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Illuminati Sabotage Patriot Communication

September 22, 2009


by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Illuminati lackeys are intercepting and even changing emails between Patriot websites.

Over the last weekend, I sent Jeff Rense a link to Paul Drockton's article, "Jonestown Was an Illuminati Experiment."  

I sent this link six times from two different addresses. Jeff didn't get any of these emails. Eventually, I had to phone him.

Then Monday night, Jeff wanted to interview Paul on his radio show. Paul sent me his phone number to forward to Jeff. But before it got to me, it was changed by an unseen hand. Jeff couldn't reach Paul. I got the right number when I asked Paul to phone me. Paul appeared in the last segment of Jeff's show.

In the past, off and on, I have had my articles blocked when i sent them to Jeff. Jeff routinely has his emails to his webmaster blocked. Last week, Jeff's site came under cyber attack and was down for about 30 hours.

Two weeks ago, Rixon Steward, webmaster of "The" remarked that his site was coming under cyber attack. Then it went down and has been down ever since. Most of his email addresses went dead too. Luckily one worked and I got his phone number. But the phone was continually busy.

"British Telecom is heavily infiltrated by Masons and/or intelligence operatives. Hence, I suspect problems with my phone are not mere technical problems," he wrote Tuesday morning.  "However, I'm OK and the website should be up in the next day or two."

Both Rense and Truthseeker are fearlessly anti-Zionist, anti-Illuminati and anti-NWO.  The NWO is taking the form of brainwashing the human race. Obviously these sites interfere and have become targets.

Israeli already monitors US telephone communications.   We can assume all internet communications are also monitored. But increasingly the forces of darkness are moving beyond mere monitoring. They are attacking websites, stopping emails and actually tampering with them.

This indicates a degree of desperation on their part, and the possibility that ominous events may be on the horizon. 


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Comments for "Illuminati Sabotage Patriot Communication"

Brian said (September 23, 2009):

Here in England we've had these problems for a long time. My phone has been monitored for years, plus I'll often hear two loud clicks during a call, probably intended to remind me they're listening. Sometimes when I put the phone down it rings. I pick it up. Silence. Nobody there and no dial tone.

My computer crashes EVERY time I visit certain websites (especially Rense), and during the past couple of weeks I've been losing my dial-up connection whenever I try to check my e-mails. It's not my computer settings, but actual interference by government agents or my ISP.

Friends often don't receive e-mails, whether from me or from other sources, and messages they send don't always arrive. It's almost as bad as snail mail, but even here we have problems. About a decade ago I didn't receive any mail at all for more than a year. They insisted nothing was wrong, though I knew certain companies were having their letters to me returned as "undeliverable". Every letter I do receive shows signs of having been opened.

I've never been convicted - or even suspected - of any crime, so there's no valid reason to spy on me apart from my "dissident" views.

You're doing a valuable job. Keep fighting for as long as they let you.

Steve said (September 23, 2009):

I read your article with interest as it sparked some research I recall was exposed a few years ago.

The first person to supposedly die in the 9-11 attacks was a Mossad agent and crack anti airline hijacking commando called Daniel Lewin. He
was curiously the CEO of THE single most largest server farm in the world hosting services for Microsoft, Hotmail, Yahoo, Google,
Gmail and no doubt many many other major email servers.

Phil Jayhan of discovered a few years ago that yahoo servers actually FILTER everybody's email accounts and are sent through these filters at a remote server location before being forwarded onto the mail recipients. So it does not surprise me to read your article in
fact its quite normal to have such things occur especially when Israeli agencies are so obviously involved with peoples daily emails.

Dan said (September 23, 2009):

This search engine start page doesn't record IP address, so the your searches aren't recorded forever in the Web 2.0 'Cloud'.


anon said (September 22, 2009):

Try AnonEmail

Jim said (September 22, 2009):

Hello Henry,

As well as thetruthseeker website being down, Les Visible has not posted to any of his blogs either and he is regular as clockwork.

This article might be an indication of things to come - evil, just pure evil unmasked.

Please post any updates to keep everyone informed.

Nathan said (September 22, 2009):

I totally agree with your latest article. I learned first hand this summer that such things take place. Three times I emailed Ed Decker author of The Dark Side of Freemasonry. The first couple of times I emailed him through my parents' email address. I received no reply. Then, I emailed him through my personal email address. Promptly, he replied. In his response, Decker said that he had already replied to my previous emails. Neither he nor I could figure out where his previous replies went. The only logical explanation is that the Illuminati cyber henchmen got to the emails and kept me from receiving them. This explanation makes even more sense when you consider that Decker attached a copy of The Dark Side of Freemasonry with the emails. Thank God that I received his reply at my personal email address. Now I have his excellent book saved on my flash drive.

I hope that the cyber henchmen will not block our communications. I need to be able to keep in touch with you. You are one of my top informants about the nwo.

Paul Drockton said (September 22, 2009):

Your article brought other things that have happened into focus. My phones are tapped and they literally use this, along with the email intercepts, to sabotage my attempts at generating an income or securing employment. I moved a few weeks ago due to "harassment" that included revving huge Pickups outside my bedroom window at 2 in the morning, running vehicles by my basement window with the tail pipes pumping CO2 into my basement, and other activities designed to hurt me and my family.

My mail over the past few weeks has literally "disappeared without a trace". It simply has ceased to exist. Now, all I get is a few pieces of junkmail and the occasional bill. I went to our area postmaster and complained and he stated that he would investigate and call me. He never did.

I feel like I'm living in a military psyop that focuses on isolation, disruption of sleep and interference with my communication. Similar to what you talked about in your article.

Thank you for exposing these kinds of military activities targeting everyday citizens.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at