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Poland in Crisis -- Globalist Traitors Battle Nationalists

July 25, 2017

(Left, Soros' useful idiots take to the streets) 

We're in a life-and-death struggle
for the future of the human race 
between Communists (satanist, globalists,"liberals") 
and nationalists. 
As in America, globalists in Poland are 
resorting to extreme behavior to intimidate
their opponents. In the article below
a Polish reader conveys the
urgency of the situation.

by Patriotic Pole

Poland is under massive attack right now. They want to destroy the present right wing government (PIS Law and Justice party) and get back the former communist, traitor PO government that served the Germans and Brussels. Majority of Polish media belongs to German owners, which continually attack Polish right wing, conservative party.

They produce fake news and horrible, lying propaganda among Poles and abroad to discredit PIS and the President as well. They mock and ridicule them and are very vicious in what they do.

Poland, like Hungary does not want to OBEY Brussels, Merkel and Big Brother, so now it's going to be destroyed like Ukraine and many other countries. This is always the same plan, to make people hate the government and riot against it, and we know what happens next.

It's getting serious; they have a very detailed 16 points plan to do it, step by step. There are people connected with Soros, this woman- Lyudmyla Kozlovska, left, is Ukrainian, (a friend of Soros). She started the foundation called -Open Dialogue. They spread lots of info, how to act, what to do, and agitation against this government through Facebook. 

On Facebook she talks people into switching this government off and paralyzing the country in order to force this government to give up on introducing changes in the old, communist and corrupted judiciary system and to resign.

 Since this gov was elected by the majority of Polish people, the former government which is full of traitors and communists cannot stand it. They are afraid of being exposed, their frauds and thefts, their corruption and connections, so they (the present opposition) have been doing all they can to destroy the present government which is very bravely and steadfastly trying to repair the country. If it was not for this government, Poland would be no more, just a shell with nothing left, no jobs, no money, no babies as thousands of Poland emigrated to various countries for lack of prospects, very low wages etc. This was done and promoted ( emigration) under the former leader, the prime minister Donald Tusk. 

They are pure evil, the opposition is extremely arrogant and will not hesitate to destroy the present gov in any possible, vicious way in order to get the power back into their hands. 

The head of the former gov was Donald Tusk, left, who now works as the president of European Council in Brussels. Many people mock him calling him the king of Europe. He is the traitor, always working against Poland, even now, the best friend of Merkel. Sold out most of Polish industry; whatever was worth anything he sold it for pennies. 

This is his latest letter Donald Tusk (@eucopresident) on Twitter where he urges the President to veto judicial reform measures. 

It's such a shame as this man always acts against Poland. He is not on our side, he has no respect among Polish patriots and Polish people.

The people who are rioting in the streets now are also spreading fake news abroad on purpose. Their call to action is : "Act in the streets and abroad" (to slander and destroy the present gov). So they scream - "Dictatorship!, They take away our freedom! They destroy our democracy!" etc. which is all lies. They go to Brussels and report on this gov accusing it of various, evil things, which is all done for the sake of destruction of this gov as they hate everything that comes from PIS ( Law and Justice ruling party).

This is the best gov, Poland has ever had since WW II. It's very patriotic, Christian, supporting family and tradition, national identity, traditional values, Polish history and it's working for people not for their own benefit, it's trying to repair and restore what the previous one had damaged and stolen or sold out. 

For the first time in history Polish parents are receiving financial help for their children which helps them in a huge way to supply their needs, so the number of new born babies started growing sharply, 14,000 more babies born this year than a year ago. This government exposes lots of frauds and also murder in Smolensk, the plane crash with the Polish gov and president Kaczynski). The ruling of former gov under Tusk was just constant lies, emigration, poverty, fraud and deception. Many believe that it was involved in murder of 90 people in the plane crash in Smolensk. They have always had pure hatred towards PIS and Kaczynski brothers. (One of them was the President of Poland who died in 2010 and the other one is now the head of the ruling party but does not hold any formal function in the government.)

Obviously Brussels is not happy as Poland is getting stronger and richer, and the gov listens to Polish people who said clearly, they do not want Islamic invasion so the gov is strongly against any so called refuges in Poland. This drives Brussels mad as they try different tactics to take those people in. They threaten Poland with sanctions, isolation etc. The former gov agreed to take thousands. 

They blame now the new law, which is going to change the judiciary system but the change is very much needed as the system is terribly corrupted by the former, communist governments. Moreover, the changes are to make that system just as it is in Germany and many other Western countries so this is just an excuse to overthrow this government. 

This government is very gentle with rioters. The former one, led by Tusk, would have had police forces chasing away all those people by water guns etc, which happened many times. 


Most Polish people support this government and many have changed their mind and started supporting it seeing what is going on. 

And this amazing speech by D. Trump. I have never been his fan but that speech was amazing. It happened two weeks ago and now there is destruction of Poland going on. It's too brave, too rebellious, too family and God oriented for communists, for Soros, for Brussels for the devil himself.  

This is the info in main media

Victor Orban, Hungary supports Poland, He built a wall to stop refugees, very strong leader.

Scruples, the game of moral dilemmas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below -"British Israel" and Cabalist Supremacism (scroll down)

Dunkirk Proves WW2 Was a Charade

July 24, 2017


The evacuation of 340,000 Allied soldiers from Dunkirk in 1940
was an ignominious defeat being painted as some kind of
victory in a hit movie that opened last week. The real story is
that Hitler let the British army depart because he was a "British"
 (i.e. Illuminati Jewish) agent.  

"If Hitler were really interested in peace with England, he would have taken its army prisoner. 
to be drawn into a two-front war and be destroyed, which was the goal 
of his Illuminati Jewish masters." 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The "miracle at Dunkirk" is regarded as an extraordinary peace overture to England. We don't normally associate Hitler with such magnanimity.

In May 1940, the British were on the verge of defeat. The English army was trapped at Dunkirk. Rather than take them prisoner, Hitler halted his generals for three days allowing 340,000 men to escape.

A common explanation is that Hitler didn't want a world war, and had no stomach for fighting England. According to Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Louis Kilzer, author of Churchill's Deception (Simon & Schuster, 1994),
Hitler believed the future of Western civilization depended on the cooperation of Germany and her Aryan cousins: England and the United States. His territorial demands were limited to Communist Russia, which he regarded as a proxy for Jewish world ambitions. He was determined to avoid fighting a war on two fronts.

"The blood of every single Englishman is too valuable to shed," Hitler said. "Our two people belong together racially and traditionally. That is and always has been my aim, even if our generals can't grasp it." (Kilzer, p.213)

According to Kilzer, Hitler was trying to convince the English to make peace. In exchange, he was ready to retreat from Western Europe and from much of Poland.

CHARADE: Hitler Must Have known England is also Jewish proxy

A more truthful explanation is that Hitler was false opposition. He regarded himself as a British (i.e. Illuminati) agent. It was common knowledge both in England and Germany that far from being "Aryan", England was a proxy for the same Jewish bankers Hitler pretended to oppose. A book by Wolf Meyer-Christian, "The Anglo Jewish Alliance" published in Nazi Germany in 1940 states: 

The unity of the continent is threatened from one direction alone: the English isle. It is not threatened by the English people but by English imperialism: the will to conquer by a relatively small group. This group is as much English as it is Jewish and Jewish as it is English, and therein lies the problem...

Again, the German and European jewish problem can only be resolved when...the alliance between the British ruling class and the leaders of world Jewry is dissolved forever. For this alliance is Europe's deadly enemy. (pp. 24-25)

In 1941, Friedrich Wilhelm Euler, Nazi Germany's leading expert on Jewish genealogy, published a lengthy article entitled "The Penetration of Jewish Blood into the English Upper Class." Virtually all of his 148-page article consisted of a catalog of Jewish conversions and subsequent marriages with non-Jews, starting in the fourteenth century. The evidence proved that the English aristocracy had literally sealed a "marriage with Jewry" in terms of its "blood substance." 

This was also common knowledge in England. In 1922, British social critic Hilaire Belloc described the British Empire as a partnership between Jewish finance and the British aristocracy.

"After Waterloo [1815] London became the money market and the clearing house of the world. The interests of the Jew as a financial dealer and the interests of this great commercial polity approximated more and more. One may say that by the last third of the nineteenth century, they had become virtually identical."   ("The Jews" 1922) 

If Hitler were really interested in peace with England, he would have taken its army prisoner. That would have forced England to sue for peace.  Instead he allowed Germany to be drawn into a two-front war and be destroyed, which was the goal of his Illuminati Jewish masters. 

General Guderian later reflected, 'What the future of the war would have been like if we had succeeded in taking the British Expeditionary Force prisoners at Dunkirk is now impossible to guess.'


When Winston Churchill was visiting Germany, in 1932,  Putzi Hanfstaengl tried to arrange a meeting with Hitler. Hitler was dining at the hotel where Churchill was staying but apparently declined. It wouldn't do for two Zionist political actors --future "antagonists" -- to be seen huddled together before the show began.   

Both Hitler and Churchill were pawns of the Zionist bankers. According to historian Thomas J. O'Keefe,   Churchill said in his Memoirs that ex-German Chancellor (1930-1932) Heinrich Brüning  revealed  the identities of Hitler's backers in a 1937 letter:

 'I didn't, and do not even today for understandable reasons, wish to reveal from October 1928, the two largest regular contributors to the Nazi Party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of Jewish faith and one of them the leader of Zionism in Germany."

Churchill was funded by a different branch of the same Illuminati Jewish banking syndicate. O'Keefe cites a speech by David Irving on the "Focus Group" set up by Bernard Waley Cohen, a prominent Zionist banker.  

wc.jpg "The Focus was financed by a slush fund set up by some of London's wealthiest businessmen -- principally, businessmen organized by the Board of Jewish Deputies in England, whose Chairman was a man called Sir Bernard Waley Cohen, left. Sir Bernard Waley Cohen held a private dinner party at his apartment on July 29, 1936. This is in Waley Cohen's memoirs.

 ... The 29th of July, 1936, Waley Cohen set up a slush fund of 50,000 pounds for The Focus, the Churchill pressure group. Now, 50,000 pounds in 1936, multiply that by ten, at least, to get today's figures. By another three or four to multiply that into US dollars. So, 40 times 50,000 pounds -- about $2 million in US terms -- was given by Bernard Waley Cohen to this secret pressure group of Churchill in July 1936. The purpose was -- the tune that Churchill had to play was -- fight Germany. Start warning the world about Germany, about Nazi Germany. Churchill, of course, one of our most brilliant orators, a magnificent writer, did precisely that.

    For two years, The Focus continued to militate, in fact, right through until 1939. And I managed to find the secret files of The Focus, I know the names of all the members. I know all their secrets. I know how much money they were getting, not just from The Focus, but from other governments. I use the word "other governments" advisedly because one of my sources of information for my Churchill biography is, in fact, the Chaim Weizmann Papers in the State of Israel.

strakosch.jpgIrving then revealed further details of Churchill's financing by the Czechs, as well as the facts of Churchill's financial rescue by a wealthy banker of Austro-Jewish origins, Sir Henry Strakosch, left, who, in Irving's words, emerged "out of the woodwork of the City of London, that great pure international financial institution." When Churchill was bankrupted overnight in the American stock market crash of 1937-1938, it was Strakosch who was instrumental in setting up the central banks of South Africa and India, who bought up all Churchill's debts. When Strakosch died in 1943, the details of his will, published in the London Times, included a bequest of £20,000 to the then Prime Minister, eliminating the entire debt.

Irving dealt with Churchill's performance as a wartime leader, first as Britain's First Lord of the Admiralty and then as Prime Minister. The British historian adverted to Churchill's "great military defeat in Norway, which he himself engineered and pioneered," and mentioned the suspicion of Captain Ralph Edwards, who was on Churchill's staff at the time, that Churchill had deliberately caused the fiasco to bring down Neville Chamberlain and replace him as prime minister, which subsequently happened."


The Second World War was orchestrated to fulfill the long term Zionist goal of Illuminati one world government. Irving spoke of Dunkirk:

bankerwarsuffering.jpeg"In May 1940, Dunkirk, the biggest Churchill defeat of the lot....Letters between Churchill and the French Prime Minister, Paul Reynaud, revealed the ugly truth that Churchill, himself, gave the secret order to Lord Gort, the British General in command of the British expeditionary force at Dunkirk, "Withdraw, fall back," or as Churchill put it, "Advance to the coast." That was Churchill's wording. "And you are forbidden to tell any of your neighboring allies that you are pulling out. The French and the Belgians were left in the dark that we were pulling out."

Of course Hitler quixotically allowed 340,000 British and Allied soldiers to escape at Dunkirk. The Zionist choreographers wanted the Nazis to succeed initially, but not to administer a knockout punch.

The war had to be long and costly both in lucre and in life. Germany had to be completely destroyed and Judeo Communist Russia had to conquer Eastern Europe. Non-Zionist Jews had to be sacrificed so they would dedicate themselves to building the Rothschild fiefdom known as Israel.    

Revised & Updated from Dec 29, 2011


Thanks to Peter Myers for his invaluable news list. He sent Moore's article to my inbox.


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Scruples, the game of moral dilemmas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Dunkirk Proves WW2 Was a Charade "

Luther said (January 3, 2012):

Constantly the media has beaten us over the head with World War II as the 'greatest generation', but this article puts it directly in perspective. People who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it over and over...

The unsubstantiated proof given in this article destroys the notion that the above statement is true and rather, shows that generation to be one of the most blind and gullible. I knew about the North American support of Nazism by Prescott Bush (grandfather of George W. Bush) through Chase Manhattan Bank and Brown & Root, along with other ruling elite families including the Fords and Rockefellers.

It was good to have the information on the British and European bankers especially Zionists that fueled the war effort in Europe leading up to an eventual "showdown" between the allied effort and Hitler's Nazi Germany and their allies. How else could a conflict as huge as a world war be launched by nations that were in the grip of a worldwide depression?

Guy said (January 3, 2012):

Further to your 29th December piece on Churchill ( and Hitler's ) financial backing readers might be interested to know that the Churchill family's collusion with Zionist bankers actually goes right back to the Duke of Marlborough, his supposedly esteemed ancestor:

For Marlborough and Solomon Medina read Churchill and Strakosch, Waley-Cohen.

Ross said (January 1, 2012):

Don't leave out the role of the Whore of Revelaition.

The Luciferian Jesuits are the movers and shakers who infiltrate anything for the purpose of advancing the whore church.

All roads lead to Lucifer's useful fools headed by Kolvenbach and Nicholos.

Tavistok mind control is nothing more than Loyola's "spiritual" excercises.

Cliff Shack said (January 1, 2012):

Here is one of the first articles that I had written on the subject in the 1990's. David Icke had subsequently posted it on his site:
It may provide additional info for those interested in the matter.

Michele said (December 31, 2011):

Churchill was not the grand old man that everyone makes him out to be, he was a petty tyrant and my Welsh roots would attest to that in the Tonypandy riots of 1910. As the article shows Churchill was a traitor, if not a traitor then as good as because he lacked military skills and was in charge of several "defeats". He cared little for civilians, they were just pawns in the Great Game. He wasn't a total insider however, he was a puppet politician greedy for money and power. He may not have been in on the real aims of the power holders but he was a willing dupe for them and followed orders from above just like any good little pyschopath. Follow the money.

Dan said (December 31, 2011):

Brinkmanship is routine for power brokers. During the Thirty Years War in the 17th century, Cardinal Richelieu secretly funded a mercenary expedition of Dutch and German Lutherans to fight Spanish Catholics in the interest of French politics.

During the early 1980's, the Reagan/Bush government covertly provided Iran with replacement parts for the arsenal of American weaponry left by the Shah, while arming Saddam Hussein during the ten year Iraq/Iran war.

Today corporations make hefty contributions to all political parties for the same elections. It's the ancient game of buying influence, hedging bets, or simple bribery

Below- The Palme "Murder" - Cover for Elite Depravity? (scroll down)

"British Israel" and Cabalist Supremacism

July 23, 2017


Far from subverting Britain, the Zionists
enlisted the British to the cause of 
Jewish world supremacy by convincing
them they were Jews themselves. 
Henceforth the "Jewish conspiracy"
was clothed as the British Empire.
The US has now assumed this mantle. 

"One might have expected that the Jews, the original self-designated "chosen", would have resented the Johnny come lately Anglo pretenders to chosenness, but far from it: Jewish supremacists welcomed the claims of Anglo-Freemasonry to tribal co-ethnicity precisely because they understood that wherever it took root, Freemasonry laid waste the surrounding Christian civilization."

by Jude Duffy

Some white nationalists portray the British Empire as a noble victim of unjust calumny by Zionists. 

In the centuries since the Reformation, Anglo-Protestant imperialism and Jewish supremacism formed an enduring alliance,  which found organized expression in occult societies like the British Israel Movement which held that:

"The 10 "lost" tribes of Israel are actually the Anglo-Saxon race and are specifically the people of Great Britain. By definition, then, the Anglo-Saxon (or white) people are the true Israelites, being the descendants of Abraham and are the only chosen people of God and heirs to the covenant of God. The Anglo Saxon race is in fact a race of Israelites with a mission received from the Highest Authority
to establish God's Kingdom on earth."

The English royalty have long considered themselves descendants of King David and accordingly think and act as Jews. The British Crown claims that their throne at Westminster Abbey is the throne of David. Prince Charles, who is considered the 145th direct descendant of King David, was circumcised by Rabbi Jacob Snowman, the official mohel of London. British heirs to the throne have been circumcised by Jewish rabbis for many generations. 

The British Israelites claimed "British" means "Man of the Covenant"  i.e. Jew. 


John Dee, the occult magician at the court of Elizabeth I, was apparently the first person to coin the term "British Empire". From the very get go the Empire was an occult cabalist project - all its main propagandists, and indeed actors, being occultists of one sort or another. 

According to Stuart Piggot's book, "The Druids", Dee "grew up surrounded by the controversy and currents" of what became known as the British Empire - and "sought to merge the Arthurian Imperial tradition with cabalistic interpretations of Hebrew scripture".  

"Dee created the concept of British Israel, which gave the British and the Jews a common racial identity, and invoked biblical prophecy to show the inevitable triumph of British imperialism, the British as Abraham's seed were to inherit the earth."

Far from being simply an ethnocentric take on Biblical Christianity, Dee's pseudo-genealogical supremacist theory was steeped in pagan druidism, being "Christian" only in the sense that New Age pantheism is "Christian", i.e., it coopted elements of Christian doctrine and ritual, the better to insinuate itself almost effortlessly into the mainstream of British Christian life.

Dee's contemporary, the celebrated Elizabethan poet, Edmund Spenser, laid out a manifesto for British occult imperialism in his epic poem, The Faerie Queene, which called for the ruthless crushing of Irish Catholics, the forcible imposition of the English language in Ireland, and the practice of incest among the English. 


Two centuries later, another mouthpiece for Anglo-Judaeo Masonry, Marx's sidekick, Friedrich Engels, gleefully predicted the wiping out of "whole races of reactionaries" - e.g., the Gaels, the Basques, the Slavs etc., - in the cause of "progress".

Zionists talk endlessly of the Holocaust, and Anglo white nats counter by invoking the genocidal Ukrainian Holodomor, but neither side dare mention the deliberate forcible starvation of Irish Catholics in the mid 19th century by the Masonic British government - an act of genocide that a Times of London editorial of 1848 gloated would make "the Celt as rare on the banks of the Shannon as the Redman on the banks of the Manhattan".  

Despite its occult Masonic origins and genocidal policies,  Anglo-Israelism gained many adherents among British and American Protestants, who promoted the theory of the British Royal Family as the House of David, and Britain and the United States as the modern tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh respectively.

One might have expected that the Jews, the original self-designated "chosen", would have resented the Johnny come lately Anglo pretenders to chosenness, but far from it: Jewish supremacists welcomed the claims of Anglo-Freemasonry to tribal co-ethnicity precisely because they understood that wherever it took root, Freemasonry laid waste the surrounding Christian civilization.

Most reliable evidence indicates that the English share considerably more genetic heritage with the French than with the Germans, but when did facts ever get in the way of racial supremacist theories?

Benjamin Disraeli, the Jewish supremacist British Prime Minister of the mid-Victorian era, eagerly promoted Anglo-Israelism as the semi-official ideology of the British Empire - which, thanks to Jewish sponsorship, was then reaching the zenith of its power and prestige.

Borrowing heavily from Protestant theories of wealth and success as a sign of divine favour, Anglo-Israelists argued that Britain's great power in the world proved the English were part of God's chosen race. The logic was circular - the belief in chosenness impelled  the supremacist drive to be "top nation": the ensuing top nation status then being cited as evidence of chosen-ness 

Anglo-Israelism in the 19th century made huge inroads in the the Church of England; the de facto takeover of Anglicanism by Masonic Israelists prompted Cardinal Newman to desert the English state church and convert to Catholicism.


According to "The Union Jack", a 1970 book on Anglo-Israelism, by 'Helen Peters', Anglo-Israelist Freemasonry controls all the major 'right-wing' Protestant churches in the United States. This helps explain why such churches have become slavish mouthpieces for Zionism and the endless war agenda of the Anglo-American Neocons on left and right.

"The Union Jack" argues that Anglo-Israelism and Freemasonry are synonymous, and embody the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth heresy, i.e., the idea of materialistic worldly 'progress' as the ultimate goal of existence.   

Though steeped in Protesant Freemasonry, Anglo-Israelism has a constituency even within the Catholic fold. The late Catholic modernist left liberal turned Atlanticist Neocon, Michael Novak, touted liberal capitalism as the flower of "the English genius", and condemned traditional Catholic teaching on usury, contraception, subsidiarity, and just war. A few years before his death, he wrote a book celebrating the New Atheism, entitled "No One Sees God".

Arguing that the Jews have waged war against so called White Anglo Saxon Protestant culture renders modern history utterly incomprehensible. Far from seeking to destroy Anglo-Masonic culture, the Anglo Israel Jewish alliance strives to impose it as  a one size fits all model on the  whole world.


First Comment from Larry C

Henry, I'm glad to see Jude Duffy reference "The Union Jack."  It should be required reading for all conspiracy theorists.  Although it's readily available on line, I own a cherished paper copy from which I like to quote such just tidbits as:

Any Mason aspiring to true patriotism is a pathetic self contradiction and a slave to the "light" that he supposes he received from Masonry....Masonry is spiritual and political Communism dedicated to British-Jew domination of the world and is enacting the scheme of British Israel to deceive and lure the people to believe that the New Age Kingdom World Government is a plan of God.   Helen Peters, The Union Jack, p.166,170

British Israel has rehabilitated Rabbinical Judaism very successfully under the paraphernalia of Christianity so that Christianity as most Americans know it today is Judaism...The danger has never been so much that Jews become Americans as Americans become Jews through the spiritual deceit of British Israel.  The changing of the faith through British Israel propaganda has changed the allegiance to the world state.  The spirit of this world state is Rabbinic Talmudic Judaism, the instrumentality is Masonry, the framework of the world kingdom is the British Empire and the ultimate reality is the unification of body and spirit under the pseudo Christian Theocratic World Government.  Helen Peters, The Union Jack, p.140

John E writes:

Jude Duffy has grossly mischaracterized British Israelism.  The question BI attempts to answer is simply "Where are the tribes of Israel today?"  Whatever ideological or imperialistic demons Duffy seeks to excise will not be found here.
There is no more supremacist connotation in BI than there is in God's choice of a people in Genesis 12.  God said "I will make you into a great nation... and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."  Whatever the occultist John Dee had to say about BI, it should be obvious that he neither invented the Israelite race nor gave anyone a racial identity.
The problem with BI is that the Israelite race is bigger Britain ("Anglo Israelism" would be more accurate).  Modern day Israelites can be found all over the UK, Western Europe, Scandinavia, the US and Canada.  Royals and aristocracy may claim Israelite linage, but that's their problem.  The same goes for White Nationalists, the KKK, Freemasons, and anyone else seeking to legitimize errant doctrines.
The truth of the Israelite race is first one of existence.  If God's promise to Abraham was fulfilled (it was), then we already know who to look for.  The Bible gives us plenty of clues.  Scholars who have written at length about the dispersion/migration of Israel include Henry Stough, JH Allen, Howard Rand, Robert Balaicius, Raymond Capt (search YouTube for some of Capt's documentaries), not to mention Josephus and many others.
Understanding who and where the Israelites are today is key to understanding modern errors such as Zionism and Dispensationalism.  It also helps us gain an appreciation of our own heritage.  Just keep in mind Luther's warning: "There is as little sense in boasting of one's ancestry as in the devil priding himself on his angelic lineage."


Scruples, the game of moral dilemmas

You can find this article permanently at .html

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for ""British Israel" and Cabalist Supremacism "

John V said (July 25, 2017):

The Roots of Christian Zionism in America, Part 1 (The English Inheritance)

The Roots of Christian Zionism in America, Part 2 (The Redeemer Nation)

The videos are mainly talking about Robert O. Smith's book "More Desired than Our Owne Salvation: The Roots of Christian Zionism"

The book and the Youtuber argues that America's pro-Israel/Zionism stance can be traced back all the way to Protestant Reformation and to how the Puritan settlers of the English colonies in New England began to identify themselves with Jews.

Essentially, America has largely been a creation and continuation of British Israel movement to this very day. It is why American society heavily identifies itself with the Jews and Israel (a by-product of Protestantism), perhaps to its very detriment. A US-Israel alliance that has practically been of no benefit to America, expect to benefit new-conservatives and the MIC.

Literally a match made in hell!

Pedro said (July 24, 2017):

Since reading When Scotland was Jewish, which posits that the Normans were Jewish conquerors (do a web image search on William the Conqueror, name was David, the second King David since 1000bc) nothing would surprise me. The book similarly covers Calvanism (lookup John Calvin's image, or John Knox).

The Union Jack book here (with interesting poster's comment)

The Bank of England was setup for private interests with no accountability from the beginning masquerading, like the US Fed, as a benevolent national institution, nationalized in 1946 by which time commercial loans ("money for nothing, cheques for free") far dominated private fiat money creation and the intractable 'usury problem' from which (almost) all evil has it's roots.


Tony B said (July 23, 2017):

Very good and necessary article.

I would go back one further step and make it more clear that protestantism itself was a creation of talmudic intrigue. Luther, when his slow mind finally got the picture, wrote scathingly about their influence over him saying they should be kept in places likened to pigstyes. Calvin (Cohen) was himself a talmudic Jew. It was those talmudists thrown out of Spain for trying to subvert the Church there who, after moving to and then owning Amsterdam, financed and caused the invasion of Catholic England by the genocidist Cromwell.

Think Outside the Propaganda Matrix, says Tony Blizzard

July 15, 2017

blizzard (1).jpg
Think Outside the Propaganda Matrix, says Tony Blizzard (left)

Most people never think "outside the box" and the box is created by their enslavers.  Whether too timid or lazy or intimidated, makes no difference.  People must think things out, investigate and act as individuals rather than one more sheep in the herd.

An example:  

When I lived in Idaho my wife and I bought an older home in a town in an area which had been a federal land grant even before Idaho was a state.  We paid off the property before long.  I got out the records in the county assessors office, found the original land patent signed in the name of the President of the United States at that time and upgraded our portion of it through all the owners from the time the patent was granted until us.  Disregarding our warranty deed (which only warrants that no one else is claiming the property, similar to a quit claim deed - deeds do NOT grant title) I had the updated land patent notarized, advertised and took it to the county assessor who understood that my wife and I, indeed, DID now have title to our property as he rightly told me he COULD NOT ISSUE US A TAX BILL (as we actually owned the property).  All that was reserved from us were mineral rights, which no one had an interest in since the gold rushes were over, and water rights, which we understood as I was running the irrigation ditches in our part of town.  

The point is that I did what was necessary to actually OWN my property instead of whining about the government always keeping ownership and taxing at will.  Granted, I could not have done this had there not been a land patent but I took the initiative to find out if one existed and acted upon it.

Similarly, I home schooled my kids back when it was a jailable offense, moving every year so as to avoid the do-gooder sheep who would turn me in to the "authorities" in a NY second.  Now in their sixties, not one of them runs with the herd, all my grand children and great grand children either are or will be home schooled when they reach the age.  There is not a brainwashed person in the bunch.

Before my teens I began doing my own thinking, which soon branded me a rebel, a maverick.  So already at the end of WW2, being an independent thinker was being disparaged.  I suppose this propaganda program is also the reason for so much blather about peer pressure which I never understood as I didn't care what the other kids thought of me and wondered why such an idea would matter to them.

We each have our own mind.  If each uses his properly the most sophisticated propaganda cannot capture one's mind.

Barbara Kulazska RIP

July 8, 2017

(Barbara left, with Doug Christie & Marc Lemire)

Barbara Kulazska RIP  

Canadian free speech lawyer and close associate of Doug Christie, Barbara Kulaszka, passed away at age 64 from lung cancer on June 15. Barbara and the family insisted on secrecy.  Even long-time allies were not informed of her death of the funeral on June 19.
Barbara played a key role in research and drafting legal facta in the second Zundel "false news" trial in 1988. She was a huge help in Doug Christie's attack on Canada's war crimes law in the Finta case in 1990. The appeal to the Supreme Court virtually destroyed the law's usefulness to the vengeance lobby as the following of reasonable orders was accepted as a defence.
In later years, Barbara was a vigorous defender of free speechers charged with libel by Richard Warman, people like Marc and Connie Fournier (a long and complicated case) and myself.
She was Marc Lemire's lawyer in his heroic confrontation with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. He was prosecuted -- another Richard Warman complaint -- under the notorious Sec . 13 (Internet censorship) which was repealed by Parliament in 2012. Marc's was the first victory -- even if partial -- under Sec. 13. She continued to represent him as the  question of the constitutionality of Sec. 13 moved to the Federal Court and then the Federal Court of Appeal in 2013. She also represented Henry Makow in a complaint from the Canadian Jewish Congress to the CHRC. 
Barbara had been in delicate health for many years.
She was first trained as a librarian and then switched to law.
She died in her hometown of Brighton, Ontario, surrounded by family.

Memorial Event

* Music by Christian Klein, Dieter Kahl and Grace-Eki Oyama

* Tributes by Marc Lemire,  Christian Klein, Lynda Mortl, Paul Fromm and others.

* Tributes read from people across the world.

TORONTO. Wednesday,  July 12, 2017. Richview Library, Auditorium (1806 Islington Ave, Etobicoke, ON.  -- two blocks north of Eglinton (6:15 p.m). **** NEW LOCATION & TIME****Admission $10.00

Trump in Poland--Observations from a Polish Canadian

July 6, 2017

1707052226-Trump-In-Poland-To-Attend-20-Summit.jpgTrump in Poland--Observations from a Polish Canadian

by MG

As you've probably heard Trump was in Poland Wednesday and my did he get a welcome party ... the propaganda machine was in overdrive last night and all day today in Poland.  So he had a meeting with our President and then he made a beautiful speech about Poland being the heart and soul of Europe and our determination and will as a nation and people ... he probably won over tons of Poles with it being that he even pulled at my heart strings even though I new there was a game of emotional manipulation going on here.  Later there was a press conference with the media where he took shots at Russia and North Korea.  Finally late last night it was announced that the US is selling Poland the Patriot missile defense system.  All of this added to the already 10,000 or so American soldiers that have been in Poland since Obama sent them over here last fall; interestingly all of them are being stationed in the Western part of Europe closer to Germany and none in the east close to Russia.      

Now my take ... American and British freemasonry (like your recent article showed they always have been one and the same) are preparing Polish freemasonry to be ready again to sacrifice their young Polish men and women as a part of the Wests political and military chess match with Russia and China.  Like Poland was sacrificed before and after WW2 to the Nazis and Soviets it looks like we are being set up for a repeat; there are 2 major forms this could take  ....

1 - The more obvious is the Polish government sending thousands of Polish soldiers to Ukraine to help the Ukrainians in their losing battle against the Russian separatists.

2 - The less obvious but I think equally as possible is the sudden beginning of a Polish - Belorussian war that would be a proxy war between the West and Russia.  I don't have to explain why the West would want this war; they like every war as they see all of them as a business.  As for Russia, they might want this war because President Lukaszenko of Belarus over the last year or so has been making moves that seem to show that he wants be the like an Orban in Hungary or Erdogan in Turkey ... so a free agent in the whole chess match and not a Russian puppet state.  A war with Poland might force Lukaszenko to jump back into Putin's outstretched hands.