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Illuminati Who's Who Linked to Raelians

December 5, 2022

200px-Raelian_symbol.svg.pngKanye tweeted the logo from the Raelian religion.

If he is an "antisemite", then so are most bankers and celebrities
who belong to this demented cult. Honestly, I don't have patience for this bullshit
but if someone can explain how this fits, be my guest.  (

from April 5, 2010
by Steve Thomas

The 'Evelyn Rothschild' Facebook page contains a central link directly connecting to the bizarre RAELIAN  movement - a sinister New Age cult . The group's website states: "The Raelian Revolution is boldly bringing about a complete paradigm shift on our planet."  This cannot be ignored, given its claim that a who's who of the world's elite, including Barack Obama and Tony Blair, are its "friends."

'Evelyn Rothschild':

The cult is headed by a man they call RAEL MAITREYA - Maitreya being a Sanskrit word for the anticipated 'new Buddha', or 'enlightened one'. The term has been absorbed within New Age and Theosophy terminology, where it has come to mean; the coming WORLD TEACHER. Others, especially bona fide students of the Bible, from many mainstream, non-cult, religious groups, believe this Maitreya to be a future manifestation of the ANTICHRIST.   'Rael Maitreya' is more than well connected:

On the friends' list of the 'Rael Maitreya' page, we find the initially inconspicuous  'Igor N. Grata' - evidently it seems, a preeminent activist within the cult of Raelism:

Igor N. Grata:

Igor N. Grata, directly inter-linked with 'Evelyn Rothschild' and 'Rael Maitreya', has no less than 57 Rothschilds and 13 Rockefellers, and a list of the most  significant world leaders, entertainment stars, lists of Royal Princes, Sultans, and European Nobility.  Film Stars, Society Greats the world over - all directly personally  attached as friends to this personal Raelian Cult Facebook site.

I have cross checked these named links and they appear to be genuine, with many thousand complex connectivity, personal to each.  Bon Jovi, Al-Saud, Kashoggi, Pacino, Warhol, Jolie, Onassis, Jagger.  'Alex Jones',  'TONY BLAIR', Lieberman, OBAMA, Affleck, 'BILL CLINTON', Bardot.  Santana, 'Carlos Raul Castro', Habsburg, Trump, Zeta-Jones, Kennedy, 'Madonna'. 'EHUD BARAK', 'ELIZABETH WINDSOR', Clapton, Mountbatten, Vanderbilt, Hefner.  'HOSNI MUBARAK',  'Jeb Bush', Depp, 'Joan Collins', 'JONG IL KIM'. 'Nicole kidman', Minogue, Presley,  'Ozzy Ozbourne', McCartney, Domingo, 'Ehud Olmert', Romanov, 'PRINCE CHARLES WINDSOR' (genuine page - cross-checked,) 'Simon Cowell', 'Tom Cruise' & Travolta' (=Scientology!) and 'William Henry Gates'.

Each of the named important friends has an equal and opposite link to Rael within their own list of friends. These people manage their information flows VERY carefully. It is impossible that 5,000 significant people would all have this Raelian top level contact in their own friends list. They would delete them without delay. To be a friend requires mutual agreement.

Proof - check these links and their friends' lists. Look for Igor N. Grata. He is the Raelian Link. Type Igor in search bar and hit the tennis racket. Then click him and check it out...  Grace Jones:   Julia Roberts:  Atiene Rothschild:   Oprah Winfrey:

The cross-over between this list, and the friends' list of the Grandmaster of the GUILDERBERG, is almost unbelievable.  The 'ANGEL ILLUMINATI' appears in pole position within this Raelian list of 4,930!

(Links are being closed down as the investigation proceeds. If you log onto the Rael site above, find 'Igor N. Grata' in the friends list to gain access to his friends list. Type a letter or a name in the search bar and hit the search icon.)

raelian_ufo.jpgRael Maitreya proponent, 'Igor N Gratia', preaches the following doctrine from his home page: "I AM AllOneness HADRON Materia, I AM Elohim-Terran; I AM LOVE - I AM World Peace". (How interesting then, that we also find the Hadron Collider in the list of Guilderberg connections.)

'Political views' are registered as: "New World Order/Global Empire meets New Cosmic Order/Global Republic via "Royalist-300" Geniocracy'"

'Religious views': "Raelian (= atheist/ creationist)"

Advertising: "The 'Book' that will change the world and usher in a new era of world peace, universal love and a New Cosmic Order for intergalactic humanity."

Permitted entrance into high society, celebrity culture, media, Government, is evidently controlled by a GATE-KEEPER, or at least recorded in this phenomenal register for some use as yet unknown.


The main page of the 'Igor N. Grata' web address, ominously proclaims: "Igor N. Grata overturns present reality by prescribing for humanity "white pill" of Bitter Tears, "blue pill of Royal Destiny, and "red pill of The Blood".  He asks: "is humanity nothing more than a quantum cosmic entanglement...?"  Please do scan this main information page:   Here we find the white pill appears to be connected in some way to a predicted "California earthquake 2010". Please see the page and explore the connections between the site, and the 'admin' who refers to himself as "creator"...

Is this event connected to HAARP technology, believed by many to be instrumental in the deliberate triggering of earthquakes?  An open question.

raelian_poster_web.jpgTHE ORGANIZED GLOBAL ELITE

The prevailing core evidence here presented, links -

1. The known GLOBAL ELITE, (infused with Rothschild and Rockefeller family members, European Dynastic Nobility, Royalty, and Global business leaders, the world's most wealthy, Sultans & Sheiks, media & entertainment stars.)

2. The ILLUMINATI,  via the actual name appearing throughout Facebook entries of almost 600 people, from Clinton to Gates etc

3. World FREEMASONRY, via the multiple Masonic Lodge connections running out from this unholy web across the world.

4. The ancient GILDERBERG group,  containing as it does,  many of the most important people on the planet, and embedded within it, Hans Bilderberg, (the Bilderberg name originating from the Hotel where the group first met in 1954, with the world's politicians by personal invitation) and now, at last.

5. A sinister spiritual connection between the groups - the infamous RAELIAN CULT, which looks to 'extra-terrestrial' influences to guide us into 'planetary harmony'. This group incredibly provides us with an almost impossible-to-locate list of the most significant players on the world stage, in all areas of public and private life. And a mutual direct link to the 'GOLDEN DAWN', hosting overt Satanism, Witchcraft, Luciferianism, and Thelema Magick. And the now infamous ANGEL ILLUMINATI.

Some people believe that the Illuminati serve extraterrestrials. Could the Raelians be the link between the two? According to Wikipedia, "followers of Raëlism are believers in the Elohim, an advanced race of extraterrestrials who created life on earth."


'New Era' spirituality emerged from the occult spiritual movement known as THEOSOPHY. This came through Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, who channelled the writings of her claimed 'spirit guide' (known as Djwhal Khul), in a document known as "the Externalization of the Hierarchy".

Bailey formed the Publishing House, 'Lucifer Trust' (later changed to 'Lucis Trust')  which published documentation for the United Nations.  Her channelled writings (written in the 1940's) have been central to the development of New Era (or New Age) dogma, focussing on; "the manifestation of AVATARS" (external spirit embodiments, otherwise known as 'walk-ins'). The use of "World Crises to enable global change"!... "Steps to a New World Order", "The release of Atomic Energy", and preparation for the "reappearance of the Christ" (known alternatively as: 'the Antichrist'). Here follows a sample of her writings:

"The energy pouring through Them [Avatars] and transmitted by Them is focused through the Lord of the World; They can only be reached by the united voices of the Hierarchy and of humanity speaking in unison; Their service is evoked only by realized need, and only after those who call Them forth have added to their faith strenuous action"


The Raelian Facebook connections, reveal a final link in this chain:

Arcturus promotes a modernized version of Bailey's demonic incarnation of avatars into willing human hosts, promoting: "Ascension of Earthlings into the fifth dimensional frequency. Those from Arcturus are benevolent to all beings and are willing to assist any of those who request their assistance. Their evolutionary track puts them far ahead of those beings on earth. Their purpose here is to enlighten their space brothers and sisters and will not unwillingly impose unless requested to do so."    - This devil lies poorly!

It is of utmost importance to realize that the World Elite are now organizing in association with a Spirit Cult of immense significance. This is an elite allegiance organized in association with the Raelian Movement, the Guilderberg, connecting directly to the Illuminati, and the Ruling Houses of Europe, America, and the Kings of the East.

More on Raelian Cult

Raelians Denounce Zionists

YouTube "Rael Talks About Money"

Also by Steve Thomas

Tracking the Bilderbergers in Facebook

Steve Thomas is an organic gardener in Cornwall England.

His first essay was "Tracking the Illuminati On Facebook"

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Illuminati Who's Who Linked to Raelians "

James C said (December 6, 2022):

Your latest post reminded me of something I read in Hannah Newman's The Rainbow Swastika. Under the rubric
"The NA gods 'overshadowing' humans: from teachers to tenants" (p. 44) she describes "walk-outs" as people who voluntarily allow "walk-ins" to take possession of their physical bodies. It all sounds like demon possession to me.

To change the subject, I read somewhere that Kanye West believes Blacks are the true Semites. This idea is contrary to all biblical and historical descriptions of true Semites. However, being the lover of women that he was, Solomon may have impregnated the Queen of Sheba during her visit; and there may be living descendants of Solomon in Africa. But they are not pure Semites. Miscegenation is nothing new.

RB said (December 6, 2022):

In my opinion this makes a lot of sense and fits into the alien agenda lies and the soon to be announced ( again, in my opinion ), antichrist world leader.

As you know, we are dealing with evil at very high levels. However, I am still happy because I know that Yesu Christ is going to return and wipe everything that is against him away. Remember the forty days and forty nights of rain! The next cleansing of evil is going to be done by fire!

Thanks again for your work! You have opened my eyes to a lot of history and truth that I didn't know.

Doug P said (December 6, 2022):

remember the Raelians, one tried to recruit me when I lived in Oshawa when I was around 19 years old. Now I think it's just another cult, one of the dozen or so that people know about. As I remember it, it starts off with worship of the anus, at the start, everyone looks up inside everyone else's asshole and this is supposed to be some kind of path to the stars or higher enlightenment. You get told that clothing is optional on the compound and if you want sex, you just go knock on someone's door and ask. As a teenager and agnostic, it all sounded too good to be true, except for the asshole-gazing part. I could never figure out what they wanted in return so I never joined. Judaism is just the biggest of the freak-cults. I see them all as the same. Funny they came up again. lol.

Tony B said (December 5, 2022):


All these evil organizations boil down exactly to SATANISM.

Be aware, Satan is real but he is just a creature, like us in that respect; but with superior intelligence (which he misuses).

God IS the Creator of all, Evolution is masonic/satanic bullshit. Satan can only do what God allows him to do (see 1884 "vision" of Pope Leo XIII.)

It has always been the war between the Creator and this insane, overly proud, creature, from the beginning of time as we know it.

DG said (December 5, 2022):

For Pete's sake!
Why doesn't anybody but ME know that Satan's filthy stinking Jews CREATED Nazism August 31, 1897 in Basel, Switzerland!?

Satan's Jews wrote "The Jew Protocols" to tell the cowardly White Pussies what they were going to do to them but the cowardly
White Pussies refuse to listen to the TRUTH about Satan's Demons and choose to WORSHIP their Jewish "gods", no matter WHAT they do!

That's why all the former "White Christian Homelands" are Third World Nigger Shitholes now, full of Queers, Trannies and Pedophiles and the Christian religion is VERBOTEN!

Satan's Jewish Nazis!
Global Jewish Nazism!
And White Cowards that lick Jew anus!
A Third Jewish World War is what this Shithole Planet deserves!

Albert said (April 20, 2010):
Evelyn Rothschild

The link for the Raelians website was here on my previous visit here but it doesn't appear to be here now.

Amicus said (April 6, 2010):

I lived through the 60's, the 70's, the 80's, the 90's, 0's, and now the 10's. I used to workd as an analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency. I recently came to this conclusion. The new age movement was just put there to disarm the masses. People who are drugged out on one or many of the many options they have are no threat. It used to be a population of people was also a force. NO longer. Sheeple they have become. It used to be that a citizen army was a real force. NO longer. The people are not longer a threat. They are a diminishing resource. Soon not to have any value at all.

Think extreme arrogance and greed - a culling is coming.

On another note, the Catholic church forgot its purpose and turned into what all power structures do, corruption. Yet, there is still is meaning in the myth. There is a warning in the message.

A lot of tripe has been put out there to confuse and distract. They had this down 2000 years ago, aka 'bread and circuses'.

There is so much info out there that it is hard to see the truth and the people are now so meek and disarmed it really doesn't matter. They will do as they please and I don't think for the masses that is a good thing.

Marilyn said (April 6, 2010):

I am working with a psychologist who has nothing but the kindest of
intentions. He is a New Ager, of sorts. I suggest you visit his website:

His name is Jonathan Parker. A very aware and rare individual.

What you've been writing about New Agers and what Jeff Rense publishes, is
so unbelievably erroneous that I hardly know how to react. We are servants
of God. Not 'Lucifer', not 'Satan', but our Creator, the Mother-Father God.

The Illuminati started the New Age movement, but it backfired. Totally.

We warn people about New World Order, the totalitarian state. It's sort of an: "Operation: WAKE-UP!" We pray. We allow God's Light to come through us, so that we act as conduits in spreading Love throughout the planet. If the Rothschilds think they have any hold on New Agers, they are dead wrong.

When I attend a New Age gathering, which is seldom (but I do attend) all the banter is about this draconian law and that, and what we can do to combat it.

I've never seen a group more maligned who are less deserving of being dissed. You are in the dark on this one.

Irish Dan said (April 6, 2010):

Hidden in Plain Sight.

The first thing to remember is this concept is very old indeed, after all Jesus himself used it. Time and again he alerted his inner circle to the the fact that he had been involved in ' double speak' after addressing a crowd with the words " he that hath eyes let them see, he that hath ears let them hear"

As somebody who had been involved in Republican politics, I am personally familiar with this concept, when addressing a public meeting with the Special Branch ( Irish political police ) taking notes, the challenge was to impart a message, clear to the audience, yet also seemingly so ambiguous that it was not sufficiently explicit as to merit evidence for a court prosecution! I would also alert the audience to ' Hidden Speak' by saying something to the effect...." having regard to the S.B. taking notes you will understand me speaking as I am when I say ........."

The concept of hidden in plains sight also involves a dichotomy: the message or true purpose should ideally be known only to those to whom it was intended for, yet to get it out there, it must also be where all can see. It is not as if the methods of themselves are unknown; Wilson Churchill, former British Prime Minister, who was also one of the leading world figures of the day ( and a member of several esoteric societies ) put it succinctly when he said and I quote, " Truth is so precious we must always protected it with a bodyguard of lies "

Some years ago I attended a weekend conference, shortly after the publication of 'The D. V. Code' book where over twenty international authors on 'Hidden History' aspects were present, there was a long, lively discussion as to what was really afoot. The consensus was that some Masonic Branch, probably American, made their archives available as they wanted, for whatever reason, the information carried in the book out there at this particular time.

Like wise with 'Face Book' etc. and the NWO, these new open information technologies, pop culture bands and ' want-to-be's also ' provide the water for the fish to swim in', mainly undetected in the deluge of electronic media trash. Eventually when these ' Hidden Hands' come out in the open they need to be able to say "......... But we were never actually secret, take Face Book for example....... "

It seems the only answer is a slogan I see painted on a Dublin wall hoarding over thirty years ago, ...... ' Be alert...... the country needs Lerts ! '

Jim said (April 6, 2010):

Read your article on Raelians, and have some science related comments. The first is about aliens from another planet. Astronomers have scoured the local confines of space, with their telescopes, and the closest planet that might be inhabited in over 100 light years away.

Even if aliens possessed technology to accelerate their spacecraft to the speed of light, which is actually impossible, it would take at least 200 years to make a round trip to Earth from their home world. This space craft would have to have artificial gravity and all bodily waste would have to be recycled repeatedly. Another feature to consider is that it takes three months to make a ninety degree turn, at even one tenth the speed of light, allowing a constant ten G's of force on the space craft and its inhabitants.

It seems highly implausible that any alien race would even wish to visit Earth, and no one has ever captured one of these critters or their hypothetical space craft, so the Elohim are just fantasy. The second is the comment that humans are a result of "quantum cosmic entanglement". Name dropping in this sort of ridiculous manner is a principle feature of bad science fiction stories and movies (watch Star Trek if you doubt this).

Quantum Theory models the electron and proton as probability fields, which defines the electron and proton as mathematical point particles, since you can shrink the region of space that the electron and proton can exist within to an arbitrarily small size. The mathematical point charge has infinite self energy, no physical explanation for angular momentum or magnetic spin, and no means to transmit or receive energy (radiate). The Physics community adopted this non-physical model because they could not handle the mathematical complexities of a spatially extended charge model that interacts with itself. Please check out and

There are no such things as quantum entanglements. As a last comment, not about science, consider who actually participates in face book to let it all hang out. Am myself a nobody, but would never consider having a face book account, for the very simple reason of privacy.

If you are a billionaire banker/industrialist, there is no f#&king way in hell you are going to expose any part of yourself to a group of strangers. That would be patently absurd, as secrecy is of utmost importance to accruing power. My gut feeling is some other parties have created these face book persona's as a joke or just inane entertainment.



The Illuminati types engage in all kinds of activities you wouldn't suspect, and this Raelian nonsense is not beyond them. Have you read about Bohemian Grove?

GloriaPatre said (April 6, 2010):

I disagree with those who say that these groups only work in, and crave secrecy. What you are failing to understand is that they are allowing themselves to be revealed.

The choice of Facebook is pathetically obvious! Talk about catering to public exposure! This is utterly deliberate. A major part of their plan, at this point, is for their most likely opponents to get a thorough eyeful of the enormity of their strangle hold on the world today. They seek to employ the weapon of fear in order to demoralize any would-be opposition. The more truth-seekers understand about the real depth of Satanic/Illuminati power and control, the better the odds they will believe resistance to the New World Order is futile.

Failing that, martyrs make short-term opponents at best and they want "us" to understand it's the only second choice we've got... obviously they don't know Our Father...

Mike said (April 6, 2010):

Good job steve!
Bailey's Dogma is so Cunning and Powerful.
I'm sure most people won't take the time
to read all of it.

Tom said (April 6, 2010):

Even if this is an intricate disinformation 'red hering' there is always some truth to 'their' propaganda. These people are actually very stupid and although they think they cover their tracks well, with such smug hubris, their end is coming with a sudden, almighty and hellish thud...I believe very soon. The true God of the universe is done with them and their twisted, faggoty master, who is not Rael but Lucifer.

"the first shall be last and the last first" Jesus

Lee said (April 6, 2010):

Very good work dear Steve & Henry!

The gods? These are individuals making a game of R-E-A-L life-drama, due to their twisted interpretations is more on level of they shooting plastic ducks in kiosk at local fair; going for the stuffed animal as ones prize.

How commonly predictable posting on facebook would be for individuals painfully indoctrinated to think "they" are the CHOSEN ones. Of course they'd extend their morose self-important sense of entitlements on facebook and any where else they wanted to. These are individuals who were led to believe Mankind is no higher than that of bovine or insects... and "they" (illuminati pawns) can do here WHAT they want, WHEN they want, WHERE they want, and HOW they want! Period. After all, they are kyngs on high-- who have history of indoctrinations to prove this-- and by association with the LORD creator are RAISED above the rest! They have made special contracts with their self-proclaimed "CREATOR of all life" (paleeeez!) The arrogance and boldness of these freaks knows no bounds. Of COURSE they would gloat on facebook.

Beloved Henry... if you'd like to strip away all the so-called "mystery" these anti-live (spell live backwards) advocates promote & disguise their misdeeds as-- may I gently point you toward website:

SA said (April 6, 2010):

If you’re not familiar with the level of arrogance and sheer bravado of these Satanists then you really do not know your enemy [illuminati/Zionists] that well. They are literally laughing in your face, and for a good reason; you’ve been programmed to reject the plain and in view obvious truth and accept or believe the out of this world conspiracy theories that they themselves have propagated. They’ve gotcha right in the balls, in the words of George Carlin, spinning around in circles….wake up!

By the way most of the ‘artisits’ on that list like Santana, Johnny Depp and Jon Bonjovi

Have bean featured in a short, six part series exposé which documents how 50 artists have sold their soul to the devil….it really is a must see [ length of series approx 40 minutes]

part 1- (5:39 sec.)

Shai said (April 6, 2010):

"Some people believe that the Illuminati serve extraterrestrials. Could the Raelians be the link between the two? According to Wikipedia, "followers of Raëlism are believers in the Elohim, an advanced race of extraterrestrials who created life on earth."

And the proof, as I said.. is there for anyone to contemplate.. in Genesis


Perry said (April 6, 2010):

I would have figured you would have smelled a HOAX with this whole "Illuminati Facebook" scam. Do you REALLY think the "Illuminati" would use Facebook like the rest of us? I suppose they buy their groceries at Walmart too right?

Seriously your credibility is going straight into the toilet at the speed of light on this one and it WILL jeopardize the credibility of anything you post in the future. How about an expose on the evidence being revealed on how Israel did 9-11 instead? Or would you rather push "the aliens are coming" NONSENSE instead? Get Real.


This is not a diversion. It is keeping an open mind, and reserving judgment. We all know about Mossad and 9-11.


Jed said (April 6, 2010):

Having been on Facebook for a long time I can tell you that anyone can pretend to be anyone there, and celebrities usually set up a fan page rather than a personal page - so people become their fans without requiring approval, unlike friend requests where you must accept someone as a friend.

It seems like some folks have decided to play around with the whole Illuminati/NWO theme on Facebook and create a network of connections between celebrities and people from rich and powerful families. It could even be a game some guys set up to entertain themselves. It doesn't prove anything at all.

Regarding the Raelians, I'm strongly suspect there is an NWO/intelligence faction controlling that group, and someone I know personally said Rael gives a masonic handshake. There are lots of well-meaning people connected to the Raelian group and other new-age type organizations - with the Rael group it seems that a genuinely warped ET philosophy is being promoted using some things that sound good to people on the surface - peace, meditation, free love, etc. Then they bring in the cloning and global control system.

John said (April 6, 2010):

I like to look at this as just finding the truth Henry, I really don't feel they are all evil or a CULT. but only as some people with higher knowledge. I find it as enlightenment, it is to bad they keep it to them selfs but wouldn't any one? Some people cant handle the truth. Some people do like to monopolizes knowledge to take advantage and enrich them selfs. This is what I find disturbing, but it is on the net to be found if one searches for it.



Don't be fooled. They don't have any higher knowledge.


Ken said (April 6, 2010):

You've been had.

Just because someone calls themselves "Henry Gates lll" or "Tom Cruise" on facebook doesn't mean that they are that person. When facebook allowed people to brand their facebook page with their own name, lots of people took the names of famous people. They did that for marketing purposes, or to get attention. There were lots of complaints about it to facebook when some people found their names already "taken." Facebook's attitude about it was to simply shrug and say, 'first come first served.'

My guess is that the real owners of those names are probably just wack Raelian cult members who took those names precisely because they were famous. They wanted to generate publicity for their cult. The real Bill Gates or Tom Cruise, etc, probably has a completely unguessable and private Facebook login.


Duane said (April 6, 2010):

Just a general comment here:

These gentlemen and ladies have had hundreds of years to put together an exquisite and efficient communication system which is hidden from ordinary view.

The technology we are using in facebook.. twitter and all the other social channels has probably been available to these individuals for some time. In fact, I would suggest that they would never need to use them in the first place as they have their own private networks.

Why would such people use such open and public facilities to communicate unless they were simply playing the misinformation game?

This is garbage Henry and not worthy of you.

Please get back to the serious stuff.


Steve replies:

All I can say is - go check the links - work through them. This is very profound and can be cross checked in minutes with a bit of curiosity. Don't take my word for it. Check "pages - see all" and "friends - view all" on the Facebook pages. It is unbelievable, but can be easily verified.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at