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Illuminati Spreads Perversity by "Condemning" It

November 12, 2010

to_catch_a_predator.jpg"The author was born into a generation that is known to pop culture as "Generation X" .. it was "Generation X" that brought forth this "gay rights" revolution, and it will be their children, the "Generation Y," (many of whom are presently in high school, or younger) who will bring about the "pedophile rights" revolution."

by Paul Hofstadter

Recently, the Internet and Cable TV were ablaze with the latest "scandal" : the Internet retail giant Amazon sold a "how-to" manual for pedophiles. Amazon removed it after initial resistance (as if that would actually solve the problem of pedophilia?? ... after all, Amazon was simply reacting to a demand already present in the marketplace, yes?)

I wonder how many of these "indignant" and "outraged" posters are themselves supporters of gay rights, and same-sex marriages? Isn't pederasty related to homosexuality?

For much of American history, homosexuality was regarded as a taboo. But then in the 1970s, things began to change. Rather than simply "violently oppose" homosexuality, we saw the emergence of comedy sitcoms like "Three's Company" where homosexuality was lampooned and made fun of.

Now it is being rammed down out throats, taught in schools and generally presented as a "lifestyle choice" and not a developmental disorder. People who refuse to experiment with homosexuality are deemed intolerant and hateful.  

The same is formula/recipe is being used to force pedophilia onto the American public.

Pedophilia is so far from the cultural nature that no sane human needs to be "told" that it's wrong.

Such thoughts simply don't enter into the mind of the same, rational adult human.

But beginning about 10 years ago, the media began a campaign of planting seeds into the public mind of just how "bad" and "wrong" pedophilia is.

And even if such seeds do not blossom into pedophilia actions in that particular individual, the end result is that statistically, even by "attacking" and "violently opposing" pedophilia in this way, you will see a statistical increase in the number of pedophilia cases.

It's why drug abuse always increases after D.A.R.E. programs come to school and tell children how "bad" and "wrong" drugs are.

It's why suicides always increase after counselors tell teens not to kill themselves.

So about 10 years ago, the public began to be bombarded by news reports of pedophilia, by shows like "To Catch a Predator", and by "Law and Order"  where it seems in EVERY SINGLE episode the detectives were trying to hunt down a child rapist.

That's Phase 1: the phase of "violent opposition."

FamilyGuyShot400.jpgToday we've moved into Phase 2: the phase of ridicule. This can most readily be seen in shows like "Family Guy."

History will record that "Family Guy" was to pedophilia what "Three's Company" was to homosexuality: in the 30 minutes that are devoted to an episode of "Family Guy", there will be at least 20 (if not many more) pedophile "jokes".

The show stars an infant baby who is himself gay, and who is constantly finding himself in predicaments where he is being propositioned, or outright having sex with, adult males.

The show features bestiality: a dog who is the "hot stud" of the town, "dating" a new, gorgeous blond girl in every episode. It features an awkward teenage daughter whose mother ends up having sex with every boyfriend she brings home. In fact, the only people in that show who are NOT having sex with each other are the husband and wife.


It's true that today many people are campaigning for "gay rights" (most of whom, ironically, are perfectly straight and have no gay proclivities or inclinations whatsoever.)

In 30 years time, the children of these "gay rights" protesters will be campaigning for "pedophile rights" (just as their parents campaigned for homosexuality.)

But it doesn't end there: it gets (much) worse.

Americans have a dim, inchoate notion that at one time, Rome was a great Republic, and then at some later point, the Romans were throwing Christians to the lions.

But Americans have no concept whatsoever of the VERY HIGH SCIENCE that was used to degrade Rome from the noble Republic into the savage Empire.

A few of the basics of this HIGH SCIENCE have been outlined in this article. But it's worth noting that it doesn't end in social acceptance of pedophilia: it ends in the social acceptance of snuff.

The author was born into a generation that is known to pop culture as "Generation X" .. it was "Generation X" that brought forth this "gay rights" revolution, and it will be their children, the "Generation Y," (many of whom are presently in high school, or younger) who will bring about the "pedophile rights" revolution.

And it will be their children (the "Generation Z") who will bring forth a "revolution" to legitimize snuff... and it is worth noting that there are no more letters in the alphabet after Z.

The letter "Z" is the Endgame. And not just (or even necessarily) snuff in the pornographic sense, but snuff in the sense of how it was used in Rome: as a sort of Rollerball, Idiocracy, Running Man-style of snuff, where executing condemned prisoners is turned into a macabre game show, with frenzied crowds rabidly cheering for the death of the contestants.

This is the very grim future that now awaits America.

The destruction of a Republic follows a very precise, very SCIENTIFIC formula: (1) first you get the population to accept homosexuality; (2) then you get the population to accept pedophilia; and (3) then you get the population to accept snuff.

These three ALWAYS follow one another, in that order, like day follows the night. It is one of the lessons that history has to teach.


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Comments for "Illuminati Spreads Perversity by "Condemning" It"

Keith said (November 13, 2010):

Excellent article by Paul Hofstadter today.

Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show are chock full of NWO social engineering items

The producer -Seth MacFarlane -who recently received a 150 million dollar contract is clearly part the agenda.

I watch these shows for the sole reason of seeing what new crap they are pushing. So far,

1. homosexuality
2. bestiality
3. objectification/violence against women

These are standard themes in almost every episode - it cant be coincidence.

keep up the good work

Mike said (November 13, 2010):

Last year I was at my local library on the free internet access and next to me were 3 kids, about 7 or 8 years old. Some website they tried to look at was blocked.[Alot like the Alex Jones websites that are blocked because the system there accused it of being a gambling website !!!!!] Anyway, I heard the little kids say, "oh! Thats because of the pedophiles"....It was said so matter of factly I was stunned !.

yep! pedophiles are EVERYWHERE....alot like Al Quaida are EVERYWHERE.....And soon enough it'll be..."a lifestyle choice" we non-pedos are just bigotted against.Same with serial killers....they chose to be that're just a bigot if you don't allow them freedoms to express themselves.

Just wtf is happening to this World !!!!!?

I was talking to an 18 year old neighbor the other day and I mentioned CHEMTRAILS....told him the sky never used to look like a criss-cross grid.He looked up at the though he had never bothered looking before !!!!.Thats gradualism for ya !!!! Doing all this stuff in such slow,small increments that the next generation barely notice !

AM said (November 13, 2010):

This is 1 of the most profound and frightening articles I have read in recent weeks. It makes total sense. I could never work out the 'gen y' propaganda with it's brevity and insignificance to the average person. It would seem though that it is a very serious sequence in the satanist's final solution...we live in such perilous times, to me now there is no doubt.

Kurt said (November 13, 2010):

Have you noticed the progression of Disney pop stars elevated to fame and marketed to tweens and pre-teens as icons? Once famous they are re-made into vampish jail bait and showered with notoriety in the tabloids. Think Brittany Spears, Lindsey Lohan and Miley Cyrus to name a recent few. The message is; ‘you can be rich and famous if you behave in this fashion’ and it is aimed at your 12 year old daughters.

Mona said (November 12, 2010):

Interesting article. But I think they don't condemn it as much as they pretend to by testing the boundaries of those who do. I was one of the protesters against the Amazon Kindle pedophile book, and immediately contacted Amazon to close my Amazon account. They promptly replied that they were no-longer offering the book for sale. The author of this article is wrong to suggest that those who protested Amazon's decision to sell the book are probably also pro gay/lesbian. I do NOT support gay/lesbian anything--at all. But I do agree with the writer that leaders of this twisted world do use very manipulative tactics--specifically psychological conditioning--to dull the moral sense of right and wrong through television, and I am proud to say that I do not watch today's so-called cartoons. Henry, I thought you might find this report very interesting. This report is both eye-opening AND heart-breaking: Child Molestation and the Homosexual Movement by Steve Baldwin

Jack said (November 12, 2010):

I'm reading Cruel Hoax now. I take it with me in public and engage in discussions with anyone who asks about it. I'm writing to let you know that the cultural sewage has already inundated the population with pedophilia in the form of "Lolita" type pop music stars as well as dubious "teen modeling sites."

I have personally spoken out against it and those who own websites promoting such degradation and as a result, I've been under constant attack. My name (not the one used here) was been defamed and smeared by countless anonymous cyberbully types--all of whom are organized around promoting pedophilia.

Your article about the progression from Homosexuality to Pedophilia to Snuff has alerted me to the fact that I need to keep up my fight against it.

Thank you for your courageous stance against the growing tide of evil.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at