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Below- The US Democratic Party is Communist--David Horowitz (scroll down)

Secret Satanism is at the Heart of Illuminati

July 23, 2018


The Illuminati (Communists, Freemasons) originated in the Sabbatean Frankist "heresy" in the 17th Century. This 2015 book by Robert Sephehr confirms that the two most important features of the Illuminati are:

1) They conceal their Jewish identity by pretending to belong to other religious or national groups. 2. They are Satanists. i.e. they invert good and evil. Evil is good and vice versa.

Similarly, sickness is health (i.e. homosexuality) and ugly is beautiful. 

Thanks to this secretive cult, Western society is satanically possessed.

"Through a revolution of values, what was formerly sacred became profane and what was formerly profane had become sacred."

by Robert Sepehr
(excerpt by

The psychology of the radical Sabbateans was utterly paradoxical. Essentially, its guiding principle was: whoever is as he appears cannot be a true believer.

In practice, this meant that true faith could not be a faith which men publicly professed. On the contrary, the true faith must always be concealed. In fact, it was one's duty to deny it outwardly, for it was like a seed planted in the bed of the soul, and it could not grow unless it was first covered over.(8) 

In the formulation of Cardozo: "It is ordained that the King Messiah don the garments of a Marrano and so go unrecognized by his fellow Jews. In a word, it is ordained that he become a Marrano like me. For this reason, accordingly, every Jew is obliged to become a Marrano." (1) 

This theme of a secret, hidden, or occult identity became part of this evolving religious philosophy. In essence, a true act cannot be committed publicly, before the eyes of the world. Like the true faith, the true act was concealed, for only through concealment could it negate the falsehood of what is explicit. Through a revolution of values, what was formerly sacred became profane and what was formerly profane had become sacred. (1, 8) 

Sabbatai Zevi is the most famous Jew to have become a Muslim convert, and that is what, in modern times, the term Sabbatean has come to denote. Many within Zevi's inner circle followed him into Islam, including his wife Sarah and most of his closest relatives and friends. Nathan of Gaza, the proponent closest to Zevi, who had caused Zevi to reveal himself as the Messiah, and in turn became his prophet, never followed him into Islam but remained a Jew, albeit publicly excommunicated by his Jewish brethren. (11) 

It is thought by some scholars that Zevi had deeper connections with the Bektashi Sufi order. Some similarities between the Sabbatean Donmeh and Bektashi practice include the deliberate violation of kashrut/halal, ritualistic group sex or wife swapping, ecstatic singing or chanting, mystical Kabbalah, and belief in an occult (hidden) reading of Torah/Quran. (5) 

After Sabbatai's death in 1676, these sects flourished and continued to indulge in wife sharing, religious sex orgies, adultery and incest. [He forgot pedophilia.] The Sabbateans in Salonika, the Dolmeh, regularly held a celebration on the twenty-second day of the Hebrew month of Adar, known as the Festival of the Lamb. They kept the exact nature of this celebration a carefully guarded secret until some of the younger members were finally prevailed upon to reveal it. (36) According to their account, the festival included intoxication and an orgiastic rite called the extinguishing of the lights, which ended in total darkness, with the religious sexual sharing of daughters and wives. 

From what we know of this rite, it probably came to Salonika from Izmir, for it borrowed both its name and its contents from the pagan cult of the Great Mother, which flourished in antiquity and continued to be practiced, after the general demise of the cult by a small sect of Light Extinguishers in Asia Minor under the cover of Islam.(1,27) 

They said that the violation of the Torah had become its fulfillment, which they illustrated by the example of a grain of wheat that rots in the earth. In other words, just as a grain of wheat must rot in the earth before it can sprout, so the deeds of the believers must become truly rotten before they could germinate the redemption. This metaphor, which appears to have been extremely popular, conveyed the whole of sectarian Sabbatean psychology in a nutshell: in the period of transition, while the redemption was still in a state of concealment, the Torah in its explicit form must be denied, for only thus could it too become concealed and ultimately 'renewed'. (1,8,11) 


Some historians maintain that many Sabbateans became followers of Hasidism, which unlike Zevi's movement, followed Halakha (Jewish law). There are well-known disputes between Rabbis accusing one another of being secret followers of Zevi, who had become much reviled in Orthodox Judaism, due to his apostasy. 

According to Gershom Scholem: Sabbateanism is the matrix of every significant movement to have emerged in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, from Hasidism, to Reform Judaism, to the earliest Masonic circles and revolutionary idealism. The Sabbatean believers felt that they were champions of a new world which was to be established by overthrowing the values of all positive religions. (1)

 This insistence of the radicals on the potential holiness of sin, alienated and offended the average Jew, and caused even the believers themselves to undergo the severest of internal conflicts.(36) The Sabbateans attempted to justify it by citing, out of context, the Talmudic dictum: (Nazir 23b) transgression committed for its own sake is greater than a commandment not committed for its own sake. 

The nihilistic tendencies of Sabbateanism, still relatively mild compared to what was to follow, reached a new peak in the 18th century with Sabbatai Zevi's infamous successor Jacob Frank, whose followers regularly sought redemption through infamous religious sex orgies on solstices and equinoxes.
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Below- Ron Radosh & Hollywood's Communist Pedigree (scroll down)

The US Democratic Party is Communist--David Horowitz

July 22, 2018

My view that Communism is a fait accompli in the US is confirmed by no
less an authority than David Horowitz, editor of, a man
who was a Communist for most of his life.   He says Obama, Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi are Communists.
Curious that Zionist Jews like Horowitz oppose the Communist threat most vigorously. 
Communism is an aspect of Jewish Satanism (Cabalism.) 
Satanism uses a pretense of seeking "social justice" to destroy Western Civilization. It erases all racial, religious, national and gender distinctions and inverts morality and reality itself.  It makes government the instrument of its tyranny.

 In the article below, Horowitz describes how they have enslaved the mind by capturing the American university system. While I welcome his spirited defense, I am wary because both Communists and Zionists are Freemasons (Cabalists.)  Horowitz spins his anti-Communism to pretend that Eisenhower et al. were not themselves creatures of Bernard Baruch and the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel.  We suspect the Left-Right (Communist-Zionist) conflict may be a charade to control discourse and ultimately determine outcome. Nevertheless, I appreciate the good Horowitz does do by exposing Communism.

by David Horowitz  

The eighth volume of the series of my writings called The Black Book of the American Left is about one of the under-appreciated tragedies of our times: the successful campaign of the left to subvert the curricula of collegiate institutions and transform entire academic departments and schools--including Schools of Education--into doctrinal training centers for their social and political causes. This transformation of the educational system, in turn, has underpinned the steady dismantling of America's social contract, which has been the ongoing project of the left since the 1960s....

...Progressive activists have taken control of liberal arts curricula and reverted them to their 19th-century origins as instruments of religious indoctrination. ... These "progressive" doctrines, however, share with traditional religions the same impulse to redeem a fallen world and to suppress what they regard as hostile--therefore heretical--ideas in the name of human progress.

One can measure the current corruption of the academic profession through a summary observation about the views of academic historians that was published in the peer-reviewed Journal of the Historical Society. The summary appears in an article written by Jennifer Delton, a tenured history professor at Skidmore College--a top-tier liberal arts school. It describes a purported orthodoxy in historians' views of Cold War anti-communism.

According to Delton, this historical consensus regards Cold War anti-communism as an irrational phenomenon and a species of political persecution. Equally as striking as this problematic characterization is Delton's assumption that an orthodoxy about so controversial an issue can and should be a normal condition of academic scholarship. 

Here are her words: "However fiercely historians disagree about the merits of American communism [sic!], they almost universally agree that the post-World War II red scare signaled a rightward turn in American politics. The consensus is that an exaggerated, irrational fear of communism, bolstered by a few spectacular spy cases, created an atmosphere of persecution and hysteria that was exploited and fanned by conservative opportunists such as Richard Nixon and Joseph McCarthy. . . . We may add detail and nuance to this story, but this, basically, is what we tell our students about post-World II anti-communism, also known as McCarthyism." (emphasis added)

In other words, it is the professional opinion of this tenured professor, the editors of the Journal of the Historical Society and, apparently, academic historians generally that concern about a domestic communist threat during the Cold War was equivalent to "McCarthyism"--a witch-hunting mania about imaginary demons. This, according to Delton, is what academic historians "tell our students," and not as mere opinion but as a historical consensus, and thus an academic fact. 

(Bernard Baruch was the George Soros of his day, a Rothschild agent. Here he is with two of his muppets.) 

This consensus exists, apparently, in the face of easily established, indisputable facts that refute it: the fact that McCarthy was censured by an anti-communist Senate, including senators who sat on his committee; the fact that he was opposed by an anti-communist president, Dwight Eisenhower, and by anti-communist liberals such as Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., who wrote one of the seminal anti-communist books of the period, The Vital Center; or the proven fact that the federal government had been penetrated by communist agents at the time, and at the highest levels.

It goes without saying that no conservative scholar could agree with the conclusion of Professor Delton and her colleagues, and thus no conservative scholar could be readily regarded by the consensus she describes as a reasonable member of her profession.

To ideologues like Delton, the contents of this volume will seem an extreme view of what has taken place in American liberal arts colleges and graduate institutions. But to recognize the intellectual corruption of the contemporary academy is hardly what is extreme; what is extreme is the politicized state of academic discourse, the confusion of scholarship with propaganda, and therefore the widespread debasement of the academic enterprise. What is extreme is the general comfort level of the academic community with this travesty of scholarship and, worse, with the practice of indoctrinating students in the classroom.

The ramifications of this reversion to doctrinal instruction and pre-scientific standards of scholarship have been destructive not only to higher education but to society at large. Since collegiate institutions are the training grounds for all professions, this corruption has adversely affected a widespread array of policies, both foreign and domestic; it has warped cultural attitudes towards race and gender (see volumes 5 and 6 in this series); and it has intruded political biases into such civically crucial professions as the law, journalism and secondary school education.

The contents of this volume were immediately inspired by a campaign I conducted to counter these trends and promote a restoration of the academic values associated with the modern research university, in particular, the identification of scientific standards of inquiry with academic professionalism.5 The goal of the campaign, which lasted for roughly seven years and ultimately failed, could also be viewed as an attempt to restore a professional standard appropriate to education in a democratic society--that teachers should teach students how to think and not tell them what to think. This standard was established in a famous "Declaration on the Principles of Academic Tenure and Academic Freedom" issued by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) in 1915, and until recently verbally embraced by all reputable academic institutions.

The campaign I organized to defend those principles was ferociously opposed by the tenured left, most strikingly by the very organization that had devised the original standard: the American Association of University Professors, whose governance had fallen into radical hands. Although my campaign failed, it revealed the extent of the AAUP's defection from its original purposes and its determination to protect a new professorial "right"--the "right" of faculty to indoctrinate their students. This was made indisputably clear in the AAUP's opposition to a crucial passage of the Declaration that I regularly cited in my campaign, and which had been adopted verbatim by Penn State University as its academic freedom policy. There can be no better introduction to the present volume than to recount the fate of this policy at the hands of the AAUP and its academic agents.

Known as HR 64, the Penn State policy read: "It is not the function of a faculty member in a democracy to indoctrinate his/her students with ready-made conclusions on controversial subjects. The faculty member is expected to train students to think for themselves, and to provide them access to those materials, which they need if they are to think intelligently. Hence, in giving instruction upon controversial matters the faculty member is expected to be of a fair and judicial mind, and to set forth justly, without supersession or innuendo, the divergent opinions of other investigators."

The AAUP's attack on this specific policy was launched in the winter of 2010, just after events in Pennsylvania convinced me of the futility of my reform efforts. Legislative hearings to inquire into the state of academic freedom in Pennsylvania--hearings in which I played a seminal role--were effectively subverted by the AAUP and the teacher unions, while the Republican Party and conservative groups that should have supported the reform effort sat on the sidelines. Without their active involvement, there was little more that I could do.

Related- Michael Collins Piper-  Did Cold War result from Internal Jewish Feud? 

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Comments for "The US Democratic Party is Communist--David Horowitz"

Al Thompson said (July 22, 2018):

Republican, Democrat, right, or left doesn't really matter because they are all communist in substance. If people would note the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto, to my knowledge every government in the world is communist. I'll ask the question: Are there any countries in the world that are not communist? If the countries have property tax, it is communist. If it has a central bank, it is communist. If it has income tax, it is communist. The rest of the list is here;

Below- West Celebrates Birthday of a Communist Terrorist - Nelson Mandela (scroll down)

Ron Radosh & Hollywood's Communist Pedigree

July 21, 2018


Ron Radosh (b. 1937) is someone who should be on your radar.  A Jewish academic historian and lifelong Communist, he turned his back on Communism after writing a history of the Rosenberg spy case. He was vilified by his fellow Communists because he proved that the Rosenbergs were guilty. He realized that Communism was a "religion" and rejected it, becoming a doyen of the American neo-Conservative movement

Rejecting one religion, he adopted another, Zionism. He is a fanatical defender of Israel as
demonstrated by this vicious excoriation of an anti-Zionist writer.  This illustrates a troubling political reality. The Left is Communist. The anti-Communist Right is Zionist. They are two heads of the same beast - the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel dedicated to enslaving mankind. We have no independent political leadership. They are both aspects of a Jewish agenda.

Below are excerpts from a review of Radosh's history of Hollywood Communism. According to Virgil Hicks, Radosh is blind to the fact that Communism is Jewish Cabalist supremacism. The film industry has a long Jewish pedigree. HUAC was Gentile reaction. Despite Trump's Zionist sponsorship, this "Gentile reaction" continues today in the Trump phenomenon. 

by Virgil Hicks
(Excerpts by 

Ronald Radosh, former radical, is a late-in-life convert to conservatism, earning him, perhaps, the label of neo-conservative. In Red Star over Hollywood: The Film Colony's Long Romance with the Left, Radosh (together with his wife) has extended his purview of the inner life of American Communists and the New Left. 

In this case, the book is an indictment of those Hollywood personalities who took an active role in Communist politics during the pre- and post-World War II era, and it is particularly severe on those who never repented. The Radoshes challenge the comfortable Hollywood legend that posits an evil House Committee on Un-American Activities against a progressive vanguard operating in America's film capital. 

(l. Ron Radosh)

"This fable of innocence destroyed by malice has acquired an almost irresistible sanctity during half a century of telling and retelling. It has become the consensus view of a troubled time and the story that Hollywood tells itself each night when it goes to sleep." In Red Star the Radoshes set themselves the task of refuting this fable, a welcome effort, as far as it goes. 

Of more interest, however, is the Radoshes' search for what lay behind the efforts of Hollywood Communists' to undermine and overthrow existing political and social life in America. Our intention is to look once again at what really happened in Hollywood during that fateful episode in our history and to re-evaluate this legend of good undone by evil. How and why did so many in the film community become enchanted not only with the Left but with its most totalitarian expression, the American Communist Party (CP)? What were their aims and objectives, and how did they set about achieving them?

..."The Hollywood Party," as the Communist Party was fondly called, started early in the film colony's history. Revolutionary Willi M├╝nzenberg, a contemporary of Lenin and Trotsky, quickly realized the "propaganda potential" for Communism in film. "We must develop the tremendous cultural possibilities of the motion picture in the revolutionary sense," he argued. "One of the most pressing tasks confronting Communist Parties on the field of agitation and propaganda is the conquest of this supremely important propaganda weapon..." In this respect, M├╝nzenberg was successful, organizing an important vanguard of "culture workers" in Hollywood. While not all such culture workers were Jews, a large proportion of them were, which the Radoshes note in individual cases. 

...This Jewish ethnic nexus is a constant throughout Red Star, but Radosh and his wife do nothing to explore or develop its implications. For instance, Republican John Rankin (left) succeeded in 1945 in turning the Committee on UnAmerican Activities into a standing committee of the House and then went on to wage what the Radoshes and others saw as blatantly anti-Semitic attacks on Hollywood leftists. 

Noting that Rankin "and some others' tirades against Jews had helped to stampede Hollywood's studio chiefs into instituting the blacklist," the Radoshes have the chance to step back and put into perspective what larger battle may have been taking place. Indeed, they observe in the opening pages of Red Star that "HUAC was the equal and opposite reaction" to the CP in Hollywood, a theme that if properly developed could have shed further light on the "aims and objectives" of Party members themselves.6

These Congressmen's attacks on Hollywood Jews were hardly isolated. Among the most prominent of such attacks was Henry Ford's The International Jew, which was published in his newspaper the Dearborn Independent. Ford, as author Kevin MacDonald notes, "charged that Jews in the media and entertainment industries subverted gentile morals and viewed Jewish media involvement as part of a highly orchestrated Jewish plot described in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion." 

Despite Ford's forced recantation of these claims, American isolationists later blamed the film industry for its sustained attempt to draw America into the war against Germany, with Charles Lindbergh's statement that the Jews' "greatest danger to this country lies in their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio, and our government" being typical. 

Addressing the central period covered in Red Star, Kevin MacDonald goes much further than the Radoshes in positing a Gentile-Jewish ethnic conflict. "The great majority of those stigmatized by the Un-American Activities Committee of the House of Representatives (HUAC) were Jews, many of them in the entertainment industry."

 Infamous anti-Semite Gerald L. K. Smith, for example, pointed to the Russian Jewish character of many in Hollywood and argued that this was the reason for the attempt to popularize Russian Communism in America through film. Whereas the Radoshes merely note the biographical backgrounds of Jewish screenwriters, MacDonald ties them together: "The substantive basis of the opinion of Rankin and others was that beginning in the 1930s Hollywood screenwriters were predominantly Jewish and politically liberal or radical...The American Communist Party (CPUSA), which was under Soviet control during the period, sent V. J. Jerome and Stanley Lawrence, both Jews, to Hollywood to organize the writers and take advantage of their political sentiments. 

MacDonald properly quotes Gabler here on this ethnic nexus: "But as much as the Hollywood Communist party was a writers' party, it was also...a Jewish party. (Indeed, to be the former meant to be the latter as well [emphasis added].)"7 How could Ronald Radosh, in particular, have missed this? Here we have perhaps the core of the whole blacklist story, yet Radosh simply brushes over it. One can only wish that he had been as insightful and honest as his similarly well-positioned friend David Horowitz...."

The Radoshes conclude their book by castigating modern Hollywood for wallowing in its fantasy of innocents persecuted. Specifically, they note the lack of historical context--the Korean War, the Cold War with the Soviet Union--in Hollywood's portrayal of itself in so many such films. 

"Also missing were the goals of the Communist Party, how it specifically targeted Hollywood, how it embedded its cultural commissars in the film capital," etc. But this too is precisely what is missing in the Radoshes' account.28 

Given the power of film to propagandize the masses in twentieth-century America and the extensive Jewish control of that film industry, we can see what the epic battle between Hollywood leftists and HUAC actually was: The largely Jewish Communist movement in the Hollywood of the 1930s-1950s was an instance of a Jewish movement and, as the Radoshes note, HUAC was "the equal and opposite reaction." 

They might have added that it was an equal and opposite Gentile reaction. The Radoshes had the background information to discuss this in depth, for, to their credit, they undertook extensive archival research and interviewed many primary actors in this long drama. But failing to take  broader Jewish-Gentile conflict into account makes Red Star a deeply disappointing book, better for reference than for a needed analysis of what those turbulent years in Hollywood really were. 


First Comment by James Perloff

How could Radosh defend Zionism, while condemning Communism and not seeing its Jewish connection, from Karl Marx to Trotsky and Bela Kun? That the Bolshevik leadership was around 85 percent Jewish is well-documented. Rabbi Stephen Wise said: "Some call it Marxism--I call it Judaism." 
Furthermore, Hollywood, for all its communism which Radosh denounced, was also inextricably Jewish (MGM, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Columbia, Fox). As documented elsewhere on this website, "The Communist Jews Behind Sen. Joseph McCarthy,", Bernard Baruch covertly financed the 1950s anti-communist movement. 
Why else would Joe McCarthy get such an unlikely partner in Donald Trump's Jewish homosexual attorney Roy Cohn? The Rothschilds bankrolled both Bolshevism and Zionism. It has become clearer and clearer to me that the Soviet Union was the FIRST Rothschild proxy state. But when in the late 1940s they established their TRUE proxy state--Israel--they no longer needed the USSR, and so at that moment, it became fashionable to oppose communism as though it was a separate entity. 
The Cold War enabled Israel to get U.S. aid as our "ally against communism," semantically turned the Rosenbergs from a "Jewish" spy ring to a "communist" spy ring, finally gave Stalin payback for killing Trotsky, and justified the development of a huge U.S. military establishment whose ultimate beneficiary would be Israel.

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Comments for "Ron Radosh & Hollywood's Communist Pedigree "

Marcos said (July 21, 2018):

You are absolutely right on this issue.
Israel benefits a lot from the hatred from the Left. I suspect they even fund it. It causes them absolutely no harm, just empty words, and fuels the support from conservatives, where the real money is.

Both Left and Right seem to be stupid, as they can't see that Israel was built on socialism and even today is immersed in Cultural Marxism, abortion and gay parades. The Left should love them.

We see this situation clearly here in Brazil. The liberal think tanks, right-wing columnists like Rodrigo Constantino and even hard-line conservative presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro are practically lobbyists for Israel. It is always the same strategy: a conservative person gets some public recognition, the next thing you see is that they are invited to a trip to Israel, all expenses paid, a lot of TLC. The person comes home as an advocate for Zionism. They do the same with pastors from the US. It reminds me of those trips sponsored by the Soviets, when gullible Western personalities would visit make-believe towns in the USSR.

Tongue in Cheek?- Journalist's Call for Curfew for Men is another Example of Misandry

July 15, 2018

Tongue in Cheek?- Journalist's Call for Curfew for Men is another Example of Misandry

A female reader, GK responds 

When I saw this headline, "A Curfew For Men,"   I almost passed out.  

The author, Melinda Houston, thinks it's an awesome idea to dictate to men when and where they should be permitted to show up.  She is referencing a suggestion from a letter by one Gretel Lamont, of which my cursory search came up empty-handed.  The suggestion "... is simply to ban all men from being on the streets or on public transport after, say, 9.30pm..." 

She says that this restriction is already in place for women.  Well, that's Australia, so I can't prove it either way.  And most know how one country affects another and mind-sets ooze across continents. Also, the controllers set up test cases here and there, just to see what will fly and we become the test cases for their little experiments.

This proposal is the worst attack on the male character and male freedom that I've ever witnessed because it goes beyond accusing to actually attempting to restrict movement, to cage up, so to speak.  I feel both infuriated and heart-broken.  Heart-broken, because of all the good men in my life, from father to husband, etc.  All I see is how much they give, how hard they work, how decent they are, how important to so many areas of life.  Separatists are THE DUMBEST PEOPLE IN THE UNIVERSE, ANY UNIVERSE!!

Infuriated?  Yes!!  And selfishly so.  They want to remove from me that which completes me, compliments me, protects me, and so much more.  This is messing with Creation itself!!  The Great Balance that keeps sanity and cohesion afloat.  Now I ask, when will it stop!!? T

he author's last paragraph practically begs that this restricting of men becomes law.  To my brothers, I say, I will defend you forever, for you have defended me for millennia.  This evil aberration will be eviscerated.

The nitty-gritty on Fed shenanigans

July 8, 2018

The nitty-gritty on Fed shenanigans during and after the credit crunch

by Amazon reader

 Nomi Prins doesn't sensationalize or create fear porn. This entire volume is written very practically. I will warn readers up front that there is a lot of banking and financial terminology and acronyms. There's a glossary to help but it may be a bit of a challenge if you are completely unfamiliar with the banking system.

Rather than offer a summary, I'm going to offer a couple of quotes directly from the book that do well presenting the overall theme:

- "By conjuring money, the Fed had begun something it couldn't stop." - p. 223

- "Nowhere in any of this did the plight of ordinary citizens meaningfully feature in the discussion." - p. 224

- "This coddling of the oppressors depicted the illogic of a situation that hurt all those involved to some degree - except the central bankers themselves. It was the central banking establishment that had no real allegiance to voters and that remained virtually untouchable." - p. 242

Basically, in 2007/2008, a fiscal crisis erupted, with the epicenter being the United States. This crisis was in part caused by the deregulation of the banking industry during the Clinton Administration, including the repeal of the Glass-Steigal act. Though many who have been following the system are aware of that, Prins gets into detail of why this is true. It lead to out of control "betting" utilizing people's deposits. This "betting" included subprime loans, derivative markets (including derivatives from toxic assets), and so on. When it all came to a head, the bankers went to governments to bail them out. And they did. And the banks made out big time but Main Street did not. And then central banks pushed money conjuring (QE) for a trickle down effect. It didn't work. Banks hoarded it and bet on more derivatives. So the central banks keep doing the same thing and have for about a decade with the same effect.

The author does a great job in presenting the elitism of the central bankers, the revolving door between banking positions and government positions, the fact that the bankers are less and less accountable to governments and that governments are more and more held hostage by those bankers. This book should be on the reading list for every college student out there, but it won't be.

Political Trigger Warning: The author does not speak highly of any American administration, whether it be Bush, Obama, or Trump. So if you are in love with any of these presidents, you will be triggered.

The greatest threat to America and American Jewish communities is Israel by Brendon O'Connell

June 29, 2018

unnamed (22).jpg

The greatest threat to America and American Jewish communities is Israel.

Gold means nothing. Its as "fiat" as paper. It's technology that matters.

by Brendon O'Connell

One of the "reserve currency's" people forget about is the US 5th and 6th Fleet. If only good American Generals of a Patton or McArthur caliber were running them.

Also, the US has the greatest technological lead on anyone on the planet - ever. The US made an all titanium super plane that cruised at 80,000+ feet at Mach 3.2 (conservative figure) with state of the art never matched turbo ramjet engines that has never been matched by today's standards (that we know of). The US innovation kings at Lockheed's Skunk Works managed that when? 1964. Fifty four years ago. 

Technology is king. He who detects first. Shoots first. At the longest range - wins. No one comes close to America. 

Everything China and the USSR have was handed to them on a platter. The USSR could not feed itself, clothe itself, nor fire a rocket into space until it was handed to them. And before people mock the US space program's rocky start, one might consider the same Communist Jews and sayanim who gave the secrets of the atom bomb to Stalin were also sabotaging the US space program. 

The greatest threat to America and American Jewish communities is Israel. A Soviet Communist Rothschild invention designed to subvert America under a Biblical cover. It was a Socialist Marxist state from day one and American Jews like Jack Bernstein exposed it many years ago. Professor Israel Shahak exposed it in the must read, "Jewish Religion Jewish History The Weight Of Three Thousand Years." Sir Douglas Reid exposed it with "Controversy Of Zion."

Now Israel has the keys to the kingdom. They brag they wrote crucial code for Windows 10. They brag they design and fabricate the latest Intel CPU's there and we know they are hardware backdoored with the Intel Management Engine add on. They brag they lead the world in cyber security. They brag they lead the world in nano technology. They brag they have teamed up with China and Russia and they brag they lead the BRICS and Belt and Road $7.2 trillion Pan Eurasian Stalinist era dream development.

Gold means nothing. Its as "fiat" as paper. Its technology. And the Soviet Communist biblical imposter Israel just removed the US high technology sector to itself and gave the finger to the US taxpayers. Just like they dumped manufacturing and heavy industry in China.

Israel, Russia and China are Rothschild City of London creations. Partners in crime. Setting up the high tech Smart Cities/Gulag system to lock away the Woken Goy and sacrifice Jews world wide who will not move to the coming Greater Israel project.

Communism was always Jewish Talmudism. Now it comes with flowers, a backdoored Israeli Arc processor and personal robot helper in a Smart Gulag. And just like the late 1930's, Jews in America especially, can either get with the program or face a rampaging US citizenry from a collapsed US economy.

Only the US military can save America. But who will it work for? When we see AIPAC and JINSA and ADL operatives arrested - Shelden Adelson and Netanyahu on the wanted list - maybe we can all breath easy. I'd be optimistic, but certainly dont hold your breath.

The world economy is not the problem - the financial system is. Its a fraud. But there is plenty to eat, drink and build with..iron ore, nickel. The financial collapse is a choice. There is an abundance of everything. Just not hope - the thing they crush first.