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Illuminati Inbreeding & Genocide

November 5, 2012

"These people are not clever enough to form a world government. They are descending into idiocy and humanity is paying the price for allowing idiots such as these to run both our lives and our planet. "

[Disclaimer: This email from a reader contains some credible information. I present it for your evaluation.]

by Anonymous

I became involved in a very strange affair and through the course of it, a woman claiming to be a member of the Illuminati began to correspond with me.

We had a mutual interest in "pedigree collapse" which is caused by excessive inbreeding. Perhaps the most striking example of this condition can be found in the bloodline of the Hapsburg dynasty who through this practice wiped themselves out of existence. The last in the bloodline, Charles the Bewitched, was mentally and physically disabled as well as impotent. His  family members were closely related. His grandmother was also his aunt.

The late Queen Mother's bloodline, the Bowes-Lyons carries the retardation gene which causes them to miscarry their male offspring. Five female members of the Queen's family [her cousins] were born as imbeciles who had to be locked away in a mental institution for some 60 years.

Nature it seems exacts a price upon those who seek to keep power and wealth in their own hands by indulging in this practice. It does not make their bloodlines stronger. Quite the reverse is true. These people are genetically devolving and they know it is happening.

She explained how the global power structure was organised and told me how she managed to gain her very lofty position in the Federal Reserve Bank as well as the United Nations. [She was specially bred then written out of history.] She told me lots of interesting things about the Bilderbergs who she described as cowardly puppets who have to do as they are told or their money supply is cut off by the guardians.

Her other subjects of interest were maths, hierarchies, God, Satan and " impending cataclysmic events that it is just as well that the masses know nothing about."

Everything "they" do, so she told me, is done mathematically using this code of theirs, the 9/11 code. I oddly discovered this code quite by chance [as the Rothschilds had in the 1700's] so I knew what she was talking about.

The NWO of theirs has failed. These people are not clever enough to form a world government. They are descending into idiocy and humanity is paying the price for allowing idiots such as these to run both our lives and our planet. Disinformation, lies, deceit --  the bottom line is they are just not up to the job.

Perhaps hundreds of years ago they were up to the task but not any more. This is patently clear when you deal directly with them. I think infantile is the word that best describes them.

She said everything the global elitists do is done mathematically. There are 18 of them plus 2 Guardians who control global events.

She has been studying for decades to learn the advanced mathematics which enable her to communicate directly with God. It is so she said like finding a pin prick in a tsunami [the key to other dimensions and so a means of communication with advanced intelligence.]

She wrote quite a bit about quantum mathematics.

Let me see if I can explain how these people think.

They think that David Cameron was fated or chosen by the Great Architect to become Prime Minister because of his date of birth the 9th of October 1966  9/10/1966 written Masonically  9/11/966  or 9/11/666.

Where they are going wrong is that lots of people were born on this date [but their numbers do not count apparently] because they are not Jewish as Cameron is, nor are they the illegitimate spawn of William IV and his mistress Dorothea Jordan. This linkage opens lots of doors to other dimensions who needs brains when you have connections.

My correspondent has a far more illustrious pedigree than that mere mongrel Cameron.

The European royals think that the British royals are ignorant and uneducated and that the Queen has been seriously misguided on this genocide issue. I mean after all who in their right mind would want to murder 5 billion people.

I was asked to use my knowlege to help them to save humanity. They have murdered millions and millions of people already but I think that now it has all gotten quite out of hand.

The British Government are exterminating the population. My late husband was a victim of the cull. The police and the coroner's office are concealing the fact that this is happening but I can prove that it is  thanks to the husband of the Secretary General of the Cultural Convention at the United Nations and the majority shareholder in the Federal Reserve Bank and the Great Architect who helped me mathematically to solve this crime.


Comments for "Illuminati Inbreeding & Genocide "

Peter said (November 6, 2012):

This story, while interesting, is backed up by nothing other than peoples desire to believe it.

Currently there is a deluge of such information at practically every website. we are treated to an endless torrent of this kind of thing. Who should we choose to believe? well no one of course which is precisely why there is so much of it. The object of the game is to get you to suspend cognitive reasoning.

If you want to discern the truth try yoga nidra this at least IS a portal to higher consciousness

Chris said (November 5, 2012):

That was a very good article by Anonymous regarding the Illuminati Inbreeding and genocide.

This is never more true when you watch that blabbering idiot Prince Charles and the nonsense he continually
spouts. We should use his unofficial title of Mr Tampon (I am sure you know that sordid story).

I hope you can publish many more articles from her as it is very rare to get good information from an insider.

In particular can you get some more detailed info on the mathematics involved and where this can be studied and
what is the "impending cataclysmic events that it is just as well that the masses know nothing about" ?.

I would certainly like to know, even if it is unavoidable.

Steven said (November 5, 2012):

From the sounds of it we need new blood lines and better training of the political, religious and financial leadership of the world. If Canada needs a new leader I am available and as far as I know there are no retards, homos and new world order satanists in the wood pile. I like to do my own thinking about how things ought to be so the first order of business would be a review of current laws in order to purge the system of PCBS that gets in the way of freedom, morality and sound fiscal policy. Israel is not a strategic interest of Canada. Canada must come first and that does not include actions and policies which permit economic, moral and demographic dysfunction.

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