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Drugs & Prostitution Rampant in US High Schools

June 16, 2012


Sex and drugs proliferate

at many US high schools,

says a veteran teacher.

by Nathan Patrick Henry

(The author was a high school teacher for 18 years.)

Sexual activity at public schools campuses is more common than thought.

Our young people are so inundated by it, many consider sexual acts in the same category as handshakes. They do it openly in classrooms and cafeterias, using smart-phones to share the experience.

For drugs, "little boys and girls" will do nearly anything. Prostitution has become a big money maker.

Prostitution is safe for a couple of reasons. While selling drugs is a crime, prostitution is difficult to prove.

School administrators especially will not touch homosexual prostitution with a ten foot pole. To criticize homosexuality in any way is the new anathema.

A male teacher complained about abusive behavior from a homosexual boy. The principal threatened the teacher to shut him up.

Where I worked, at an inner city school in Houston, boys and girls were pimped to students and adults. Any sexual flavor was available. Rendezvous were arranged just off campus for predators who wanted to abuse kids.

One pimp on our campus arranged for a girl to orally service a boy in the restroom. He also charged spectators to watch. This incident was caught by a teacher, but this pimp's business continued to thrive.

A disgusting cross-dressing homosexual has been repeatedly caught in the act. He carries a straight razor and threatens everyone knowing he is "untouchable" under the shield of political correctness. In one week an Assistant Principal caught eight sex acts on the campus and did nothing of consequence.


Many school faculty members are immoral as well. Sex between faculty and students is more frequent than people believe. Young teachers are only a few years older than their students and many have no qualms about having sex with them.

My school terminated four teachers for this in one year and covered it up. My principal was a sexual predator who was forced to retire. He had already done the same thing at two schools. Was it criminal to hire him a third time?

Just recently, a 27 year old teacher was caught in a relationship with her 16- year-old student in Washington State. We hear about this over and over again. I would estimate that for every incident  that is reported the schools cover up about four or five.


The police estimated that an average $30K of drugs were sold each month.

Everything from pot to heroine was available. The recent trend is the pharmaceuticals like "bars," and hydrocodone. More recently the "legal" but lethal substances like "spice" and "bath soaps" are being used. Kids sit in class in zombie states on these drugs.

Drugs inundate our student populations, even among our advanced-placement kids. Young people are hard pressed to find friends not involved.

Teachers are buying drugs from students. How can a disciplined educational relationship between teachers and students exist?

I had a student confide that he got stoned every day, went to math class, and fell asleep. He passed with flying colors. No child left behind? This practice is widespread. We produce what the welfare state needs. This is hardly an accident.


Some of the finest young teachers I have known did not last two years in the field.

They could see no value in fighting a morally bankrupt system that rewards evil.

With a few exceptions the teachers who last are the ones who are incapable of independent thought.

My career has suffered for my refusal to participate in the annihilation our kids' souls.  If Vladimir Lenin could see our schools he could verify that we have perfected the educational system that John Dewey borrowed from him.



My book 2+2=4 History with Eyes Open, Things I Wish I Could Have Told My Students, is my musings on the manipulative nature of history as it is taught.   My emphasis is the nature of the brainwash and its ever-present objectives, while trying to reconnect us with how self-evident reality actually is.

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First Comment: from "C"

I am also from the Houston area and would have been from the graduating class of '08 had it not been for a heavy use of drugs. From first hand experience I can tell you plenty of kids participated in the drugs for sex scheme.

Sex runs rampant, even amongst the AP or GT kids. Drugs are taken during school, whether it be in the hallway, bathroom, or classroom. I once laid out a line of cocaine while in physics class and a friend and I snorted it right off the table in front of other classmates. Students have been caught having sex in hallways or under stairwells. Plenty more weren't caught simply because there were areas of the school one could go to where it was almost impossible to get caught.

Teacher/student sex is common, and if you're in the right crowd you know about it almost immediately. Some teachers or principals had kids at the same school, so it wasn't uncommon to end up at there house on the weekend partaking in illicit drugs. Drugs and sex were a common currency between all, and I've had plenty a female friend who sold herself for a bit of cocaine or alcohol. Drug dealers have a readily available pool of addicted customers at their fingertips, and were well known and liked, basically mini celebrities on campus akin to rock stars with all the perks and no rehab.

I am for the most part removed from such things now, but still know plenty of people who just moved on to college doing the same things. Schools are a joke, nothing is learned; I am prime example to that as I dropped out and still was able to get into a Tier One University simply because I did most of my learning out of school on my own time.

Kids are not stupid, innately we know something isn't quite right with what's going on, but we are powerless to the system and the overbearing peer pressure from weaker minded friends. Parents thankfully are waking up and pulling their kids out of school and teaching them at home. I was home schooled for 6th grade and met kids who were light years ahead of classmates I had during my last year of high school.

Simply put, public schools do nothing but inculcate mindlessness. No critical thinking is involved and you are taught to be just like everyone else. Our kids are being brainwashed and propagandized to on a daily basis. No one should be surprised that they are so easily swayed once they enter college; no foundation has been formed, there mind just as the shifting sands.

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Comments for "Drugs & Prostitution Rampant in US High Schools"

Rich said (June 18, 2012):

Unbelievable. But remember that for just about every new story that YOU hear about in the news, it's going on dozens to hundreds or even thousands of times MORE than you're aware of.

I used to work at Citibank in their Crisis department. We reported everything from bank robberies, to power outages, security issues and more. Every day there are anywhere from 3 to 30 bank robberies in NYC alone.. yet in one year, only TWO made it to the mainstream news. I was there for 3 years and only the biggest ones were ever reported on.

Most are small robberies without a weapon where the perp walks away with less than $2000. But this is suppressed on purpose because if the public knew just HOW often it occurred, most would never walk into a bank, put their money in it or work there.

This is just ONE area where the LACK of coverage on the news gives the ILLUSION that the problem hardly goes on. If WE see and know all of this, IMAGINE just how much GOD SEE'S on a daily basis around the entire world!

Even if a teacher if found to be a bad teacher, it's virtually impossible to fire them, especially if they have tenure.

Take a look at this clip from John Stossels - Stupid in America to see the Incredible List of steps that they have to go through to get rid of a bad teacher. Many of them, instead of going to classrooms to teach, are sent to a special building where they lounge around, watch TV, eat donuts and drink coffee all day long but STILL get their full salary for as long as they want because they know they can't be fired.

Scroll back to the last 30 seconds of part II to hear how it takes YEARS to get rid of a bad teacher.
John Stossel ABC 20/20 - STUPID IN AMERICA 3/3

Rick said (June 17, 2012):

I was a first hand witness to the depravity that goes on in schools, in small town America. My daughter was on 9th. grade and I noticed that a senior high student dike, was always around the cheerleaders and school band girls. She graduated and went to FSU in Tallahassee, Florida.

Every time there was a football game, she would drive all the way down from FSU, NOT to see the games, but to see the new girls on 8th, 9th and 10th grade to recruit them into her sick life style.

I once noticed she was after my daughter, at the time 15 and this perverted and disgusting trash was already 21.She even has the audacity to announce her new conquest on Face Book...Incredible.

I called every police department in the State and although some listened, nobody wanted to do anything on this matter. She is still going to games and the school authorities refused to do anything. Now, my question to one of the officers I talked to was:" what would the reaction be, if a boy 19, has sex with a 9th. 10th. or 11th. grader girl ? His response was, he would be immediately arrested, incarcerated and label a pedophile for life.

The saddest part of it all, is the fact that most young parents, say between 30 to 45-50, are okay with this sick lifestyle. Their reaction is:" If it makes them feel good, go for it". We have become a very perverted and depraved nation. Shame on us. ALL of us.

Jeff said (June 17, 2012):

This writer omitted the fact that Government school administrators in the U.S. have been preparing "students" for decades for just this very outcome. Schools are no longer places of EDUCATION, but have become places for total RUINATION. We are entering the 3rd generation of government-school destroyed children, all done deliberately and by design. Please see this important video >>

I cannot take the time here to comment here on the deliberate drugging of school children with prescription drugs such as prosac and ritalin, proven to do harm, which have been administered to millions of U.S. children, deliberately (?) misdiagnosed. Nor is there space to comment on the thousands of psychiatrists and psychologists employed by school districts throughout this nation to justify the damage that they, themselves, have wrought through a debauched and disfunctional educational system, including colleges and universities.

But the question might be asked: Are we setting ourselves up for the worst disaster imaginable.

These destroyed children will be in control of civilization one day and will any of them be capable of wise decisions, not generated through a computer?? I don't think so.

Tony Blizzard said (June 17, 2012):

Henry, as I've written you more than once, there is nothing in the world more unnatural than grabbing young children away from their families and dumping them together with others the same age to be ordered around like cattle by total strangers labeled "teachers" who don't care a whit about kids, just their paychecks and the easiest way to get through the school day with the least bother. The standard, government mandated crap sown in the kids' minds by these sub-intelligent, brain washed change agents is worse than the extra curricular activities described in this article.

The natural, God designed, way, if you will, is for children to be with their parents, learning from them every second of every day. I home taught mine without the help of their mother who deserted us for the bars when they were still all in (cloth) diapers. Every one of my 14 grandkids is/was home taught as will be my great grandkids who already total five souls.

Any parent who is actually aware of what goes on in even the "best" schools and still sends his/her children into those anti-natural mind-warping hell holes is criminal. Mothers need to stay the hell home and nurture their kids, forgetting the damned government supplied babysitter/mind destroyer.

This would serve several good purposes such as freeing up jobs for more fathers and saving the family unit from total destruction as well as the mental, physical and emotional makeup of the children. It should be a no-brainer to place your own kids at a higher priority than more or more expensive toys which require a second job in the household. Especially should it be a no-brainer over a free but destructive babysitter. "Sit" your own kids. No better "career" exists.

Andrew said (June 17, 2012):

Nathan is not exaggerating. I grew up in the Houston area. Alief Taylor High School had a girl performing oral sex for $5 a person in the boy's bathroom and a line was formed into the hallway. I graduated in 2005. I can only imagine how much worse things are now.

I am only 25 but interacting with people other than my close friends and family is absolutely miserable. The moral decay of society is appalling. I don't want a third world war but things appear to be trending in that direction.

Lisa said (June 17, 2012):

I just read ' Drugs and Sex Rampant in US schools'. Good story, Yet what was more memorable was the stock photo. I live in iPhiladelphia and that Photo was of a prostitute sitting on an abandoned building on Front St. and Norris St. ( featured in the Daily Mail a few weeks ago) which is near the elevated public train, the el, in the Fishtown/Kensington neighborhood. I ride this train to work 5 days a week and not a day goes by where it isn't filled with local pill head zombies, people whose moral integrity might be questionable and the occasional rude 'arts' student from the nearby High School.

I also read your column everyday. Seeing that photo makes me think that on all facets we are just as vulnerable, or doomed! The School nearby, the corner bar, the tire shop and new market next to it, all waiting to be ruined or corrupted. If you could only ride the el with me and just wonder how it all got so out of hand!

Al Thompson said (June 17, 2012):

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse until I read this article. All of the public schools need to be shut down, have the roofs ripped out, and filled in with cow manure. They would make nice planters and would save the people a lot of wasted money on "education." What Mr. Henry described is not education, but it is state sponsored child abuse. And what these pathetic wretches are doing is so despicable...well, my vocabulary is not foul enough to describe it.

I think people like Mr. Henry, may want to consider opening up his own school. Teach children subjects that will help them get a job. Teach them the English language to that they can properly communicate their thoughts and ideas. It's too late to save the public schools. It was a bad idea to begin with and I wish I had been able to stay at home with my mom when I was a kid. Opening up private schools can even be done on the internet so that the child wouldn't have to leave the house in order to take a class. There's a lot that could be done in this direction, and the reward would be having truly educated children.

My younger son told me when he was in first grade: "Dad, I must be stupid...I can't read." I knew he wasn't stupid, so I put him with a private tutor, and he started reading way above grade level. He's 28 now and he still remembers his private reading classes.

The government is run by a bunch of sexual perverts. It's better to stand back and let it rot, but preserve the children. Let them have a life without all of this sickening nonsense.


Reply from NPH

A response to Al Thompson

You are right. Any educator trained our "schools of education" should not work in the field.
Americans are homeschooling in massive numbers. We homeschooled our four. The percentages of homeschoolers is rising yearly, even more drastically among minorities. There are so many resources available to them.

I have been discouraged that our kids, even kids raised in the church, return to us from college thorough liberals, agnostics, or outright atheists. We are not preparing them for the intellectual and spiritual battles they will confront. In my book I take on these issues- Darwinism, deconstructionism, moral relativity, etc, as well as historical lies and manipulation.

It must be said that our kids are more discerning than we can imagine. They see what is going on when they go to school. When one man stands up they know it.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at