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Illuminati Signaling Superbowl False Flag?

January 30, 2013


 Probably the only harm from next
 Sunday's Super Bowl will be
 indigestion and gambling debts; 
 but a reader has noticed some
 disturbing omens. 

"Something sinister is
coming Feb. 3rd"

Below- Mercedes Benz ad in ESPN mag - nuclear explosion.
"This year we guarantee a thrilling fourth quarter. Set your soul free."

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 12.07.52 AM.jpg
by Joe

This will be the first Super Bowl held in New Orleans since Hurricane

The address of the Super Dome is 330 [33] Loyola Ave. This is
the 47th Super Bowl [4+7=11] held on 2-3-13 [2+3+1+3=9]=9-11.

The regional covers of Sports Illustrated are titled: There will be Blood
and There Will be Gore and There Will Be a Valiant Last Stand.

The music used in the Mercedes commercial played during the A.F.C.
Championship Game was the Rolling Stones song, Sympathy for the Devil
and in the Mercedes commercial it is stated: Something sinister is
coming Feb. 3rd.

The half time show will showcase the singer Beyonce
who dates Jay Z [the illuminist]. Beyonce lip-synced the National Anthem at
the Presidential Inauguration of 2013. Beyonce will perform with her
former group "Destinies Child." The song they will sing is titled
"Nuclear"; their sophomore album was titled "The Writing's on the

This may be the most watched Super Bowl ever considering the
historic first of two brothers facing each other as coaches, John and Jim

gore.jpegAnd the Raven's linebacker, Ray Lewis, playing his final game; the game should generate a large viewing.

It seems all the "emotional stops" are being pulled out for massive social engineering of society if this Super Bowl does become a false flag.

A MASSIVE occult ritual is being played out right in front of the public. The sister of Jim and John Harbaugh was quoted stating
in a Sports Illustrated interview that she played a part as a child in the Wizard of Oz.

Possibly this connects the 47th Super Bowl to Sandy Hook.

How?  Money is being raised by charity for the Sandy Hook area and is
being generated by the children of Sandy Hook singing "Some Where Over
The Rainbow"
from the Wizard Of Oz.

No amount of security at the Super Bowl will stop this because the device was likely planted years in advance during the Super Dome's reconstruction after Katerina.


If not. May God [CHRIST] have mercy on this world.

Joe adds,  It seems to me that it is  law in the occult that they must tell us what they have planed and if we catch what is planed and expose it they can't go through it. Let's hope!

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for " Illuminati Signaling Superbowl False Flag?"

Joe said (February 2, 2013):

Henry, just like the devil is in the details, when the Mercedes Benz advertisement is saying "This year we guarantee a thrilling fourth quarter" with the year '13 in red it means that the fourth quarter of this 2013 year which starts from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31 will see some thrilling events on a global scale.

I dont think we will see a false flag during the superbowl though we might see some occult ritual during the halftime show which strengthens their witchcraft for their next false flag attack. I assume the illuminists were planning for a Nuclear attack in (Red) October or the 4th quarter of this year in the US but since we decoded their message lets hope they still follow their rules and stop this bloodshed as we have flashed there activities and thereby prevented it.

Rick said (January 31, 2013):

Henry, I'm sure you've seen the vid Pet Goat II by a "company" named heliophant. I would suggest viewing it and pay attention to the American Flag as your view is panned backwards from school building and obama. The flag is ripped in half. Remember the sinkhole in LA, which is 80 miles from the Dome where the game will be played. Surely I'm not the only one making you aware of this. An explosion from the sinkhole, which is filled with a witches brew of flammables and waste, with a little help from HAARP could rip the country into 2 parts. Far-fetched?

I hope so

Rill said (January 31, 2013):

"A Christian lady known to my friend was eating with her family in a restaurant In New Orleans- which is reported to be the spiritual center for witchcraft in the U.S.A. While at the table , they were approached by Satanists who had entered the restaurant to "witness" in the same way some Christians might do, going from table to table. They were actively recruiting people for Satanism and showed the lady a printed prospectus for the year 1988, outlining the following six point worldwide program, which was to be accomplished by fasting and prayer (!):

1. That the Antichrist would manifest himself soon.

2. That ministers, leaders and missionaries would fall.

3. That ministries and works of God would be destroyed.

4. That Christians would become complacent; want peace over and above all; and seek churches that do not preach a full gospel with pastors that keep peace no matter what the sin.

5. That Christians cease their fasting and prayer.

6. That the gifts of the Holy Spirit be ignored.

This is but one of many evidences that the Church of Jesus Christ is currently under intense, systematic attack by the forces of Satan."
-Derek Prince, Blessing Or Curse pg 142

MB said (January 31, 2013):

The cryptic song American Pie by Don McLean contains references to football, halftime, soldiers, levees, Satan, Rolling Stones, fire is the devils friend, Sacrifice. The stadium has areas named Kings Table and Jesters Spread, both the word jester and king is in the song.

Many have speculated about the song containing references to a future nuclear attack and communist takeover. McLean has steadfastly refused to explain the meaning of the song lyrics beyond the song being about the death of Buddy Holly. Could the song actually have been written about the future rather than the past? Will Super Bowl Sunday be the day the music dies? By the way, Buddy Holly died on February 3, 1959.

Glenn said (January 30, 2013):

Every time the thinking people connect the dots in advance and use their inner algorithmic intuition , and the event doesn't happen - we win !

Remember folks hard it may be to wrap your heads around...there is a spiritual war going on right's internal both on the individual and collective level.

Of course no event will happen at the super bowl...because the author of this article and others, called it in advance.

Think Sun Tzu - japanese art of war....

AR said (January 30, 2013):

In response to Joe's comment ("Joe adds, It seems to me that it is law in the occult that they must tell us what they have planed and if we catch what is planed and expose it they can't go through it. Let's hope!")

I believe that they, in their form of Magick, tell us of their intentions and if we say or do nothing then they believe we have accepted it by acquiescing to their plan and thereby are partakers in it.

And of the numerology: The movie "Sum of All Fears" was released 11 years ago. In conjunction of Richards revelations that will make if a trinity of 11 which is significant in terms of numerology.

We are all here to do something. If it is our purpose to be stumbling block to these controllers then don't faint at the task.

AR said (January 30, 2013):

It would be easy to dismiss this but I am aware how the "Illuminated" love foretelling their own intentions in the media. With that, it is interesting to recall the movie "The Sum of All Fears" where terrorists plot to nuke a football game (I thought it was a Superbowl but haven't seen the movie in 10 years) and the kicker -- the football game was in... BALTIMORE! (you get the inversion???) Now, that is curious.

Kristine said (January 30, 2013):

Funny no one has yet mentioned the Loyola connection to the Jesuits. (330 Loyola Ave is address of the stadium.)

Declaring that "there will be blood" is a sure signal that something at least very odd is definitely going to take place.

Beyonce is a witch and will probably put on a performance (incantation) similar to Madonna last year.

Wasn´t there a scene in the Batman movie where a false-flag event takes place in a stadium? (I did not watch the film). Well, this is going to be it, in real-time.

Robert said (January 30, 2013):

You guys are getting carried away again. A contributor to this website was afraid London was going to be destroyed during the 2012 Summer Olympics, and it didn't happen. I think they enjoy messing with your heads. We face enough real impending global disasters as it is, without trying to conjure one up where it doesn't exist.


Thanks Robert,

Guess you didn't hear how the nuking of the Olympics was cancelled due to our advance covereage?


Brian said (January 30, 2013):

I fervently hope you're wrong, Joe. And to make sure you are, I encourage all of you reading this not to assume it to be a fait accompli and to believe in your power to focus your attention on thoughts which serve to counter any attempts at making this planned wickedness a reality.

People who are asleep believe it when they are lied to about the 'terrorists' being kept at bay in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But in our silent but focused power of intent could lie the truth in actually averting the REAL terrorists from accomplishing their aims.

Richard said (January 29, 2013):

More on SuperBowl 47 from the host city,

I have noticed heavier than usual chemtrail activity, which I have documented over the past week and a half on youtube ( New Orleans Chemtrail Diary)

More on Superbowl 47's numerical significance:

Superbowl is on 2-3-2013

2+3+2+2+0+1+3= 11

47 4+7 = 11

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