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Iran Nuclear Soap Opera Enters Its 20th Season

September 27, 2012

netanyahu.jpegIn 1992 Bibi said Iran would have a nuclear weapon by 1997. Today he said Iran would cross the "red line" next summer (left). Zionist governments & media have been harping on this ad nauseam issuing empty and contradictory statements.  What is their game? 

It's called "regime change."   Neo cons have been plotting regime change in North Africa & the Middle East for exactly the same length of time. "Regime change" means Zionist control. 

By James Farganne


According to such insider texts as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Jewish power elite have made a virtual science of engineering desired changes by fomenting wars and revolutions. It is a dialectical strategy that has won them almost unimaginable power.

I think a reasonable argument could be made that there never has been a successful revolution that was truly grass roots, at least not in the last hundred years or so. Real revolutions, whether social or political, seem always to come to us from the top down.

Today, we watch from the edges of our seats as crazed men like Bibi Netanyahu sabre-rattle the Middle East toward igniting a Third World War. They decry Iran's "nuclear ambitions", when even Mossad has admitted Iran has no nuclear weapons in its arsenal.


In fact, such warheads require uranium that is at least 90% enriched. Iran's enrichment has pegged out at 20%, and they have shown no signs that they intend to take it higher. This is pretty much common knowledge by now. Even the MSM has admitted it. Yet the BeeBees and the Baraks continue to slaver their venom ... as if they were blindly adhering to a script. Why?

Because they are adhering, albeit not blindly, to a script. Their dialectic methods dictate that if you want to destroy a country, then you must demonize it first. We should remember that BeeBee's current campaign of virulent rhetoric against Iran is but the culmination of a series of outbursts going back some twenty years.


Iran's nuclear power program began in the late 1970s. Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Iran's pro-West puppet leader, embarked on an ambitious program to build upwards of 20 nuclear reactors. But then Western intelligence agencies reported that the Shah had intentions of putting together a secret nuclear weapons program.

In 1979, a revolution deposed the Shah, and thus was born the Islamic Republic of Iran. If the Protocols are any indication, we can safely assume that the purpose of setting up the Islamic Republic was to create a bugbear, a Great Satan slated for destruction down the road.

The new Iranian regime had no love for things nuclear. Ayatollah Khomeini denounced all forms of the technology and suspended the country's nuclear activities. In 1984, engineers from West Germany visited the Bushehr nuclear facility. The reactor was still unfinished, and yet shortly thereafter, West German intelligence claimed that Iran's effort to produce a nuclear bomb was "entering its final stages".

It was in 1992 that Israel started sounding alarms about a supposed Iranian nuclear threat. Bibi himself, then a parliamentarian, broke the ice by claiming that Iran was within five years of having The Bomb, and calling for "an international front headed by the US". Sound familiar?


That same year, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, appearing on French TV, upped the date to 1999. "Iran," he warned, "is the greatest threat and greatest problem in the Middle East, because it seeks the nuclear option while holding a highly dangerous stance of extreme religious militancy."

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black -- only this case, black was actually not the kettle's color. Israel already had nukes. Iran had never even made an attempt to develop them.

1992 also saw both the House Republican Research Committee and CIA chief Robert Gates leveling similarly empty accusations from the States. Meanwhile, a "Defense Strategy for the 1990s", leaked from the Pentagon, all but omitted Iran from its conflict scenarios. Why this discrepancy?

Blur forward to 1995, and we had The New York Times pounding this same ominous drum, reporting US and Israeli officials' "fears" that Iran, once again, was about five years from developing a nuclear arsenal. Then, in 1997, The Christian Science Monitor reported that, owing to political pressure on Iran's suppliers, Iran had been "forced ... to adjust its suspected timetable for a bomb." The dreaded new outlook was a nuclear Iran within eight to ten years.

The period in this saga from 1998 - 2002 began when we were told that Iran had test-launched a medium range missile. Now US and Israeli war hawks had a fresh new pretext for their allegations. 

In 1998, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told Congress that Iran would have an ICBM capable of hitting the continental US -- and can you guess how long he said it would take? Yawn. Five years.

In 2002, we were given a ludicrous new specter called the Axis of Evil, a fiendish chimera combining three bogeymen: North Korea, Iraq, and of course, Iran. The MEK, an Iranian opposition group, in August of the same year, accused Iran of hiding enrichment facilities. Belief that Mossad had put them up to this accusation was widespread.

In 2004, Secretary of State Colin Powell announced that Iran was trying to affix a nuclear warhead to a missile. In 2005, designs for nukes were alleged to have surfaced from an intercepted Iranian laptop. Iran categorically denied their authenticity, claiming intelligence agencies had forged them. Given such agencies' known antics, this is not a far stretch.

From 2006 to 2009, we saw intermittent flurries of thinly-veiled threats from the Bush administration and the Zionist-controlled media. All of them subsisted on the assumption that Iran would soon be a nuclear power and therefore a threat to the "free world".

Yet 2007 brought a harbinger to the present din of mixed signals. America's 16 spy agencies released a combined National Intelligence Estimate in which they opined, "with high confidence", that Iran's nuclear ambitions had evaporated in 2003. In June 2008, US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton predicted an Israeli attack on Iran by January 2009. In May of that year, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee emphatically concluded that "There is no sign that Iran's leaders have ordered up a bomb".



The foregoing timeline reveals Illuminati tactics at play. By periodically repeating the same lies, they condition the public into accepting a false premise. They use false flags (9-11) as a form of trauma-based mind control to sear that premise emotionally into the public mind. Then, while admitting truth that obviates the false premise, they steam ahead with their plans anyway.

In 2007 General Wesley Clark revealed that Paul Wolfowitz indicated in 1991 that the Neo Con plan was to destabilize and oust the regimes in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.

This last stage is to use imaginary nuclear weapons as a pretext to satisfy an arcane legal requirement.

By then, the public are too disoriented to know what to think, so they can formulate no coherent opposition. The Illuminati use this non-reaction to justify their atrocities. This is an MO --  repeated, via predictive programming and doublethink, ad nauseam throughout the annals of Zionist media and Hollywood.

What about the dissenting military brass, both American and Israeli, who have called an attack on Iran a suicide mission? What about all the recent friction between Netanyahu and Obama?

I would like to believe, and indeed retain some hope, that these are signs of an unexpected turn of events, something the Zionist think tanks did not foresee. But my horse sense tells me it's just a big soap opera, with celebrity spats woven into the denouement for good measure.



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Comments for "Iran Nuclear Soap Opera Enters Its 20th Season"

Asim said (September 28, 2012):

Marcos said '.....islam is incompatible with civilised and free world.....' Really Marcos?? Perhaps it would be good if he read the book '1001 inventions: The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Civilisation', which can be accessed on It is tragic that supposedly 'learned people' like Marcos cannot decipher the vile judeo-christian zionist/trinitarian crap that is peddled out constantly over the centuries about Islam; is it no surprise that we are ultimately seeing our own ignorance manifest itself in WW3???

Marcos said (September 28, 2012):

One should ask himself why one of the richest countries in oil wants so badly to have nuclear electricity. It doesn't make any sense, unless they want to make the bomb. Recently, it was news in Latin America that Iran has procured uranium from Bolivia through their good friend Hugo Chavez intermediation.

It is obvious for any researcher that the elite has been promoting a dialectical tension between Israel and Islam for the last 50 years, with the objective of eventually starting the Third World War. However, even considering the Masonic nature and the sins of Israel's leadership, blaming everything on Israel is naive and dangerous. It has been a trend among American conspiracy people and "truthers", who in their eagerness to bring down the Anglo-American establishment, think that Russia TV is a good news source, that Chavez is a good guy and that Iran is a poor victim of the West. They avoid the fact that the invasion of Iraq only put the country under Iran's sphere of influence.

Radical Islam and Iran in particular are real threats. Israel has been attacked several times, this is a fact. The difference between Israel and Iran is that Israelis are democratic and diverse. Islam wants to force people to live under Sharia Law, which is fanatical slavery. Their concept of Jihad is also very real and active and Islam has vowed to push Israelis to the sea. One doesn't see Israelis bombing markets full of children. Europe is on the brink of being subdued by Muslim immigrants. Islam is incompatible with civilized and free life. The good Muslims I know are the ones who don't really follow everything in their religion.

Think for a minute: why do Muslims hate Israel so much? Why a citizen in, say, Tunisia or Indonesia, must make the main objective of his life to eliminate a country thousand of miles away from home?

The government of their countries, like the one in the book 1984, think this is just fine, because it diverts attention from real problems such as poverty, corruption and lack of liberty. Another answer, as pointed in this site many times, is that their leadership may be in the same Masonic/Luciferian boat as the one in Israel.

Tim said (September 28, 2012):

Concerning your recent, and accurate, time line I have this to say.

The Zionists are using the book of Revelation as their textbook to engineer a depopulating of the world. This is how they sucker in all the Christian right to go along and support them like useful idiots. To do that they need Egypt and Iran to be part of the final attack so hostile regimes are required ruling those countries. The recent rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt accomplished what was done decades ago in Iran.

The next step is to rebuild the temple. To do that you need to get rid of the second holiest shrine in the Islamic faith, the Dome of the Rock. That will require a war for cover to "accidentally" have a missile hit and wipe it out. Attack Iran and when Iran retaliates the Zionists will destroy the Dome of the Rock and claim it was a wayward Iranian missile. Of course they won't allow a rebuilding of the Islamic temple because they will build theirs.

So an attack on Iran is not for regime change, that was successfully done 3+ decades ago. It is for cover to destroy the Dome of the Rock.

Derek said (September 27, 2012):

Only just a few days ago out of curiosity I typed "Tehran Iran" in a YouTube search and came up with a "Don't tell my mother I'm in Iran" Documentary... well maybe I'll learn something from this I thought.

Perhaps this was pure propaganda and I bought it but if not I was rather surprised at the openness and freedom in Iranian society. Women are allowed to drive and work/study whatever they like (with the husbands permission if they're married). They don't have to cover there entire face if they don't want to, Jews are tolerated and Tehran actually has 25 synagogues, basketball is very popular and Iranian teams actively recruit American college player's just to name a few things.

So as I suspected this main stream Image of Iranian leaders being a bunch of barbaric, controlling, nuke happy, Jew hating terrorists is for the most part presented to us in a very skewed/twisted context largely fabricated nonsense. Mr Ahmedinajad's comments towards Israel are more directed towards the occupations and state policy's then towards the Israeli citizen. In my opinion anyway.

Tony Blizzard said (September 27, 2012):

This article should be required reading everywhere in the U.S. as a counter to the decades of lies and lying innuendos about Iran's intentions. I doubt if one in every half million Americans knows ANYTHING truthful about Iran. The know-nothings include every last mainstream talk show prostitute, those of Murdock's Fox the worse offenders. Well, it is possible that some of them actually know better but lie anyway - for the money or for the advancement of ersatz Israel - but, when it comes to the goy talkers at least, I doubt it.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at