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It's Ok to Say, "That's So Gay"

June 15, 2023

left- Wanda Sykes, a lesbian, instructs young lads not to say it.
 Western society has been subverted  by a satanic cult based on Cabalism, the creed of the people who control government credit (currency.)  This satanic cult works by enfeebling and perverting its members, so they can be controlled and exploited. Homosexuality is usually caused by fatherlessness. Its promotion is part of the long-term Cabalist (Communist Jewish & Masonic) attack on m/f gender, marriage, and the nuclear family designed to destabilize and depopulate society. But more importantly, homosexuality is a major factor in our satanic possession. 
Homosexuals are being exploited to destroy gender. Your human rights are under attack. They're promoting homosexuality as the social norm. It's working. The percentage of American adults identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) increased to 4.5% in 2017, up from 4.1% in 2016 and 3.5% in 2012 when Gallup began tracking the measure. It's more than 7.1% now -that's 25 million Americans.
In the UK, schools have been ordered to promote LGBT themes to children as young as five.  Children are exposed to transgender models at library "story hours."
Gay Pride apparently is OK but heterosexual pride is "hate,"  I'm here to tell you, "Bend over no more."
The real "bullying" is coming from the elite, and heterosexuals are the real victims. 
"We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism [Satanism] are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. ... The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst." J. Edgar Hoover (Elks Magazine, August 1956.)

Updated from Sept 11, 2009
By Henry Makow Ph.D. 

Millions of young people say, "That's so gay" to denote alien, different or unhealthy.

To me, this is a hopeful sign that civilization may yet survive.

For Rockefeller-Rothschild social engineers, however, it's a nightmare.

These youths did not imbibe the propaganda that gay and straight are the same, i.e. "lifestyle preferences" like cable or dish.

So these Cabalist bankers have launched an expensive "public service" TV  campaign to teach kids that obeying their healthy instincts is "homophobic."

sykes1.jpgThey've got celebrities like lesbian comedian Wanda Sykes overhearing teenagers, interrupting and chewing them out. "How would you like it if your identity was used to mean dumb or stupid?"


Every first-year anthropology student learns that group cohesion is maintained by defining in-group and out-group behavior. If a group cannot define itself in these terms, it disappears.  (For example, homosexuals use the derogatory term "breeders" to refer to heterosexuals.)  

You're not homophobic. This campaign is a rearguard action in a war on your sexual identity. Gay Pride apparently is OK but heterosexuals cannot uphold their identity. I'm here to tell you, "Don't bend over."

Until 1973, homosexuality was considered a developmental disorder. Therapists thought it a major neurosis, a sexual perversion and even a physical illness. Then the Rockefellers yanked the chain of the American Psychological Association's and magically, overnight, what for centuries had been abnormal, suddenly was normal.

This is part of a larger attack on gender and marriage designed to decrease the population and undermine the family. In the bankers' New World Order, children are born to single mothers or in laboratories and raised by the state to serve the bankers.

Do you really think the Rockefellers, who financed eugenics for a century, including Mengele's heinous experiments in Auschwitz, care about homosexuals?   No, they are trying to turn you into homosexuals. They want you to suffer from this disorder. That's why children learn in school that homosexuality is normal .  They are taught to question their gender. When did God-given biological traits become a burden? When society was subverted by an insidious occult secret society, the Illuminati.
This isn't about equality and human rights. It's about social engineering and mind control. It's about depopulation and dictatorship.


In 2002, a Mormon girl was ribbed by her new classmates. "Do you have ten moms?" To which she replied, "That's so gay."

Those three words landed her in big trouble. So how selective is this? A Christian's feelings can be hurt, but not a gay person's? Why is that?

They are not promoting tolerance. They are promoting homosexuality.

The organization behind the pro-gay ads, GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, has 40 full-time employees! They sponsor propaganda in thousands of schools under the pretense that gay youths are being persecuted.  They organize Communist-style propaganda events like the annual "Day of Silence" when their supporters protest the fact they are being silenced!!

Wake up heterosexuals! Wars of aggression always use a phoney pretext of defending from attack.

In reality, heterosexuality is under attack. You are being persecuted. You are coerced to adopt unhealthy unnatural behavior which will prevent you from marrying and procreating. Satanism makes unnatural natural, sick become healthy. 

Of course, gay youths should be treated with kindness and consideration. It's not their fault they are gay. They're not aware of how homosexuality is being used. But let's draw a line. They're not the same as we are and we have a right to say so.  We mate for life, usually for the purpose of procreation.


Our society has been subverted by Cabalist bankers, including many homosexuals, who have stolen the government's credit card. Now they have to create a dictatorship to protect their prize. They are behind all wars, depression, 9-11 and terrorism. These are ways to degrade and demoralize humanity so we will accept tyranny.

Instead of thinking of homosexuality as same-sex attraction, think of it as gender role confusion resulting in "failure to permanently bond with (i.e. marry) a member of the opposite sex." This failure results in arrested development. Homosexuals generally compensate by having promiscuous sex.

Can you see how, in these terms, heterosexuals have become like homosexuals? Courtship is almost dead.  Anonymous sex ("hooking up" is like "cruising") is in. The marriage and birth rates are down 33% to 50% from 50 years ago. Forty percent of children are born out of wedlock.

Heterosexuality is not a "lifestyle preference." Heterosexuality is being part of the natural life cycle essential to personal development, happiness and the survival of the species. A country that cared about its survival would foster courtship, marriage, and family. Children need the security, love, and example of heterosexual parents in a strong marriage.

A country that has been subverted by an alien occult financial power perverts its young men and women. Our politicians, media and educators serve this alien financial power.

Here is a description of the social, personal and health hazards associated with the homosexual lifestyle. 

The bankers foster the illusion that gays are just like us, interested in marriage. They aren't.  In Holland and Sweden, where gays are allowed to have civil unions, less than 3% do. The same is true of Canada. The bankers want you to behave like most gays. They want you to have sex but not marriage and family. They own the world and see you as cattle or "useless eaters."



Let's celebrate men who support and lead their families, and women who sacrifice for husband and children. 
As for the Rockefellers' commercials, let's say,  "That's so gay!"

If you agree, forward this to a teenager.

Another commercial against saying it.
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Judith Reisman, 'GLSEN and Hitler Youth'
First Comment from Marcos:
Kids as young as 6 or 7 call their buddies faggots, even those (almost all) who have no idea that men can have sex with another and who have never been exposed to any kind of homophobic environment.
The fact is that boys at that age are starting to mature their identity as males. They see that girls are naturally more shy and less adventurous and bold, and they want to move as far as possible from that condition. When a boy calls another one gay, he doesn't mean "you have anal sex with a man". He means, you are not courageous enough to jump in the pool or ride your bicycle on that path. "Come on, let's do it, don't be gay". 
Even adult males call each other fags on occasion, without any hint of homo feelings or belief that the friend might be gay. "Hey, big fag, what have you been doing, let's have a beer?" is more natural male teasing than anything else, just like saying "you throw like a girl".
Far from being destructive as they may seem on first sight, these insults are paradoxically a kind of incentive and motivation for the young male to join the clan. That's how real men have been bred for millennia. Men who learn to overcome their fears, to take risks and eventually learn to believe in themselves. What the new world order globalists fear the most.
Think about it: gays are usually inward driven, too sensitive and spend half their time planning on how to get one more of their 1000 life partners for tonight. What kind of threat can they represent to the elite? 


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Comments for "It's Ok to Say, "That's So Gay""

RH said (June 16, 2023):

When I was younger, I didn't even know what the word "sodomy" meant. It was later in life that I understood this mostly as a term used for homosexuals and perverts in their practices.
Now, we are told to think homosexuals are having "sex" and "Love is Love".
I submit for consideration that sodomy is not sex and promiscuity is not acting in love. It is a form of lust, which is one of seven deadly sins.

From Wikipedia:
"The seven deadly sins, also known as the capital vices or cardinal sins, is a grouping and classification of vices within Christian teachings.[1] Although they are not directly mentioned in the Bible, there are parallels with the seven things God is said to dislike in the Book of Proverbs. Behaviours or habits are classified under this category if they directly give rise to other immoralities.[2] According to the standard list, they are pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth,[2] which are contrary to the seven capital virtues.

The seven capital virtues, also known as contrary or remedial virtues, are those opposite the seven deadly sins. They are often enumerated as chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility."

Are our so-called leaders teaching or leading us into the seven deadly sins? Rather instead, should they be taking us toward the seven capital virtues?

It seems so to me.
Proverbs 29:2 ERV
When the rulers are good, the people are happy. When the rulers are evil, the people complain.
Proverbs 29:16 ERV
If the wicked are ruling the nation, sin will be everywhere, but those who live right will win in the end.

RM said (June 15, 2023):

I know one true transgender person. I asked her out not knowing. Fortunately, she declined. She knew it wouldn't work out.

It happens to people but is very rare.

What's so wrong with 'that's so gay'?

That's like saying 'That's so unusual'.

People should be asking, is Biden going to get us into nuclear war.

Mike said (December 9, 2019):

Its waaaaay past time to put the sodomites and trannies back in.the closet.

JG said (December 8, 2019):

This latest "gag order" on anti LGBTQ speech is designed to hopefully shape the public's mind into accepting this lifestyle as normal legitimate behavoir with the end game of corrupting their nation and souls.

The Christian Community has to draw the line on this issue and remain strong. The secular humanists can think and do whatever they want but the Church must stay true to the Word of God.
There is a new law out there that says Christians can no longer witness to the LGBTQs in public. It's sad but they are doing this because they want the LGBTQs to stay in their corrupted state.
These nefarious forces are now in the process of attempting to subvert existing Church practices and doctrines. They will eventually want to sue Churches and Priests who refuse to accept and conduct Gay marriages. This is a clear violation of constitutional sepatation of Church and State laws. The State does not have the constitutional authority to dictate Church Doctrine.

Pedro said (June 5, 2018):

Can't say "that's so gay" anymore? Man, that's so lame (apologies to fully fledged cripples from this somewhat semi-disabled person).

Pedro said (June 5, 2018):

Can't say "that's so gay" anymore? Man, that's so lame (apologies to fully fledged cripples from this somewhat semi-disabled person).

Christine said (June 5, 2018):

Gaiety; gayety (the state or quality of being lighthearted or cheerful).

I use these nouns when absolutely appropriate and at every chance presented.

My parents also smoke fags...

Spencer said (June 5, 2018):

The food supply is awash in estrogen mimickers. The effects begin when the child is in the womb and continues. It is genetic reengineering. And they are trying to normalize the outcome.

Tony said (June 23, 2009):

Now here's an example of the changes the money boys have been able to make.

James told you of a weekend "gay pride" parade in Kalispell, MT. When I lived just outside Kalispell in the 60s I wore a pistol on my hip every time I went to town. So did my 7 to 9 yr. old sons. The mayor of the town, Moose Miller, owned the most popular bar in town, a sawdust-floor beer bar. Kalispell was still pretty much "western" and so were it's people.

It was practically all white. A junior college was started there then and the head of it brought in Chicago blacks to play on the basketball team. The people of Kalispell flat told him that this was Kalispell's college and Kalispell's kids would play basketball for it, not Chicago blacks. The blacks went home.

Now, James didn't say so but you can bet that this insidious academia fortress of rot, having had 50 years to sow its seeds, was the seat of that "gay pride" parade. "Higher education" is unfortunately the destruction of towns and civilization in general these days.

Brandon said (June 23, 2009):

In regard to your latest article, I can affirm that when I was in high school the phrase "That's so Gay" was very common. In fact, I still refer to unpleasant things as "gay" in casual conversation. The habit hasn't left.

I remember I had a German language class in high school where all the kids used to make jokes about homosexuals in class. Our teacher was from Romania and she was very ultra liberal and all about "tolerance" and "equality", not to mention constantly bashing the United States as "redneck" and "backwards".

She would get enraged by all the "homophobic" humor. It was quite comical, really. This one big football player in the class was constantly calling people "fags" or "homos". The teacher told him one time that he should be ashamed of himself, representing his schools' football team with such "insensitve" language. He just shrugged and laughed at her.

When I graduated and transferred into the pro-homosexual college atmosphere, I wondered "when did it become so cool to be a queer?" When I was in high school, being labeled "gay" or "queer" was the epitome of the worst insult imaginable. None of the high school kids I knew thought homosexuality was a positive thing.

Once again, thanx for your truth filled articles.

Leo said (June 23, 2009):

Hi Henry,

Your latest article is timely. BELOW is an example of what every employee at my work receives for each week of “Gay Pride Month”…I don’t think we will ever get any promotion recognizing the family unit. Interesting how the Nazi’s image of woman “taking care of her family” is made to seem so evil – shaking my head….take care Henry.


Pink triangle.svgPink and Black triangles were two of the Nazi concentration camp badges, used to identify male and female prisoners in concentration camps. Every prisoner had to wear a triangle on his or her jacket, the color of which was to categorize him or her according "to his kind." Jews had to wear the yellow badge (in addition to any other badge representing other reasons for incarceration). The pink triangle was used exclusively with male prisoners identified as homosexuals. Women were arrested and imprisoned for "antisocial behavior," which included anything from feminism, lesbianism, and File:Black triangle.svgprostitution to any woman who didn't conform to the ideal Nazi image of a woman: cooking, cleaning, kitchen work, child raising, passive, etc. These women were labeled with a black triangle. It is estimated that as many as 220,000 gays and lesbians perished alongside the 6,000,000 Jews whom the Nazis exterminated in their death camps during World War II as part of Hitler’s so-called final solution. The inverted pink triangle, originally intended as a badge of shame, has become an international symbol of gay pride and the gay rights movement, and is second in popularity only to the rainbow flag. Modern-day lesbians have reclaimed the inverted black triangle as a symbol for themselves.

We highlight this week the following individuals: British playwright, Oscar Wilde; politician and activist, Harvey Milk; tennis player, Billie Jean King; singers/songwriters/entertainers, Melissa Etheridge and Elton John.

Please go to the Intranet to read more about these talented individuals.

MD said (June 23, 2009):

You hit another home run. I just had to tell you. This is exactly my take on this fiasco and upon the criminally impotent Medical Profession who will sell their respective birthright for a mess of money.

Up is down, left is right, and gay is great.

I had a couple of thoughts I've been harboring for some time:

No credible studies have been done since the 70's on the psychodynamics of homosexuality--as if it is a fait accompli, requiring no explanation.

I've given this a good deal of thought; and maybe you might find some of this interesting to mull over:

The choice of one of the same sex, as compared to one of the opposite sex has profound sociological, anthropological and social psychological implications. The final step in male maturity is to become as one with one's opposite sex partner. This requires a good deal of training as an apprentice to a father figure. It involves a good deal of symbolism in a courtship; and the keystone in the arch of the compleat male/female if you will, is the culmination and expression of intimacy in the act of sex. Yin and Yang, if you will.

Homosexuality is not the "alternative" or the "flip side" of this equation. Homosexuality, to my way of thinking (and I say this after some research and interviews) is a form of shared auto-eroticism.

There is nothing mature or healthy about it. It is an arrested stage of development and a peculiar form of narcissism. For this reason, drug addiction and alcoholism is commonplace among homosexuals, as is the parade of sexual partners, to which you made reference. Studies show that it is not uncommon for homosexuals to have upwards of 500--even a thousand--partners in a year's time.

The other fact auguring for my theory is the fetishistic nature of homosexuality: Arguments to the contrary, looks and intent focus on the genital nature of sex are part and parcel of the gay profile.

Symbolism and play-acting are very common. That's why the attraction to the arts.

The fact that unhealthy relationships can be seen in the heterosexual population, as can unhealthy relationships in no way dilutes the impact of these facts.

Let me hasten to assure you that this is not some homophobic attack. My two oldest and dearest friends in all the world, from the age of 9 years, are gay; and so my awareness naturally evolved without fear or condemnation on a personal level.

It's just good to hear someone tell it like it is.

Victoria said (June 23, 2009):

Another excellent article about the nefarious goings-on in the 'education' system. Speaking as an 'ex-gay', I well understand the confusion and despair that this 'preference' incites in young people, especially because it implies a life-long status as an outcast (yes, even now, with all the pro-homosexual propaganda, most people will tolerate it but still think there's something 'not quite right' about it) and the inability to produce children other than through extremely unnatural means.

Even when I was attracted to others of my sex there was always something about it that seemed wrong - that despite an incredible sense of attraction for some women. Many years later, thanks to the support of a good man, I came to the realization that what I had actually been seeking was a mother-figure and that laid-to-rest my lifelong struggle with my sexuality. Now, I have not even the slightest interest in women as potential sexual partners.

I see homosexuality as a stop on the path towards maturity, though never to be taken as an end in itself because it can never be anything but a relationship of the body - i.e. the material world.

I don't think 'gays' understand the trap they are being led into by the provision of 'marriage' for their kind. A heterosexual marriage should eventually lead to an acceptance of one's physical 'other' and therefore, a spiritual union in rising above the visible differences. However, attempting to emulate the permanence of heterosexual marriage leaves 'gays' trapped in the world of the material, unable to rise above the body.

Is it much wonder that it is the 'dark ones', the experts of the manipulation of the physical world, who are promoting homosexuality as a viable 'lifestyle choice'?

Lobo said (June 22, 2009):

Great article! I keep noticing this recurring pattern where members of the the homosexual community who respond to your column seem to spew plenty of emotional vitriol and ridicule.....But, I keeping waiting to hear any kind of rational rebuttal or apologetic from self-professed gay intellectuals against the material you present in your articles. it seems like all I read is emotionally charged drivel with no substance for defending positions or even an attempt to present a pretense of intellectual honesty.

I keep looking for something beyond ad hominem "shoot the messenger" answers!
Seething rage and hatred displayed by the Hilton guy against Miss California was so obvious that it was totally repulsive! She was asked and she answered honestly and many gay responses to your column are the same deal! Moral issues not withstanding, why as long as honesty is trampled and toxic emotions reign over logic, should I or anyone else, even begin to think these type of people have any inkling of sanity?

Guy said (June 22, 2009):

B and Kendell could have been invented as a demonstration of the foul mouthed viciousness, ignorance and bigotry of, um, 'liberals'.

People shouldn't just be asking how the word 'gay' came to be annexed by the political wing of gaydom - they should also be asking why the word 'liberal' has become used, even amongst conservatives, to describe far left morons like the above with the vocabulary of a dying drunk on the streets, which latter at least have some kind of an excuse.

Our libraries here in Kent, England, put up book displays ‘celebrating’ Gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender education initiatives but your own website is blocked under the bogus tag ‘Hatred and Racism’, which makes me furious as it is inferring that I too, as a regular reader, am a non person to be rejected with these casual terms of ‘liberal’ denigration and dismissal.

As CB and Kendell demonstrate, it is easy to see where the hatred and bigotry really lie.

Although I think I might even prefer that more direct approach to the Blah about ‘exploring a range of lifestyle options’ etc.

James said (June 22, 2009):

just this weekend there was a gay pride parade in Kalispell,MT. of all places. can you get a load of that? a town with a population less than 20,000. if this isn't a satanic attack on NW montana, I don't know what is.

this junk is really getting around. next they will probably push for the marriage thing. lots of articles in the local paper & the missoulian paper. seems they want to cram it down your throat saying montana is behind the times. no we're not, we're normal!

Steve said (June 22, 2009):

Thought you might like these, by Edward Abbey:

"The tragedy of modern war is not so much that the young men die but that they
die fighting each other--instead of their real enemies back home in the capitals."

"The feminist notion that the whole of human history has been nothing but a vast
intricate conspiracy by men to enslave their wives, mothers, daughters, and
sisters presents us with an intellectual neurosis for which we do not yet have a

Maria said (June 22, 2009):

Dear Henry,I have thought for a few years now that the push to encourage homosexuality in the young was to lower the population.I have always loathed Germaine Greer.

You have not mentioned about how the children suffer when there mothers are not there when they are small.I think all these things are damaging our society.The other day some people came across some gays having sex in the daylight on a public foot path. When they complained I think they
were given short shrift.

I have also wanted to question the wisdom of England having a Jewish foreign secretary who then goes to the middle East to represent the country.I know what I would think if I were a Palestinian or an Arab .No one seems to notice this and it is hard to bring the subject up
without being called anti semite.It is the same with the BBC.

There was a row about not having an appeal for the Paletinians during the appalling destruction of their land earlier this year.At the time a lady phoned into radio four and said was this because there were so many Jewish people
running the BBC. Johnathon Dimbeby the presenter immediately cut her off. We are supposed to have freedom of speech here.There will of course be a

The British people are not as peaceful as they appear.There is a force in the land which is encouraging us to behave as we did in the
1700's.It has been going on for several decades now.I think they will find that the British are not the people they think they are.This will be their downfall. Once they find who the source is they will turn on them. We have thrown poeple out before.

Please excuse this rant.I only meant to talk about the first coupe of sentences.I agree with all you said about marriage and in the past have suffered from disapproval because I chose to stay at home with my family.

Kendell said (June 21, 2009):

Your articles are always so articulate and interesting. If if weren't for you, we would have no one to vote for as The Biggest Asshole In The World.



Coming from you, I'll take that as a compliment.


Deb said (June 21, 2009):

Good point about teenagers and their "That's so gay" rejoinder. It is a sign that our kids are not fully duped yet. In the drop-in day care where I work, I've heard even younger kids say it, as well as, "That's not natural!", a line from a TV commercial for wood furniture, I believe. I don't respond with a politically correct platitude but let their comment speak for itself.

The only statement I disagree with in your article is your reference to Mormons as "Christians." Although they profess a belief in the Lord Jesus Christ, they neither know who he is (they believe he's Lucifer's brother), nor do they fully trust him (their religion demands obedience for salvation). Mormons are ripe for the arrival of the antichrist as he will fit their model of Christ.

MA said (June 21, 2009):

Henry: Beautiful, eloquent column today on this subject. I forwarded it to my teenager who along with many of her school chums, frequently bandy this phrase about. I wanted her to get affirmation for saying it, in particular because she goes to a so-called "church-based" school where much of this NWO indoctrination is done by stealth.

Her grade was recently subjected to a substitute teacher in her "Ethics" class (what a hoot!) who used almost the EXACT phraseology you use in your article: "Don't use the word 'gay' because it's 'hurtful' to people with that inclination." (Forget pedophilia.)

"How would you like it if someone attacked you because of your orientation?" (Actually, heterosexuality is under constant assault and nary a dissent.)

BTW, even though the school in question is run by a Protestant denomination, this substitute was a single Jewish lady who holds the nebulous title of "counselor" on the staff. "Ethics" in this case is merely a smokescreen for introducing all those evils under the guise that it's actually a moral code to embrace this sickness. Thanks again.

CB said (June 21, 2009):

You certainly continue to be the world's dumbest pr--k.

Joel said (June 21, 2009):

There's always a larger perspective on any issue we're looking at. Young folks and kids typically call things "gay" as an attempt to insult or demean others who don't conform to their notion of what's cool. It's a form of verbal peer pressure to discourage non-conformity. Only with non-conformity do societies and souls evolve.

So you are encouraging a pretty immature, egotistical form of behavior solely because it has people using the word gay to symbolize something socially denigrated. Why not encourage people to just be themselves and stop responding to coercive social programming of any kind?

If people wish to be gay, straight, jew, muslim, buddhist, wiccan, communist, capitalist, smoker, non-smoker, meat-eater, vegetarian, doctor, lawyer, prostitute, or panhandler, who are any of us to tell them not to be that? We can give them our opinion on the effects of their actions and beliefs but it's ultimately fine that people are here on Earth in a variety of roles.

I'm quite aware of the NWO agendas and how gender role distortion has been used as a tool to help shape society for their purposes... but you're seeing things as black and white, that whatever they promote is bad and whatever traditional views of family are must be good.

Frankly, freedom means being able to explore a full range of lifestyle options as long as they don't interfere with the freedom and safety of others. You believe that homosexuality is something to be fixed even though homosexuals generally wouldn't feel anything is wrong with them IF society didn't impose that idea that they are aberrations.

There are some indigenous cultures that respect the place of homosexuals in their culture and the valuable role they can play and spiritual gifts they bring to a community. In those cultures the gays don't pose any threat to the institution of heterosexual relationships. The problem isn't gays, it's people trying to push others into accepting or not accepting certain ways of being. Your desire to manipulate society to fit your limited idea of what's comfortable parallels how the Illuminati manipulate society to give themselves a sense of comfort.



You don;t address my argument. You ignore it. You are naive about the true nature of homosexuality and disregard the importance of marriage and family in raising a healthy new generation.


Rebeccah said (June 21, 2009):

Henry--I have to wonder why the homosexuals took possession of that word 'gay' to describe themselves? This word was in use for many, many years before the homos came out of the closet. And yet we are the ones being tormented if we use a word that is common and has a defined meaning for us.
Only special interest groups, as named by Parliament, have rights in this country. Again, more proof that our governments of all stripes are controlled by forces that we are only coming to know about.
We are told that homosexuals are creative and intelligent. Well, they only show their stupidity by being a front for the Controllers. I remember being taught in school that homosexuals were used by Hitler to destroy the jews because they were the most able to destroy effectively, and then when Hitler didn't need them any more they were also destroyed!!! After reading your article today I have to wonder who controlled Hitler? I have often noticed that the tactics used by the controllers never change. The homosexuals are being used to demean and erase our ethics and culture. For example, the Canadian taxpayer has just contributed $400,000. to the Gay Pride Parade in Toronto. We have so many people out of jobs, out of food, and no roof over their head, no money for health care or education, and our money is being used to further our destruction as a Christian ethics country? This is not happening by accident--this is planned destruction of our benighted country.

Peter said (June 21, 2009):

Good article!

In Denmark the homosexual agenda is pushed very far

Every day the last few weeks they are showing pro homosexual documentaries on prime time and children's hour

Last night DRtv Danish state owned tv showed a documentary to promote child adoption by gay couples again on prime time saturday evening. Very vicious and anti christian

It is amazing how things are speeding up over here, nobody seems to notice

"Hate laws" are all ready being introduced and pushed in parliament

Brian said (June 21, 2009):

Once again, you are right on the money. Homosexuality is abnormal, unnatural, unhealthy, you name it. It is only natural for normal heterosexual men to revile it.

There is an old joke that goes something like this - "Put a group of Homosexuals on an island, and there you will have a dying race."

There is no doubt in my mind that this is all part of the grand eugenics agenda, and that it goes right along with the abortion and radical feminist movement.

The good news is that it is not going to work. Even with all the Rockefeller funded propaganda and brainwashing, the vast majority of men instinctively react to the idea of homosexuality with appropriate revulsion. I work with a large group of men in what you would call a "labor environment" and all but one (a well known bi-sexual) look upon the gay lifestyle as flatly disgusting and unacceptable, and they freely let it be known. Their natural, healthy instincts as men remain firmly intact.

I don't want to give the impression that I hate gay people. That is not the case at all. I look at them as people with a psychological problem, and have sympathy for them. Lord knows, we are all screwed up in one way or another, and we all have the right to carry on with our lives without being persecuted and discriminated against.

On the other hand, we all have the right to voice our honest opinions, even if those opinions may hurt someones feelings.

I would love for Wanda Sykes to get in my face with her bull. I certainly would give her a piece of my mind, and there wouldn't be a damn thing she could do about it. We still live in America, and our right to freedom of speech still exists, despite the assault against it by a cabal of wealthy eugenicists and their shrill media mouthpieces.

Roy said (June 21, 2009):

When I was at grammar school in the early 70's a lot of the popular band's (The Sweet, Mud, to name a couple) "had to" have one member cross dress, it was the fashion! My peers would walk around school imitating gays' effeminate speech, when questioned by me "Why" they answered "it's all the rage to be gay!" Who the hell told them this abomination I wonder, more Illuminati programming no doubt?

Also, the standards on UK TV now are so low it's shocking. Jokes about bestiality,homosexuality are common and applauded. We are finished................

Jeremy said (June 21, 2009):

Even though I agree with a lot that you say, there is a segment of the population that is
gay and cannot help it. I don't think it's right for them to go through life being tormented,
and to say it's ok for people to say 'that's so gay' is like saying it's cool to say 'stop jewing

me down' about jews. Just because the media is screwed up doesn't mean you have to be insensitive also. I think sometimes you're overcompensating

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