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The Coming German Superpower

January 2, 2011

cobblestone_pony_express.jpg"For the present, the next stage in the Illuminati's grand strategy will be something few are expecting, or even think possible. The next world-dominating empire is going to be a Europe forged on the basis of a Berlin-Vatican axis."

by Rollin Stearns

The Illuminati bankers are planning to pull the plug on America.
To achieve their NWO, they control every nation, every political movement, every social institution. They foment conflict and control both sides.
And at any given time, they have a favored side -- a chosen vehicle to advance their aims.
For the past 200 years that chosen vehicle has been the "Anglosphere" (Great Britain, the US, Canada, etc.).
But that's about to change. Like a Pony Express rider who uses up one horse and switches to a new one, the Illuminati are about to replace the US.

In 1694, the international bankers established the world's first central bank, the Bank of England. London became the financial center of the world. By the 19th century, the British Empire was the greatest empire since Rome.
By the early 20th century, however, Britain was used up. It was nearing bankruptcy,  had become degenerate, and could not maintain colonies.
So power was shifted to America.  McKinley was replaced by Roosevelt, and the forces of national capital were eclipsed by international capital (known as "Wall Street"). Once the Federal Reserve was established in 1913, the groundwork was in place.
World War II effected the change. And shortly after, the Anglosphere developed an alliance with Israel, a newly formed nation that owed its existence to the Rothschilds.
In the last half of the 20th century, this powerful combine -- the Anglosphere and the Israelis --  dominated the world. And they achieved great things for the Illuminati bankers.
America led the way in economic and financial globalization. In addition, it garrisoned the planet. It even gave the world a global language (now known as Globish). By 1990, President Bush was able to speak openly of a NWO.
Now, however, America is beginning to fade. It is bankrupt, both financially and morally. Its day is about done.  The Illuminati are planning to replace it.
People think China will replace America as the world's next superpower.
No doubt China is a rising power. American politicians and "capitalists" deliberately built up China by transferring technology and manufacturing capacity to them.
But even though China has an important role, talk about it replacing America is a deliberate distraction.  China is an Asian regional power. It has begun to challenge America in the western Pacific. But it's not ready to project political and military (in addition to economic) power on a global scale -- which is the definition of a superpower.
There is one country, however, that has the potential to exercise such power in the near future. A country few people think about in this way. Germany.
Prior to WW I, the Illuminati bankers built up Germany as a rival to Britain. Their first goal was to create a European civil war that would break up the anti-revolutionary order established at the Congress of Vienna following Napoleon's defeat.
The second goal was to create a NWO to replace it. For this, they needed a League of Nations -- the "Parliament of Man" envisioned by Tennyson in "Locksley Hall."
The Great War destroyed the rising German empire, and the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires. More important, it destroyed the Russian empire -- bringing the Communists to power -- and it brought America out of its "isolation."
The plan failed, though, when America rejected the League of Nations after the war. It was then necessary for the Illuminati to build up Hitler, so that a second European war could finish the job.
Once again, Illuminati machinations brought America into the war, but this time they ensured that America would be integrated into the NWO.
During WW II, the UN was formed. And afterward, America and the Soviets, two Illuminati pawns, were the masters of Europe. Between them, they kept Germany (and the world) divided.
But that day ended as well. By the 1980s, the Soviet empire was in a shambles. In many ways, it was just a heavily armed Third World nation (a fate awaiting America.)
As a result, the Illuminati pulled the plug on the USSR and fast-tracked European unification. Germany was reunited.
Today Germany is the most powerful nation in Europe. For all the talk of China's economic growth, Germany is the world's largest exporter and has a higher trade surplus than China.

The present financial turmoil in Europe is not a disadvantage to Germany. Germany (and the Illuminati) knew when they created the Eurozone that it would lead to a crisis down the road.
You can't yoke the currencies of strong nations like Germany with weak nations like Greece, Ireland, and Portugal, without having economic and political unification.
Germany is using this crisis to bend the other nations of Europe to its will. It will maintain the euro and the Eurozone, but the other nations will have to submit to de facto German control or be forced out. This includes Britain.
And it is forging an alliance with Russia (Medvedev was recently welcomed at the NATO summit). A German-led Europe is turning away from its Anglo-American orientation.
Gaining control of the European Union, Germany is preparing to take over from the declining Anglosphere.
But it needs something more to cement its control of Europe than economic strength and political will. It needs a spiritual and cultural foundation for its coming empire.
The Roman Catholic Church has always seen itself as the successor to the Roman Empire. Its ambitions are imperial as well as spiritual. It laid the foundations of Western civilization in Europe.
Pope Benedict XVI has worked quickly to restore the Church as the spiritual force that will unite Europe, the way it did in the time of Charlemagne.
He has appealed both to traditionalists (e.g., by restoring the Tridentine mass) and to secularists (e.g., by his recent concession with respect to condoms).
He has underlined (in his speech at Regensburg) the contrast of Catholicism and Islam, and he has made room for disaffected Anglicans to join the Catholic Church. He is establishing new ecumenical ties to the Lutheran and Eastern churches.
Despite the recent scandals affecting the Church, Benedict is on the offensive. A German himself, he is working to forge a united Europe, led by Germany, with the Catholic Church as its spiritual head.
Just as the Illuminati were the sponsors of the Anglosphere, and of Israel, they are behind this coming European superpower.
The Illuminati play all sides. At present, it serves their purpose to shift from a declining Anglosphere to a newly dynamic Europe.
The NWO needs global political and financial institutions. These are already in place or are being rapidly created during the current financial crisis.
But global control also requires a global cultural and religious system: not a one-world religion -- an impossibility at present -- but a global ecumenical system.
Only the Catholic Church is in a position to serve as the keystone of such a system. This is why the Illuminati need the Church.
For centuries the Judeo-Masonic forces sought to destroy the Church. When they were unable to do so, they sought to infiltrate it. Some think the Church was taken over by the Illuminati. (Others think the Church, more specifically the Jesuits, control the Illuminati.)
I don't believe either is true, even though it has been said that John XXIII and Paul VI were Masons. I believe a protracted struggle took place in which both sides tried to destroy the other. But when neither succeeded, an accommodation was made. The Church made a deal with the devil.
As a result, the Illuminati are now prepared to pull the plug on America and to back (for the present, at least) a renascent Catholic Europe.
It's quite likely that later -- as in the past -- they will turn against Germany to destroy it, using China and/or Russia for the purpose -- but that belongs to the day after tomorrow.
For the present, the next stage in the Illuminati's grand strategy will be something few are expecting, or even think possible. The next world-dominating empire is going to be a Europe forged on the basis of a Berlin-Vatican axis.
It's coming, and coming quickly.

Rollin Stearns is  a former book editor living in Maine.

Reply from Hans:

I am from Germany and have some  remarks at the article "The Coming German Superpower:

Germany is as bankrupt as the other European nations too. The official debts are 1.8 trillion but that is only the tip of the iceberg. With the bails,  guarantees and retirement benefits for the clerks the real debt is around 8 trillions.

The former Bundesbank was an autonomous central bank which was responsible for the Mark. No one wanted to abandon the Mark but the people weren t asked.
France blackmailed Germany to abandon the Mark and to accept the Euro. It was the condition from France to gave the consent  for the Reunion. Furthermore France threatend with isolation of Germany between England, France and Russia if she won t comply.

At the moment we have around 3.3 million unemployed persons, 6.6 millions get social benefit. On balance around 10 million people who are dependent from money from the state. 1 million of these 10 million have a fulltime job but earn not enough to maintain their livelihood so they get additional social benefit. Additional hundreds of thousands work and earn not as much as people who get social benefit. Not because the social benefit money is so high, because the wages are too low. We have now the largest low wage sector in Europe.

If you search a job, you find only temporary work with ridiculous low wage.
A minimum wage like in other European countries doesn t exist.
Industry made good profits in the last years but the industry is not the people.

The people had too pay the price for the economical growth because their
wages declined and declined and declined. And billions of taxpayer money
was sold down the river for the whole world. Many companies left the country, sponsord by EU.

Germany has been systematically ruined in the last 15 years, people are all
fed up with politicians.

EU is Versailles II for Germany. She has fo finance that looney bin to the bitter end.

Germany has until now peace treaty with US, that was refused 1990.
And the "Treaty on the Final Settlement With Respect to Germany"  grants
no full sovereignty, e. g. Germany can t order foreign troops out. Also there
are some rumors about a secret protocol which every chancellor must subscribe before taking office:

If capitalism collapses it is difficult to predict what happens. The most
likely scenario is a communist world revolution. A new German Superpower
is imho very,very unlikely. That was the idea behind EU to prevent this.


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Comments for "The Coming German Superpower "

Ion said (January 4, 2011):

Fact is that after 1945, the United States made Germany strong, made it an economically and socially viable political structure, and this happened mainly with American public money and know-how. The scary national-socialist power buildup of Hitler was just a brief episode of history on satanic- illuminist amphetamine, based entirely on an ideological farce, on occult mass manipulations and on a lot of criminal economics, the whole "Reich" thing being without any chance of long term success or survival.

Germany, left on its own, would be -anytime!- a zero, albeit a big one since Bismarck... Germany might appear to be be arrogant and greedy and sometimes very massive in its appearance and movements, but in reality, if really left on it´s own, it is very weak. Why that?

Germany is a structure without enough food resources for its own population, a region without own energy resources for its bloated and expensive industry, a space filled with uncreative and arrogant people, swimming round in a hermetic and unpalatable culture, one needing at least 100 military divisions, just for the purpose of imposing some 500 German words on any other nation in this world, excepting maybe the Palu-Palu islands and some square miles of African jungle.

Germany stronger than the US? C´mon! Please! Don´t make me laugh! They are nothing! Have you lately bought one of those expensive, outdated and always ugly German products, that crumbles to pieces in a record time?

Do it, and so you´ll know everything about the "Made in Germany" myth, about the arranged statistics and the vapor-ware called nowadays "growth".

Do you know how corrupt, slouchy and stupid German structures are these days?...OK! They impose monetary conditions on Greeks, they grab good agricultural land from the Romanian farmers, they flex some muscles for the French and secretly swing the sauerkraut in Alsace, but their acts are more like desperate tries to survive and certainly not signs of an "emerging superpower".

BUT, if the Germans decide for their future plans to join the Russians, than it is only: Good night Europe! As for Vatican, just let the Lord take care of it! Don´t bother to explain transcendental soul matters with rudimentary materialistic concepts! It´s a waste of time...

Eric said (January 3, 2011):

Hello Henry,it's perfectly obvious that Rollin Stearns has been reading the literature of the Philadelphia Church of God,whose founder,the late Herbert Armstrong, has been expounding these ideas-based on biblical prophesy- for nigh-on 60 years.None of this is new to me and anyone can read further at http://theTrumpet .com where you can obtain all their literature for free.

Marcos said (January 3, 2011):

Any view that discounts the role of the US in the world is flawed. The US is a giant, with access to two oceans, fertile land and the most creative people in the world. A maimed America is still more powerful than a strong Germany. Not to mention total military superiority in the seas and especially in space. Even a bankrupt America could rebuild itself in 15 years to the top, if they abolished the Fed and shut down imports.

The EU has been an artificial standstill that has given some breath of fresh air in this perpetual conflict, but Europe still remains a basket of wild cats. Germany has been mooched and they already want out. The Club of Rome's plan to develop the new world order from Europe has failed.

The Illuminati need therefore to confuse and distract the US, since it can't beat it. Hence the traitors they use to undermine America from inside.

The New World Order will never be a solid, hegemonic entity, dominated by a country. The Illuminati have no national feelings. Interestingly, the Bible says that AntiChrist's reign will be made of clay and iron, an unstable and weak mix. The Illuminati need, in order to win over the resistance of the natural sentiment of patriotism, of a very serious crisis, World War III, probably with some nukes being launched.

The bottom line is that, without a huge war and supernatural signs, there will never be a real new world order. What we see now is people bumping heads on each other. And even after the crisis, the global alliance will be a mess, a pain in the neck to manage. And we are not even talking about the time of God's judgment. As they say, be careful what you wish for, satanists.

Irish Dan said (January 3, 2011):

" When I read "Benedict XVI has worked quickly to restore the Church as the spiritual force that will unite Europe, the way it did in the time of Charlemagne" I almost fell off my chair laughing"........ 'Dan'

I suspect that my namesake commentator 'Dan' does not have a good European or indeed Middle East overview.

Some years back I was in very large and Old Cathedral in Southern France when a German, Bavarian Touring party came in, one of over twenty touring parties there that included French Canadian, English, French, Spanish etc. The Bavarian Party gave an impromptu series of hymns around the Marian altar and all most of the other nationalities came up and joined in until there were a few hundred singing in joyful unison.

I have no illusions about the corruption that exists in the R C Church, here in Ireland and all the way to Rome. However as that event displayed, it is also a cross cultural unifying factor and a custodian of values that moulded Western Civilization. To hear the words of Pericles, Plato and Cicero referred in a continuum during the oration at a Bishops funeral is to realize just how awesome that past legacy is.

Like the Camelot concept, the RC Church will always have that mystical 'once and future' aura, and with good reason.

Conrad said (January 3, 2011):

There are so many theories and predictions going around it’s hard to believe anyone. What Stearns is suggesting is in line with one of our South Africas’ greatest prophets called Siener van Rensburg. Siener van Rensburg (August 30, 1864 - March 11, 1926) was a Boer from the South African Republic. Even though most of his predictions are related to South Africa it is still interresting to note that he predicts strong ties between Europe and South Africa. He also predicted the fall of the USA and Britian. Whether it will become true is just something we will have to wait and see.

Charles said (January 3, 2011):

Rollin Stearns is absolutely spot on - he's a Biblical Watchman.

What, in effect, he has done is expound Biblical Prophecy and given us a warning, whether he realizes that or not I do not know.

In answer to Irish Dan [below]"The Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor". Nothing you people say can be believed, for you are all programmed to say what you say and that can even be against your own if it serves your ultimate master in The Vatican i.e. your top honcho The Black Pope Adolfo Nicholas, and his plans.

In answer to Dick [below]. This is no conspiracy theory, it's not even a conspiracy, it's an orchestrated plan and has been going on for centuries. In it's latest format it is known as the aims of The Bilderberg Group who are planning the FOURTH REICH. Having said that, Dick is his secular way has a reasonable grasp of things when he likens them to gangsters and mobsters i.e. criminals, and we all know what happens to them when they fall out!! A new Valentines Day celebration anyone?

Stephen said (January 3, 2011):

I read your latest artice entitled 'The Coming German Superpower' and agree with everything written there. In fact it has to be said that the whole Judaeo-Zionist Conspiracy is actually a frontage and Jewish People are being set up for a globalized Luciferian Ritual, beginning with the eventual destruction of Israel. This is why Israel has been given so much power and seeming influence over other countries. The Masonic Elitists always fund, exemplify temporarily and adorate those individuals and groups they wish to eventually destroy. It is part of the collective mind process of the Illuminist Freemasons. Germany will become the Fourth Reich and interestingly Angela Merkel is apparently the granddaughter of Adolph Hitler.

Europeans are sleep-walking into a huge geopolitical and financial unravelling that will allow the Illuminist Freemasons, who are really Masonic Occultists, to rebuild Mainland Europe, the EU, the Eurozone and the World Community under the UN in the fashion they see fit. The European Union was always destined for failure over the long term and America was always intended to be shelved, hence why it was given so much wealth through the 1950's and the 1960's. Britain is the Greater Babylon and America is the Lesser Babylon, and America is being made to take the blame whilst the Tavistock Institute in London and the various High Degree Masonic Lodges in Britain have the real power, working alongside the various Masonic Elitist Families, through the Committee Of 300.

Jerome said (January 3, 2011):

Referring to this article:

1. Early 20th century, prior to WWI, Britain possessed 1/2 of of global gold and Russia 1/4 of global gold.
The British gold served the basis for the Austro-Hungarian currency too, the last ruler of which,
named Franz Josef, was still crowned the Keiser of the 'Holy Roman-German' Empire.
2. Beginning of WWI, the German speaking population of Europe totaled similar to the whole population of the USA,
with 101 million Germans, 10 million Austrians, 5 million German-speaking Swiss and many more around the former Austro-Hungary
for whom German was the 'Lingua Franca'.
3. The USA rose to global leadership position year 1946 with a GDP rated at half of the global's
resulting from having decimated much of European and Japanese capacity over the past 32 years.
The physical annihilation of German industry and the looting of its intellectual property continued till end of 1949.

A.J. Fozdyke said (January 3, 2011):

Had a meeting on New Year's eve with two behind the scenes colleagues from America and was told:


America is finished. Both major political parties singing slightly different hymns out of our hymn book. The Republicans will ensure that America's systemic economic problems aren't fixed so that the Kenyan only has a one term presidency. Riots are on the way. Congress will talk and talk.

New York is 'bankrupt'. This will be announced shortly. The worms are gnawing at The Big Apple.

The Japanese yen will weakened significantly. (But who didn't know that?)

American Social Security is in for some 'reform'. This will destroy both American Social Security in the long term and the Kenyan's remaining popularity.

Bernanke may be replaced later this year – if that happens it'll probably be in the second half of the year. This will not alter America's descent: rising unemployment, rising inflation and a declining US dollar! Food price rises will hurt the most.

The British Pound will plummet (although you don't have to be a genius to work that out).

Spain's economy will probably hit the skids between late February-early March (but definitely by early March) and take Europe with it, but that will happen more slowly.

It was also suggested that the next Republican president will be a real treat for the people and that negotiations in that regard are continuing apace. The term 'avatar' was used, but with humour and smiles all round.

Dick said (January 3, 2011):

In this recent article, Rollin Stearns presents one of the more original and thought provoking conspiracy theories I've seen in a long time.

His historical perspective is accurate, and the projection does seem like a more logical next step than; a) the Anglo empire surviving or b) Chinese communist bureaucrats taking the reigns of
the declining empire. But while I can certainly envision such an axis (probably Berlin-Moscow-Beijing, with the vatican and eastern orthodox churches playing a more active role to stabilize central and eastern Europe, plus Catholic inroads to Latin American and even Islamic countries), I do struggle to see how this fits with the "Illuminati" modus operandi.

Before America and Britain were the Venetians, then the cult of Delphi, all of whom ran the same basic model of looting, gambling and usury. How do you transpose this power structure onto an axis
(nationalist socialist states and religions with clear prohibitions on usury) that both oppose the whole concept? Is he aware of Germany's ongoing war against financial speculation

A good nexus of these political and religions tendencies, mentioned in Stearns' article as a potential mason, is Paul VI, who gets crapped on by conspiracy theorists and "traditionalist" Catholics.

Have you ever read his "Populorum Progressio"? Give that one a look. If that's "the New World Order," sign me up!

Once again, I have to recommend Lyndon LaRouche's "Secrets Known
Only to the Inner Elites" as a backdrop. Mr. Stearns' theory makes
much more sense to me if one assumes that elite faction fights are
not simply turf war between gangsters, but a historical struggle
between builders and parasites.

Irish Dan said (January 3, 2011):

I have regularly attended esoteric conferences, met many of these authors and had lengthy discussions with them first hand as well as personally visiting places like Rosylin in Scotland and Chapel and Renn-Le-Chateau in France.

No body can quite get a handle on what is happening but most agree that something is definitely stirring in the undergrowth. Whatever is afoot there is a consensus that the EU project is at the heart of it and also that the Roman Catholic Church is destined to play a major part in it. Early church history will also figure prominently in bringing new perspectives to bear that will supposedly lead to a less conflicted associations inside Western Christianity and between Islamic and Jewish faiths. Most authors even after decades of study readily agree that they have only pieces of the jigsaw.

It seems however that somebody have the actual box and is doling out a few pieces at the time as it suits their purpose as with the Da Vinci Code. At one one conference post the publication of Dan Brown's book there was a discussion involving over twenty authors learned in these areas. the general consensus was that Dan Brown was given access to archives with a view to paving the way for some agenda that had yet to be revealed. If accommodations have been reached as Rollin Stearns claim, then many of these type books are for a purpose coming close to fruition and we do live in interesting times indeed !

Dan said (January 3, 2011):

When I read "Benedict XVI has worked quickly to restore the Church as the spiritual force that will unite Europe, the way it did in the time of Charlemagne" I almost fell off my chair laughing.

I'm not being snide, I know Rollin means well, but he's been taken in by massive hype. Forget about the Vatican.
Vatican City is a 110 acre tourist trap with a population of a little over 800 old men and nuns who basically read a lot and perform host functions for tourists. The Pope makes appearances and writes Encyclicals which the world's bishops line their bird cages with.

What's really in motion is a phony alliance led by Germany on point for the EU (LondonBrussels) with Russia, China, South Africa, Brazil and Venezuela ganging up to dump the US dollar as reserve currency. Currently most pundits assume or say this means the euro will be 'IT', but it will be the new 'global currency' courtesy of the IMF.

"Jesuit Temporal Co-Adjutor" 8-)

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