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I'm NOT on Putin's Bandwagon

August 26, 2008

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

(This substantially updates and revises "Our Leaders: Whose Sick Joke?" Jan 15, 2008)

I had as much satisfaction as anyone from the humiliation Vlad Putin dealt the Zionists in Georgia recently. However I'm not joining in the general celebration evinced by articles like
"The Zionist West Has Met Its Match" by Karl Schwartz (August 23,2008.)  

To equate the New World Order with Zionism is incorrect.  Zionism is just one pincer in the NWO. The other is Opposition-to-Zionism, represented by Russia's Putin and Iran's Ahmadinejad. The Rothschilds control them both through MI-6.

This dialectic succeeds the Nazi- Communist one of WW2. You can't have a Third World War unless you have two sides. This time round, Putin and Ahmadinejad have been cast as defenders of Nation and Religion. But don't be fooled. This is the Rothschild Modus Operandi.  They routinely simulate the opposition or pretend to fight themselves. (Read Protocols 12 and 17 for examples.)This way they can initiate profitable conflicts and orchestrate the outcome. Wars keep us off balance and unable to address the real problem-them.  Meanwhile the idealistic plebes fight and die for a "cause."

How do I support this view of Putin? To begin with, his body language. Putin doesn't have the gravitas to be anything more than a front man. He lacks chest hair. Have you seen how comfortable he is with George W. ? They are both veterans from central casting. If Putin were for real, he wouldn't be able to stand W's presence.

putinyoung.jpgFor those who demand more substantial proof, I spent a half-hour on Google. I learned that Putin is on intimate terms with the head of the largest faction of Russian Jewry, the Chabad Lubavitchers. The Rebbe relates how when young Vlad was hungry, they fed him and he has felt gratitude ever since. Maybe they're still feeding him? Apparently this sect is on the forefront of the NWO.

Then I found the website of an MI-6 defector Richard Tomlinson who trained with young KGB agent Putin. They both learned to serve the Illuminati who were 'born to rule', the self-elected custodians of society.

Putin was brainwashed and controlled by MI-6 and may still be. This may explain his muted reaction to the sinking of the Kursk by the US and the Beslan massacre aided and abetted by MI-6. Tomlinson says Putin was a Royal Arch Freemason but is no longer a Freemason and has broken free of his mind programming. I wonder.

Another tell: Mikhail Gorbachev, New World Elder, rode to Putin's defence on the Larry King Show.

Then there is the famous picture of Putin kissing the stomach of a young boy in public, suggesting he has the pederast foibles typical of his kind. I don't believe Putin's break with the Rothschilds and the West is more than stagecraft. Does Russia have a central bank controlled by the Rothschilds? 'Nuff said.
I'd love for Putin et co. to be for real. But I'm not buying it yet.


ahmadinejad_thumb[2].jpgHere is the Iranian President giving the Masonic "thumb and finger" sign of recognition. Two fingers pointed upward is a negative sign.

One of David Livingstone's Iranian readers claims that Ahmadinejad is a crypto-Jew. He pointed David to a Wikipedia article which notes that his family changed their name in the 50's from Saborjhian, which he claims is a typical Jewish name.

He continued: "I really hope this will be a way to expose the real danger we all are facing globally, Iran, USA and Russia hand-in-hand bringing the third world war."

"Inside the political establishment of Iran everybody is concerned about crypto-Jews that have a strong grip on the most influential politicians just by having corrupted them all or they know about their dirty past. For example : Mohsen Rezaei ex-commander of Revolutionary Guard said last summer: " Ahmadinejad's mother is a Jew, and from the establishment of Islamic republic in 1979, the crypto-Jews were in the highest position in decision making in the State." but he is silent now!"

This would be consistent with reports that Israel may have helped Iran develop nuclear weapons. Recently, an ex-Mossad chief said Ahmadinejad was "Israel's greatest gift" by posing as a threat to Israel.

"Ahmadinejad is our greatest gift," Halevy told the Arab language television network Al-Hurra on Tuesday. "We couldn't carry out a better operation at the Mossad than to put a guy like Ahmadinejad in power in Iran."

Halevy added that the Iranian president's extremist statements "proved to everyone that Iran of today is an Iran that is impossible to live with. [Ahmadinejad] unites the entire world against Iran."

I hope average Israelis see how they are being used as pawns, as the Jews of Europe were with fatal consequences.


obomalogo.gifAmericans have been effectively disenfranchised. They get to vote for the Neo-Con of their choice. Obama's logo is the familiar Illuminati dot in circle & rising sun motif. His motto "Change" as in "change the world" has always been the Left battle cry. The change is to enslavement. George Soros financed Obama in his 2004 Senate race and this Rothschild cut-out is backing him again.

Meanwhile Randy Scheunemann is John McCain's chief foreign policy adviser. He has also worked for the Republic of Georgia and for, yup, none other than George Soros' Open Society Policy Center. (See his Wikipedia entry.) So you see both sides are beholden to the Rothschilds.

 In addition, McCain has been accused of taking improper donations from the Rothschilds.
 Yes folks, Americans have been disenfranchised. But then, slaves always are.


Our political life is a grotesque carnival designed to convince the rubes they live in a democracy. This is so they will pay taxes and lay down their lives for their betters.

Our rulers have determined that we shall have no real say in our collective future. Like livestock, we will chew our collective cud on sex, drugs, toys and trivia, which they will supply in abundance.

This explains why the mass media (incl. movies) and education long ago ceased to deal in reality, or teach civics or history. Instead they are purveyers of deception and conformity. 

The US election is really a job competition where a shortlist of candidates vie for the privilege of deceiving the public and implementing the banker agenda. Even this process is fixed, as the bankers naturally prefer the most corrupt and dissolute and therefore most blackmail-able and obedient leader.

There hasn't been a President in the last 100 years who hasn't been controlled by the Rothschilds via the Rockefellers. The ones that resisted were poisoned (Harding); murdered (JFK) or framed (Nixon.)

The bankers use the US as the Zionist half of their dialectic leading to world government. At the same time, the US is weakened so it can be properly submerged.
Our world is a B-movie Horror where the town's leading citizens secretly join a satanic cult and betray everybody else.  This is essentially the position of people who align themselves with the central bankers, which is a prerequisite for success in most fields today.

This is why so many of our "leaders" are drunks and perverts. They have sold their souls to the devil and know it.


Our leadership class belongs to an international satanic cult beholden to the Cabalist (i.e. Masonic) central bankers. The mass media and education systems function to legitimize the criminals, perverts and traitors, I mean "leaders."

Don't doubt for a moment -- mankind has the smarts to solve all its problems but we are being actively sabotaged by the money-masters. Our collective life is a fraud because our national credit is controlled by private banking families. They are inaugurating a new Dark Age that may last for eternity.

The tragic wars that have marred modern history and inflicted unspeakable suffering were caused by a relatively few sick minds who hate God and humanity. Their demented centuries-old plot is entering its final stage.

Putin, Ahmadinejad, Obama and McCain are all stage actors. Rather than getting sucked into this pseudo drama by siding with one side or another, we need to make our own plans. Essentially we are on a bus driven by a psycho. We need to find a way to get off.

All Reader Comments can be seen at the permanent address of this article (just below)

See New Letter from Iranian Friend Below
Rumors that Medvedev is Jewish

Eduard Hodos: The Jewish Syndrome

Kharkov, Ukraine, 1999-2002

In this sensational series of books entitled The Jewish Syndrome, author Eduard Hodos, himself a Jew (he's head of the reformed Jewish community in Kharkov, Ukraine), documents his decade-long battle with the "Judeo-Nazis" (in the author's own words) of the fanatical hasidic sect, Chabad-Lubavitch. According to Hodos, not only has Chabad, whose members believe their recently-deceased rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson is the Messiah, taken over Jewish life throughout the territory of the ex-USSR: it's become the factual "mastermind" of the Putin and Kuchma regimes. Chabad also aims to gain control of the US by installing their man Joseph Lieberman in the White House. Hodos sees a Jewish hand in all the major catastrophic events of recent history, from the Chernobyl meltdown to the events of September 11, 2001, using excerpts from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion to help explain and illustrate why. Hodos has also developed a theory of the "Third Khazaria", according to which extremist Jewish elements like Chabad are attempting to turn Russia into something like the Great Khazar Empire which existed on the Lower Volga from the 7th to the 10th Centuries. Much of this may sound far-fetched, but as you read and the facts begin to accumulate, you begin to see that Hodos makes sense of what's happening in Russia and the world perhaps better than anyone writing today.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "I'm NOT on Putin's Bandwagon"

Charles said (August 31, 2008):

Mr. Makow here is my source for that story. I do not recall if I sent that to your attention.

Putin’s Father Fought for Nazis AND KGB
Putin’s father fought for Nazis: Suvorov

"In 2003, Polish media reported that KGB defector Victor Suvorov (Vladimir Rizun) found documents and pictures in London which show that the Russian president’s father served in the Nazi-collaborating army led by Russian general Vlasov. Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin was apparently captured by British forces, but not before he helped crush the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943." blog section

Another source: Did Vladimir Putin's Father Fight for Adolf Hitler? (Photo's)

Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, like his son, worked for the NKVD, predecessor of the KGB and was sent to the front during WW2. The common use of the NKVD in battle was to man machine gun squads that would execute Red Army soldiers attempting to retreat. According to Suvorov, the documents located in the archives indicate that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was captured by the Germans and joined General Vlasov's army of Nazi collaborators which fought for the German side.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was then captured by the British, who eventually released the captured Vlasovite soldiers into Soviet custody. While soldiers who had served in the Vlasov army were generally imprisoned or executed, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was not an ordinary soldier but an NKVD officer and his grandfather worked as Stalin's cook (a highly trusted position considering how paranoid Stalin was about being assassinated.) Instead Putin Senior continued working in the KGB, which had succeeded the NKVD.

While Putin's biographies generally describe him as the son of a foreman from a working class family, in fact his father was NKVD\KGB and his grandfather held a post reserved for politically trusted people. Growing up Putin benefited from the "silver spoon" of the KGB. As a student he obtained his own car in a rigged lottery (owning a car in Russia at that age was virtually unheard of except for the sons of very influential Communist party man) and was accepted into the prestigious law school at Leningrad University. He followed his father into the KGB and then followed him into service in Germany, rising through the ranks to the head of the KGB, held a variety of political posts and rose to rule over Russia.

It isn't too surprising that the head of the KGB wound up ruling Russia with a return of the iron fist. Nor that it would be the son of a KGB officer who would achieve this. But that it was the son of a Nazi collaborator is quite bitterly ironic.,202737066,202737066

Marcos said (August 28, 2008):

I find it amazing how world events are getting closer to what the Bible predicts. The recovery of Russia, her coming back as a military factor, her alliance with the Arabs, it all mirrors the prophecy of Gog and Magog in Ezekiel 38. It says that in the latter days (now) Russia and her allies will try to invade Israel, only to be defeated by a supernatural action from God Himself.
It is interesting that Russia has found evidence of Israeli military activity in Georgia. The prophecy also says that Russia will be brought to the war against her will, or at least, not in the time of her plans. Therefore, even if Putin is now banded with the Illuminati, it could be very reasonable to say that circumstances may force him to take the other side. He seems to be capable of that.
Check these sites for more info:

It seems that God's deliverance of Israel will be the last warning and chance for Israel to repent. After that, during the end times Tribulation, 2/3 of the Jews will die under the hand of the Antichrist (the leader of the Illuminati occult forces).

Jarle said (August 27, 2008):

"To date, Putin and his ostensible successor Dmitry Medvedev were considered sympathetic to the Jews; they maintain warm ties with the leaders of the Moscow Jewish community, and with Russian-Jewish oligarchs Roman Abramovich, Lev Leviev and their associates. But make no mistake: It's a marriage of convenience. Putin has played the Israeli-Jewish card in the past; about four years ago, during one of the crises with Ukraine, Putin spoke of the influence of "Zionist advisers." If the situation in Georgia worsens, anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli notes will begin slipping into Russian propaganda. Overly blatant Israeli involvement and a strong Jewish presence in the Georgian government would probably lead to that. "

http://www.haaretz.c om/hasen/spages/1011720.html

Can be smoke and mirror of course.


Jarle- The animosity could be real but the important thing to remember is that the Illuminati foster war and confrontation. Their agents on both sides keep the pot boiling.


Troy said (August 27, 2008):

Obama freaked me out right off the bat. Once I saw that logo and heard he named his plane “ObamaForce 1” I knew my gut instinct was correct. Fainting, Change, fainting, Change….yea right! After reading your recent article I got discouraged a bit. If we have two options to choose from, and both of them are wrong, what are we suppose to do?


Troy, As I said, all we can do is live according to our principles. Focus on your personal life. As for the world, just learn the truth, share it and let them know we know. Remember things have been like this for a long time, and humanity has muddled through. -Henry

Sebato2 said (August 26, 2008):

Henry, I think Iran is part of Illuminati game because the following stories alleging Iran's being sold nuclear tech by Halliburton! (Plus Albert Pike alleged plan for more than a century)

Also, the revolution that happened in 1979 was sponsored by the British intelligence as part of a larger plan. The British encourage Muslim radicalism like the Mujahedeen and the Taliban, feeding them money and weapons, arming both side like they have done with the Shia/Sunni factions in Iraq.

I have not seen any hard evidence that Putin is Illuminati, but, considering all the evidence about the Iran, fundamentalism, Albert Pike, it would NOT be out of place, it would NOT be incongruous. Thanks for keeping us skeptical, for we do not realize how great are the powers of illusion.

Hamad said (August 26, 2008):

Regarding the article on Iran and subsequent comments, I have to agree.

Khomeini was rumoured to be neither Muslim nor Iranian, but a Kashmiri-Indian follower of Agha Khan. Interestingly, his antagonist Salman Rushdie is also a follower of Agha Khan. When Khomeini's position was weakening, Western powers fuelled the Iran-Iraq war by backing up Iraq.

Thus, under foreign threat, the Iranian people fell back on Khomeini. Interestingly, during this war, Khomeini had missiles lobbed at civilian centres of Iraqi cities, not precisely an Islamic thing to do. Prior to the revolution, America dumped immense millitary technology into Iran and this may play a role in the conflict to come.

However, in my opinion, the Iranian people are to blame as well. They have confused notions of religion and do not carry their own weapons; they expect leaders and kings to take care of them.

During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, which was one of the biggest assaults the Islamic World ever faced, both the Iranians and their big bearded Ayatollahs were completely nonchalant. They even sealed their borders for Afghan refugees! How Islamic is that?

The present war in Iraq appears to be designed to give Iran an upper hand in the region.

Ben said (August 26, 2008):

Been along time since we have coresponded but I think that your assesment of Putin is wrong.
I believe that he might just be the one who will turn the tide against the Zionists.
I hope that you are wrong and that I am right!!!



I hope so too! -H

Kim said (August 25, 2008):

I love your articles and absolutely agree w/ this article.....I am glad you made the point b/c I was Russian sympathizing and I should have known better! The only question I have is the Papacy. You are an expert on alot of things!! I want to introduce you to a man named Dr. Walter Veith (no I don't know him). He is an expert on the Catholic Church. He is a Seventh Day adventists and the SDA has been "researching" the Papacy since the 1800's. So, they can pool their resources. Dr. Walter Veith lives in Africa, he travels and gives lectures. He also explains the "thesis/anti-thesis" that you put forth in you PUTIN BANDWAGON article. You both say the 2 sides are controled by one group, and in "Revolutions, Tyrants, and Wars" Veith explains through presentation of letters, written memoirs, and such that this has been the case throughout all "revolutions ,Tyrants, and Wars"...BUT, he explains the papacy influence. I think it will be worth your time to watch it. I read the "pope a catholic" article, and I am pleased to introduce you to Veith!!

Sebato said (August 25, 2008):

Henry, I enjoy your articles.

Though I suspect you are right about Putin being part of the Illuminati Illusions of opposites, to say that Putin does not have gravitas because he has no chest hair is ludicrous! Putin has a black belt in Judo. I dare YOU think about squaring off with P, is he is so spineless. And that a man without chest hair is not tough is absurd, boxer Julio Cesar Chavez without chest hair was said by trainer Angelo Dun Dee to be the 'the toughest man he had ever seen, bar none'. If Putin is part of the Illuminati it is only because he was selected by them for his outstanding qualities and toughness. I do believe that Iran's is part of the Illuminati scheme.


Putin is a figure head. He lacks personal stature. Think Abe Lincoln.


Scott said (August 25, 2008):

Spoke with you before, how are you? Love your work. Wanted to clear up some things you wrote in your “Not with Putin” piece. You seem to think President Ahmadinejad is part of the NWO. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a Muslim and one who is student of True Islam knows that President Ahmadinejad is not the ruler in Iran. That title goes to the Supreme Religious Leader Ayatollah Khameni. Nothing can happen unless he says so. Ayatollah Khameni was the successor to Ayatollah Khomeini. He would have Ahmadinejad removed if he felt it was a detriment to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Don’t take hand gestures as some form of NWO symbolism. Believe me Iran is the only reason the NWO has not taken over. Islam is the only force that can defeat the Illuminati!

Stephen said (August 25, 2008):

Hello Henry, as usual an excellent article ( )... an
insightful summary of events, at the physical/exterior level ... does the
"conspiracy" perhaps go back to the story of Adam and Eve ... remember sons
Cain , Abel and Seth ... are the "Negatives" perhaps the fruit of "Cain"
... the Positives the fruit of Seth ?.

At the inner, Spiritual level , perhaps the Ultimate Conspiracy is about
"keeping us human" ... keeping us from "self realization" ... from realizing
that we are immortal Spiritual beings having a transitory human experience,
in a bag of skin and bones, controlled by our mind and senses ?.

Is our mind an agent for the "Universal Mind / Negative Power " ... is the
Negative Power's role, perhaps to prevent our Soul from returning to our
True home, until we are purified of Anger, Attachment, Greed, Lust , and the
worst of all EGO ? ... that which gives us a false sense of being seperate
from our Creator Father, the Ocean of Love.

Is the -od of this world, and its religions, a counterfeit ? ... a mere
underling who keeps us from realizing the Truth ... the Truth which will set
us Free to return to our True home beyond the stars.

Are we really perhaps, Prodigal Souls, dew drops of the Ocean of Love ? ...
just like rain drops muddied with earth , but then distilled/released by the
action of the Sun ... do we Souls have to go through a purification process
called "being human" , which involves the duality of good v evil ?.

Is inner contemplation/meditation our escape route ?.

Has our Father sent us a guide ?

All the best Brother

PS: See ... it may help light the path of Truth.

janusz said (August 25, 2008):

Talking about a "satanic cult: and devil - I wonder - which religion is ts the " real devil".
I was born in easter europe into catholic family and up to age of 14 - I was attending a church every week. My family was devoted catholics and I had to learn the book called Bible. I was well educated at that time and that was the reason that I quit going to church. I realised that catholic-christian religion was a full of a contradictions and no one follow the religoin principles - not even the church. Comming to this country was a cultular shock. People here "sleep with the bible", but not live by the bible. The false assurance implayed by a revrens that "any one who submint to Jesus will be forgiven" raised a milions of a murderers. To me it does not make a different if someone will murder me - or anyone else - in the name of a religion. A life it is lost. No one really believe in the God any more. People live a life of a convinience , because " living bny the book" it is very inconvinient. Going back to time when I lived under communists regime for 30 years - I was observing too and compare to "rulers of this country" I see no difference. The next "king" was choosen and the voting it is a joke, just it was a joke back then in my native country. The freedom and democracy it is only an illusion. Because of the size and diversity - having a King will never work.
The King was choosen - long live the King.

Stuart said (August 25, 2008):

Great article. I grew up in religion, but over the last 10 years or so, I have had to ask myself many times where is the Creator. I ask more and more as it gets worse and just drags on an on.

It seems to me that something is very wrong in the spirit world. The elite and their masters seem to only have the pilot light going and are unable to get the heater started, while at the same time there seems to be little or no resistance from the Creator.

It is like the plan has been derailed and both sides are winging it at this time. I feel at times that some entities are tampering with the time line trying to fix it. Whatever the problem it has been going on too long and the masses are unable to do anything about it, because we are really unable for the most part to see into that realm. The masses are waking up but they continue to do as they did many decades ago, protest a symptom and fight each other. Where is a loving fatherly Creator in all of this? Has he left the building?

When does the next bus leave and where do you get a ticket, because I believe that this one is broken and they are unable to fix it, but are too proud to admit it.



I believe good people are God's agents intended to do God's will but these day we are all pretty ineffective. The agents of Satan have gathered all the instruments of power in their hands. Nevertheless the Truth is powerful is enough of us stand up for it.


David & Jean said (August 25, 2008):

Hey why did you have to go and burst my bubble? haha. One has to laugh because crying is just not fun. I thought that maybe, just maybe Putin had stuck a pin prick in the gigantic bubble called the NWO by kicking that imbecile puppet out of South Ossetia. I even had visions of ole pappy bush crying in his ovaltine. Alas, maybe you are right and pappy is actually celebrating and all we are seeing is faux dissapointment for the benefit of the sheople on the part of bushco. We certainly are on a bus driven by a psycho, no arguments there and the soul of the particular maniac at the wheel is 100% owned by the devil.

Chris said (August 25, 2008):

Like many others who seek to find an understanding of the NWO, I have been attempting to decipher the recent events in Georgia, implicitly rallying for an enemy to what has a stranglehold on the United States, the country I love and call home. Perhaps, I thought Putin could provide some answers, but like you saw too many inconsistencies to be persuaded. However, after reading your article you have shed incredible amounts of light and Truth on the matter.

I am moving from Washington DC to Southern Colorado, trying to get off this out-of-control bus. Although I didn't wittingly pay for my ticket I am stuck, as we all are, and that salvation from this twisted joke comes from within and with the support and wisdom of God of the Bible.

I am driving right now and am in Missouri, and have spent most of the drive asking and begging the Lord for more wisdom and guidance, so that I can teach others while there is still time. It seemed to be falling on deaf ears, because I have plateaued in that department. But after reading your article I believe God has opened up much to me.

Sometimes, knowledge and wisdom can be dangerous - and depressing, but after crossing that threshold about five years ago, I have not looked back.

My graduate work was in finance and economics, and that background showed me how this NWO operated under the hood.

Thank you for your wisdom. You have assisted me greatly at a pivotal time in my life. God presents those who seek the Truth opportunities. Your findings stand in stark contrast to what most of the seekers of Truth realize.

God bless you and may He continue to shower you with insight.

Charles said (August 25, 2008):

Just a quick fill in for your information: it is alleged that Putin's grandfather was Stalin's cook; his father is said to be a KGB General who after being captured by the Germans fought with the White Russians until he was captured-and amazingly-folded back into the KGB. Putin himself grew up in privilege and was groomed for the KGB from a young age.

The President of the Russian Federation is a practicing Mason.

I do quite agree that there is a set-up. And with much reluctance also agree that there is a bizzare ideology behind it.

Jay said (August 25, 2008):

Hi Henry

My step son is a producer in LA and he is Jewish. My wife and i recently went out to dinner with him and his beautiful upperclass Russian Jewish girlfriend. She is friends with all of the top Russians.

I aked her about a rumor I had heard that Putin's mother was Jewish.

She said that it was true.

However she said that Putin's anger towards US and Israel is real.

I agree with your views on the man. He just cannot be trusted. But, like in all things, maybe the corrupt get into a 'family' fight at the very top.

And no fight is worse than a family fight.

David said (August 25, 2008):

I have been a reader of your writings on Rense for some years now. The article "I'm NOT On Putin's Bandwagon" has compelled me to write you and thank you for your temperance on the issue. I have fed on Karl Schwartz's vitrole and I'm vehemently angry at the US. I must admit that I have relished Bush's NWO getting it's nose rubbed in a dogpile, but I will be more careful to join sides in this diabolical circus...upon your advice.

Further, I am a bit disheartened. I wish to slay the dragon, but fear doing so will only help it grow another head, like a hydra. But "make our own plans . . . find a way to get off" (the bus)? How? Get real! Not enough people will awake to put the brakes on. And, as dissenters, we will not be tolerated. Non-participants in the coming NWO will ultimately mot be tolerated either. ALL must comply! I am reminded of Woody Allen's cynical humor in a speech for graduates: "More than at any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly."

There seems no real choice left.




Thanks for this letter. I believe that learning the truth, spreading it, and letting them know we know, will make a difference. That's what I am doing and so can you.


Michael said (August 25, 2008):


I agree with your conclusion concerning both Zionism and anti-Zionism; mostly.

But, of MORE importance, is that Georgia, the United States, the Israel,
NATO, the European Union, etc. are iterations of the "king of the South"
in the fractal Prophecies of Daniel 11:40-45; whereas South Ossetia, Russia,
Syria and Iran are iterations of the "king of the North".

In other words, Georgia's attack on South Ossetia is merely the beginning
of the large-scale macro-iterations (fulfillments) of Daniel 11:40-45 leading to the
fulfillment of the Prophecies of Daniel 12:1.

Stay tuned.

Michael Cecil


Have you considered the possibility that "they" wrote (or rewrote) the prophesies and are now following their own script?


Gene said (August 25, 2008):

Once again, a great article, Henry.

I normally find myself in complete agreement with your articles which should either scare you or me, I’m not sure which . However, there are a couple of points to possibly be reconsidered on your article.

First, referencing Wekipedia as a source for truth is questionable regardless of who anyone may think updated it. Anyone can update as anyone else with obvious ramifications concerning creditability.

Second, Putin may have been a Mason, trained by MI-6, and befriended by the Chabad Lubavitchers earlier in life, but that does not mean that he is incapable of redirecting himself after making mistakes. We have all made mistakes in our lives, realized those mistakes, and made course changes accordingly. Putin may have done the same thing. We should be judging him on what he is doing now.

Putin has turned Russia around since the collapse of the USSR in a relative short period of time. Since the USSR was a creation of the bankers and was continuously funded by them, obviously the bankers figured that they were through with the USSR so they collapsed the economy of the USSR and, via Yeltsin, turned Russia over to the Jewish mob, the Russian Jewish Multibillionaire Oligarchs. Since coming to power, Putin has eliminated Russia’s debt to their central bank and put the Oligarchs on notice even attempting to arrest one in 2002, I forget his name. The rest of the Oligarchs are walking on egg shells around Putin. These two conditions alone basically puts Russia off the banker’s plantation. If Putin were to nationalize the Russian central bank, that would remove any doubt. Rome wasn’t conquered in a day, so Putin may need more time as well.

I am certainly not praying at Putin’s altar either. After all, he is a politician and we know that there is no such thing as an completely honorable politician. Putin’s demeanor with Bush and the others of the NWO crowd could be a deception (he was KGB) he has created to buy time to take Russia where he wants to take it, further off the banker’s plantation hopefully.

Keep up the great effort, Henry. The truth is always worth it.

Jim said (August 25, 2008):

"Rather than getting sucked into this pseudo drama by siding with one side or another, we need to make our own plans. Essentially we are on a bus driven by a psycho. We need to find a way to get off"

This may be even truer than you realise, Henry!

Have you thought of a way to get off? My feeling is that the waking up process now taking place (do not doubt how vital your role is in that process) is having an unseen effect. We obviously haven't reached the tipping point yet, but there is an increasing number of people who are seeing the big picture.

The big picture is not that difficult to see, but even understanding the tell-it-like-it-is articles of yours takes an open mind, rather than one blocked off by fear engendered by our 'powerful' leaders. When you are fearful, you just want to know "everything is gonna be alright". I have seen this attitude in so many 'intelligent' people. I also have a lot of faith in those same people, even if they don't get what's going on yet.

Back to how to get off the psycho bus...

Of the people I know who have woken up, there is a common aim: achieve true freedom through peace and love. A-ha! But we've heard that one many times in days gone by haven't we, and nothing worked - the system always wins.

"His motto "Change" as in "change the world" has always been the Left battle cry. The change is to enslavement"

Indeed. Change is what they want! The implementation of 'changes' by western governments, like Stop and Search laws in the UK to counter the latest contrived criminal activity called knife crime, are crucial in the march towards Global Government. So when Obama trumpets change, people think 'change for the better', when change is always for the worse.

But the system can't win if you don't play it. And therein lies the solution.

The solution will come from outside the system because the system is not real. It will come naturally, through a resonance which brings like-minded people together in ways they would not expect. There will be no leaders, or even 'shepherds'. The right path will open up at the right time. It will be a 'meeting of minds' to create a desired reality instead of the one forced upon us for thousands of years.

I correct myself. Enough of the future 'will'. The meeting of minds has begun, and its ripple effect will be great indeed!

This and more I write about at: (my chosen method for disseminating the same message as any other truthseeker).

Kevin said (August 24, 2008):

Another helpful article in understanding what is going on in the world. I sometimes find myself in a rage about these things. The wickedness and the nature of the 'game' is so transparent once you see it. There are 3 excellent and fairly new 9/11 films out

1) (I think I sent you the link) which nails (with lots of new detail) Mossad and mostly Zionist Jews within the US government for the crime.
"Zero" an investigation into 9/11", an excellent Italian film with Dario Fo and many new American insiders spilling the beans.
There is an excellent German one too. I forget what it is called.

All films focus on different aspects of the day and eventually the thing becomes so obvious that one is shocked, even stunned, that anyone can believe the official story.....

....but who can be bothered to watch these films.

Hardly anybody.

It is difficult to see how progress can be made. The 9/11 Truth group in the UK is totally controlled in my opinion. I have had lots of postings taken down by the 'moderators'.

For me, I think the 'Christian' aspect is the way to go. The spirit of God alone empowers and inspires the 'genius' that the writers of the Protocols so dread.

Thanks for your clear thought and great writing. Whenever I have put your articles on the they are mercilessly mocked and attacked (rather, of course, than engaged with). This shows they hit a nerve. It worries the sonayim* to read this stuff.

Best wishes,


*I came across this pamphlet for Jewish University students the other day. It is impossible not to notice that there are no demands other than to support the cause (right or wrong, truth or lies).

Peter said (August 24, 2008):

Re: "I'm NOT on the Putin Bandwagon"

I think that's just about the closest anyone has ever come to describing what's really going on. Well done.

Guy said (August 24, 2008):

This is great stuff Henry – like Peter I am on the ‘wait and see’ side. The baffling thing about this for conventional Christians is ‘Where is God in all this – why doesn’t he intercede?’ One remarkable aspect of Putin’s Russia is the revival of the Orthodox Church – Putin has publicly embraced this himself and given the Church real power and influence. The Orthodox Church, in my belief, is purer, more authentic, than the Roman Church ever was (and I was baptised and educated Catholic). It may be that they are speaking and God is listening.

Looked at historically, Christianity was a persecuted Religion, a losers’ Religion, until it was adopted by Constantine the Great – but he was no Christian himself (until his deathbed conversion) and a ruthless man.

Tie this together with the vein of Russian Christian Prophecy, backed up by Ruldolf Steiner, that the next phase of Human evolution lies with the Slavs (in Mother Russia) and that Communism was a deliberate attempt to forestall this.

These are all just suggestions Henry – as the man said, ‘wait and see.’


Thanks Guy

Supporting the Orthodox Church--like Bush is a born again Christian? -Henry

Peter said (August 24, 2008):

Those minor bits you cite are not evidence. They can at best be categorized as small hints or minor indications about Putin, nothing definite.

This issue is so important, almost a life and death issue for us, that we can't throw our weight in this camp or that without solid evidence. We don't want to again go thru decades of new, stage managed hot and cold wars and believe that these are real.

While what you write about the Rothschilds is certainly true and they are more than devious enough to attempt another worldwide puppet theater, this issue is too important to make up our minds based on information that is barely better than rumors.

Of course, it is possible that Putin is a Rothschild agent, after all he grew up in the Soviet Union. But indications are that he has broken free. The FACT that he has jailed Khodorkovsky and just denied parole to him is a much stronger piece of evidence than the shadows of indications you cite.
Putin has also cut the Rothschilds out of Russian oil and has made other moves that indicate an independent mind.

On the opther hand, that could all be part of the Punch and Judy show. We just don't know yet. A good question is why should Putin be loyal to the despicable and amoral Rothschilds when he can be loyal to his own people and country by building something good for Russia AND the world?
If Putin is for real, a most effective way for the Rothschilds to smear him would precisely be to accuse him the way you do. That would be so typical. What makes you so sure you are not taking THEIR bait?
Therefore, as long as there is no firm evidence, it would be rash and stupid of us to chose a side. Let us wait for clear evidence. Wars would not be among that. We had two world wars and several smaller ones with the SOB's ultimately controlling both sides, and us swallowing it hook, line and sinker.

So what would be real evidence? It's the economy, stupid. If Putin steers a clearly independent course, that would be a strong indication. But the clincher would be if Putin put up his own monetary system. Something similar that Hitler did. A real threat to the money SOB's hold over world affairs. That was one of the real reasons why Hitler was/is smeared, slandered and dragged thru the mud like no other in world history. Their control over money was endangered, particularly if other nations were to follow.

So, if Putin is doing something real on the money front, with control clearly moving out of SOB hands, that can be taken as the ultimate evidence. Until such time, it is irresponsible to call Putin this OR that.

Peter-How about the pic. of Abdullah flashing a Masonic sign at Putin and Putin smiling? Yes, I agree, nationalizing the central bank would be a real sign. Everything else is stagecraft. -H

David Livingstone said (August 23, 2008):

The problem so far, and the reason for the Illuminati's advance, has been our gullibility. Until 9/11, we were naive, not wanting to believe that our own government would stoop to such a level.

The remaining aspect of our gullibility though is to understand the proliferation of impostors. That's primarily how the Illuminati works. This is how Christians have been duped into voting for Neo-cons, and Muslims by much of their leadership. They think just because someone says the right things that he must be a good guy.

If we can accept these two aspect of the plot, then we can at least become more suspicious, and less susceptible to these schemes. I hope.

Zeph Daniel said (August 23, 2008):

NO way back Russia... Alex Jones and others are dupes right now.

There is this malaise of satanism over everything vetted in this world, true.

That being said, one must eventually walk around in this world and decide a few things. Do we embrace communism because we hate the satanic US? Or is it, as I know, a mixed bag, where you also have non-satanic people working for good?


Anyway, it's hard to keep it straight, your article thank God isn't going with the next big (know it all conspiracist) thing, the GODLESS BACKING OF COMMUNISM because they mistakenly think it's fighting the NWO...well, the patriot movement tossed out God, and guess what communism is? GODLESS. So it does not surprise me that heretofore Christian patriots are now left wing stooges, thanks to their new affiliation with the New Age. Don't get me started, lol. :)

Glad I got some time to check out the site, I agree on most everything. I still find it hard to live in this world, very hard. Traumatizing for me, but that's better than eyes closed. Still.


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