. The question is, which factions? And another interesting point, when does someone like me come up for termination?

I have driven countless bankers and not one could question my theory that the financial collapse was planned...all the facts that I used to make my case and they could not refute. Some would say its possible, but hoped the people in power would never do it. Others could never believe it could be done, but agreed that my facts were unquestionable. And there were bankers who thought like I did and nodded their heads saying "you are so right".

Norman said (December 8, 2009):

I became acquainted with a man at the Sports club I was attending. He was a Cordon Bleu trained French Chief working at the exclusive California Club in LA. It's the main place the captains of Industry bring their wives for elaborate dinners...Intrigued, I asked, "Well, what do these people eat?" He said, "Man, you can't believe what they consume... they start out with before dinner drinks and appetizers.. then a fancy salad, Then a rack of lamb, then some pheasant or other game or salmon or sword fish. Followed by a rich desert... coffee and after dinner drinks...then the men retire to the Brandy room to drink some more and smoke cigars and the woman go off to chat over more drinks and more coffee..."

I thought, there is no need or reason for a revolt... all we need to do is... wait.

These folks are taking themselves off of the planet.

When one ship is sinking... forget the bailouts... Build a new ship...!

At present time there are over 40 communities circulating their own currencies... We would like to see a comprehensive program showing the methods of achieving this. A template to use would be appreciated.

Perhaps you could write about this or have Jeff Rense do a program... The Ithaca hours seem to be a good role model.

Also, the movement, whereby folks file, Affidavits of non corporate existence... or Denial of corporate existence... See Youtubes Rob Menard, of Think , or John Harris', 'Its all an illusion,', or Irene Gravenhorst's work...

This is the way back to center... a place we never left... We only get lost to find the way.etc.

Whatever BS you see in the world is also wonderful fertilizer for new growth and awareness...

Peace & Joy for all... as all hell breaks loose and drifts peacefully away...

Mel said (December 8, 2009):

The post from Toby was excellent. It had that smell of truth and honesty to it. No theatrics, no exaggeration. I do have one question:
would you PLEASE ask Toby to write more about how these people think and if they gave him any advice. Also, did they ever discuss what will
happen to US over the next few years.


David said (December 8, 2009):

I liked the article by one of the elite's caddies. I do not doubt for a moment that it is a very small cadre of satanists who pull the strings and think they control the world. Also, I doubt the rank and file (like ceo's) would have much of a glimpse into the inner sanctum of this depravity. And for some strange reason I would guess that there would be a rothschild or 2 at the top of that pyramid of filth. One fine day we will find out who they really are, until then this writer has the right idea, this is a spiritual battle - finger pointing is to no avail.

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