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Is Russia Today Controlled Opposition?

October 28, 2010


by Lucius Foal 


As incredible as it sounds, the biggest outlet for the Patriot movement right now is Russian State television.

Launched in 2005, Russia Today is a 24/7 English-language news channel funded by the Kremlin and can be found on most satellite packages.

The station features typical mainstream news headline coverage, talk shows like 'Crosstalk' consisting of people from big establishment NGO's and thinktanks, and tourist documentaries of Russia.

But bizarrely, in the midst of this coverage are carefully tailored segments of Patriot activism. Explore RT's YouTube channel and you will find interviews with Daniel Estulin on the Bilderberg Group, former soldier Ken O'Keefe on why he has renounced his US citizenship on the account of human rights abuses. Webster Tarpley rails against CIA terrorist patsies, Architects for 9/11 Truth suggest 9/11 was an inside job.  Alex Jones says free speech in the US is under fire, and Ron Paul outlines his desire to take constitutional America back.

A lot of the content focuses on financial scandal and the imminent collapse of the US financial system. This is epitomized by RT flagship show The Keiser Report featuring Max Keiser.  Max is very well versed in the financial scams ripping the US apart and he explains it in a concise and entertaining way. But he only goes so far, blaming the problems on the greed of Wall Street and individuals like Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.  He also accuses the Wall Street piranhas of not caring about Global Warming!


Keiser is an example of what RT does in general: reinforces the paradigm of warring nation states, rather than an international agenda orchestrating events. The aim is to stop the public understanding the international power structure.


Another role of controlled opposition is to discredit intelligence. RT ticks this box by portraying legitimate activism as Russian State propaganda.


Using these methods RT works to control and discredit the Patriot movement.


What RT Won't Tell You


The idea that we live in a world of individual nation states is propaganda. For a long time the world has been run on an internationalist agenda moving towards world government, with the US and Russian elite working together.


An example of this is how the uber-powerful US Rockefeller family were intimately involved with the Soviets.


In The Rockefeller File,  Gary Allen shows how the Soviet Union was kept alive for decades by enormous low-interest, tax-payer funded loans made by the Export-Import Bank in New York which was set up by the Rockefeller family.


In 1938, Trotsky said the New Deal signals the end of capitalism in the US: 'you will have a revolution, a terrible revolution. What course it takes will depend much on what Mr. Rockefeller tells Mr. Hague to do. Mr. Rockefeller is a symbol of the American ruling class and Mr. Hague is a symbol of its political tools.'


The Rockefellers set up the Council of Foreign Relations, which acts as a shadow government in the US. Virtually every important player in politics and the media is a member including President Obama and George Bush Jr.


The US and Soviet Union have always colluded at the highest level, and this hasn't changed with present day Russia. The idea that RT is a purely Russian view in opposition to the US is questionable.


The goal of the New World Order is to combine communism and capitalism into a corporate-communist world government, often referred to as 'global governance', 'collectivism' or the 'third way'.


Just don't expect RT to tell you that.


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Comments for "Is Russia Today Controlled Opposition?"

Robert said (October 31, 2010):

have suspiscions about all the news I get. RT has some very good information from guests who get very little airtime in the MSM.

Discernment is the key here. I certainly don't agree with Tarpley's Keynsian economic bs, but he's a great guest with a lot of verifiable
facts. Any news program or channel that has guests warning of the coming economic collapse certainly deserves a lot of credit. RT gives
a lot of time to Gerald Celente and Alex Jones who warn of the most important event we will have to face, survival! Does it really matter
who is the cause? Every source of information out there is potentially controlled opposition. It doesn't mean that the information isn't

Jack said (October 30, 2010):

Yes, of course, Russia since the Wall Street orchestrated demise of the Czar ,has been controlled by elements that 'appear' to be antagonistic to the Capitalistic bloc. But Capitalism and Communism are complementary in the family of Communitarian intriguers. This is why Russia and China can move swiftly to 'capitalistic' economies.

The Western bloc, as vestiges of the Occidental Holy Roman Empire and generally defined as Capitalistic, appears to be antagonistic to the Eastern bloc of nations that comprise the Oriental section of the Holy Roman Empire. Both play their antagonistic roles in the Great chess-like Game where the world is the board.

The leaders of the nations, unbeknownst to their respecrtive citizens, belong to a satanic coterie. Wherever there is a central bank or fiat money is where Ha Khartim (guardians of the secrets) will be found. On a political level Ha Khartim rule via their supergovernment Roundtable. National governments are subordinate to the Roundtable supergovernment and its veneer, the UN.

The United Nations is a public veneer of the Roundtable and is soon to be eliminated paving the way for more exposure of that evil international supergovernment. Many nations are signatory to this UN veneer, executing satanic political, economic, social and military directives.

Presidents, Prime Ministers, Popes and Mullahs, play their part in this satanic dog-n-pony show theatre. The media tribe is the magician propaganda organ of each national government commissioned by Ha Khartim to distort realities, such as Terrorism, and promoting doublethink with jabberwocky such as ignorance is strength. Journalists are enablers of evil in this global charade.

When the time is nigh the UN will be deemed useless and dissolved. But the game will continue with Roundtable principals more vocal in directing the actions of Presidents, Prime Minister, Priests, Pastors, Mullahs and national governments. Patriot movements are monitored, and Terrorism is orchestrated, through Intelligence agencies. Very little escapes the Eye of Isis, Ha Khartim.

Simon said (October 30, 2010):

I think so...even though it seems so refreshing compared to the blatant propaganda of the BBC....

I notice that Max Keiser pushes the "Gold Standard".......(Tom Bearden reckons that the Russians have been transmuting gold) well as "Global Warming"

Elsewhere RT gets milage out of "Al Qaeda" for it's own domestic purposes...

The question for me is "To what extent the Rothchilds have influence in the Russian Establishment"...(A separate but related question I believe is the relationship between the EU and the USA/Israel axis...the extent that they cooperate and the extent to which they are at odds...If only we could unravel the identities of the various players behind the scenes ! :-) )

Jon said (October 30, 2010):

I am a fan of yours and love reading your articles. I have been shocked at the level of conspiracy that has hit humanity. I am also sure that this cant be human (earthly) and this evil has been here since a long long time.

I read your article about RT today. It always looked a bit strange that RT has been going mainstream with all kinds of "conspiracy " news . The first thoughts that RT could be a controlled opposition came to my mind when i started seeing the fraud ALEX JONES quite frequently. But the point is Russia's and China's position in the NWO has been a mystery.

The Climategate scam comes to mind regarding Russia's role in NWO. Weren't the servers located in Siberia when the hacked climate gate emails were put up on the net. This does look like the work of Russian intelligence which also requires infiltration of he East Anglia University. What does this tell you. The " Global Warming Treaty " has been the main agenda for the NWO to unite the nations. If email hacking was really the work of Russian intelligence then this could really mean Putin and Russia is not in their camp. But it could just be a one-of-infighting incident.

Jim said (October 30, 2010):

I agree wholeheartedly with everything in this article as though my children’s and my lives depends on it, which it does. Filter, filter, filter. That’s why God gave us brains. Thanks Henry.


Daschielady said (October 30, 2010):

I am glad this article, Is Russia Today Controlled Opposition?, was posted by you on your website. I do not one hundred percent agree with it, but many of us certainly know that RT is not a good thing. I simply cross off my list those "patriots" or people on the "patriot" alternative Internet talk shows who appear on RT.

I know it is difficult to defend my beloved USA because it is controlled by the same Brotherhood of Darkness that controlls Russia and that controls Israel and every nation of the world.

Complicating and adding to all this confustion is that Brother Nathanial Kapner of Real Zionist News has written in several of his articles how good Putin is and how good his Russian Orthodox Church is. It is not hard to see that many of the top leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church are strongly identified with the former KGB as is Putin. Putin and gang are blowing up Russian apartment buildings and Brother Nathanial calls him good.

Max Keiser has said Americans are fat and stupid and just pretty much deserve the mess their economy is in. He does know finance and he is entertaining, but he is simply another one worlder.

Alex Jones has taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way and that is pretty sad because he and Paul Joseph Watson have provided us so many great and timely insights.

Anyway, I caught on to RT early on and stopped watching it. Hope others will do the same. Think for yourself and don't be on any "side" or in any "movement."

David-reply to Dick said (October 29, 2010):

The Medium (RT) acts to discredit truthful information.

You may view Russia as a beacon of liberty. However, most don't. Imagine Americans getting truth from North Korean TV. Get it?

Dick said (October 29, 2010):

This is a juvenile, flimsy review by Mr. Richards of RT, which is one of two decent news channels (PressTV being the other) available in English.

The guests cited have irreconcilable differences – for example, Tarpley and Ron Paul couldn't disagree more about economics, or Tarpley and Max Keiser couldn't disagree more about global warming
or who really runs the stock market. The point of CrossTalk, to take another example, is to have arguments, for example, between Norman Finkelstein and an Israeli spokesperson on the invasion of Gaza. RT brings a wide spectrum of people to the table and lets them talk. I don't really hear much anti-US or pro-Russian
propaganda, or the censorship practiced by American "patriot" radio.

Richards says, "The idea we live in a world of individual nation states is propaganda." That depends on your idea of what a nation state is. If, like von Mises and other libertarians you think nations are de facto illegitimate, then why are you fighting to keep them?

China controls its own currency, builds infrastructure and heavily regulates its stock and currency markets. Russia and China are
signing deals for trade and joint development projects, including the sale of Russian oil outside the dollar market. How does this
help the cause of "global government," whatever that's supposed to mean? Sounds two me like two nation-states, doing what nation-states (like the US under the New Deal, now all but undone) are
meant to do.

So-called patriots can clear up a lot of their confusion, misconceptions and dead-end theories if they put down the 1930s right-wing corporate propaganda, and start listening to some of the
people RT offers, like Tarpley and F. William Engdahl, who can explain current events in a coherent framework that doesn't force
you to make wild assumptions and accusations based on apocryphal quotes and unprovable assertions.

Dan said (October 29, 2010):

I've known from Russians themselves that the former Soviet public naively enjoy watching the West seem to fall apart. The Russians I knew six years ago had been better off in the Soviet Union before Mikhail Gorbachev engineered it's collapse during the 1980's. Former Soviet listeners are attracted to stories of corruption and failure of the United States, just as naive Americans gloated over the Reagan era 'failure' of the Soviet Union.
Talk about a Trojan Horse.

It's been three years since I followed Russian media but this development that Alex Jones and Tarpley now have an audience in mainstream Russia isn't surprising to me, though I would have been surprised a few years of surprises ago. We should keep in mind that Russia Today is like all the English versions of Russian media, it's made for Western consumption. I've pulled up stores on RT for a year or more without knowing the RT stood for Russia Today.

In this decade people who grew up in Soviet Russia populate our media, bureaucracies and universities. They're writing our best sellers, telling us how to invest money on Wall Street. They speak without a trace of foreign accent or mannerism. We are living in the time that Reese Committee Congressional investigator Norman Dodd was candidly told of by the chairman of the Ford Foundation one afternoon in 1953: "The United States is to be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union".

I suggest it's time for truly concerned Americans to move on from the 'patriot movements' which are clearly showing themselves to be controlled opposition. The Tea Parties which started out as genuine protest have turned out to be the heir to 911 anti-Muslim pro-war hysteria and are even being guided down the road to revival of racism. Healthy indignation is transformed into scapegoating, the oldest trick in the book.

Marcos said (October 29, 2010):

The real position of Russia and China regarding the NWO is a mystery. It is true that Putin really confronted oligarcs who were frontmen for the Rothschilds, and both China and Russia have challenged NWO plans like the global warming scam.
Anyways, Russia and China are authoritary states and the Russian TV is obviously a front for communist-light efforts. Tarpley is as leftist as one can be. Gerald Celente is also often in the station.

My doubt is if Russia and China could be simply adversary factions to the Carol Quigley's Western Establishment NWO. I don't buy Benjamin Fullford's claims of powerful Eastern secret societies which will challenge the Illuminati governance, but we have to remember that these countries are extremely nationalist and factions and betrayals can occur even in the Illuminati ranks. Russia and China probably negotiate hard, sometimes following and sometimes opposing the Illuminati for self profit.

It is indeed interesting that in Bible prophecy (Ezekiel 38), the Gog and Magog war, which is regarded as a failed Russian invasion on Israel, only happens after God puts a "hook in the jaw" of the Russian leader. Russia challenges the world leader, but after being forced to this position by God. Some scholars say this invasion will happen after Russia wipes out the USA (fall of modern Babylon). Anyway, the Bible makes it clear that 3 great nations will challenge the world leader.

Same thing happens with China (king of the East), which seems to be quiet during the AntiChrist takeover, only to mobilize its 200 million men army (rev 16) soon before Christ's return, after Satan sends demonic spirits which look like frogs, to entice the leaders onto war.

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