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"Because I am a Girl" Discrimination is OK

July 4, 2012


"FEED A GIRL!"  Blatant Gender Discrimination.


At present, the Internet is full of ads which seek to "feed, educate & empower" young girls. Imagine the outcry if this campaign favored boys.

The  campaign's size indicates Illuminati Money is behind it. The purpose is to undermine marriage and family in the Third World as they have done in the First. And they have the chutzpah to ask you to pay for it!


(Point within a circle commonly used in Black Magick. It is beloved by the Illuminati because it symbolizes both Sun Worship and the Sex act. The circle being the female and the dot and erect phallus. "Genuine Secrets in Freemasonry prior to 1717," p 256 and "Masonic Short Talk Bulletin.")

The slogan of  PLAN's "Because I am Girl" charity campaign is: "It takes just one girl to change the world" ("Change the world" always refers to Illuminati control. )

By Lesley Terry


Updated from Nov 2010

"Because I am a Girl" is a campaign that undermines marriage and family by empowering young females at the expense of young males. It pretends to believe that empowering girls (but not boys) is the key to eliminating poverty and creating a better world. See here: .

It doesn't just infect girls around the world. It infects thousands of participating Canadian and American girls with self destructive lesbian-feminist dogma.

The Campaign is sponsored by PLAN which is recognized as a "unified global entity." Founded during the Spanish Civil War as "Foster Plan for Children in Spain", PLAN worked in Europe during WWII, and in the 1950's opened new programs in developing countries. In 2000, PLAN International became simply PLAN.

PLAN/Canada, pretends to be a grass roots movement. The website states they are not affiliated with any religious or political entity. However, they are supported by the United Nations and the Green Party. Revenues come from private and corporate donors as well as Government grants. They also partnered with the World Health Organization.

See the "Because I am a Girl" documentary trailer here: . See more of the "dot in the circle" symbolism here: I was surprised to hear young girls making statements such as, "I am no different than a guy".

Oh really? Then you must have a penis and ten times the testosterone of a girl.


"Because I Am a Girl/Canada" helps girls world-wide to help other girls help themselves.

The program sponsors girls in projects for clean water, food security, health care and education, and in Micro finance i.e. they are lent money.

To whom will these impoverished young girls owe a debt of gratitude? To their families? Their husbands, children, siblings, mothers or fathers? No, they will be beholden to PLAN, the new provider, and the people behind PLAN, the Illuminati bankers and satanic New World Order.


The traditional role of men is fast disappearing in the West. Men and boys seem to be given second place to females. 

This western model of destabilizing society is being used in the third world. The result is a decline in marriage family and the birth rate.

Again, in the West, young men no longer seem encouraged to assume the traditional role of husband, father, protector and provider. Males are routinely ridiculed in western media. Girls rule and Boys drool.

Part of heterosexual masculine identity is protecting and providing for women and children.

As a woman, I feel uncomfortable with the over-promotion of females. For instance, "Because I am a Girl/Canada," is currently sponsoring an e-petition to declare Sept 22 as THE DAY OF THE GIRL. What about boys? Who's helping the boys?

As a mother of an adolescent son , I can see what this does to a young boy's self-esteem. As my son has often said to me, "mom, why is it always about girls?"

Over empowering or over-glorifying females, at the expense of males, creates an imbalance that effects us all. Historically, male-female unity has been our source of strength as humans.


How can we survive the nefarious influences currently facing humankind without the protection of the family unit? Moreover, these very same Satanic-influences caused the desperate plights of these impoverished girls to begin with! Then they step in with the solutions.

The human race has many enemies. If we are to vanquish our foes, survive and prosper, we cannot stand divided any longer.

Empower girls, empower boys. Empower the human race collectively, in order to defeat our ancient and largely unseen enemies.

To do so would be anathema to the Illuminati. Unity is a word they would like deleted from our shared human consciousness.


Makow Note: I first became aware of "Because I am a Girl" when I saw a condominium under construction in downtown Toronto. The signage was plastered with promotion for this charity. What do the two have in common? Bankers.

Posters for this "charity" are all over Toronto bus and subway stations. Yet Toronto buses also have plaques affirming their commitment to ending discrimination.  

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Comments for ""Because I am a Girl" Discrimination is OK"

Julian Lee said (July 5, 2012):

I remember empowering my wife to be the kind of mother she wanted to be (and that I wanted her to be, too). What did it entail? Making the money for the home, food, and cloth so she could be devoted to the children day and night. It's what she wanted, and me too. I wanted my kids to "have their mother" as I had had. But it meant me being strong in the outer world so she could be strong in the inner world. In astrology there is the 10th house and the 4th.

They are opposite each other. The 10th House is the house of the external, the elevated, the seen -- the world -- and associated with Capricorn and the Father. The 4th house, which corresponds to the sign of Cancer, is the house or sector associated with the private world, the realm of home, and is the astrological house associated with Motherhood.

The 4th house is the root of the 10th. The 10th grows out of the 4th just as a flower grows from the roots and stalk below it. What they are doing is teaching women to "go for the 10th" (the world, external achievement) abandon the 4th as if it's nothing. They are being taught, in a sense, that there is "no power in the Yin" and to go for the Yang -- even though the power of the hidden, quiet Yin is fully equal to the power of the Yang.

So in my traditional marriage I tried to be strong in the 10th house so she could fill up the 4th, and it worked. My kids got a lot of attention and nurturing. At least, until the "fulfill your desires" message of the 70's on helped conspire to encourage her to leave me. No, it's not that she wanted to work or be a little hen in an office building cooped up all day.

The realm of the "stay-at-home" is much more free and spacious than my realm was in my 20x20 foot office room all day. She just wanted to "fulfill herself." The price she paid was worse than the "fulfillment" though, which never materialized. And the younger ones got very little attention, to my great sadness, and turned out differently.

Yes, I have noticed the aggrandizement of girls over boys for many years now. It is pretty bizarre when you look at old media prior to 1970 and notice how much heroic and intrepid imagery was directed at boys in magazines and books, and how that seems entirely missing now, with girls having taken the role of boys as 'fearless adventurers." I find it bizarre, and sad -- for boys. They know that the strong male is a true threat. Girls pretending to be men can never be any true threat, in the end, to the powers.

Al Thompson said (June 23, 2012):

Since I've been an adult and the growth of feminism and homosexuality, I have seen women in general debased to an abhorrently low level. I see young men who don't have a lot of respect for their wives or girlfriends. This can be placed at the feet of the new age freaks who think they are doing something good, when in fact, their whole set of ideas are completely insane.

The real pain will come in this world when (if they manage to live long enough) they figure out their whole lifestyle was wrong and when they live long enough to realize that they have no children to love them in their old age, no grandchildren, and no love at all from homosexuals. Add to that, some form of STD and one would have a nightmare waiting for them in their old age. In fact, there is no such thing as love in a homosexual relationship. It is really hatred disguised as love. The delusion will reveal itself in their later years and they will be extremely sorry for their horrible choices.

I encourage young people not to ever listen to any more government types, government teachers, or religious leaders. Just keep God's commandments and stand aside. These people are stupid and insane and they want to drag everyone down to the lowest common denominator. Don't listen to their nonsense.

Tony said (June 23, 2012):

Not mentioned here is that a primary reason for aiming such programs at girls is that girls and women are much more docile and obedient to any purported authority, believing almost anything so promoted, than are boys and men.

Richard said (November 4, 2010):

Just to let you know that the same or similar ad has been shown over here in Korea. It has been going on for about 4 months. They are truly going after the entire world with this. The ad is just sickening in my view. Naturally, they should help everyone but that would be too obvious a need. Specifying girls is totally sexist.

Marcos said (November 4, 2010):

The symbol is a stylized Ouroboros, the self-consuming serpent, a very occult symbol. See how the circle is broken, so it cannot be the sun. Also, the sun is inside the circle.
It is said to have many meanings, but in this case it is the serpent that encompasses and reigns over the world. The church of satan also identifies it with Tamiat, or Levaiathan, the demon of the sea, one of the four satan's main minions.

I knew I had seen something similar, with a child inside an ouroboros:
(scroll down for the image)

In my opinion, the Plan logo means the child inside Satan's world circle, being watched by Lucifer himself (the sun).
Expect to see lots of ouroboros from now on, since it is also connected with the 2012 farse.

Dan said (November 4, 2010):

Infect indeed.

I watched this

I know what this is, though most would say I'm reactionary. But picture the girls shown in the documentary. Peasant farmer's daughters. Daughters of poor rural grocers and local mom and pop subsistence livelihoods.
the message is to turn their backs on their families and way of life, that they can be just like the fantasy they see in movies and television. Move to the city, advocate for abortion.

The slogan 'Girls are at the centre of development' is right. If UNESCO can get the girls to blow off their families and lure them to the cities their indigenous culture will collapse.

Julius Caesar's advice on how to wage a siege said that the invading army should promise the women in the besieged city safety and prosperity if they would come out and surrender. Caesar said if you can get the women to surrender the children follow them, leaving the men with nothing left to defend.

Stephanie said (November 4, 2010):

I never watch TV gossip magazines – but tonight I did and the message is CLEAR! Homosexuality is good. On CBS’s Access Hollywood, Portia De Rossi finds true acceptance with her “husband” Ellen Degeneres, thus curing her of her anorexia and inability to accept herself, while Chastity Bono has found true self love via her sex change operation into “Chaz”

Turn to NBC’s Extra where Ricky Martin is so relieved and filled with self love now that he has come out of the closet. He has never been so happy being a father and at peace with his homosexuality.

Yeah, there’s an agenda there.

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